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either by land or sea, into any the ports of us, our heirs and successors, in our kingdom of Kngland, and not into any other country whatsoever; and we give him full power to dispose of the said goods in the said ports, and if it need be, and within within one year next after the unlading of the fame, to lade they"have tne merchandizes and goods again into the fame or other been unk- ships, and to export the same into any other countries either den in an of our dominions or foreign, according to law: provided

pwtl'to ex-always, tnat they Pay ^ucn customs and impositions, subsidies port the and duties, for the same, to us, our heirs and successors, as fame into the rest of our subjects of our kingdom of England for the country!' time Deini, be bound to pay; and do observe the acts of navigation., and other laws in that behalf made. And furtherpe"""°^'more, of our more ample and special grace, certain knowfeis i,eirs ledge, and mere motion, we do, for us, our heirs and fuccesand affigns, sors, grant unto the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, of a power^fujl an(j absolute power and authority to make, erect, and constitute constitute, within the said province, and the isles and islets seaports and aforesaid, such and so many seaports, harbours, creeks, haf7' {°* A vens' lce)'s, and other places, for discharging and unlading of mla/irg goods and merchandizes put of the ships, boats, and other goods' and vessel's, and lading them in such and so many places, and mtrehan- W1th such- sights,. jurisdictions, and liberties, and privileges '2CS' unto the said ports belonging, as to him or them shall seem most expedient; and that all and singular the ships, boats, and other vessels, which shall come for merchandize and trade unto the said province, or put of the same shall depart, fliall be laden or uriladen only at such ports as shall be erected and constituted by the said William Penn, his heirs or assigns; any use, custom, or other things to the contrary notwithstanding: provided that the said William Penn, and his heirs, and the lieutenants and governors for the time being, shall admit and receive, in and about all such ports, havens, creeks, and keys, all ossicers and their deputies, who shall from time to time be appointed for that purp. se, by the sarmers or commisand of a ssoners of our customs for the time being. And we do further recipe andaPPoint anQ ordain, and by these presents, for us, our heirs enjoy suth and successors, we do grant unto the said William Penn, his custems amthejrs. antj assigns, that he the said William Penn, his heirs and a^sliaiTbe assigns, may frorn time to time, for ever, have and enjoy the imposed by customs and subsidies in the ports, harbours, and other creeks them and and places aforesaid, within the province aforesaid, payable or of the fiZ^ue for merchandizes and wares there to be laded and unladed;

the said customs and subsidies to be reasonably assessed (upon jfny occasion) by themselves and the people there, as aforesaid,

to to be assembled ; to whom we give power, by these presents, Reservation for us, our heirs and successors, upon just cause, and in a due tomsaslhiu proportion, to assess and impose the same; raving unto us, our be imposed heirs and successors, such impositions and customs, as by act by ,ct of of parliament are and shall be appointed. And it is our fur- xhe'erantw ther will and pleasure, That the said William Penn, his heirs andhisheir, and assigns, shall, from time to time, constitute and appoint and affign* an attorney or agent, to reside in or near our city of London, slu" kwp who shall make known the place where he shall dwell, or or agent at may be found, unto the clerks of our privy council for the London, to time being, or one of them, and shall be ready to appear inw^ia^ any of our courts at Westminster, to answer for any misde- mianors C meanors that shall be committed, or by any wilful desault or committed neglect permitted by the said William Penn, his heirs or as- bi'<ilem' signs, against our laws of trade and navigation; and after it shall be ascertained in any of our said courts what damages we, or our heirs or successors, shall have sustained by such desault or neglect, the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, shall pay the same within one year after such taxation and demand thereof, from such attorney; or in case there shall be no such attorney, within the space of one yeari or such attorney shall not make payment of such damages within the space of one year, and answer such other forseitures and penalties within the said time, as by the acts of parliament in England are or shall be provided, according to the true intent and meaning of these presents; then it shall be lawful for us, our heirs. and successors, to seize and resume the government of the said province or country, and the same to retain until payment shall be made'thereof; but notwithstanding any such seizure or resumption of the government, nothing concerning the propriety or ownership of any lands, tenements, or other hereditaments, or goods, or chattels, of any of the adventurers, planters, or owners, other than the respective offenders there, shall be any way affected or molested thereby. Pro-They (hall vided always, and our will and pleasure is, that neither the havenocorsaid William Penn, nor his heirs, nor any other the inhabi- ^isi^lja tants of the said province, shall at any time hereafter have or states that maintain any correspondence with any other King, Prince or are at war State, or with any of their subjects, who shall then be in war Jj*J a*" against us, our heirs or successors; nor shall the said William Penn, or his heirs, or any other the inhabitants of the said province, make war, or do any act of hostility against any other King, Prince, or State, or any of their subjects, who shall then be in league or amity with us, our heirs, or successors. And because in so remote a country, and situate


