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only of all ore of gold and silver, that from time to time, and' at all times hereafter, shall be there gotten, had, or obtained, for all manner of services.

VII. And nevertheless, our will and pleasure is, and we p0wer in do, by these presents, charge, command, warrant, and au- seW treathorise, that the said treasurer and company, or their succes- ^ sprs, or the major part of them, which shall be present and convey^and assembled for that purpose, shall, from time to time, under assign under their common seal, distribute, convey, allign, and set over, ^u^7>" such particular portions of land?, tenements, and heredita-,pai.tjcula'r ments, by these presents, formerly granted, unto such our portions of loving subjects, naturally born, or denizens, or others, as 'he l*n,i' well adventurers as planters, as by the said company (upon a granted to commission of survey and distribution, executed and returned the comfor that purpose) shall be nominated, appointed, and allowed ;P.any toP«wherein our will and pleasure is, that respect be had, as well pi^en 0I of the proportion of the adventurer, as to the special service, adventuhazard, exploit, or merit of any person, so to be recompen- rerS'

fed, advanced, or rewarded,

VIII. And forasmuch, as the good and prosperous success

pf the said plantation cannot but chiefly depend, next undcrmentofa the blessing of God, and the support of our royal authority, council to upon the provident and good direction of the whole enter- ^"^j. prize, by a careful and understanding council, and that it is t0 manige not convenient, that all the adventurers shall be so often the affairs drawn to meet and assemble, as shall be requisite for them to of tncc001have meetings and conserence about the affairs thereof; pan)'' therefore we do ordain, establish, and confirm, that there shall be perpetually one council here resident, according to the tenour pf Out former letters patents; which council shall have a seal, for the better government and administration of the said plantation, besides the legal seal of the company or corporation, as in our former letters patents is also GSpresled.

IX. And farther, we establish and ordain, that Henry, This counEarl of Southampton, William, Earl of Pembroke, Henry, cil (hall Earl of Lincoln, Thomas, Earl of Exeter, Robert, Lord Viscount Lisle, Lord Theophilus Howard, James, .Lord thecommnn Bishop of Bath and Wells, Edward, Lord Zouche, Thomas, seal of the Lord Lawarr, William, Lord Monteagle, Edmund, Lord whols comSheffield, Grey, Lord Chandois, John, Lord Stanhope, pany" George, Lord Carew, Sir Humfrey Weld, Lord Mayor of London, Sir Edward Cecil, Sir William Wade, Sir Henry Nevil, Sir Thomas Smith, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Sir Peter Max»wood» Sir Thomas Challoner, Sir Henry Hobert, Sir,


Francis Bacon, Sir George Coppin, Sir John Scot, Sir Henry Carey, Sir Robert Drury, Sir Oratio Vere, Sir Edward Conway, Sir Maurice Barkeley, Sir T homas Gates, Sir Michael Sandys, Sir Robert Mansel, Sir John Trevor, Sir Amias Preston, Sir William Godolphin, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Robert Killigrew,- Sir Henry Fanlhaw, Sir Edwin Sandys, Sir John Watts, Sir Henry Montague, Sir William Romney, Sir Thomas Roe, Sir Baptist Hicks, Sir Richard Williamson, Sir Stephen Poole, Sir Dudly Digges, Christopher Brooke, Esq; John Eldrid, and John Wolstenholme, shall be our council for the said company of adventurers and planters in Virginia. Nomination x. And the said Thomas Smith we do ordain to be treamembers ot'"irer oftne ^ai^ company: which treasurer shall have authothis council rity, to give order, for the warning of the council, and sumfcytheking. moning the company, to their courts and meetings. Election of XL And the said council and treasurer, or any of them, ^"counsel- ^al^ ^e from henceforth, nominated, chosen, continued, lorsinali displaced, changed, altered, and supplied, as death, or other future va- several occasions, shall require, out of the company of the the majority ^ ^venturers, by the voice of the greater part of the said of the said company and adventurers, in their assembly for that purpose: company, provided always, that every counsellor, so newly elected, shall be presented to the Lord Chancellor of England, or to the Lord High Treasurer of England, or to the Lord Chamberlain of the houshold of us, our heirs, and successors, for the time being, to take his oath of a counsellor to us, our heirs, and successors, for the said company of adventurers and colony in Virginia. Power of XII. And we do, by these presents, of our special grace, deputy'tre^-certain knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs and surer, in successors, grant unto the said treasurer and company, and cases of tne;r successors, that if it happen, at any time or times, the nece Ity" treasurer for the time being to be sick, or to have any such cause of absence from the city of London, as shall be allowed by the said council, or the greater part of them, assembled, so as he cannot attend the affairs of that company, in every such case, it shall and may be lawful for such treasurer for the time being, to assign, constitute and appoint, one of the council or company, to be likewise allowed by the council, or the greater part of them, assembled, to be the deputy treasurer of the said company; which deputy shall have power, to do and execute all things, which belong to the said treasurer, during such time, as such treasurer shall be either sick, or otherwise absent upon cause allowed of by the said council,

