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R E M A R K S.

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v ERSE 2. Or Fleckno's Irish Thrane J Richard Flecknoe was an #ish Priest, but had laid aside (as himself expressed it) the Mechanick part of Priesthood. He printed some Plays, Poems, Letters and Travels. I doubt not our Author took occasion to mention him in respect to the Poem of Mr. Dryden, to which this bears some resemblance to of haracter more different from it than that of the Coiá from the Iliad, or the Loirin of Boilean from the Defaite des Bosts rinsees of Sarazin.

v ER SE 3. Or that, where on her Curls the Pablic pours.] Edna, Curlstood in the Pillory at Charing-Cross, in March 1727-8.

VERSE 11. Rome in her Capitol saw Querno sit.j Camillo Øserne was of Apulia, who hearing the great encouragement which Leo the tenth gave to Poets, travelled to Rome with a Harp in his hand, and ung to it twenty thousand verses of a Poem called. Alexias. He was introduced as a Buffoon to Lee, and promoted to the honour of the Laurel, a jest, which the Court of Rone and the Pope himself entred into so far, as to hold a solemn Festival on his Coronation, which it is recorded ; the Poet himself was so transported, as to weep for joy. He was ever after a constant frequenter of the Pope's Table, drank abundantly, and poured forth verses without number. PAULUSJOVIUS, Elag. Vir...doti, ch. 82. Some idea of his Poetry ãs given us by Fam. Strada in his Prolusions. ‘.

I. M. I. T. A T I O N S.

y ER SE 1. High on a gorgeous seat.) ParadofMilton, lit. 2s.
High on a throne of royal state, that far
Qoshone the wealth of Orms and of Ind,
Or where the §§. East with richest hand.

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