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Page · On Obedience, as a Duty of Reprobation, the State of it 113

Choice, not Necessity 191 Reptiles, Part of the fixth Day's On the Revolt and Defeat of Creation, described 248 the fallen Angels

Revolt and Defeat of the fallen from 193 10 230 Angels from 193 to 230 Thence warns him against Sa. Rimmon, a fallen Angel 36

tan's Temptations 230 Vanquishes Asmodeus, and “

puts him to Flight 237 On the Creation, &e. CABBATH, its Institution,

from 237 to 253 N the seventh after the fix On the Motion, Appearances, Days Creation

253 and Influences of the cæle The Solemnity of it described itial and terrestrial Bodies

. .. ibid. from 256 to 261 Salvation, not only to the Sons Reply to Adam's Account of of Abraham's Loins, but his himself on his Creation, &c. Faith

429 272 Satan, the Prince of the fallen Reply to his Question concern Angels, his Fall from Heaing Love, and the Expres ven

7 fion of it in Spirits cæle Why so called 7, 195 ftial

273 Speech to Belzebub, after Advice to Adam at parting, their Fall

.: 7 and Re-ascent to Heaven Reply to Belzebub's Answer . 274

' 10 Vide Similes.. Ascent from Hell - II Reason and Free-will, the same His Stature, Looks, &c. de.

140, 287 scribed u, 171, 196 The chief Faculty of the Speech to Belzebub thereon 15 Soul

177 His Shield described 16 The Being of the Soul, dis His Spear

- 17 cursive of Men, intuitive Speech to the other fallen of Angels

190 Angels In animal Creatures 266 His Standard described - 44 The Law of Nature 299 Speech to the fallen Angels reCorrelative with Liberty 413 imbatteld

.49 with Virtue ibid. Calls a Council

57 Redemption of Man proposed Speech to them in Council 63

by God the Father 113 Undertakes an Attempt on the Undertaken by God the Son . World

77 ibid. - The Result of it Repentance, the Grace of God Ascent to the Gates of Hell 112

86 Sincere Endeavours towards Speech to Death there 90

it, acceptable ,113 The Father of Sin and Death An Act of it 359

91 Its Efficacy

Answer to Sin's Speech : 92


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Page Satar, his Answer to Sin's Reply

94 Flight into Chaos

97 Arrival at the Court of Chaos Speech there : ibid. Brought Sin and Death first into the World

192 Ascent to Light, &c. 103 Alights on the Convex of the

World's outermost Orb 120 View of the World, from the first Step to Heaven's Gate

129 Descent to it described 130 Stops at the Sun Discovers Uriel, the Angel of it, there

133 Transforms himself to a Che• rub Speech to Uriel 134 Deceives hiin Is directed by him to the World

135 And Paradise

136 Alights on Mount Niphates

. ibid. Soliloquy, contemplating the Sun .

139 The first Hypocrite 142 Arrives at Paradise ibid. Sits on the Tree of Life 145 Soliloquy on View of Adam

and Eve in Paradise 152 Descends from the Tree of

Life, and assumes several

animal Shapes ', ..153 Liftens to Adam's Discourse ; with Eve, on God's Prohi

bition of the Tree of Knowledge

ibid. Soliloquy on the Subject of it




166 Answer to Ithuriel and Ze.

phon , reprehending him thereon

167 Reply to their Anfwer ibid. Answer to Gabriel 168 Reply to his Answer 170 To another

171 The Inauguration of God the

Son, the Occasion of his

195 Speech to the next subordinate Angel of his Party thereon

ibid. The Seat of his Hierarchy be

fore the Fall, described 197 Speech to the Angels of his

Hierarchy thereon 198 Reply to Abdiel's Answer, on

his Speech to the Hierarchs

of his Party His Army described 206 His Port, and Poft chere 207 Answer to Abdiel's Reply 208 Battle between his and the cæleftial Army, described

.. from 210 to 215 His Prowess in the Battle 211 Encounters Michael. ibid, Answer to Michael's Speech

thereon The Combat described ibid. Wounded by him

213 Carried off

ibid. His Army defeated 215 Retreats, and calls a Council

216 Speech in Council ibid. Reply to Nifroc there 218 Gives the Word for renewing the Battle

220 Renew'd by his Army, and

the second Battle described

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Resolves thence to tempt them

to Disobedience 157 First Attempt in the assumed

Shape of a Toad, on Eve

Speech on the celestial Ar. .my's Retreat

222 His Army's entire Defeat and






Page Expulsion from Heaven de. at his coming to Judgment scribed from 229 to 230

429 Returns from compassing the

Vide Similes. Earth to Paradise by Night Satura, a fallen Angel in a Mift, in order to his Scriptures, how to be underTemptation 278 ftood

431 His Circuit, &c. described Seasons, their Changes, re.

279 specting each Clime, an Effect Soliloquy thereon 280 of Adam's Fall

344 Enters the Serpent 286 Serpent, described View, in that Shape, of Eve After enter'd by Satan 292

290 His Sentence, formally, proSoliloquy thereon

nounc'd by God the Son, Behaviour to her 295

as the assum'd Tempter of Speech to her ibid.

