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whose Birth-right was said to be seiz'd by his younger Brother SATURN; (b) and he found like Measure from mightier Jove, who was his Son by his Sister RHEA; (i) so the usurping Jupiter reign'd. These Idols were first known in CRETE, (k) and


(b) Saturn; XV. Heb. i. e. Comfort of Mankind. For the Hid, Lat. i, e. A Sower or full old Heathens worshipped and of Years, i. e. Old: The most feared Things according as they antient of all the Heathen Gods, were good and useful, or territhe youngest Son of Heaven and ble to themselves, as the Sun, Earth, whom the Poets made the Moon, Crocodile ; and some aGrand-father of all the Gods,and dored the Devil, that he might Father of Jupiter. In the Greek, not destroy them ? which the Kronos, i. e The God of Time. Tj. wild Americans do ftill. tan was his elder Brother ; there. (k) Crete; Heb. i. e. An Arfore Milton here calls him, young- cher : Because thesc People were er Saturn, and in another Place, excellent Archers. At first it was Old Saturn, because he was the called Curete from the Curetes, God of Time ; which was the old. Gr.i.e. Shorn ; because they cut eft of them all. Saturn was a off all the Hair of their Heads ; wise Prince, but unfortunate ; for they came from Palestine. The his Son Jupiter expelled him the Greeks called it Hekatompolis, i.e. Kingdom of Crete, from whence The Ifand with 100 Cities. It he Red into Italy, and taught is one of the largest INands in the thole People Husbandry, Plow. Mediterranean Sea, in the Mouth ing, Sowing and the using of the of the Archipelago, between Scythe. Saturn is Adam, who hid Greece and Africa, 240 Miles himself from God, Gen. 3. 8. from Eaft to West, 80 from South or Noah, who was the Father of to North ; about 600 Miles in Men, the Inventor of Husbandry, Compass ; and about 600 Miles Wine, Architecture, Navigation, from Jerusalem to the West, 600 c.

from Conftantinople, and 300 (i) Rhea ; XVI. Gr. i.e. Flow Miles from Cyprus. It is now ing. The Daughter of Heaven called Candia, i. e. An Intrenchand Earth, the Wife and Sifter ment, from the chief Town, built of Saturn, and Mother of Jupi. by the Saracens, A. D. 823. The ter : She is called also, Sylvia Venetians bought it from the and lia. This Fable represents Marquis of Montserrat, A. D. Eve and the Earth, which flow. 1204. But the Turks took it esh with the Abundance of all from them, A. D. 1669. There good Things, for the Use and Jupiter is said to be both born,


IDA, (1) and thence upon the Top of OLYMPUS, (m) cover'd with Snow; they rul'd the middle Air, which was their highest Heaven; or on the Cliff of DELPHOS, (n) or in DODONA, (0) where Oracles were;


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brought up, and buried. The Sons of Jupiter, were worshipped old Cretians were famous for Ly- there. Or from Delphos, the ing, See Titus 1. 12. which St. Founder of it. It was very an. Paul quoted from Epimenides. tient, and flourished 100 Years

(1) Ida ; Lat, from the Gr. before the Trojan War; the first, i. é. A Prospect: Because upon most magnificent and richest of it one had a fair View of the all the Oracles of Apollo, and of whole Island of Crete, the adja- all the other Gods. An ancient cent Countries and Seas. A fa- City in Bæotia, at the Foot of mous Mountain in that Island, Parnassus, built upon a steep where Jupiter was nursed in a Rock, without any other Walls ; Cave. It is now called Pfiloriti, now Delphe. There was a magGr. i. e. The Little Hill: And nificent and famous Temple and from it Jupiter is called Idæus by Oracle of Apollo, whether all the old Poets.

Nations resorted for Answers in (m) Olympus; Lat. from the Gr. all dubious Affairs ; and enrichi. e. All lining, clear and fe- ed with the most valuable Gifts ; rene. It is the Name of several therefore he was called Apollo Mountaius; but here, of that be- Delphius. It had its original from tween Theljaly and Macedon : So a Flock of Goats, that resorted high, that no Clouds or Darkness there, and from an enthusiastical appeared upon it, and was co- . Girl. In it was kept a perpetual vered with Snow ; therefore it is Fire ; which Custom they borcalled Cold: The Poets used it rowed from Mofes. for Heaven; and said that Jupi. (0) Dodona; Lat, from the Gr. ter reigned there, therefore he is i. e. Sounding Day and Night : called Jupiter Olympius. Ana. Or because it was built by Dodon xagoras found it but one Mile the Son of Javan, and Grandand a Quarter in perpendicular Son of Japhet, the Captain of a Height, as Plutarch relates. It Cclony, which first inhabited that extends from East to West, and Part of Epirus, Gen. 10. 4. A the Top of it extended a great famous and ancient Town in ChaLength all of a Height; yet onia, I the West Side of Epirus ; fome Part of the Alps is much famous for the Vocal Forest and higher, Clouds are seen some- Oracle of Jupiter, where the times upon it, neither is it always Oaks consecrated to him, gave covered with Snow, as the An Answers; from thence he was tients reported.

called Dodone us. Hefiod says, it (n) Delphian, of Delphi, from was the most antient of all the Adelphoi, Gr.i. e. Brothers ; be. Osacles of Greece. caule Apollo and Bacchus, boil

or were dispers'd through GREECE, with all those who with old Saturn Aled over the ADRIATICK (0) Sea into the West, and roam'd over the Kingdoms and hands of the Earth.

