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200 Mulberry-street, New York.

Ministering Children. A Story showing how even a Child may be as a Ministering Angel of Love to the Poor and Sorrowful. Large 16mo., pp. 542. Price

$0 90 Illustrated edition, gilt edges... 1 25 Morocco, gilt....

2 00 This is one of the most moving narrations in the whole list of our pub. lications. Its sale in England has reached Forty THOUSAND copies. The illustrated edition contains more than a dozen superb cuts on plate paper.

Life in the Itinerancy;

In its Relation to the Circuit and Station, and to the Minister's Home and Family. 12mo., pp. 335. Price

$1 00 Life in the Laity; Or, the History of a Station. By Rev. L. D. DAVIS, Author of “ Life in the Itinerancy.” 16mo., pp. 200. Price..

$0 50 Chart of Life.

By Rev. JAMES Porter, D.D. 12mo., pp. 259. Price....

$0 60 The design of this book is to indicate the dangers and securities con. nected with the voyage of life, all which are accurately and admirably described:

Heroines of Methodism; Or, Pen and Ink Sketches of the Mothers and Daughters of the Church. By Rev. GEORGE COLES. 12mo., pp. 336. Price.

$0 90 Heroes of Methodism. Containing Sketches of Eminent Methodist Ministers, and Char. acteristic Anecdotes of their Personal History. By Rev. J. B. WAKELEY. With Portraits of Bishops Asbury, Coke, and DI’Kendree. 12mo., pp. 470. Price...

$1 00 Morocco

2 00 Life-like and interesting sketches of early Methodist preachers, their toils, hardships, and achievements, interspersed with anecdotes lively and entertaining

200 Mulberry-street, New York.

Stevens's History of Methodism.

The History of the Religious Movement of the Eighteenth Century, called Methodism, considered in its Different Denominational Forms, and its Relations to British and American Prot. estantism. By ABEL STEVENS, LL. D. Vols. I & II. From the Origin of Methodism to the Death of Wesley. Large 12mo. Price per vol.

$1 00 A charming work-full of thrilling facts, combined and stated in the most interesting manner. The work has been read and highly indorsed by the most distinguished authors. One says, “It is wonderfully readable;” and another, “I have been interested beyond measure.” It will be a standard for all Methodists for all time to come, and will be read by thousands of Christians of other denominations.

It contains a new steel engraving of Rev. JOHN WESLEY, the best ever seen in this country:

The volumes which are to follow will be put up in the same style, so that those who get the whole will have uniform sets, though they buy but one volume at a time.

Hymns and Tunes. Hymns for the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church. With Túnes for Congregational Worship. 8vo., pp. 368. Roan, (20 per cent. discount to the trade.)... $1 25 Morocco, marbled edges..

1 50 extra gilt

2 00 This work embraces all the hymns in our standard Hymn Book, and no

It contains also more than three hundred of the most popular old and new tunes in print, and is offered at a very low price for a book of its cost, in the hope that it may be generally adopted.


Autobiography of Peter Cartwright.

Edited by W. P. STRICKLAND. 12mo., pp. 525. Muslin.

$1 00 This is one of the most interesting autobiographies of the age. The sale of this remarkable book has averaged two thousand copies per month since its appearance. Thirty-two thousand have been printed, and stil. the orders come. It is useless to add anything by way of commendation. The people will have it, and we are prepared to supply the continued demand.

What must I do to be Saved ?

By JESSE T. Peck, D.D. 18mo., pp. 192. Price...

$0 35 A new revival book, written by request, designed to awaken the sinner, guide the penitent tis Christ, ani esinblish the young convert.

200 Mulberry-street, New York.

Compendium of Methodism. A Compendium of Methodism : embracing the History and Pres. ent Condition of its various Branches in all Countries; with a Defense of its Doctrinal, Governmental, and Prudential Peculiarities. By Rev. JAMES PORTER, D.D. Revised edition. 12mo., pp. 501. Price....

$1 00 This work has received universal favor. The facts that our bishops have put it in the course of study for local preachers, and that it has been translated into the German and Scandinavian languages, commend it to the confidence of all Methodists. Its peculiar advantages are, l. That it gives a connected history of Methodism from the beginning in all countries, and in all its denominations. 2. That it shows our doctrinal agreements and disagreements with other sects. 3. That it exhibits the different systems of church government in the world, and the relative merits of each. 4. That it explains and defends all our prudential means of grace and other peculiarities as no other book does. It is a WHOLE LIBRARY in one volume, and is a labor-saving as well as a money-saving production. Its importance to preachers and others is indicated by the following testimonials :

It is, in fact, a digest of Methodism. The arrangement and execution of the several parts are admirable. The style is a model of perspicuity, ease, and vigor; and in point of condensation, the volume is literally crowded with important matter. We have hardly seen as great compactness without confusion, or ap equal number of pages from which so few could be eliminated without detriment. But what is far more important than the mode of composition is the spirit which pervades the work. The author writes with that candid discrimination so essen. tial to the proper discussion of the topics which he handles.-Ed. of North. Adv.

This work is a valuable acquisition to our Church literature. It embodies much important information, arranged in a natural and convenient form, and affords a good general outline of Methodism. It is a work of much merit. I do cheerfully commend it, as a whole, to the favorable consideration of our friends and the public generally.-T. MORRIS, Bishop of M. E. Church.

