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fat in ECBAT'AN, (d) or since in Is PAHAN: (e)


den ; allo Elam, and the People Elamites ; from Elam the Son of Serń, who first settled there with his Pofterity. In the Reign of Cyrus, about A. M. 3419, before Chrif 531, it began first to be call's Perfia, Heb. i. e. Horsemen or Troopers; because he taught those People the Use of War and Horses. The Perfans and Tatars call it Iris or Iran, from Irige, eldest Son of Fraydun, 7th King of the first Race of their Monarchs. It is the most antient and renowned Empire in both divine and human History. It is about 1440 Miles in Length, and 1260 in Breadth, in the Middle of Afia; having Tatary and the Caspian Sea on the North, the River Indus on the East, the Indian Ocean on the South ; Euphrates, Tygris, and the Persian Gulph on the West ; and confifts of eleven vast Provinces, be. fides other Acquisitions. Now the Inhabitants call it Farsitan, and the Empire of the Sophy.

(d) Ecbatan, or Ecbatana; Arab. i. e. Of divers Colours ; because the Walls and Tower's were built of seven different co. lour'd Stones, which did cast a glorious Splendor. It is called Achemetha, Esdr. 6. 2. and by the Inhabitants Tebris, Casbin, now Tauris. It was built by Seleucus, according to Pliny ; repaired and enlarged by Arphax. ad, whom some call Dejoces. See Judith 1. 1, 2, 3, 4. about A. M. 3400, according to Herodotus. It was the first Capital of

Media, then of Persia; was the richett City in the World, and consisted of many stately Palaces, Courts, Sepulchres of their Emperors, and of their whole Treasures. There Daniel the Prophet erected an admirable Pac' lace. The Emperors of Perfia had four noble Palaces ; they refided at Ecbatana in the Wirter, at Susa in the Summer, at Persepolis in the Autumn, and Babylon in the rest of the Year. The Turks facked it often, but the Persians have kept Poffefsion of it since A.D. 1603.

(e) Ispahan, by some Hagifan, by the Armenians Spubun, and now Isfahan, Perf. i. e. The happy City, or The City of the Whites. The Metropolis of all Persia, in the Province of lraca or Erach, the antient Parthia; it is 70 Miles South from: Cosoin, 80 North from Ormus.' Scach Abbas the Enıperor of Perfia, fixed his Royal Seat there, beautified, enlarged, and enriched it ; and there his Successors have kept their Courts these 200 Years past. It is thought to be the antient Aljadama or Spada, and was called Hecatcmpolis, Gr. i. e. Having 100 Gates, but now 7. It is one of the greateft Cities upon Earth, walled round with Earthen Walls, which is a singular Thing in Perfia, about 30 Miles round, in a very fruit. ful Plain, and washed by ine River Zenderu, which is as broad and deep as the River Thames is at London; very rich, of a vaft Trade from all Places, and po

pulous ;

Or where the CZAR (f) of RUSSIA sat in Moscow;(8) or the TURKISH SULTAN (b) in By


pulous; they reckon a Million Bafilides I. But he put out of Souls in it; having 162 the Eyes of the Architect, Mosques, 48 Colleges, 1802 that he might never contrive Inns, 273 Baths, 12 large Bury- nor build such another. The ing Places, which are without Tatars burnt 80,000 Houthe City, as they are over all ses of it, A. D. 1571. The Perfia; and so they were over Poles 41,000; and destroyed aall the Earth, 'till about 1000 bout 200,000 Souls, A.D. 1611. Years ago; but some Houtes It was again laid in Alhes, A. take up 20 Acres of Ground. D. 1699, 1701. It is about 16 The Armenians have an Archbi. Miles in Compass, and contains shop and 20 Churches in it. It about 700,000 Inhabitants. It is about 2000 Miles from Con- abounds with Merchants out of ftantinople to the South-East, and all Nations, and was made the 2600 from London. There is als Royal Seat of the Empire by so the first Madresha or Academy John Duke of Ruffia about 300 of all the nine tbat are in Per. Years ago. It stands in the Midfia.

dle of the Country, fenc'd with of Czar; or Tzar, i. e. Lakes and three strong Walls. King; or Sclavon. The Emperor. It is about 750 Miles from StockA Title of the Emperors of holm to the East, 750 from WarMuscovy or Russia. It was first saw to the North, 1000 Miles assumed by Iwan Wafielewitz, from Conftantinople to the Northwhen he conquered the City of East, and 1500 Miles diftant Cuscar, and was crowned there, from Paris and London. The A. D. 1552.

