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u/hered into the World this mysterious GodSErm- L Man? Behold him in his Entry as cloathed with Meanness and Mortality, (for human Nature in its best Estate is but Disgrace, and the Difference betwixt its highest . and lowest, though much to our childish Conceptions, is nothing to God) yet fee here the Power of the Creator manifested essentially in the Weakness of the.Creature. Angels proclaim the Advent of the Infant King, and Wife-men from the East,- by heavenly Direction, fall down and woistiip him who was no less the Light of the Gentiles, than the Glory of bis People Israel, How high, how low, how rich, how poor, how little, how great, is this wonderful Person! In him Extremes are. reconciled; in him Contradiction and Opposition unite j God comes down to Man, Man is exalted to God; the Enmity between the two Natures is slain, and in him is laid the Foundation

of Love, universal Love.- Glory to God

in the Highest for Peace restored on Earth, and for Good-will towards Men! Let us view this second great Representative and the Saviour of Mankind in his Probation, in his Ministry, and in the Sequence of it c And here how invincible was he in his B 4 Tempta

Se km. I. Temptation! how patient in Sufferings J how mighty in Word and Deed !how faithful in Obedience! how persevering unto the End! how victorious in his Death! how triumphant in his Resurrection! how glorious in his Ascension! "truly this Man •was the Son of God.

But if this Mystery of our Salvation, in the outward Oeconomy of it, is nothing less than the mighty Power of God, the exceeding Greatness and unspeakable Riches of his Power and Goodness, are perfected in the Ministration of the Spirit of Christ, whereby we are given to know him, and the Power of his Resurrection,. in raising us from the Death of Sin unto the Life of Righteousness. If Chriji, represented to us under the Types and Shadows of the Law, (that Ministration of Condemnation) was glorious: If that fame Chrijl manifested in the Flesh, to make Atonement for Sin, to fulfill all Righteousness, and to destroy the Works of the Devil, was still more glorious: Chrift reigning in the Hearts of the Faithful, through the regenerating Power of the Holy Ghost, is most glorious of all. This is the third, last, and highest Dispensation of the divine Goodness on this Side of


our glorious Immortality, and to which eve- sjI*L L rypreceeding one was subordinate and subservient; Here; Redemption attaips to the Limit of ita Accomplishment in Man j here Grace andTruth meet together; here Righteousness and Peace kiss each other, and thq Bridegroom rejoyceth over* the Bride, for the Marriage of the Latrib is come, and his Wife hath made herself ready. Thus we fee that the Kingdom of God is not ia Word, hor in Form, nor in Profession,. but in Power: It is the Power of the Holy Ghost ist the Word, that begetteth Faith ia the Heart of the Hearer; and by Virtue of ithe fame divine Power it is that the Corruptions of our Nature are subdued, our Hearts purified, and we enabled to resist the Devil, and overcome the World thro' Faith; And lastly, through the powerful Energy of this holy Principle it is that we are born again of God, and joyned to the Lord in one Spirit, and so have Fellowship with the Father and with the Son. So that from the Beginning of our Conversion to the End of our Sanctification, We are saved» not of ourselves, but by that Grace of the Gospel, through Faith, whidi is the" Power of God unto Salvation to every one that :r :-„ be

Serm. I-believetb. As to Unbelievers, such whose Hearts are hardened against all Gospel Impressions through the Deceitfulness of Sin, it is not so with them: In these the Word of God faileth of its first Work, viz. to beget the Beginning of Faith in their Hearts; and therefore the Word, though preached again and again, doth not profit them, not being mixed with Faith in them that hear it: Hence it was that some could mock even at the Preaching of an Apostle, and afford him no other Return for his Labours of Love, in declaring to them JESUS, and the RESURRECTION, than that deriding Question, What will this Babbler fay ? And hence it is, even at this Day also, that God manifest in the Flesh, and revealed in our Hearts by his Spirit, with other Things pertaining to this great Mystery of our Redemption, are either a Stumbling-block, or appear no better than Foolishness, to the fleshly Wisdom of so many amongst us, for in that Way of Knowledge they cannot know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Sut-to every one that believeth, the Gospel of'Christ is the Power of God unto Salvation. Powerful are the Convictions it carries with it, and powerful its Comforts; powerful it is to establish,serm- '. strengthen and settle that Faith, which its own Power first begat,and powerful to enable the Man of God to work Righteousness, to pull down the strong Holds of Sin and Satan, and to bring every Thought, and Imagination under Obedience to Christ. Thus by Grace are we saved through Faith, from first to last, for by this Faith we first turn from Sin to God, herein we stand, herein we conquer, and so attain to the End of our Faith, even the Salvation of our Souls. But

Secondly, If such and so powerful be the Gosptl of Christ, even the Power of God unto Salvation, one would be apt to think cautionary Dehortations concerning the Sin and Danger of being ashamed of it almost needless ; but this is not so, for there is a Cross and a Reproach attending it, to exercise the Faith and try the Fidelity of the Servants of Christ, who is upon this Account no less a Rock of Offence, than a Rock of Salvation to many. Human Respects have always been a great Snare even to Persons of.a good Disposition, in the Ways both of Virtue and Godliness, which


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