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John Cornelius, Martin Freeman, Ralph Freeman, Andrew Moore, Thomas White, Edward ferkin, Robert Offiey, Thomas Whitley, George Pit* Robert Parkhurst, Thomas Morris, Peter Harloe, Jessry Duppa, John Gilbert, William Hancock, Matthew Brown, Francis Tyrrel, Randolph Carter, Othowell Smith, Thomas Hamond, Martin Bond, haberdasher, John Moulsoe, Robert Johnson, William Young, John Woodal, William Felgate, Humsrey Westwood, Richard Champion, Henry Rob in son, Francis Mapes, William Sambach, Ralegh Crashawj Daniel Tucker, Thomas Grave, Hugh Willeston, Thomas Culpepper, of Wigsel, Esq; John Culpepper, gentleman, Henry Lee, Josias Kerton, gentleman, John Pory, gentleman, HenryCollins, George Burton, William Atkinson, Thomas Forest, John Ruffel, John Russel, John Holt, Harman Harrison, Gabriel Beedel, John Beedel, Henry Dawkes, George Scot, Edward Fleetwood, gentleman, Richard Rogers, gentleman, Arthur Robinson, Robert Robinson, John Huntley, John Gray, William Payne, William Fields William Wattey, William Webster, John Dingley4 Thomas Draper, Richard Glanvil, Arnold Hulls, Henry Roe, William More, Nicholas Gryce, James Monger, Nicholas Andrews, Jeremy Haydon, ironmonger, Philip Durette, John Quarles, John West, Matthew Springham, John Johnson, Christopher Hore, Thomas Snead, George Berkeley, Arthur Pet, Thomas Careles, William Berkley, Thomas Johnson, Alexander Bents, Captain William King, George b'andys, gentleman, James White, gentleman, Edmund Wynne, Charles Towlar, Richard Reynold, Edward Webb, Richard Maplesden, Thomas Lever, David Bourne, Thcmas Wood, Ralph Hamer, Edward Barnes, mercer, John Wright, mercer, Robert Middleton, Edward Littlefk-ld, Kathenne West, Thomas Web, Ralph King, Robert Coppin, James Askew, Christopher Holt, William Bardwell, Alexander Chiles, Lewis Tate, Edward Ditchfield, James Swifte, Richard Widdowes, goldsmith, Edmond BrudeneJ!, Edward Burwell, John Hansford, Edward Wooller, William Palmer, haberdasher, John Badger, John Hodgson. Peter Mounsel, John Carril, John Bushridge, William Dun, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas Benson, Thomas Shipton, Nathaniel Wade, Randal Wetwood, Matthew Dequester, Charles Hawkins, Hugh Hammersley, Abraham Cartwright, George Bennet, William Cater, Richard Goddart, Henry Cromwell, Phineas Pet, Robert Cooper, John Cooper, Henry Newce,. Edward Wilkes, Robert Bateman,

Nicholas Farrar, John Newbouse, John Cason, Thomas Harris, gentleman, George Etheridge, gentleman, Thomas Mayle,

gentleman, Richard Stafford, 1 homas —, Richard

Cooper, John Westrow, Edward Welch, Thomas Britain, Thomas Knowles, Octavian Thome, Edmond Smith, John March, Edward Carew, Thomas Pleydall, Richard Let, Miles Palmer, Henry Price, John Joshua, gentleman, Will. Clauday, Jeremv Pearsye, John Bree, gentleman, William Hampson, Christopher Piclcsord, Thomas Hunt, Thomas Truston, Christopher Salmon, John Howard, clerk, Richard Partridge, Allen Cassen, Felix Wilson, Thomas Bathurst, George Wilmer, Andrew Wilmer, Maurice Lewellin, Thomas Godwin, Peter Burgoyne, Thomas Burgoyne, Robert Burgoyne, Robert Smith, merchant-taylor, Edward Cage, grocer, Thomas Cannon, gentleman, William Welby, stationer, Clement Wilmer, gentleman, John Clapham, gentleman, Giles Francis, gentleman, George Walker, sadler, John Swinhow, stationer, Edward Bishop, stationer, Leonard White, gentleman, Christopher Baron, Peter Benson, Richard Smith, George Proctor, minister, Millicent Ramsdent, widow, Joseph Soane, Thomas Hinshaw, John Saker, Robert Thornton, John Davis, Edward Facet, George Newce, gentleman, John Robinson, Capt. Thomas Wood, William Brown, shoemaker, Robert Barker, shoemaker, Robert Pennington, Francis Burley, minister* Will. Quick, grocer, Edward Lewis, grocer, Laurence Campe, draper, Aden Perkins, grocer, Richard Shepherd, preacher, William Sherley, haberdasher, William Taylor, haberdasher, Edwin Lukin, gentleman, John Franklyn, haberdasher, John Southwick, Peter Peate, George Johan, ironmonger, George Yeardiey, gentleman, Henry Shelly, John Prat, Thomas Church, draper, William Poweli gentleman, Rich. Faith, gentleman, Thomas Wheeler, draper, Francis Haslerig, gentleman, Hugh Shipley, gentleman, John Andrews the elder, doctor of Cambridge, Francis Whistler, gentleman, John Vassal, gentleman, Richard Howie, Edward Berkeley, gentleman, Richard Keneridgburg, gentleman, Nicholas Exton, draper, William Bennet, fishmonger, James Haywood, merchant, Nicholas Isaac, merchant, William Gibbs, merchant, —— Bishop, Bernard Mitchel, Isaac Mitchel, John Streate, Edward Gall, John Martin, gentleman, Thomas Fox, Luke Lodge, John Woodliffe, gentleman, Richard Webb, Vincent Low, Samuel Burnham, Edmund Pears, haberdasher, John Googe, John St. John, Edward Vaughan, William Dunn, Thomas Alcocke, John