Empire is vast and large, in (5) Moscow, or Moskowa; Length about 1699, and about Heb. from the Mofcbi or Mofci, 1100 Miles in Breadth. See B. an antient People, who descen X. N. 431. The Mofcovites ded from Mèjech, the Son of were rude and barbarous HeathJaphet, Gen. 10. 2. Eze7. 27. ens, 'till they embrac'd Chrifti. 13. 38. 3. and first inhabited anity from the Grecians, A. D. the Country of Colchis. It is 986, Printing, A. D. 1560 ; the chief City of Muscovy, up- and now they are trained up in on the Banks of the River Mof- all polite Literature, Arts and cow, and gives the Name to Sciences by Peter the Great: that valt Empire in the North of Their Alphabet confifts of 42 Europe. This City is old, large, Letters, which very much repopulous, and rich ; built of semble the Greek ones. The Wood, ill contrived, not paved, History of the Moscovites and was founded A. D. 1334. doth not rise above 200 Years The chief Church called Jeru paft. falem, was founded by John (b) Turkisa Sultan; because


ZANTIUM (i), Eye could also discover the Empire of NEGU S, (k) to its utmost Port EROCO; (1)


the Turks settled there first, and Conftantine. It was also called afterwards broke through the Parthenopolis, Gr. i. e. The Caspian Streights, and settled in City of the Virgin ; because it

Armenia, about A D. 844. At was dedicated to the Virgin that Time the Caspian Sea was Mary. The Turks call it Stamfroze over 13 Foot deep, and boul ; which they say fignifieth Men walk'd 100 Miles on the Fair, Peace, and Plenty. It Ice of it. A Kingdom or Pro- answers to these Properties invince of Zagathaian Tatary, ly. deed; but Stamboul or flambol ing between Great Tatary and is corrupted for Eisten polin, Gr. the Empire of the Great Mogul, i. e. Into the City, and commonon the East of Cathay or Catha, ly the Port ; because it is the having Tataria Propria on the greatest and finest Port they North; and Indosian on the have, or perhaps is in the South, and on the East Side of World ; being frequented by the Caspian Sea. Some take it Merchants from all parts of Exto be the Kingdom of Thebet, rope, Asia, and Africa continuin the said Tatary. Here, the ally. Muhammed II. took it Emperors of the Turks, who are from the Greeks A. D. 1453, descended from the antient Turks and since it has been the grand of Tatary.'

Seat of the Turkish Empire: It (i) Bizantium ; from Bizas, yields the fairelt Prospect withthe Captain of the Megarean out of any City, but the meanFleet, the first Founder of it: eft within : It is gco Miles from It was first called Lygus, from its Rome, 1460 off Paris, 1570 Founder ; afterwards repaired from London, 1850 froin by Pausanias King of Sparta, Madrid, and 1000 from Mos about A. M. 3307. And anti- cow. enc City of Thrace, and the last (k) Negus, or Neguz; Ethi. in Europe on the Bosphorus Thra. op. i.e. Emperor. The Empecius (See B. II ic18.) It was ror of Abisinia in Upper Ethi. destroyed by Sept. Severus, after opia; a Title which the Abisines a Siege of three Years, and tur- bestow upon their Prince. ned into a Village, about A. D. (1) Erroco, Erquico, Arqui. 196, to punish the Citizens for en, and by others Erroco; Ethi. revolting ; but rebuilt, enlar- op. It is a Sea-port Town of ged and beautified by Confian Ethiopia on the Red Sea, near tine the Great, who made it the the Persian Ocean, with a fine Royal Seat of the Roman Em- Harbour and a very good Trade, pire, which proved the Ruin of and was the outmoit Boundary it, and commanded it to be cale of the vaft Abylinian Empire, led New Rome, A. D. 300. But to the North Fait of Africa, it is commonly called after him Conftantinople, i. e. The City of

and the less maritime Kingdoms of MOMBAZA, (m) and QUILOA, (n) and MELIND, () and ŞOFALA, (D)


(22) Mombaza, Monbaza, orters of Mombaza, Melinda, and Mombazza ; Arab. For this, other Ilands thereabout. The and several Cities on that Coast, Arabs traded first there, ther were built by a Colony of the the Muhammedans, and at lat Arabs, who about A. D. 930, the Portuguese. settled a Trade there. A very (0) Melind, or Melinda ; large and wealthy City, having Ethiop. The Capital of a small a good Trade, and is the Capi. Kingdom on the Coast of Zantal of a small Kingdom of the guebar, between Mombaza and fame Name, in a little Inand, Pata, belonging to Ethiopia Su12 Miles in Compass ; 70 Miles perior, near the Lake Calice. from Melind, 150 Leagues from The Town is near the Sea, with

