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FRANCIS & JOHN RIVINGTON, St. Paul's Chuhch Yard, & Waterloo Place.





*.* For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and
Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

Adam Graeme, of Mossgray. By the
Author of " Mrs. Margaret Maitland,"

Alastor—" Excelsior;" or the Realms of
Poesie. By Alastor, 429.

Allerton and Dreux; or, the War of
Opinion. By the Author of a Rhyming
Chronicle, 230. 249.

AlisonThe Life of John, Duke of Marl-

borough, with some Account of his Con-

temporaries, and of the War of the

Succession. By Archibald Alison,

LL.D., 1.

An Article of the Christian Faith. Re-

printed from the " Morning Chronicle"

of Oct. 22, 1861,337.

Anchurus, and other Poems. By William

Ewart, M.A., Curate Of Pimperne,


AndersonThe Three Paths; or, Truth,

Vanity, and Profession. By the Hon.

Mrs. Anderson, 230. 460.

Anglo-Catholic Theory, the. By Bo-

namy Price, 169.

ApocalypseThe Spiritual Exposition of

the; as derived from the Writings of

the Hon. Emmanuel Suiedenborg. By

the Rev. Augustus Clissold, M.A., 209.

Apostolical EpistlesAnnotations on the;
designed chiefiy for the use of Students
of the Greek text. By Thomas Wil-
liamson Peile, D.D., 327.

ArnoldHomer's Iliad. With English

Notes and Grammatical References.

Edited by the Rev. Thomas Kerchever

Arnold, 452.

ArnoldSpelling turned Etymology.

Part I. By the Rev. T. K.' Arnold,


AtherleyEngland, her Colonies, and her
Enemies. By E. G. Atherley, 315.

Atlas of General and Descriptive Geogra-
phy, the School. By Alex. Keith John-
ston, 227.

Atlas of Physical Geography, the School.
By Alex. Keith Johnston, 227.

Babylon and JerusalemA Letter ad-
dressed to Ida, Countess of Halm-
Halm. From the German, 463.

BadgerThe Nestorians and their
Rituals; with the Narrative of a Mis-
sion to Mesopotamia and Coordistan. By
the Rev. George P. Badger, 443.

BartonConfirmation. A Sermon. By

the Rev. R. W. Barton, 470.

Baxter Village Sermons. A Second

Volume. By the Rev. Arthur G.

Baxter, 454.

BeamesThe Rookeries of London, Past,

Present, and Prospective. By the Rev.

Thomas Beames, M.A., 315.

Bellis' Sermons, 230.

BennettA Pastoral Letter to the Pa-

rishioners of Frame. By the Rev. W.

J. E. Bennett, 225.

BennettLives of certain Fathers of the

Church. Edited by the Rev. W. J. E.

Bennett Vol. III., 461.

BennettOur Doctor and other Tales of

Kirkbeck. Edited by the Rev. W. J.

E. Bennett, M.A., 257.

BerensStedfast Adherence to the Church

of England, recommended and enforced

in Three Village Sermons and a Village

Story. By the Rev. Edward Berens,

Blandford, Marquis ofHis Bill to regu-
late the Duties of Ecclesiastical Persons,

and for the Management and Distribution

of Episcopal and Capitular Revenues.

Prepared by the Marquis of Blandford

and Lord Robert Grosvenor, 391.

Book of Common Prayer of the Church of

England, the; adapted for general use

in other Protestant Churches, 428.

BosworthThe Origin of the English,
Germanic, and Scandinavian Languages
and Nations; with a Sketch of their
early Literature. By the Rev. Joseph
Bosworth, D.D., 211.

BowenMount Athos, Thessalij, and Epi-
rus; being a Diary of a Journey from

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