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if thou needs must perish, that thou peristi se»m°* in the right Way. Turn not back, then ; nay ^/r^j cast not a wishful Look towards the Devoted Shore, but set thy Face unalterably fixt upon the Promised Land: Neither faint, nor slacken thy Diligence to hold on thy Course, tho' the Waters rage and swell, and tho' the Mountains shake because of the Tempest; for Deliverance is near at Hand; and the Lord is a present Help in Time of Trouble: That same Jesus who encountered the bitter Tempest of God's Wrath and prevailed, will overcome for thee in this Storm also. Behold! He is in the midst of the Sea, tho' thou knowest Him not — He hears thee when thou criest unto Him in thy Trouble, and will deliver thee out of thy Distress; for He maketh the Storm to cease, so that the Waves thereof are still: So shalt thou, and all they that trust in Him, be glad when thou art at rest, when He bringeth thee unto the Haven where thou wouldst be. And now, O Blessed Lord! who hast Appointed thy chosen Servants to many Difficulties and Dangers for the Tryal of their Faith and Constancy, and for the X31ory of thy Name in their Deliverance: Suffer nos the Spirit of thy feeble ones to

fail .

Sermon fall before thee in the Day of their Calamity t/VV and Distress, but be with them in every Storm, and stand by them in every Temptation. Thou hast graciously promised, that when we pass thro' the Waters thou wilt be with us, and that when we pass thro' the Fire we shall not be burnt — Be it unto us, O Lord, according to thy Word: But above all, stand by us in our last and greatest Extremities: In the Hour of Death, and in the Day of Judgment, good Lord, deliver us!

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Spiritual Worship, the Religion os the Law and the Gospel.

Preached at the Visitation of the Rev. John Browne, D. D. Archdeacon of Northampton* held at Northampton, April 30, 1747.

John iv. 23.

The Hour cometb, and now is, when the true Worjhipers jhall worship the Father in Spirit and in ;Truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

THESE Words are Part of a Con- Sermon ference between our Blessed Lord (y.-y-yj and the Woman of Samaria at Jacob's Well, and particularly refer to a Question of hers touching the true Place of Divine Worship > whether it was Mount Gerizim, as the Samaritans held; or theTemple at Jerusalem, according to the Religion of the Jews. Our Saviour declared in favour of the latter j Ye worship, fays he, ye know not what; we know what we worship; for


Sermon Salvation is of the Jews: Hereby not ost(^Y^j ly condemning the Defection of the Samaritans from the Jewish Church, and that impure Mixture of Idolatry and heathenish Superstition, with which their Commerce, and Affinity with the Assyrians, had infected them, but also pronouncing- the Jewish to be the true visible Church of God j —- Salvation is of the Jews. — In their Custody is the Law, and the Writings of the Prophets; among them is the Priesthood established bv God, and that Form of Worship which he has appointed; and of them is the Messiah, the Isa. ii. 3. Christ. Out of Zion, therefore, should go forth the Law, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

But our Saviour, not content with setting her. right in this particular (for now Converts were to be made, not to Judaism but Christianity,) acquaints her, that all Disputes about Locality of Worship were frivolous and unconcerning, seeing that Distinction of Place, which had till then obtained for the offering up of Sacrifices, and the more solemn Celebration of Divine Worship, was upon the point of ceasing, and the Time at hand, when God

Almighty Almighty would be served in a more free s*rmoh and unconfined manner, and that of the ^~\s\)

.Heart should be the only true and acceptable Religion : — The Hour cometh, and vow is, when the true Worshipers Jfoailworship the Father in Spirit and in Truth: for the Father feeketh such to worship him.

To worship God in Spirit does here plainly denote inward Piety and Holiness, in Contra-distinction to the Ceremonial Law of the Jews, as it stood circumstanced in its several peculiar Rites and Forms of an outward Worship; as to worstiip him in Truth, relates to that fuller Display

. of it in the Gospel of Christ, who is indeed Truth in the very Abstract, as he is God blessed for ever; and, in his Person Rom.ix.j. and Offices, as God-man, is the very Antitype and Substance pointed at, and set forth, in so many figurative Representions

sunder the Law, of which they were the Shadows and Resemblance only, and not the Truth itself. In this Sense, therefore, as The Law was given by Moses, so Grace johnl.17. and Truth came by Jesus Christ'. i;.. But was not the Law then a Spiritual Service? and was not God to be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth then as well as

Vj. .•.,..:, now?

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