Quiloa, near the Line, in the a convenient Port: The King Eastern Ocean ; subject to the of it made a League with Emas Emperor of Ethiopia in Zana nuel King of Portugal, A. D. guebar, but very fruitful and po- 1500. The City is very rich, pulous : It was once possess'd by and abounds with great Plenty ; the Portuguese, but now subject their Sheep are so fat, that the to the King of Mombofa, who Tail of them of them often calls himself Emperor of the weighs 30 Pounds, and some World. Zanguebar and Zinge- more. The King of Melinda is bar, Ind. comes from Bar; i. e. ferv'd in great State ane SplenThe Coast of the Zinges or Ni dor, is a Muhammedan, as are gros, who first traded there with most of his Subjects ; the rest are the Arabs, about A. D. 930. Heathens.

(n) Quiloa, or Kiloa ; Ethic (p) Sofala, Sophala, or Zo. opick. A capital, rich, and phala; Ethiop. A pet'y King. pleasant City, upon a River, and dom in Lower Ethiopia, be. in an Ifland of the same Name, tween the River Magnice on the between Mosambique and Melint, South, and the River Cuama to on the Eait Shore of Africa, the North; so called from Sofa. near Zanquebar, in Ethiopia In- la, the Capital of 1, which is ferior. This Kingdom exiended fituated in a little and upon 250 Leagues along the Coast, the Ethiopick Ocean ļt is sup'till Francis de Almeyda burnt posed by tome to be che Opbir; the City, and made the King (Heb. Rich; because it aboundom tributary to Portugal, A. ded with Gold, Pearls, Ivory, D. 1505. But the Natives re Pe cocks, &c. See 2 Chron. 8. built it, and pay a yearly Tri- 18) co which King Solomon sent bute to the King of Portuo his Fleet ; from the Abundance gal. They speak the Arabic, of Gold, and other rich Comand are Muhammedans. The modities of it. There the MerKings of Quisla were Mato chants of Arabia Felix, after


(which is thought to be Ophir, (q)) to the Realm of Congo, () and ANGOLA, (5) farthest South:



wards the Muhammedans, efta- Lower Ethiopia ; so called from blish'd their Religion, and set- the capital City. Others call it tled a great Trade there ; and Manicongo, i. e. The Province the Portuguese lince. Milton fol. of Congo. It is very fruitful, lows this Opinion here. All well water'd, abounds with all this vaft Tract on the Sea-Coaft Sorts of very good Fruits, Plants, is called Caffaria, and the Peo- Herbs, Beasts, Crocodiles, and ple Caffers, i. e. Infidels, who Serpents ; some of these Serhave no Religion. There being a pents are so large, that they dedifferent People within 10 or 12 vour a whole Stag at once. ConMiles of one another, they have go is divided into fix Provinces, continual Wars among them viz. Bamba, Sengo, Sunda, Panfelves.

go, Patta and Pemba. The In(8) Ophir ; Heb. Arab. i. e. habitants were converted to the Abounding in Riches ; being a Christian Faith by the PortuPlace where the purest Gold a- guese, A. D. 1490 ; but forsook bounded ; about which there are it, because the Plurality of many Conjectures among the Wives was denied them, as Sir Learned: Or from Ophir, the Walter Ralegh says. Son of Joktan, the Son of Sem (s) Angola'; Ethiop. The who firit settled there. There is ancient and true Name of it was one of that Name in Arabia, Ambonde, and the People were whence King David brought called Ambondes ; 'till one of much Gold ; another in the Eaft their Princes, called Mani-An. Indies, from which King Solo gola, i. e. The Governor of An. mon and Hiram King of Tyre gola, about 360 Years ago, with fetch'd Gold and many other the Afliftance of the Portuguese, valuable Commodities; which subdued many petty neighboursome now take to be the Illanding Kings, and made himself sole of Ceilon, where there is an Ha Monarch of them. He, for his ven called Hippor, and the Phoe. mighty Acts, was called in their nicians, Ophir; others. Pegu; Language Inene, i.e. The Great ; some Sumatra, Japan, Taproba- and from his Name this Kingdom na, Sofala, &c.

was called Angola. This King(n.) Congo ; Ethiop. It is a dom is fituated between Mala. vaft Country, called by some man on the South, Malemba on Lower Guinea, which has Part the East, and Proper Congo on of Negroland on the North, E. the West, rear the Line; is well thiopia on the East, Caffraria on water'd, very fruitful, and po. the South, the Ocean and Gui. pulous ; so that the King can nea on the West, and lies on the raise an Army of 100,000 Men. Western Shore of Africa in the The People on the Sea Coast are

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