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Sermqn And hast thou preserved thy Mind at all i/"Y\j Times free from every unclean and sinful Thought, Desire, Imagination, and Lust? For know, that God's Commandment is exceeding broad, and extendeth to the in.most Recesses of the Soul. —Speak now, O Prisoner, and answer to thy Examination, for thou art upon Life and Death! .:— What, answerest thou nothing! How is it that thy Countenance is fallen, and that thou art become speechless in the Judgment! The Reason is evident — thy Plea of Obedience hath failed thee — thy Conscience testifies against thee — and the Law is become the Ministration of thy Condemnation. Behold, O Man! O Woman! whoever thou art that seekest to be justified by thy Doings, this is thy very Cafe — Thou art weighed in. the Balance and found wanting — thou art convicted of being a Debtor to the Law, and therefore shalt be cast into Prison till thou hast paid the uttermost Farthing, but this thou shalt never be able to do to all Eternity.

Come then, my fellow Sinners, be pertsuaded, ere it be too late, to retract your Pleas of Innocence aqd Obedience, to renounce as well your Righteousness, as


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your Unrighteousness, and to cast yourselves setmo* upon the Mercies of God in Christ Jesus, uo/vi If you are obstinately bent upon standing Tryal at the Bar of God's Justice, I am bold to tell you that you are undone for ever, nor will it be in the Power of all the Host of Heaven to help you, for every Soul of Man is guilty before God, guilty of shedding the Blood of the Son of God, and therefore God's Justice is the Man-flayer, the Avenger of Blood. Flee then for your Lives — Flee for your Souls to the City of Refuge, and lay hold. on the Horns of the Altar, for herein lies your only Safety, even. in the Merits and atoning Blood of that Lamb of God whom our Sins have crucified and slain. Such is the Love of Jesus to Sinners! — Such is the Love of Jesus to his Murderers! — Are we then void of all Righteousness in ourselves that can justify? all Transgressors of God's holy Law, and as such liable to the Curse and Condemnation of it? Let us go as poor, penitent Sinners in Faith to the Author and Mediator of a better Covenant, even to Him who is the End of the Law for Righteousness to all them that believe, and who has fulfilled the Law, and was made Sin for us, that we

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SErm°N mighi be made the Righteousness of God In [y-y^, Him. So shall He be to us a Jesus to save us from our Sins ; and so (hall we be able to fay to Him with Confidence in the Judgment: Thou shalt answer for me O Lord my God! For henceforth there is no Condemnation to th,em that are in Christ Jesus.

To conclude with a Word to those who put their Trust in the Lord, and in that Righteousness which is of God by Faith.

Art thou a Christian? Suffer a Word of of Exhortation, and permit me to remind thee that thou art on a Voyage to Eternity in the midst of a tempestuous Ocean, where many Difficulties and Dangers await thee; and therefore that thou must prepare thy Soul for Temptation. What if from thy first setting out until now the Wind has been fair and thy Passage favourable, yet. flatter not thyself with vain Hopes, that it will hold thus with thee unto the End: for no one ever yet reached the Shore of the heavenly Canaan without meeting a Storm by the Way. Moses, and Job, and David, and all the Worthies of old Time bear Wiu ness to this Truth from more than common Experience; nay, the Son of God himself had a Conflict with the sharpest

Storm Storm that Nature ever felt, for the PrinceSETM 0H of the Power of the Air and all the Poten- ^v>j tates of Darkness conspired to heighten the Fmry and Horrors of it; yea, the Wrath of God was in it, and therefore it shook both Heaven and Earth. How then mayfl thou hope to escape without encountring some adverse Blast?

But perhaps thou art already come to thy Tryal, and therefore standest more in need of Comfort than Warning: The stormy Wind perhaps is already risen, Tribulation and Anguish have got fast'hold on thee, and thou art to thy thinking vexed with all God's Storms; without are Fightings and within are Fears, whilst thou art left in Darkness and in the Deep, without one Gleam of Light or Comfort to chear thy benighted Soul, and serve thee for an Anchor of Hope: Nay, it may be, thou art not only tossed with these Waves of Affliction and Sorrow, which shake the very Foundations of thy Faith, but the Wind also is contrary; God's Providences seem all against thee, thy best Purposes and Resolutions are defeated; thy most promising Hopes miscarry, and thou prosperest in nothing thou puttest thine Hand unto;


Sermon yea thy very Prayers and Devotions seem {S^fs* not able to make their Way to the Mercy Seat, but to be blown back into thy Face by some envious evil Blast, and thou art tempted to cast away all thy Confidence in thy God. These things are hard indeed, and seemingly against thee: But do not give Way to desponding Thoughts, "O thou "Afflicted, tossed with Tempest and not "comforted!" For what faith the Lord? "For a small Moment have I forsaken "thee; but with great Mercies will I ga"ther thee." .... ...-/

Be not then dismayed, O Christian Voyager, tho' the Wind and theWaves be against thee: Nay, tho' Spectres and Devils should be in the Way, yet make resolutely for the other Side: Besides, what wouldst thou do! Thou art already half Way on thy Voyage j and shouldst thou turn back, even so likewise thou mayst suffer Shipwreck in the Storm: Or, in case of thy safe Arrival in the Country which thou hadst forsaken, thou must expect to be treated with all the Reproach and Ignominy of aDeserter, and at last take up thy Abode in the City of Destruction, which shall shortly be consumed with Fire: Better then, far better,

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