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The second Communication is by a Canal near the Ivan Ozero, between a Branch of pen and Occa. ^ River Don and the Tula, which falls into the Occa; this Work is above eight Englijh Miles long, and has several Stone Sluices, though not quite brought to Perfection, and is only designed for a Passage for large Boats."

The third Communication is between the Wolga and the Wolchow, a River which runs St,jx« ky Novogrod and falls into the Ladoga

S Sea: This Canal is cut near Wtsnei Woloczok, I think not above an Englijh Mile long, and quite finished ; a Mathematician was sent down this Spring to take an exact Survey of it and the upper Parts of the two Rivers; and another Engineer was at the fame time dispatched to view the Rivers about the Biel Ozora, and other Lakes, to fee whether he cannot find a more convenient Passage into the Ladoga Sea; the River Wolchow below Novogrod having two or three dangerous Falls. This Communication seems to be more for Curiosity than Use*, for the Frigates now bringing from Cafan> have been three Years in their Passage-; they are frozen up the six Winter Months; during the Spring Floods f®r five or six Weeks it is scarce possible for them to mount the Wolga against the Current'; towards the Autumn the Waters are very low, and they arc often forced to warp round the Points of Land and Sand Banks: This last Winter a Carpenter was ;' sent sent to cut down Oak for six Fifty-gun"Ships at Casan, the Timbers were to be rough hewn there, and transported in flat-bottom Boats to Peterjburgh; by the Time these will be on the Road,, it will be certainly known whether this Communication can be of any Use to Commerce. JOURNEY

These Observations on the State of RuJJia are all that occur to me as necessary, till the Influence of this Nation in the present c°ncl*fim. War, and its Share in the general Affairs of Europe^ makes this Country better known to Strangers.


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In The Year M.D.XC.VIII.

First Printed in the Year 1757.

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