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Hence also we learn the true Title of the Poem; which with the same certainty as we call that of Homer the Iliad, of virgil the AEmeid, of Camoens the Luftad, of voltaire the Henriad (i), we may pronounce could have been, and can be no other, than

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in like manner as when the old boughs wither, we thrust
new ones into a chimney
I would not have the reader too much troubled or
anxious, if he cannot decypher them ; since when he
shall have found them out, he will probably know no
more of the Persons than before.
Yet we judg'd it better to preserve them as they are,
than to change them for fiğitious names, by which the
Satyr would only be multiplied, and applied to many
instead of one. Had the Hero, for instance, been called
Codrus, how many would have affirm'd him to be Mr.
W– Mr. D Sir R B–, &c. but now, all
that unjust scandal is saved, by calling him. Theobald,
. by good luck happens to be the name of a real
er! On
p I am indeed aware, that this name may to some ap-
pear too mean, for the Hero of an Epic Poem : . But it is
hoped, they will alter that opinion, when they find,
that an Author no less eminent than la Bruyere has thought
him worthy a place in his Charaćters.

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O R.

Books, PAPERS, and WER SEs,
I N. W. H. I. C. H. -

Our Aur Ho R was abused, printed before the Publication of the Dunciad: With the true Names of the Authors.

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