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and even with thy Sons. Yet don't doubt, but in the Valley and in the Plain, God is, even as he is here; and will be found alike present; still following thee with many a Sign of his Presence, still compassing thee round with Goodness and paternal Love; he will not hide his Face from thee, and thou shalt see the Tract of his divine Steps. Which that thou may'st believe, and be fully confirm'd in before thou depart from hence; know, that I am sent to shew thee what Thall come to pass hereafter, to thee and to thy Pofterity: Expect to hear bad mix'd with good, Grace from above contending with the Sinfulness of Men; and thereby endeavour to learn true Patience, and to temper thy greatest Joy with Fear and holy Sorrow; to be equally inur'd by Moderation, to bear either the prosperous or adverse State: So shalt thou lead thy. Life in greater Safety, and be best prepar'd to endure thy mortal Passage when it comes. ------- Ascend this Hill; let Eve (for I have clos’d her Eyes) sleep here below; whilst thou awakest to Foresight, as once thou slept'st while she was form’d to Life :

To whom ADAM replied in this grateful Manner: Ascend, fafe Guide! I follow thee, the Path thou leadeit me; and entirely submit to the Hand of Heaven, however it may chaften me! willingly offering myself to bear the Evil; arming myself to overcome by Suffering, and to obtain Rest through Labour; if it may be permitted so to be..

CH A P. CHA P. III. The Angel fets before Adam in a Vision, what

hall happen 'till the Flood.

C o, both the Arch-Angel MICHAEL and ADAM

ascended in the Visions of God. It was the D highest Hill of PARADISE, which they went up; from whose Top the Hemisphere of the Earth, on the clearest View, lay stretch'd out to the largest Prospect of ADAM's Reach. Nor was that Hill higher nor wider looking round, whereon (for a different Cause) the Devil let our second ADAM, CHRIST JESUS, in the Wilderness; to show him all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and the Glory of them. The Eye of ADAM might there command, wherever ftood City of antient or modern Fame; the Seats of the mightiest Empires: From what was to be in future, the Walls of CAM BALU, 19) the Seat of CATHIAN CHAM; (r) and SAMARCAND, (s) by


(9) Cambalu, Camphala, or thern Countries, when they deCamhala, Tat.i. e. The City of scribe the Earth: Therefore the Great Lord. A vaft City in Milton turns to the North, the North of Tatary, the Capi- and begins with China on the tal of Cathai or China, and the Right-Hand ; so comes to the fame as Pekin ; the Residence of Welt, and ends in Europe, the Emperors of China, fince in this Survey of our HemiA. D. 1404. It is about 25 or sphere. 28 Miles in Compass, very popu. (r) Cham, or Chan, Tat. i. lous, containing (as they report) e. The Great Lord or Emperor. 2,000,000 Souls, rich and of a It is an ancient Title of Honour vaft Trade ; so that 1000 Wag- given to the Emperor of Tatary gons, loaded with Silk only, are and Ching. imported every Day. It hach (si Samarcand, Mamarcand, 12 Gates, divers Royal Palaces or Samarcant; Tatar. antiently and stately Temples. Geogra- Shamarcand, Pers. i. e. Razed phers turn their Face to the or demolished by Shamare ; haNorth, to find the Elevation of ving been once deftroyed by one the Pole ; and begin at the Nor- of chat Name, in his Expediti

Oxus, (t) TEMIR's (u) Kingdom; to PEKIN, (x) the Seat of the Emperor of China; and thence to