or or the major part of them, as aforesaid, so fully and wholly, and in as large and ample manner and form, to all intents and purposes, as the said treasurer, if he were present, himself might or could do and execute the same.

Xill. And further, of our special grace, certain know-The council ledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs, and successors,""11 have we do, by these presents, give and grant full power and au- makeor'apthority to our said council, here resident, as well at this point and to present time, as hereafter from time to time, to nominate, change or make, constitute, ordain, and confirm, by such name or g^jjj^," names, stile or stiles, as to them shall seem good; and like- and other wise to revoke, discharge, change, and alter, as well all and°fficersof singular governors, ossicers, and ministers, which already ofYheseid' have been made, as also which hereafter shall be by them colonies. thought fit and needfulto be made or used, for the government of the said colony and plantation.

XIV. And also to make, ordain, and establish all manner And to of orders, laws, directions, instructions, forms, and cere- j?al^e ,aws monies of government and magistracy, fit and necessary, for gOTernment and concerning the government of the said colony and planta- of the said tion; and the same, at all times hereafter, to abrogate, re- colonies. voke, or change, not only within the precincts of the said colony, but also upon the seas in going and coming, to and

from the said colony, as they, in their good discretion, shall think to be fittest for the good of the adventurers and inhabitants there.

XV. And we do also declare, that, for divers reasons and Upon the considerations us thereunto especially moving, our will and arrival of a pleasure is, and we do hereby ordain, that immediately from ^"""j and after such time, as any such governor or principal ossicer, by the said so to be nominated and appointed, by our said council, forcoun"!"" the government of the said colony, as aforesaid, shall arrive XirsiTMa' of in Virginia, and give notice unto the colony there resident of theprcsident our pleasure in this behalf, the government, power and au- and council tbority of the president and council, heretofore by our former jjj^J letters patents there established, and all laws and constitutions, and 0f au by them formerly made, shall utterly cease and be determined, other offiand all ossicers, governors, and ministers, formerly constituted cers of s°or appointed, shall be discharged, any thing, in our former fllauPi" letters patents concerning the said plantation contained, in any stantly cease wise to the contrary notwithstanding; straightly charging andand be decommanding the president and council, now resident in thetermincd' said colony, upon their allegiance, after knowledge given unto

them of our will and pleasure, by these presents signified and declared, that they forthwith be obedient to such governor or


Admission of new members into the


Power to work all sorts of

Power to

governors, as by our said council, here resident, shall be named and appointed, as aforesaid, and to all directions, orders and commandments, which they shall receive from them, as well in the present resigning and giving up os their authority, ossices, charge .and places, as in all other attendance, as shall be by them, from time to time, required.

XVI. And we do further, by these presents, ordain and establish, that the said treasurer and council here resident, and their successors, or any four of them, being assembled (the treasurer being one) shall, from time to time, have full power and authority, to admit and receive any other person into their company, corporation, and freedom; and'further, in a genera! assembly of the adventurers, with the consent of the greater part, upon good cause, to disfranchise and put out any person or persons, out of the said freedom and company.