L Andrews

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Andrews the younger, of Cambridge, Samuel Smith, Thomas Gerrard, Thomas Whittingham, William Canning, Paul Canning, George Chandler, Henry Vincent, Thomas Ketley, James Skelton, James Mountaine, George Webb, gentleman, Joseph Newbridge, smith, Josiah Mand, Captain Ralph Hamer the younger, Edward Brewster, the son of William Brewster, Leonard Harwood, mercer, Philip Druerdent, William Carpenter, TristianHill, Robert Cock, grocer, Laurence Greeie, grocer, Samuel Winch, grocer, Humphrey Stile, grocer, Avern Dransfield, grocer, Edward Hodges, grocer, Edward Beale, grocer, Thomas Culler, grocer, Ralph Bufhby, grocer, John Whittingham, grocer, John Hide, grocer, Matthew Shepherd, grocer, Thomas Allen, grocer, Richard Hooker, grocer, Lawrence Munks, rocer, John Tanner, grocer, Peter Gate, grocer, John tlunt, grocer, Robert Phips, grocer, Robert Berrisford, rocer, Thomas Wells, grocer, John Ellis, grocer, Henry ^olthurst, grocer, John Cavady, grocer, Thomas Jennings, grocer, Edmond Pashall, grocer, Timothy Bathurst, grocer, Giles Parslow, grocer, Robert Milmay, grocer, Richard Johnson, grocer, William Johnson, vintner, Ezekiel Smith, Richard Martin, William Sharpe, R.obert Rich, William Stannard, innholder, John Stocken, William Strachey, gentleman, George Farmer, gentleman, Thomas Gypes, clothworker, Abraham Davies, gentleman, Thomas Brocket, gentleman, George Bache, fishmonger, John Dike, fishmonger, Henry Spranger, Richard Farrington,Christopher Vertue, vintner, Thomas Bayley, vintner, George Robins, vintner, Tobias Hinson, grocer, Vrian Spencer, Clement Chicheley, JohnScarpe, gentleman, James Campbell, ironmonger, Christopher Clitheroe, ironmonger, Philip Jacobson, Peter Jacobson, of Antwerp, William Berkeley, Miles Banks, cutler, Peter Higgons, grocer, Henry John, gentleman, John Stokeley, merchant-taylor, the company of Mercers, the company of Grocers, the company of Drapers, the company of Fishmongers, the company of Goldsmiths, the company of Skinners, the company of Merchant-taylors, the company of Haberdashers, the company of Salters, the company of Ironmongers, the company of Vintners, the company of Clothworkers, the company of Dyers, the company of Brewers, the company of Leathersellers, the company of Pewterers, the company of Cutlers, the company of Whitebakers, the company of Wax-chandlers, the company of Tallow-chandlers, the company of Armorers, the company of Girdlers, the company of Butchers, the company of Sadlers,