on to China ; others woody, be- of the Scythians or Tatars, about ing seated in a Wood. It is the A. M. 3420. and Sabacham of Capital of Zagathy or Sogdiana, Zagathian Tatary, by Ismael a Southern Province of Tatary, Sophy of Perfia, A. D. 1514. and the Metropolis of all Tatary (u) Temir, or Timur-Lenc, by for many Ages. Beslus, Gene. the Arabaians, and Temir-Cural of the Baerians, who mur. thi by the Tatars ; Tatar. i. c. der's Darius, was seiz'd there, Happy or fortunate Iron ; beand deliver'd to Alexander the caule of his victorious Sword ; Great, who put him to Death and Tamerlane by us. A moft on the same Spot of Ground, victorious Prince of the Pofterity where he committed the Fact, ef Zingis Chan, born April 6, It was the chief Seat and Sepul. A. D. 1336. in the City of Keiss chre of the great Tamerlain, or Skehrfobz, i. e. The green Ci. who made it a magnificent and ty; about thirty Miles from Sawealthy City ; besides the vast marcand. He began to reign Riches from other Nations, he A. D. 1370 ; and, like Alexan. fent 8000 Camels laden with the der the Great, in 35 Years subSpoils of Damascus at one Time dued more Kingdoms, than the into it. A large and populous old Romans did in 800 Years, City ; fome Houses are built of viz. Babylon, Mefopotamia, SyStone in a most pleasant Valley, ria, Perfia, Paribia, Egypt, with an Academy for Muhamme- India, China ; and boasted that dan Learning. Here the best he had three parts of the World Silk and Paper in all Afia are under his Power. He defeated made: The Chan's Castle is built the proud Bajazet, (Turk. i. e. of Marble, but now it is in De- Lightning ; for the Expedition cay.

of his Conquests) and all the (t) Oxus ; Lat. Gr. i. e. Turkish Army, in that great BatSwift, like the Tygris, because tle near Mount Stella in the it falls from very high Moun. Plains of Angoria in Galatia, tains, and has a rapid Stream. July 28, A. D. 1402. He was A great River of Tatary, rising cruel, but a vast Encourager of in Mount Taurus; it parts Soga the Christians, though a Mudiana and Margiana, and runs hammedan by Profession; and dj. into the Caspian Sea on the East ed three Years afier that grand Side. The Tatars call it Amu, Victory, Feb. 8, 1405. at a which fignifies the same ; and Village called Atrar and Orrer, the Arabians call it Gibon, i. e. diftant from Samarcand about Force; becaufe the Source of it 304 Miles ; lived 70 Years, i. buritech out of the Earth with Months, and 22 Days; and was vaft Violence. There Cyrus buried in a magnificent Tomb was defeated by Tomyris Queen erected by himself for that Pur.


AGRA, (y) and Lałor, (z) Imperial Cities of the


pose at Samarcand : But his Sons (y) Agra; Indian. The loft all his Conquests ; of him Capital City of the Province of the presene Moguls are descen- Agra, larger than Dehli, (Mog. ded. He and Agefilaus, the 6th i. e. A valt Extent) and a great King of Sparta, were both lame City in India; being 9 Miles, in of one Foot, yet very valiant the form of an Half Moon, and successful Generals. He with a mighty and admirable was call'd the Wrath of God, Castle. It ftands upon the River and the Destroyer of the Earth; Gemn or Gemini, on this Side and Aleric the King of the the Ganges, and is the Metropo. Goths, who plunder'd Rome, A. Jis of the Moghol's Empire ; but D. 410, and conquered the Ro- the Houses are low, mean, and man Empire, the Scourge of made up of Straw, at a good God; for their Cruelty.