I like the book much. It will do good. Our people and friends ought to read and study it thoroughly. It furnishes a satisfactory answer to the petty objections urged against the Methodists by a set of ecclesiastical croakers with which we are everywhere beset. One gentleman, whom I let have a copy, after reading it carefully, remarked, “It is the book needed; I would not take twenty dollars for my copy if I could not obtain another."—REV. JUSTIN SPAULDING.

I have just finished the reading of this book, and I wish to express my decided approbation of it. It should be a family book, a Sunday-school book, and I would add especially, a text-book for all candidates for the ministry.-J. T. Peck, D.D.

The work throughout is not a criticism on Methodist usages, but a statement and defense of them. As such, we trust it will meet with the wide circulation it deserves, both in and out of the Church.-Methodist Quarterly Review.

We have examined the book, and most cordially recommend our friends, one and all, to procure it immediately. No Methodist can study it without profit, and gratitude to the great Head of the Church for the wisdom imparted to those who have been the instruments employed in constructing the rules and regulations under which the operations of this most successful branch of the Church are conducted.-Editor of the Christian Guardian, Toronto.

It is precisely the volume needed to instruct our people in the peculiarities of our system. The special character of Methodism is here developed in such a manner as to show that it is specially excellent, and worthy of special zeal and special sacrifices. It is very systematically arranged, and therefore convenient for reference on any given point. To the Methodist, especially the “official" Methodist, this book is fitted to be a complete manual; and to all others who would understand what Methodism precisely is, as a whole, or in any specific respect, we commend Dr. Porter's work as an ACKNOWLEDGED AUTHORITY.A. STEVENS, LL.D.

200 Mulberry-Street, New York,

Harmony of Divine Dispensations.

Harmony of the Divine Dispensations. Being a Series of Discourses on Select Portions of Holy Scripture,

designed to show the Spirituality, Efficacy, and Harmony of the Divine Revelations made to Mankind from the Beginning. With Notes, Critical Historical, and Explanatory. By GEORGE SMITH, F. A. S., Member of the Royal Asiatic Society, of the Royal Society of Literature, Fellow of the Genealogical and Historical Society, etc., etc. 8vo., pp. 319. Sheep.

$1 50 Half calf..

2 00 This is a new work, being reprinted from the London edition to correspond with the “ Patriarchal Age,” “Hebrew People,” and “Gentile Nations,” by the same distinguished author. It will be sold in connection with the others, or separately. It is a profound work, and will have a large sale.

Lady Huntingdon Portrayed.

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Including Brief Sketches of some of her Friends and Co-laborers.
By the Author of “ The Missionary Teacher," " Sketches of Mis-
sion Life,” etc.
Large 16mo., pp. 319. Maslin

$0 75 Morocco

1 75 Hibbard on the Psalms. The Psalms Chronologically Arranged, with Historical Introductions, and a General Introduction to the whole Book. By F. G. HIBBARD. 8vo., pp. 589. Muslin...

$2 00 Half Morocco.

2 50 Morocco

5 00 This book occupies an important place in Biblical interpretation, and is a valuable contribution to Biblical literature.

The Object of Life: A Narrative Illustrating the Insufficiency of the World, and the Sufficiency of Christ. With four Illustrations. Large 16mo., pp. 357. Price...

$0 75 Morocco.

1 75 The Living Way; Or, Suggestions and Counsels concerning some of the Privileges and Duties of the Christian Life. By Rev. JOHN ATKINSON. 16mo., pp. 139. Price...

$0 40

200 Mulberry-street, New York.

Reasons for becoming a Methodist. By Rev. I. Smith, for some Years a Member of the Close-Communion Calvinist Baptist Church. Including a brief Account of the Author's Religious Experience up to the Time of his becom. ing a Methodist. 18mo., pp. 160. Price..

$0 30 This work was written by Rev. I. Smith, now a member of the New England Conference. It was printed in Boston a few years ago, and seventeen thousand copies have been sold. Knowing the work from its first issue, and believing it to be calculated to do great good, we have recently bought the plates, and shall soon bring out the nineteenth edition, with some improvements. Brother Smith was formerly a Calvinistic Close-Communion Baptist, but being placed in circumstances obliging him to consider the principles he professed to believe, he was led to renounce them.

He subsequently joined the Methodists, and became a preacher. This book develops the reasons which influenced his action in the premises, and they are well stated. Preachers who are molested by Baptist influences, will find this work just the thing to circulate. We have put it upon our list to extend its usefulness, more than to make money out of it.

The Pioneers of the West;
Or, Life in the Woods. By W. P. STRICKLAND.
12mo., pp. 403. Price.....

$1 00 This decidedly popular book, which sketches to the life the Pioneer Explorers, Settlers, Preachers, Hunters, Lawyers, Doctors, School Teachers, and Institutions of the West, is meeting with an extensive sale.

The True Woman; Or, Life and Happiness at Home and Abroad. By JESSE T. Peck, D.D., Author of “ The Central Idea of Christianity.” 12mo., pp. 400. Price...

$1 00 Gilt edges..

1 25 Gilt edges, beveled

1 50 Morocco....

2 00 In this volume the author has illustrated his ideal of female character by a series of didactic precepts and familiar examples. His standard is not taken from the prevailing customs and opinions of society, but from he highest teachings of Christian ethics. In his remarks on the intelectual cultivation of woman, he condemns novel-reading in decided l-erms, regarding it as a “crime, murderous to the heart, the intellect, ind the body;" while he as warmly recommends the perusal of literary periodicals, and insists on having access to at least one daily or weekly newspaper. The work isiwritten with great earnestness and feeling, with an occasional exuberance of expression.-N. Y. Tribune.

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