XVII. And we do also grant and confirm, for us, our heirs and successors, that it shall be lawful for the said treasurer and company, and their successors, by direction of the governors there, to dig and to search for all manner of mines of gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, and all forts of minerals, as well within the precinct aforesaid, as within any part of the main land, not formerly granted to any other; and to have and enjoy the gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, and tin, and all other minerals, to be gotten thereby, to the use and behoof of the said company of planters and adventurers yielding thereof, and paying yearly, unto us, our heirs and successors, as aforesaid.

XVIII. And we do further, of our special grace, certain

tarryouttne knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs, and fucces

Kill ES sub"' •

jests or any sors) grailt, by these presents, to and with the said treasurer strangers to and company, and their successors, that it shall be lawful and saidV^n fsee ^or them, and their assigns, at all and every time and togetherny' times hereafter, out of our realm of England, and out of all •with all ne- other our dominions, to take and lead into the said voyages, forthd3TM*and ^or antl towar(^s tne ^ai^ plantation, and to travel thitherfence^ and" ward-S ar|d to abide and inhabit there in the said colony and merchan- plantation, all such and so many of our loving subjects, or for'trad''inY ot^er ^rangers, that will become our loving subjects, withthepeo-and *ive under our obedience, as seal 1 willingly accompany jlethcre: them in the said voyage and plantation; with sufficient shipping, armour, weapons, ordinance, munition, powder, shot, victuals, and such merchandises or wares, as are esteemed by the wild people in those parts, cloathing, implements, furniture, cattle, horses, and mares, and all other things, neces■ sary for the said plantation, and for their use and defence,


and trade with the people there; and in passing, and returning to and fro i without yielding or paying subfidy, custom, withoutpayimpofition, or any other tax or duty, to us, our heirs, or ins an*^* successors, for the space of seven years from the date of these duty tor presents; provided, that none of the said persons be such, as them sor 7 shall be hereafter, by special name, restrained by us, our heirs, years' and successors.

XIX. And for their further encouragement, of our special *r°{*^TM grace and savour, we do, by these presents, for us, our heirs (hall be paid and successors, yield and grant, to and with the said treasurer in Virginia and company, and their successors, and every of them, their [°rd1Ia/t^rsi sactors and assigns, that they and every of them, shall be free that ?ime of all the subsidies and customs in Virginia, for the space of thesaidcomone-and-twenty years, and from all taxes and impofitions, Jua"cye(^ for ever, upon any goods or merchandizes, at any time or shall pay ontimes hereafter, either upon importation thither, or exporta-iy a duty of tion from thence, into our realm of England, or into any 5 Per ««. other of our realms or dominions, by the said treasurer and j|J°"s company, and their successors, their deputies, sactors, or ported from. assigns, or any of them; except only the five pounds per cent. Virginia inr due for custom, upon all such goods and merchandizes, as afte^whkb! shall be brought or imported into our realm of England, or they may any other of these our dominions, according to the antient export the trade of merchants; which five pounds per cent, only being "Jj? paid, it shall be thenceforth lawful and free for the said ad- within riie venturers, the same goods and merchandizes to export, and space of 13 carry out of our said dominions, into foreign parts, without ^""^eirbeany custom, tax, or other duty, to be paid to us, our heirs, ingfirstlanor successors, or to any other our ossicers or deputies; pro-ded in Engvided, that the said goods and merchandizes be shipped out, W'?hwithin thirteen months, after their first landing within any °„y other"e part of those dominions, duty.

XX And we do also grant and confirm to the said treasurer Powertoreand company, and their succeslors, as also to all and every fist and exsuch governor, or other ossicers and ministers, as by our said trU(iers into council sliall be appointed to have power and authority of the said co» government and command, in or over the said colony or plan- lonytation; that they, and every of them, shall and lawfully may, from time to time, and at all times for ever hereafter, for their several desence and sasety, encounter, expulse, repel, and resist, by force and arms, as well by sea as by land, and all ways and means whatsoever, all and every such person and persons whatsoever, as (without the special licence of the said treasurer and company, and their successors) shall attempt to inhabit, within, the said several precincts and limits of the said

M colony

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