Distance and encompass'd with (x) Paquin, Pekin, or Peche- high Walls, that their Women li; Chinese, i. e. The Northern may not be seen. Ic lics in 22 Court ; because it is the North Degrees and an half Northern of China, as Nankin, i. e. The Latitude, 210 Leagues from SXSouthern Court, for the same rat, 150 from Labor, and 35 Reason. The Capital City of from Dehli. Some reckon 25000 the Province of Pekin, and the Christian Families there, befides Metropolis of that vaft Empire, Heathens ; but the Muhammesince the Years 1404, 30 Leagues dans are most in Number. Agra from the famous Wall, (which is was made the Imperial City by 1200 Miles long, 6 Fathom Moghol Akbar, A.D. 1966, who high, built in 27 Years by called it Akbarabed, i. e. The 70,050,000 Men, to keep out Habitation of Akbar. Shah Jethe Tartars, about A. M. 3728, hah (Perf. i. e. King John) re. and 200 before Jesus Chrif in moved from Agra to Dehli, a fertile Plain, in the Form of a March 29, A. D. 1647, and vaft Square ; each Side being 12 called it Shah Jehanabed, i. e. Chinese Lys or Furlongs in The Habitation of King John. Length, i. e. 3600 Paces, with Dehli pays 3,125,000l. of year12 Gates, stately Palaces and ly Revenues to the Emperor. Temples, wherein are Idols of (2) Lahor, or Lhor; Perfi maffy Gold, as big as the Life. from the Heb. i. e. Light. The The Streets are very strait, and Capital City of the Kingdom or at the longest 120 Feet, but ve- Province of Lahor, which consy dirty. It is the largest and tains several Kingdoms. Ic is most beautiful City on the Face three Leagues in Length, yields of the Earth. There is a most 37 Millions per Ann. to the Moon prodigious Bell, weighing ghul, and there the Emperors 120,000 Pounds; it is 11 Foot kept their Court, from A. D. Diameter, 12 Foot high. 1155, 'till tbey removed to A.


Great Mogul; (a) down to the Golden CherSỌNESE: (6) Or where the Emperor of Persia (c)


gra; since it is very much di. Chan, the first Monarch, was a minifh'd. There is a noble Man of a melancholy DispositiWalk of tall Trees on both sides on: Their Country, which lies of the Road from it to Agra, in Turceftan Tatary, is called which is 150 Miles distant. The ftill Moghelfan. The present Province of Labor is called also Moguls are the Race of the fa. Pengab, Pers. i. e. The City of mous Tamerlane, who conquered five Waters; because it is wa India, A. D. 1400. Now the ter'd by five Rivers, viz. Bawy, Moguls are Emperors of all InBehat, Obcham, Wibi, and Sin. dia, extending from Persia on dar. Many will have this Coun. the West, Tatary on the North, try to be the Kingdom of King China on the East, and the 10Porus, who ro valiantly oppos'o dian Ocean on the South ; they Alexander the Great ; and La are the richest Monarchs upon bor to be the Bucephalia, which Earth, and their Dominions are he founded in the Memory of his of the vastest Extent, being difamous charging Horse, called vided into 35 different King. Bucephalus, Gr. i. e. The Ox- doms. He and some of his SubHead, who died there not of his jects are Muhammedans ; the reft Wounds, but of old Age : For are Idolaters, except fone Eurohe was the next Conqueror after peans, who trade there. Bacchus, who opened a Com- . (b) Cherfonefe, Lat. Gr. i. munication to the Indies, as far e. A Peninsula. A Geographical as China, 330 Years before the Term; because it is a piece of Incarnation, which facilitated Land surrounded with Sea, but the Propagation of the Gospel at one place, which unites it to to St. Thomas, Bartholomew, the Continent or Main Land; : Pantanus, and other zealous an Isthmus. Many places are so

Preachers ; and Tamerlane was called, but this is a vast Tract the next, Labor is 360 Miles of Land, comprehending the from Agra to the South, and large Peninsula of Ganges, the 180 Miles East of Multan. moit Southern Part of the East

(a) Moghul, or Moghol;Ta. Indies, between Sumatra and . tar. i. e. White; because they Borneo, callid by the Ancients

delcended from the Moghol Ta- the Golden Cherfonese; because tars, or some white Men, who it abounded with Gold: Now invaded India under a Captain the Promontory of Malaca , or King callid Mogor or Mogol; from Malaca the chief City of and erected a Kingdom in Ben it. gal, &c. about A. D. 1187. In (c) Emperor of Persia, whole The Tatarian Mung Lang signi- Royal Seat was Ecbatan. Perfies Melancholy ; because Mogul fia in sacred Scripture is call'd or Mangal the Son of Alanta Cuth, Heb. i. e. Lurking or bido


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