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high-ways with Robbers, and the garrets

with Clippers, Coiners, and Weekly Journalists. r But admitting that two or three of these,

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tings; must poverty make nonsense sacred 2 If so, the fame of bad authors would be much better taken care of, than that of all the good ones in the world; and not one of a hundred had ever been call’d by his right 112111C.

They mistake the whole matter: It is not charity to encourage them in the way they

follow, but to get ’em out of it: For men

are not bunglers because they are poor, but

they are poor because they are bunglers. Is it not-pleasant enough to hear our au

thors crying out on the one hand, as if their

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persons and charaćters were too sacred for Satyre; and the publick obječting on the other, that they are too mean even for Ridicule?' But whether bread or fame be their end, it must be allow’d, our author by and in this poem, has mercifully given 'em a little of both. . There are two or three, who by their rank and fortune have no benefit from the former obječtions (supposing them good) and these I was sorry to see in such company. But if without any provocation, two or three gentlemen will fall upon one, in an affair wherein his interest and reputation are equally embark’d; they cannot *:::: after

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cannot help remarking, the resemblance betwixt Him and our Author in Qualities, Fame, and Fortune; in the distinétions shewn to them by their Superiors, in the general esteem of their Equals, and in their extended reputation amongst Foreigners; in the latter of which ours has met with the better fortune, as he has had for his Translators persons of the most eminent rank and abilities in their respective Nations.” But the resemblance holds in nothing more, than in their being equally abus’d by the ignorant pretenders to }.}, of their times; of which not the least memory will remain but in their own writings, and in the notes made upon them. What Bo ILEA U has done in almost all his Poems, our Author has only in this: I dare answer for him he will do it in no more; and on his principle of attacking few but who had slander'd him, he could not have done it at all had he been confin'd from censuring obscure and worthless persons, for scarce any other were his

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* As Mr. Wytherley, at the time the Town declaim'd against his Book of Poems: Mr. Walsh, after his death : Sir William Trumbuli, when he resign'd the Office of Secretary cf Stafe: Lord Bolingbroke at his leaving England. after th: Queen's death: Lord oxford in his last decline of Life: Mr. Secretary Craggs at the end of the South

Sea Year, and after his death: Others, only in * O

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