, 324 Reply to her Answer 298

Vide Similes.The Discourse, his Tempta Sideral Blafts, &c. an Effect of

tion of Eve to eat the for Adam's Fall bidden Fruit continued Sin and Death


Vide Death and Sin. Leaves her, after eating it Sin described

88 303 Her "Speech to Satan and His Sentence thereon, virtu Death, at Hell-gaces 91 ally pronounc'd by God Reply to Satan

92 the Son

Her Birth

ibid. Returns to Hell, to avoid his Reply to his Answer

Presence in Paradise 332 Opens Hell-gates to him 96 Meets Sin and Death upon Speech to Death on Adam's their journey to the World, Fall

327 on Adam's, &c. Fall ibid. To Satan, meeting him reAnswer to Sin's Speech 333 turning to Hell, on her and Parts with them - 334 Deatb's Journey to the Ascends his Throne at Pande World after it

332 monium

337 To Death, on their Arrival at Speech to the fallen Angels Paradise

342 afsembled there ibid. Reply to Death's Answer 343 Applauded with an Hiss 338 1 - Vide Similes. : He and they transformed' to Sin original, Luft carnal, the first Serpents

339 Effect of it Further punish'd with an Illu Its Solace · Sion of the forbidden Fruit Slavery, Original of it the Inor

dinancy of the Passion's 413 Both annually continued 341 The Justice of it as conseHimself, the Serpent, dragg'd quential on deviating from in Chains at the Ascension Virtue, &c.

ibid. of the Mefiah 429 Soul, its Faculties 177 Dissolution, with the World, 'Its Immortality discuss'd 352


310 311







- 348




w. 411

Spirits their Effence and Power

T 32, 58 Their invisible Existence on T Eachers, false, of the Chri.

: : 161 I ftian Religion described The Elect, their Hymn to God

431 the Father and Son 118 Temperance, the Effect of it Material, &c. Faculties in Spi long Life rits

188 Thammuz or Adonis, a fallen AnVital, animal, and intellectu

34 al Spirits progressive from Thunder, an Effect of Adam's material Nutrition 190 Fall Their Existence in Life, In Time, respecting Eternity, deftellect, Shape, &c. defined ned

193 213

Tilan, a fallen Angel Spring perpetual within the Tro Tradition censured

pics, but for Adam's Fall 346 Tree of Life Vide Life. Stars, their Places, Appearances,

Of Knowledge &c.


Vide Knowledge. Fed by the Air . 188 Truth, suffering for it Fortitude, Part of the fourth Day's Cre . &c. ation

244 Tyranny, Nimrod's, describd Receive their Light from the · and censur'd Sun

ibid., Origin of it, the Inordinancy Vide Similes.

of the Paflions 413 Stars, and Moon, their Courses, No Excuse of the Tyrant,

Influences, &c. ' 161 though just in Consequence Storms, &c. an Effect of Adam's on the Subject ibid. Fall

348 Tyrants, their Plea for ÇonStyx, a River of Hell 82. queft, &c. compar'd with SaSun, its Appearance, Place and tan's first Attempt on Man Power: 130

- 153 Brightness described 131 Twilight described 159 Orb fed by Exhalations from the groffer

188 Part of the fourth Day's Creation

Acuity, God's OmnipreThe Fountain of Light 244 V sence an Argument against Setting described 152, 157 it

238 159, 273, 322 Valour, or heroic Virtue, the Its annual Course, producing common Notion of it censu

intense Heat and Cold, an red

Effect of Adam's Fall 345 Virtue, &c. with Loss of FreeIts oblique Motion from the dom degenerates 404

Equinoctial from the same Reason, and Virtue, the same
. ibid.

413 Vide Similes. Union conjugal,

Vidę Conjugal Union.





Two of her loveliest Qualities Uriel, the Angel of the Sun 132

284. His Answer to Satan 135 The Effect of leaving her to Directs him to the World 136 her own Will 316 And Paradise

ibid. His Superiority over her giDescends thither himself, and ven him by God 323, 325

informs Gabriel of Satan's A Novelty, Defect of NaPre-descent

158 ture, &c. sarcastically 354 Encounters Adramelec, a fal

Page len Angel, wounds and puts The Advantage of her social, him to Flight 214 over her artificial AccomVide Similes.


398 Uzziel, a Guardian Angel of Every Way the Cause of Paradise 165 Man's Misery, Sarcaftically

398 Works, with Faith in Chrift, c. ternal Life

428 W AR, Property the Ori World, the Convex of its outerWV ginal of it -398 most Orb described 120 The Corruptions of Peace e By whom poffeft, sarcastically qual to its Waftes 403

122, 123 Waters separated from the Earth, The Creation of the World,

Part of the third Day's Crea committed by God the Fation .


ther to God the Son 238 Vide Similes. Described

240 Wife, her Duty in Danger, Di Situation of it, refpe&ting

stress, &c. 285, 374 Heaven and Hell 331 Wind, the tempestuous Power of

Vide Earth. it, an Effect of Adam's Fall

345, 348 Wisdom, the Sum of it, the

Love, &c, of God 433 EPHON, a Guardian Wolves, or false Teachers, the

Angel of Paradise 165 Apostles Successors, described Reprehends Satan's first As

431 tempt on Eve chere 167 Woman, conjugal Obedience her Reply to his Answer ibid. Happiness, &c.

160 Zophiel, a Cherub 219 · Man's Love towards her, how Alarms the celestial Army, on consistent with his Superio the Approach of Satan's,


to renew the Battle 220

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