Hermes; Or, A Philosophical Inqviry Concerning Vniversal Grammar

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Page 56 - So spake the cherub; and his grave rebuke, Severe in youthful beauty, added grace Invincible: abash'd the devil stood, And felt how awful goodness is, and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely; saw, and pined His loss: but chiefly to find here observed His lustre visibly impair'd; yet seem'd Undaunted. If I must contend...
Page 45 - First in his east the glorious lamp was seen, Regent of day, and all the horizon round Invested with bright rays, jocund to run His longitude through heaven's high road ; the gray Dawn and the Pleiades before him danced, Shedding sweet influence.
Page 53 - Dire was the tossing, deep the groans : Despair Tended the sick, busiest from couch to couch ; And over them triumphant Death his dart Shook, but delay'd to strike, though oft invoked With vows, as their chief good, and final hope.
Page 415 - The Grecian commonwealths, while they maintained their liberty, were the most heroic confederacy that ever existed. They were the politest, the bravest, and the wisest of men. In the short space of little more than a century, they became such statesmen, warriors, orators, historians, physicians, poets, critics, painters, sculptors, architects, and, last of all, philosophers, that one can hardly help considering that golden period as a providential event in honour of human nature, to show to what...
Page 14 - And chiefly thou, O Spirit, that dost prefer Before all temples th' upright heart and pure, Instruct me, for thou know'st; thou from the first Wast present and with mighty wings outspread Dove-like satst brooding on the vast abyss And mad'st it pregnant.
Page 420 - Imagination; but exhibiting the whole with such a pregnant brevity, that in every sentence E e 3 we * we seem to read a page. How exquisitely is this all performed in Greek? Let those, who imagine it may be done as well in another Language, satisfy themselves, either by attempting to translate him, or by perusing his translations already made by men of learning.
Page 423 - To be competently skilled in ancient learning, is by no means a work of such insuperable pains. The very progress itself is attended with delight, and resembles a journey through some pleasant country, where every mile we advance new charms arise. It is certainly as easy to be a scholar, as a gamester, or many other characters equally illiberal and low. The same application, the same quantity of habit, will fit us for one, as completely as for the other.
Page 49 - Of nations ; there the capitol thou seest Above the rest lifting his stately head On the Tarpeian rock, her citadel Impregnable, and there Mount Palatine, The...
Page 46 - Shedding sweet influence : less bright the moon, But opposite in levell'd west was set, His mirror, with full face borrowing her light From him; for other light she needed none In that aspect, and still that distance...
Page 205 - In Some instances the preposition suffers no change, but becomes an adverb by nothing more than its application : as when we say, " he rides about;" " he was near falling ;" " but do not after lay the blame on me.

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