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and what makes a great Noise in Fable or Romance, of King ARTHUR (u) attended by BRITISH (x) Knights, and all those who since that, either Christian or Infidel, have distinguish'd themselves at Jousts (y) and Tournaments, in ASPRAMONT (2) or MONTALBAN, (a) DAMASCUS, (b) or Morocco, (c) or


it ten Years, and then raz'd it, into Germany, at Magdeburg, A. 432 Years before the Building of D. 835, by Henry called the Rome, is well known to all, who Fowler, a Saxon Prince, who was have read Homer, Virgil, Ovid elected Emperor of Germany, and other Poets.

some time after Charles the Great, (u) King Arthur, Brit. i. e. by Manuel Comnenus, Emperor A strong Man, King Arthur was of Conftantinople, about A. D. crowned, A. D. 516, and was 1914. by K. Henry IV. in Smitha famous Hero in old British Hic field, before the English Nobili, ftory. They say, he fought 12 ty, A. D. 1409. But was used Battles with the Saxons, with vast among the old Saxons, as a Trial Valour and Success. He com- of Manhood and Innocence ; bated also with many foreign and called by them Kamp-Fight, Knights and Champions, died in now by us a Duel and Combat. the goth Year of his Age, and Lat. Fr. i. e. A Fight between 34th Year of his Reign. . two Men.

(x) British, of Bretain, Heb. (z) Aspramont; Lat. i.e. A and Phan. i. e. The Land of Tin: rough, rocky Mountair; a feigned or Brit. i: e. painted, because Name in old Romances. the old Phænicians dug Tin out (a) Montalban ; Lat. i. e. A of Cornwall, &c. and the old white Mountain. A Mountain Britons painted themselves with diftant 12 Miles from Rome in Woad, &c. to make themselves Italy; whereon the decisive appear more terrible in War, as Combat was fought between the the Pitts in Scotland, and the three Horatii on the Side of the wild Americans do to this Day. Romans, and the three Curiatii,

0) Jouffs, which was a very on that of the Albans. Some take antient Diversion, when the Com- it also for Montarbain, in France, batants mounted on Horseback, and others, for a feigned Name armed, adorned with Feathers in Romances. and Lances in their Hands, run (b) Damascus ; For therein it at one another a full Gallop, one is said that Cain and Abel the on one side, and the other on first Heroes fought for Life and the other Side of a low Rail. Death, Gen. 4. 8. This Sort of Exercise (called (c) Morocco; Heb. i. e, Weft, Joufts and Tournaments in the or Arab, i. e. A Government, Old French) was first introduced Gr. i. e. Black ; because it is


TREBISOND; (d) or those who were fent from the Shores of AFRICK, (e) when the Powers of (f) CHAR


West from Canaan, and the its Situation in Respect to them. People are Black. The Romans Its ancient Names were Olympia, called it Mauritania, i. e. The Oceana, Eschatia, Coryphe, HefCountry of the Mauri, whom peria, Æria, Ortygia, Ammonia, we call Moors and Blacks. A large. Æthiopia, Ophiusa, Cephenia, pleasant and fruitful Kingdom Cyrene, Lybia. Africa is the in Africa, upon the Atlantic largest Peninsula in this part of Ocean. It is 300 Miles long, and the World, encompass’d with 180 Miles broad ; and is divid- the Sea, except the Ithmus of ed into seven Provinces. Morocco Suez, which is 18 Leagues or is very large and was the capital 64 Miles long. It is one of the City of it ; but now Fez enjoys four grand Parts of the Earth, the Honour. This Country con- larger than Europe, much less tains many Romans Antiquities than Afia, extending from N. to still. Here King Juba acted the S. about 4800 Miles, and from Hero with Pompey, Curio, Scipio, E, to W. 4800 Miles. It lies alCafar, &c.

most under the Torrid Zone, is (d) Trebifond, or Trabifond; excessively hot, barren and fandy, by the Greeks, Trapeza, i. e. a very imperfectly known to the four.footed Stool, because it re- Antients, who thought it was sembles that. The capital City not habitable, and even to us of Cappadocia, and the Seat of a this Day, in the inland Regions. Turkish Governor, near the Eu- It was peopled by the Posterity xine Sea. This Country is said of Ham, who bear his Curse to to have been the Land of the this Day, for they have been alAmazons, afterwards the Seat of ways Slaves to other Nations, the Parthian Empire. Alexis Gen. 9. 25. Christianity flou. Comnenuus founded this Empire, rish'd there in the first Ages, when the Turks took Conftantino- Tertullian, St. Auguflin, St. Cy. ple from him, A. D. 1204. Mun prian, were glorious Lights bammed the Great took it from the therein ; but alas ! now they are Greeks, A. D. 1461, so it has almost all Heathens and Muhamcontinued in their Poffeffion. The medans. Christianity was weak Greeks now call it Romania, ned by the Invasion of the Goths through a Mistake.

and Sarocens, and lastly of the (e) Afric, for African, from Muhammedans, A. D. 222. Africa, Arab. i, e. An Ear of ($) Charlemain; Fr. i. e. Corn, because it is very fruitful · Charles the Great. In the Teut. in Corn in the Vallies ; or from and Sax, it fignifies firong, stout, Ifriski or Ifriskish, an Arabian valiant. A mighty Hero, a vas Prince. The Tartars and Indi- liant and pious Prince, born A: ans call it Magrib and Al-Grib, D. 742. He was King of i. e. The Wej, on Account of France, and made Emperor of