CH A P. III. Satan, though sensible of the Diminution of his

Glory, directs bis Speech to the Fallen Angels, and comforts them with Hope yet of regaining Heaven. Then tells them of a new world, and a new Kind of Creature to be created, according to an antient Prophecy, or Report in Heaven; and

threatens the Deity: Which the rebellious Angels all assent to.

LL these and many more appear'd in Multitudes, but with down-cast Eyes, and full of

Shame; yet not so but that there appear'd such Looks, wherein some Glimpse of Joy faintly was seen; to have found their chief Captain not in Despair, and to have found themselves not utterly annihilated ; which was alike evident from his doubtful Countenance : But Satan soon recollecting his usual Pride, with lofty Words, which had a Resemblance of Worth but not the Reality, gently rais'd their fainting Courage, and for a little Time put off their Fears. Then immediately he commanded, that at the warlike Sound of loud Trumpets, and of Clari

: ons, ons, his mighty Standard should be set up: A Z AZ EL, (q) a powerful Cherub, claim'd that proud Honour as his Right; who forthwith from the glittering Staff spread out the Imperial Ensign; which litted up high, shone like a Comet streaming to and fro in the Wind, adorn'd with rich Workmanship and golden Luftre, being Seraphic Trophies and Arms; mean Time the warlike Musick of Satan, was blowing with such Sounds as stir up to Battle; at which the whole Army sent up a Shout that shook Hell, and pierc'd farther to the great Space. In a Moment Ten Thousand Banners were seen to rise thro' the Glooin into the Air, waving with Colours such as are seen in the Sun at his Rising; and with them were lifted up a vaft Number of Spears, and Helmets, and Shields, joined together in Order of Battle, of extream great Depth. Soon after they begin to move in exact Order, not unlike the GREEKS to the Sound of Flutes and Pipes, such as rais'd the Spirits of the Heroes (r) of old to noblest Heights, and breath'd deliberate, firm, and unmov'd Valour, instead of Rage, with less Dread of Death, than of Flight, or Cowardice: Nor did such Musick want Power to mitigate and afswage, with folemn and grave Sounds, troubled Thoughts; and to drive away Anguilh, Doubts, Fears, Pain, or Sorrow, from the Mind of Mortals or Immortals.

(0) The Adriatic Sea, now, the Gulf of Venice or Illyria; which separates Greece and Illyricum from Italy. Saturn pass’d over it when he fed into Italy; where he propagated the Phæ. nician and Grecian Idolatry, Arts and Sciences; for which he

was entertained by Janus the King of it, and deified after his Death. These Institutions made Men so happy, that the Poets called that Time, the Golden Age. Saturn is Adam; and that Age, the State of Innocence, before his Fall,


(9). Azazel, or Gnazazel ; Heb. i. e. A Goat going away, or fent away. The Scape Goat, which bore all the Sins of the People into the Wilderness, and died there, Levit. 16. 7. A Type of Christ. But others take it for a Devil, therefore Milton very properly makes him to be Satan's Standard-Bearer in chief.

(r) Heroes ; Lat. Gr.i.e. Great and illustrious Men, renowned for their Valour, Wisdom or virtuous Deeds ; for which they were deified and highly celebrated af. ter Death : As Jafon, Achilles, Hercules, &c.

Thus they, united with all their Force, and fix'd in Thought, march'd on in Silence, to soft Pipes, that in some Measure eas’d their painful Steps over the burnt Soil: And now they stand advanc'd in Sight, a terrible Front, dreadful in Length, and in dazzling Armour, after the Manner of old Warriors, with Spear and Shield, waiting what Commands their mighty Chief had to give out; he casts his experienced Eye thro' the armed Files, and cross the whole Battalion, by which Means he observed their due Order, their Countenances, and Statures, shewing them like Gods; at last he numbers them.

AND now his Heart swells with Pride, and valuing himself upon his Strength he glories ; for never since did ever any created Man meer such Force, not in the most numerous and powerful Armies, which if nam'd with these, could only deserve to be compar'd to a Imall People in INDIA, known to us by the Name of Pigmies; tho' all the Brood of Giants that are said to have made War against the Gods, were join'd with the Race of Heroes, who fought at Thebes (0) and Troy, (q) with auxiliary Deities mix'd on each side ;


(s) Thebes , Lat. Gr. from the Hydra, and the wild Boar of EPhæn. i. e. Dirt or Mud; be- rymanthus, near Thebes, &c. cause it was covered with Wa (t) Troy, Ilium, llion and Ilios; ter, Snow and Dirt in the Win- Lat. froin the Gr. from Ilus the ter Time. A famous City of Bæo fourth King of Troy, who entia in Greece, built by Cadmus, larged it, and gave it that Name. or at least the Citadel of it, It is called allo Troy, from Tros, which was called Cadmæa, from the second King; founded by him. There Cadmus with his Erythonius, about A. M. 2574. Heroes fought : There also El- The City of Troy in Phrygia, in tocles and Polynices, Sons of Oedi. the Leller Afia, three Miles from pus, fought one against another; the Ægean Sea, upon the River and there Hercules the Giant was Xanthus, near Mount Ida. What born, who sew the Centaurs, Heroes fought there on both the Nemæan Lion, the Monfter Sides, while the Greeks besieged

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