Grantofthe near f0 many barbarous nations, the incursions as well of the vyWforcesC savages themselves, as of other enemies, pirates, and rob»nd make bers, may probably be seared, therefore we have given, and 'war, and do for us, our heirs and successors, do give power by these prebITongir?gto sents, unto the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, by the office of themselves, or their captains, or other their ossicers, to levy, a captain muster, and train all forts of men, of what condition, or ■^"arm of wheresoever born, in the said province of Pensylvania, for the time being, and to make war, and pursue the enemies and robbers aforesaid, as well by sea, as by land, yea, even without the limits of the said province, and (by God's assistance) to vanquish and take them; and being taken, to put them to death, by the law of war, or to save them, at their pleasure; and to do all and every other thing, which unto the charge and ossice of a captain-general of an army belongeth, or hath accustomed to belong, as fully and freely as any captainPower to general of an army hath ever had the same. And furthergrant lands more 0f our special grace, and of our certain knowledge, and

in inherit- '. r , ° i j ji_ur

ance, to mere motion, we have given»and granted, and by thele prehold of sents, fer us, our heirs and successors, do give and grant unto themselves. the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, full and absolute power, licence, and authority, that he the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, from time to time hereafter, for ever, at . his and their will and pleasure, may assign, alien, grant, demise, or enseoss of the premises, so many and such part or parcels to him or them that shall be willing to purchase the fame, as they shall think fit; to have and to hold to them the said person or persons willing to take or purchase, their heirs and assigns, in see simple, or in see tail, or for the term of life or lives, or years, to be held of the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, as of the seignory of Windsor, by such services, customs, and rents, as shall seem fit to the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, and not immediately of us, our heirs and successors: And to the same person or persons, and to all and every of them, we do give and grant, by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, licence, authority and power that such person or persons may take the premises, or any parcel thereof, of the said William Penn, his heirs, or assigns, and the same hold to themselves, their heirs or assigns, in what estate of inheritance soever, in see simple, or in see tail, or otherwise, as to him the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, shall seem expedient; the statute made in the parliament of Edward, son of King Henry, late King of England, our predecessor, commonly called the statute "Qufa "emptores terrarum," lately published in our kingdom of


England, in any wise notwithstanding. And by these pre- Power of fents, we give and grant licence unto the said William Penny ^^"SS and his heirs, likewise to all and every such person and persons, to whom the said William Penn, or his heirs, shall, at any time hereafter, grant any estate of inheritance as aforesaid, to erect any parcels of land within the province aforesaid, into manors, by and with the licence to be first had and obtained for that purpose, under the hand and seal of the said William Penn, or his heirs, and in every of the said manors to have and to hold a cqurt of Baron, with all things whatsoever which to a court Baron do belong, and to havtf and to hold view of frank pledge (for the conservation of the peace, and the better government of those parts) by themselves or their stewards, or by the lords, for the time being,. •.• •'• of other manors to be deputed when they shall be erected, and in the same to use all things belonging to view of frank pledge: And we do further grant licence aind authority, that every such person and-persons who shall erect any such manor or manors as aforesaid, shall or inay grant all or any part of his said lands to any person or persons' in see simple or any other estate of inheritance, to be held of the said manors respectively, so as no further tenuresihall be.created'; but th*t? upon all further and other alienations thereafter to be made, the said lands so aliened shall be held of the same lord, and his heirs, of whom the alienor did then before hold, and by the like services, which were before due and accustomed. And further our pleasure is, and by these presents, for us, No taxes our heirs and successors, we do covenant and grant to and fttU ** laid with the said William Penn, and his heirs and assigns, that habitants'"" we, our heirs and successors, shall at no time hereafter set or butbyactof make, or cause to set any impofition, custom', or other taxa^ 'ctiTMflya°r tion, rate, or contribution whatsoever, in and upon the dwel- Haunts" lers and inhabitants of the aforesaid province, for their lands, tenements, goods, or chattels- within the said province, or in and upon any goods and merchandize within the said province, or to be laden or unladen within the ports or harbours of the said province, unless the same be with the consent of the proprietary, or chief governor, and assembly, or by act of parliament in England, And our pleasure is, and for us, our heirs, and successors, we charge and command, that this our declaration shall from henceforward, from time to time be received and allowed in all our courts, and before all the judges of us, our heirs and successors, for a sussicient discharge, payment and acquittance, commanding all and singular the ossicers arid ministers of us, our heirs and successors, and enjoin

P ing

ing them, upon pain of our high displeasure, that they do not presume, at any time, to attempt any thing to the contrary of the premises, or that they do in any fort withstand the same; but that they be at all times aiding and assisting, as fitting, unto the said William Penn, and his heirs, and to the inha^ bitants and merchants of the said province aforesaid, their servants, ministers, sactors, and assigns, in the full use and Iftwentyor fruition of the benefit of this our Charter. And our further sens'denre pleasure is, and we do hereby, for us, our heirs and succefit, preachers sors, charge and require, that if any of the inhabitants pf the tfrSIft by Prov'nce (to tne number of twenty) shall, at any time of "London hercaster, be desirous, and shall by any writ'ng, or by any maybe sent person deputed by them, signify such their desire to the Bito them, (hop of London, for the time being, that any preacher or preachers, to be approved of by the said Bishop, may be sent unto them for their instruction, that then such preacher or preachers shall and may be and reside within the said province, without any denial or molestation whatsoever. And if perchance hereafter it shall happen, any doubts or questions should arise concerning the true sense and meaning of any word, clause, or sentence contained in this our present Charter, we will, ordain, and command, that at all times? and in all things, such interpretations be made thereof arid allowed, in any of our courts whatsoever, as shall be adjuged most adr vantageous and savourable untp the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns,; provided always, that no interpretation be admitted thereof, by which the-allegiance due unto usj our heirs and successors, may suffer any prejudice or diminution; although express mention be not made in these presents of the true yearly value and certainty of the premises, or of any part ,. thereof, or of Other gifts and grants made by us, our progenitors or predecessors, unto the said William; or any statute, act, ordinance, provision, proclamation, or restraint heretofore had, made, published,'ordained, or provided, or any other thing, cause, or matter whatsoever, to the contrary thereof, Feb. »8, in any wise notwithstanding. In witness, &c. Witness Our1681-2. self at Westminster, the eight and twentieth day of February.

By Writ of Privy Seal.


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