Lost. Book I. LEMAIN fell by FONT ARABIA. (8) Thus far were these beyond the Comparison of any mortal Valour, yet they observ'd their dread Commander ; he, in Shape and Gesture proudly eminent, stood like a Tower ; for his Form had not lost all her first Brightness, nor did he appear less than an Archangel ruin’d, and a great Excess of Glory obfcur'd: As when the Sun newly risen looks thro' the misty Air, which hinders his Beams from piercing through; or when from be-, hind the Moon in dim Eclipse, he sheds a bad Influ- ' ence on half the Nations, and perplexes Monarchs with Fear of Change; so darkned was the Archangel, yet he shone above them all, but deep Scars of Thunder had mark'd his Face, and Care was visible on his faded Cheeks, but under Brows of dauntless Courage and considerate Pride, that watch'd for Revenge. His Eye was cruel, but caft Signs of Remorse and Compassion, to behold his Companions, or rather


Germany, A. D. 800. Crownd the Lat. i. e. A rapid Stream. at Rome by Pope Leo III. with A very strong Fort and City on the Title of Cæfar Auguftus and the Frontiers of Spain in Biscay, the two-headed Eagle, to make on the Mouth of the River Rithe Roman and German Empire, dosa, near St. Sebastian, and which he possess'd in great Part. well fortify'd on the Borders of A victorious, learned, liberal, France, which hath frequently juft and pious Prince ; therefore besieg'd it, but in vain. I Obs. he was dignity'd with the Title This Expedition and Fall of of most Christian King, which Charles the Great, with his No. the French Kings have enjoy'd bles at Fontarabia, related by ever since. He dy'd peaceably at Mr. John Turpin, is entirely Aix la Chaple, Jan. 28, A. D. false and fabulous. But Poets 814, of his Age 72, Reign 45, do not regard Exactness of Hiand was buried there. Frede- story nor Chronology, provided rick I. took his Body out of the a Fiction may help them out, Sepulchre, out of which were ta- and please their Readers. For ken a great Number of Reliques Æneas was 300 Years after and Rarities, which he had col- Queen Dido, tho' Virgil makes lected in his Life-Time; but them contemporary, as St. Aunot like the Riches found in King Rin proves in his Book, Of the David's.

City of God, and G. Hornius in (8) Fantarabia ; Span, from his Arca Noæ, P. 358.

those who had follow'd him in his Crime, (whom he had beheld far otherwise once in Bliss) condemn'd now to have their Lot in Pain for ever; Millions of Spirits for his Fault depriv'd of Heaven, and for his Apoftacy flung from eternal Splendors ; yet how faithful they stood, tho' their Glory was wither'd! As when Lightning hath scorch'd the Oaks, though their Tops be fing'd and bare, their stately Trunks still stand upon the blasted Heath. SATAN now prepares to fpeak, whereon they bend their doubled Ranks from Wing to Wing, and so half enclose him about with all his Peers. They all kept mute, thro' Attention; and thrice he attempted to speak, and as many Times, in Spite of all his Scorn, Tears, such as Ana gels may be said to weep, burst forth ; but at last, mixing his Words with a great many Sighs, he said:

YE Numbers of immortal Spirits! Powers, matchless except with the ALMIGHTY! and even that Strife was not inglorious, tho' the Event was fatal, as this Place testifies, and this fad Change, hateful to ute ter; but what Power of Mind, foreseeing or foretelling from the Depth of past or present Knowledge, could have fear'd how such united Force of so many Gods, and such as stood like these, could ever be defeated For who can yet believe, tho' after some Loss, that all these powerful Legions, whose Expulsion hath almost empty'd Heaven, Ihall fail to ascend up thither again, by the Power of their own Strength, and again take Poffefion of their native Seat? Bear witness against me, all the Hoft of Heaven, if different Counlels, or any Danger Thunn'd by me, have lost our Hopes: But he who reigns now the Monarch in Heaven, 'till then sat on his Throhe, as one fecure, up. held by old Repute, by Cuftom, or Confènt, and his Royalty and State put forth at fulls but always conceal'd his Strength, which encourag'd us in our Ara


Co intended tohoice Regatthither, ther, or

tempt, and occafion'd our Fall. Henceforward we know his Might and our own, so as neither to provoke him to new War, or very much to fear War, being provok'd. Our better Part remains, we are still able by close Design, by Fraud, or Guile, to bring to pass what we could not effect by Force; so that he at length may come to learn from us, that he who overcomes by Force, has overcome but Half his Foe, Time may produce new Worlds, of which there went a common Report in Heaven, that before it was long he intended to create one, and therein fix á Generation, whom his choice Regard should favour equal with the Angels in Heaven: Thither, if it be but to pry, shall perhaps be our first Sally; thither, or elsewhere, for this infernal Pit shall never hold celestial Spirits in Slavery, nor the Abyss cover us long under Darkness: But à full Council, and a good Deliberation among us, must bring these Thoughts to Perfection: Peace is despair'd of, for who can think of submitting ? War then, either proclaim'd or design’d, must be resolv'd on.... .

SATAN finish'd his Speech, and in Approbation of his Words were drawn Millions of flaming Swords, from the Thighs of mighty Cherubim. The sudden Blaze made a Light in Hell: They rag'd highly against the HIGHEST, and grasping their sounding Shields fiercely in their Arms, beat an Alarm for War, hurling them with Defiance towards Heaven.

Thall pesols in Hece Regard and therei


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