the company of Carpenters, the company of Cordwavners,
the company of Barber-chirurgeons, the company of Paint-
stainers, the company of Curriers, the company of Masons,
the company of Plumbers, the company of Innholders, the
company of Founders, the company of Poulterers, the com-
pany of Cooks, the company of Coopers, the company of
Tylers and Bricklayers, the company of Boyers, the com-
pany of Fletchers, the company of Blacksmiths, the company
of Joiners, the company of Weavers, the company of Wool-
men, the company of Woodmongers, the company of Scri-
veners, the company of Fruiterers, the company of Plaisterers, .,
the company of Brownbakers, the company of Stationers, the
company of Embroiderers, the company of Upholsterers, the
company of Musicians, the company of Turners, the com-
pany of Gardiners, the company of Ba(ketmakers, the com-
pany of Glaziers, John Lever, merchant, Thomas Nor-
nicot, clothworker, Richard Venn, haberdasher, Thomas
Scot, gentleman, Thomas Juxon, merchant-taylor, George
Hankinson, Thomas Seyer, gentleman, Matthew Cooper,
George Butler, gentleman, Thomas Lawson, gentleman,
Edward Smith, haberdasher, Stephen Sparrow, John Jones,

merchant, — Reynolds, brewer, Thomas Plummer,

merchant, James Duppa, brewer, Rowland Coitmore, William Southerne, George Witmore, haberdasher, Anthony Gosnold, the younger, John Allen, fishmonger, Simon Yeomans, fishmonger, Lancelot Davis, gentleman, John Hopkins, Alderman of Bristol, John Kettleby, gentleman, Richard Clene, goldsmith, ' George" Hooker, gentleman, Robert Chening, yeoman; and to such, and so many, as they do, or shall hereafter, admit to be joined with them, in form hereafter in these presents, expressed, whether they go in their persons, to be planters there in the said plantation, or whether they go not, but adventure their monies, goods, or chattels; that they shall be one brdy or commonalty perpetual, and shall have perpetual succeflion, aud one common seal, to serve for the said body or commonalty: and that Name o. they, and their successors, shall be known, called, and in-thecorPl corporated by the name of, The Treasurer and Company ofnon" Adventurers and Planters for the City of London for the first Colony in Virginia.

IV. And that they, and their successors, shall be, from Capacitl henceforth, for ever enabled to take, acquire, and purchase, {^^;^ by the name aforesaid (licence for the same, from us, our England heirs or successors, first had and obtained) any manner of

La lands,

lands, tenements, and hereditaments, goods, and chattels*. within our realm of England, dominion of Wales, and to sue y_ And that they, and their successors, sh-jll likewise he and be ued. gji^^ by the name aforesaid, to plead, and be impleaded, before any of our judges or justices, in any of our courts, and in any actions or suits whatsoever. Crant of VI. And we do also, of our special grace, certain know? land ing- ledge, and mere motion, give, grant, and confirm, unto the thTscid treafurer and company, and their successors, under the,

treasurer reservations, limitations, and declarations, hereafter expressand com- ed, all those lands, countries, and territories, fituate, lying, paJly" and being, in that part of America called Virginia, from the point of land called Cape or Point Comfort, all along the sea. coast, to the northward two hundred miles, and from the. said point of Cape Comfort, all along the sea coast, to the southward two hundred miles, and all that space and circuit of land, lying from the sea coast of the. precinct aforesaid, up, into the land, throughout from sea to sea, west and northwest; and also all the i4}ands, lying within one hundred. miles, along the coast of both seas of the precinct aforesaid; together with all the soils, grounds, havens., and ports, mines, as well royal mines of gold and silver, as other. minerals, pearls, and precious stones, quarries, woods, rivers, waters, sishings, commodities, jurisdictions, royalties, privileges, franchises, and preheminences, within the said territories, and the precincts thereof, whatsoever, and thereto and thereabouts, both by sea and land, being, or in. any sort belonging or appertaining, and which we,. by our letters patents, may or can grant, in as ample manner and. fort, as we, or any our noble progenitors, have heretofore granted tq any company, body politic or corporate, or to any adventurer, or adventurers, undertaker, or undertakers, of any discoveries, plantations, or trassic, of, in or into any foreign parts whatsoever, and in as large and ample manner, as if the same Habendum. were herein particularly mentioned and exprefled: To have and to hold, possess and enjoy, all and singular the said lands, -- . countries, and territories, with all and singular other the premises, heretofore by these presents granted, or mentioned to be granted, to them, the laid treasurer and company, their successors and assigns for ever; to the sole and proper,use of them, the said treasurer' and company, their successors and Tenendum. assigns for them: To be holden of us, our heirs, and luccef. ... sors, as of our manor of East-Greenwich, in free and com-. Redendum. mon foccage, and not irt capfte; Yielding and paying* 'therefore, to us, our heirs, and. successors, the fifth part


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