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Righteousness; and generally necessary for Sermon the more orderly training and building us i>*v>j up in the Divine Life. It is by the outward Teachings of the Word, a right and due Administration of the Sacraments, and a regular and solemn Celebration of Divine Ser-r vice, under God's Blessing, that the Mind is impressed with saving Truths, the Affections raised to heavenly Things, and the Work of Grace both begun and carried on in the Heart: And therefore for any one to argue from the foregoing Doctrine in such a Way as. might lessen, either the Expediency or Necessity of an outward Ministry and Worssiip, would be grofly perverting our Saviour's Words; would be arguing against Scripture, and the constant Practice of the Church in all Ages; and would tend to exclude one Part of the human Nature from its Share in the Service of God, even those Bodies, which we are taught to pre~ sent as a living Sacrifice, holy, and accepta- Rom. x'u. ble unto God, which is our reasonable Service. ,. But then we are to remember, that as the Soul is of a more excellent Nature than the Body, so is the Part it bears in the great Business of Religion; and therefore whilst we hM fast the Form, let us give the .. '.. . . .. . '. more

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Sermon more earneji Jjeed, that we also worship the iy~y*\i Father in Spirit and in Truth.

Permit me to conclude with a Word of Exhortation, addressed to you, my younger Brethren in the Ministry. It is indeed with an humble Sense of my great Weakness, and a deep Consciousness of my Unworthi-, ness (I speak not this in a feigned Humility,) that I take this Office upon me; but I hope my well-meant Zeal and Love will plead its Excuse: But need I make any Apology for it? Is there not a Cause, and is it not a Time, to exhort and encourage one another,' like true Yoke-fellows, in the good Work that is given us to do, when Infidels and Scoffers do the fame in the worst of Causes j nay, have set up their Banners for Tokens, and appear in open Defiance against the Lord, and against his Anointed? God be praised, we have not wanted, nor do yet want, our Champions to go forth against these uncircumcised Philistines, to chastise them with their own Weapons. Their Arguments and Objections drawn from Reason, Philosophy, and human Learning, have been fully answered in Defences rational, philosophical, and learned; and the Shafts, which have been taken on both

Sides out of the fame Quiver, have proved, Sermom on theirs, but as broken Reeds, whilst ours ^/ry^., have been as Arrows in the Hand of the Giant. But, though so often confuted, we have not yet been able to put to Silence the Ignorance of these fooliJh Men: What still remains wanting to this End, may your Learning and Abilities supply ! — Go forth, and be valiant for theTruth ; and may theEnemies of the Lord be found Liars before you! But true Religion hath its Adversaries of other Denominations, with whom we have to do, as the openly Vicious and Profane, and its false Friends, no less dangerous Enemies, the self-righteous Moralist, and the decent external Professor, who steeps so soundly upon the soft Pillows of his Forms. But neither are we unprovided for these also j for we have Weapons of a Divine Temper, taken from the Armoury of God, wherewith to engage all that oppose the Truth, or hold the same in Unrighteousness: Of this Number are the Sword of the Spirit, which is sharp and powerful, the Shield of Faith, and the Breajl-slate of Righteousness. Thus appointed, my dear Brethren, we may declare boldly, not only against the Unrighteousness, but also against the Self-righ


Se-rmox teousness, of Men (that abominable Idof (S^ySjof Pride, before which so many fall down, and worship; that filthy Cover of polluted Rags, that hinders Sinners from feeing the Corruption of their Nature, and the Rot-. z Cor x tenne^s of their Hearts;) and shall be mighty, 4»s- through God, to the pulling down the StrongHolds of Sin and Satan, casting down all Imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the Knowledge of God, and bringing into Captivity every 'thought to the Obedience of Chrijl.

And can it be doubted, whether the utmost Stretch of our Zeal and Diligence for the Glory of God, and the Good of Souls, be at this Day necessary, when there is such a visible Decay of true Piety, such a general Falling-off from the Life and Spirit of Christianity; when there is but little of the Form, and much less of the Power, of Godliness to be discerned; and when Corruption, Self-seeking, and a most idolatrous Love for the Things of this World, have so deeply infected all Orders and Degrees of Men amongst us?

If we take our Measures of Religion from the Gospel of Christ, or the primitive Ages of the Church, how lamentable and


shocking will appear the Degeneracy of these Sermou Times! When that which, in the purer \,/^\l Days of the Gospel, would have been looked upon as short of the ordinary Standard of the,Christian Life, is now styled being Righteous over-much; and when a i Degree of Piety and Zeal for the Honour of Christ, and the Purity of his Religion, above the common Level, mall go near to make a Man a By-word among the People. To a World thus settled on its Lees, thus funk in Softness, and wrapped up in all the Delusions of a seeming Security, and false Peace; we are to cry aloud, and shew the Folly, Sin, and Danger of every State and Condition that comes short of a Gospel Righteousness. A World thus besotted, asleep, and dead in Trespasses and Sins, is to be awakened, not by some smooth Lectures on moral Virtue, but by sounding in their Ears the ;Terrors of the Lord: And, to a World decking and contenting itself with the outward Forms of a Pharisaical Religion, we must preach the Necessity of being born again, of being John Ui. created in Christ Jesus unto good Works, and g'j,. ;;of that inward Righteousness and Holiness,lowithout .wbicfr no Man fljall fee the Lord. {**' X,K

'- And,

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