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see and approve of the said verses, in no wise a libel but a friendly rebuke, sent privately in our author’s own-hand to Mr. Addison himself, and never made publick till by Curl their own bookseller in his miscellanies, 12mo. 1727. One name alone which I am authorized here to declare, will sufficiently evince this truth, that of the Right Honourable the EARL of B URL IN G T on. Next is he taxed of a crime, (with some atthors I doubt, more hienous than any in morality) to wit plagiarism, from the inventive and quaint-conceited JAMEs Moore SMITH, Gent. (a) “Upon reading the third volume of “ Pope's §. I found five lines “ which I thought excellent, and happening “to praise them, a gentleman produced a “ modern comedy (the Rival Modes) pub

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And yet followeth another charge, infinuating no less than his enmity both to church and state, which could come from no other Informer than the said

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(a) Poem prefixt to his works. (h). In his poems, printed for B. Lintott, p: poet,

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