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In this edition the report of the adjutant general for the year 1865 is reprinted, but with the omission (1) of the lists of losses of the various Wisconsin organizations mustered into the service of the United States, such lists appearing in the original report immediately following the history of the several organizations, (2) of Exhibits E and F, wThich constitute a regimental roster of the commissioned officers of the Wisconsin volunteers, and (3), an alphabetical index of that roster. These lists are excluded because they have been carefully revised and reprinted in separate form,—the losses in a memorial volume, Wisconsin Losses in the Civil War, and exhibits E and F in the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers.

The head and marginal notes in this edition are by the editor. The ''Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" in the "War of the Rebellion" are in each case cited by the serial number of such records.

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The references in all cases are to the serial number of the volumes of the "Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" in the "War of the Rebellion," whether referred to as Rebellion Records or Ibid.

f»age 87, note at^bottom of page, should read capitol.

Page 224, indented inset page, should read 294 instead of 194.

Page 377, note at bottom of page, in letter to governor, date should be 1864, instead of 1865.

Page 215, date lrhe of General Order at bottom of page, should be 1865 instead of 1862.


Resolved by the Assembly, the Seriate concurring, That the Secretary of State be and is hereby authorized to have printed in book form, 2,000 copies of the annual reports of the Adjutant General, Quartermaster General and Surgeon General, for the year 1865, in one volume, and that said volume shall also contain a reprint of so much of the Adjutant General's reports for the years 1863 and 1864, .as pertains to the regimental history for the purpose of giving a connected narrative of each organization during the entire term of service. These reports to be printed on book paper, of not less than thirty-five pounds xo the ream, and bound in muslin, with the exception of one hundred volumes, which shall be bound with morocco backs and corners, pasteboard sides and marbled covers, for exchange from the Adjutant General's office. Of the balance, six copies shall be delivered to each member of the legislature and the elective officers thereof, and the remainder to be disposed of under the direction of the Governor.

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