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State Board Of Agriculture,





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Report of Secretary, vil

Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings, 3

Address of John G. Avery, 10

Response of Hon. James S. Grinnell, 12

Lecture: Home-grown or Purchased Cattle Foods. By Prof.

James Cheesman, 16

Lecture: Fruit Growing in Massachusetts. By J. II. Hale, . 60

Lecture: The Channel Islands and Their Agriculture. By Dr.

H. H. Goodell 99

Lecture: The Harvest of the Sea; or, the Relation of the

Fisheries to Agriculture. By Wm. H. Bowker, .... 120

Lecture: The Value of Breeds and Varieties, — how They are-

formed: the Effect of Food on Breeds, By Prof. I. P.

Roberts, 162

Lecture: Work of the Agricultural College and Hatch Experi-

ment Station. By Prof. Wm. P. Brooks, 187

Lecture: Work of the State Agricultural Experiment Station.

By Dr. C. A. Goessmann 212

Lecture: Work of the State Cattle Commission. By Prof. Levi

Stockbridge 220

Lecture: Work of the Gypsy Moth Committee. By E. H. For-

bush, 236

Lecture: Work of the Board of Agriculture. By Wm. R.

Sessions, 249

Report of Committee on Extermination of the Gypsy Moth, . 259

Report of the State Dairy Bureau, 299

Returns of the Societies, 817

Minutes of the Annual Meeting, 851

Agricultural Exhibitions, 1893, ....... 862

Report of the Examining Committee of the Agricultural College, 868

Essay: The Agricultural Experiment Stations of Germany. By

Dr. J. B. Lindsey 369

Essay: The Relation of Public Schools to Agriculture. By J.

E. Kimball, 404

Essay: Going West. By L. S. Richards, 413

Essay: The Benefits resulting from Agricultural Societies. By

Q. L. Reed, 420

Directory of Agricultural and Similar Organizations, . . . 427

Report on Farmers' Congress at Lincoln, Neb. By Hon. Daniel

Needham, 444

Report of the State Cattle Commissioners, 447

Index 461


Members ex Officio.
Hia Excbiaenct WM. K. RUSSELL.
His Honor HOC)Eli WOLCOTT.
Hon. WM. M. OLIN, Secretary ofthe Commonwealth.

H. H. GOODELL, M.A., LL.D., President Massachusetts Agricultural Collegi.

Members appointed by the Governor and Council. Expires

ELBRIDOE CUSHMAN of Lakeville (P. O. Mlddleborough), 1894

D. A. HOKTON of Northampton 1895

JAMES S. GRINNELL of Greenfield, 1890

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Members chosen by the Incorporated Societies.
and Salisbury (.Agr'l J F w SARaENT Qf Amesbory, .

Attleborough (Agr'l Aisoc'n), . . IS A AC ALQER of Attleborough, . . . 1894

Barnstable County JOHN' BURSLEY of West Barnstable, . . 1895

Bay State J. D. W. FRENCH of North Andover, . . 189«

Berkshire CH AS. A. MILLS ->f Southborough, . . . 1894

„,..,„, 1 HENRY A. COOK of Northbridge (P. O.

Blackstone Valley j whmil,TUta, B. % . mi

Bristol County N. W. SHAW of North Raynbam, . . . 1896

Deerfield Valley CHARLES E. WARD of Buckland, . . 1896

Eastern Hampden WM. IIOLBROOK, M.D., of Palmer, . . 1894

Essex F. H. APPLETONof Peabody(P.O. Lynnfleld), 1898

Franklin County J. C. NEWHALL of Conway, .... 1895

Hampden 0. F. FOWLER of Westfield 1894

Hampshire L. W. WEST of Had ley 1895

Hampshire,Franklln and Hampden, E. 0. CLAPP of Northampton, .... 1894

Highland H. A. BARTON, Jb , of Daltou, . . . 1898

Hillside WM. BANCROFT of Chesterfield, . . . 1896

Hingham (Agr'l and Hort'l), . . EDMUND HERSEY of Hingham, . . . 1894

Hnosac Valley A. J. BUCKI.IN of Adams, .... 1894

Housatonic .1. H. ROWLEY of Egremont Plain,. . . 1894

„„_,. - ,, , .^,„„* rr~e>r\ ) L. 8. RICHARDS of Marshlield (P.O. Marah

Marshjteld (Agr'l and Hort I), . j field Hills), 1894

Martha's Vineyard N. S. 8HALER of Cambridge 1895

Massachusetts HENRY 8. RUSSELL of Milton, . . . 1894

Massachusetts Horticultural, . . E. W. WOOD of West Newton, . . . 1894

Middlesex W. W. RAWSON of Arlington, . . . 1894

Middlesex Forth A. C. VARNUM of Lowell 1895

Middlesex South ISAAC DAMON of Wnyland (P.O. Cjchltuate), 1896

Nantucket WM. W. McINTOSll of Nantucket, . . . 1894

Oxford JOHN E. KIMBALL of Oxford, . . . 1895

Plymouth County AUGUSTUS PRATT of North Mlddleborough, 1896

Spen^FarSandMech'.Auoc'n).^^ WARREN of Leicester (P. O. ^

Union {Agr'l and Hort'l), . . G. 0. ROWLEY of Blandford 1895

Weymouth (Agr'l and Ind't), . . QUINCY L. REED of South Weymouth, . 1894

Worcester C. L. HARTSHORN of Worcester, . . . 1896

Worcester East W. A. KILBOURN of South Lancaster, . . 1894

Worcester North GEORGE CRUICK8HANKS of Fltchburg, . 1896

WMechU), NorUl;m,[ (^' and JwM. H. BOWKERofBo.ton 1895

Wor-,rter couth 10- L. CLEMENCE of Southbridge (P. O.

Worcester bouth j Globe Village) 1895

Worcester County West, . . . E. A. HARWOOD of North Brookfleld, . . 1896

Secretary of the Board, WM. R. SESSIONS of nnmpden.

Chemist to the Board, C. A. GOESSMANN, Ph.D., LL D., of Amherst.

Entomologist to the Board, C. n. FERNALD, Ph.D., of Amherat.

Office of the Secretary, Commonwealth Building, Boston.

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