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Perfect and Prudent, Richard, by Right the Second, Vanquifli'd by Fortune, lies here now graven in, Stone,

True of his Word, and thereto well resound;

Seemly in Person, and like to Homer, as one In worldly Prudence, and ever the Church in one Upheld and favour'd, casting the Proud to Ground And all that would his Royal State confound.

Without the Tomb is this Inscription: Here lies King Richard, who perished by a cruel Death, in the Year 1369. To have been happy is additional Misery.

Near him is the Monument of his Queen, Daughter of the Emperor Wencejlaus.

On the left Hand is the Tomb of Edward I. with this Inscription:

Here lies Edward I. who humbled the Scots. A. D. 1308. Be true to your Engagements. He reigned 46 Years.

The Tomb of Edward III. of Copper Gilt, with this Epitaph:

Of Englijh Kings here lieth the beauteous Flower,
Of all before past, and Myrror to them shall sue:
A merciful King, of Peace Conservator,
The Third Edwards &c.

Fid, Dart. ii. 44.

Besides Besides the Tomb are these Words:

Edward III. whose Fame has reached to Heaven. A. D. 1377. Fight for your Country.

Here is shown his Sword, eight Feet in Length, which they fay he used in the Conquest of France.

His Queen's Epitaph: Here lies Queen Philippa, Wife of Edward III, Learn to Live. A. D. 1369.

At a little Distance, the Tomb of Henry V. with this Legend:


Henry, the Scourge of France, lies in this Tomb. Virtue subdues allThings. A. D. 1422.

Near this lies the Coffin of Catherine, unburied, and to be opened by any one that pleases. On, the Outside is this Inscription:

Fair Catherine is at length united to her Lord.
A. D. 1437. Shun Idleness.

The Tomb of Henry III. of Brass Gilt, with this Epitaph.

Henrylll. the Founder of this Cathedral. A. D. 1273. War is delightful to the Unexperienced.

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