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beautify'd at the expence of Richard Earl of Burlington; who, at the: same time, by his publication of the designs of that great Master and, Palladie, as well as by many noble buildings of his own, revived the . true Taste of Archite&ure in this Kingdom. VER SE 326. Gav dies un-pension'd, &c.) See Mr. Gay's Fable of the Hare and Many Friends. This gentleman was early in the friend-flip-of our author, which has continued o years. He wrote several works of humour with great success, the Shepherd's Week, Trivia, the What d'ye callit, &c. (rrinted together in 4°, by 3. Tanfo.) Fabies go and lastly, the celebrated Beggars of era, a piece of Satire which hit all tastes and degrees of men, those of the highest Quality to the . very-Rabble: That verse of Horace. Primore populi arripuit, populumque tributim, could hever be so justly applied as to this. The vast success of it wai unprecedented, and almost incredible: What is related of the wonderful effečts of the ancient Music or Tragedy hardly came up ta. it: Sophocles and Euripides were less follow'd and famous. It was 2&ed in London fixty-three days, uninterrupted; and renew'd the next season with equal,applauses. It spread into all the great towns o England, was play'd in many places to the 30th, and 49th time, at Baoh and Bristol 38, drc. It made its progress into Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, where it was performed 24 days together. The fame of it was not confin'd to the author only; the Ladies carry'd about with 'em the favourite songs of it in Fans and houses were furnish'd with it in Screens, The person who atted Polly, till then obscure, became also at once the favourite of the town; her Piâures were engraved, and sold in great numbers; her Life written , books of Letters and Värsketo her publish'd; and pamphlets made even of her Saying, and softs;

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v ERSE 327. Hibernian politicks, o Swift; thy doom.] The Poli- .

ticks of England and Ireland at this time were thought by some to be §p. or interfering with each other. Dr. Swift of course was in the interests of the latter. -

VERSE 328. And Pope's, translating three whole years with Broome.] He concludes his Irony with a stroke upon himself: For whoever imagines this a sarcasm on the other ingenious person is greatly mistaken. The opinion our author had of him was sufficiently shown, by his joining him in the undertaking of the Odyssey: in which Mr. Broome having ingaged without any previous agreement, discharged his part so much to Mr. Pope's satisfa&tion, that he gratified him with the full sum of Five hundred pounds, and a present of all those books for which his own interest could procure him Subscribers, to the value of one hundred more... The author only seems to lament, that he was imploy'd in Translation at all.

I M I To A T I O N S.

y ER SE 317. This, th; is he, fretold by ancient rhymes, To’ Augustus, &c..] Virg. Hon. 6. Hic vir, hic oft/ libi quem promitti sepius audis, Augustus Cesar, divum genus ; aurea condet Sacula qui rursus Latio, regnata per arva , Saturns quondam 2Sarornian here relates to the age of Lead, mention'd book 1. ver. 26. W ER SE 329. Proceed great days I Virg. Ecl. 4. - Incipium! magni procedure menses.

She comes the Cloud-compelling Pow'r, behold! with Night Primaeval, and with Chaos old.

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may plainly be seen from his conclusion; where by causing all this.
Vision to pass thro' the Ivory Gate, he expresly in the language of
oesy declares all such imaginations to be wild, ungrounded, and


* VERSE 347. Truth in her old eavern lye.] Alludes to the sayi f
Democritus, that Truth lay at the bottom of a deep well, aying 9

I M I T A T I O N S.

VERSE 343. JA, Argus eyes by Hermes wand oppress.] | E - Ovid, Met. 1, t quamvis spor effocalerum parte receptus. Parte tamen vigilat-Vidit Cyllenius omnes,

Succubuisse oculos, &c, ibid.

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