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er than it is, and is the prime motive of their setting up in this sad and sorry merchandize. The great power of these Goddefies ačting in alliance (whereof as the one

is the mother of industry, so is the other of

Fo was to be exemplify’d in some one, great and remarkable ačion. And none cou’d. be more so than that which our poet hath chosen, the introdućtion of the lowest diversions of the rabble in Smithfield to be the entertainment of the court and town; or in other words, the A&tion of the Dunciad is the Removal of the Imperial seat of Dulness from the City to the polite world ; as that of the AEnéid is the Removal of the çmpire of Troy to Latium. But as Homer, finging only the Wrath of Achilles, yet includes in his poem the whole history of the organ war, in like manner our author hath

- drawn.

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