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DECEMBER 2, 1907-MAY 30, 1908



VOL. 32




297. Report concerning certain alleged defects in vessels of Navy.

298. Statement in refutation of alleged defects of naval vessels.

308. Superannuation in classified civil service.

326. Statement relative to district superintendents in Life-Saving Service.

337. Abstract of laws on pnblicity of election contributions and expenditures.

349. Educating children at military posts.

351. Investigation of conditions in third judicial division of Alaska.

369. Acreage of lands examined and classified in Montana and Idaho, etc.

370. Additional estimates for War Department.

375. Trade follows the flag.

377. Reinstatement of soldiers discharged from Twenty-fifth Infantry.

378. Memorial remonstrating against construction of four new battle-ships.

392. Memorial against building of four new battle-ships.

395. Draft of bill relating to administration of Indian affairs.

400. Memorial for relief from results of enforcement of Sherman anti-trust law. -

401. Thanks of King of Portugal for resolutions of sympathy of Senate.

415. Additional estimates for pay, etc., of Army, 1909.

422. Location of water-line armor belt upon United States battle-ships.

423. Speech by Henry Cabot Lodge on immigration, Boston, March 20, 1908.

426. Transmission through mails of anarchistic publications.

427. Article on hearings on alleged structural defects in United States battle-ships.

435. Refusal of national banks in New York City to furnish currency.

437. Receipts of Forest Service.

438. Veto of bill to extend time for constructing dam in Rainy River.

443. Swamp lands of the United States, etc.

450. Railroad discriminations and monopolies in coal and oil.

452. Action of War, Navy, & Comm. & Labor depts. on wireless telegraph convention.

454. Memorial relative to amending Constitution of United States.

456. Celebration of three hundredth anniversary of discovery of Lake Champlain.

458. Improvement of valley of Rock Creek from Mageachusetts avenue to mouth.

460. Investigations and tests of fuels and structural materials of United States.

465. Compliance with commodities clause of act to regulate commerce.

466. Letters and papers of Henry Fisher of Delaware.

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