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March from EGYPT, to do him wanton Rites, which cost them Abundance of Woe; yet from thence he extended his lustful Festivals, even to that scandalous Hill, which was by the Grove of murderous MoLOCH; fo fixing Lust hard by Hate, 'till the good King JOSIAS (*) drove them both thence back again to Hell. Along with these came they who were worshipped from the great River EUPHRATES, (y) to the Brook that parts Egypt from SYRIA, and had the general Names of BAALIM (2) and ASHTAROTH,.


24,000 of them. Here grew famous River upon Earth ; rithat Wood whereof the Ark of fing in the Mountains of Ar-'. the Covenant was made, Exod. menia, the Tygris and many 25. 10. 37. 1.

more join it; it waters Meso(x) Josiah; Heb. i. e. The potamia, passech by and thro': Fire or Zeal of the Lord. The Babylon, renders many Coun18th King of Judah, the pious tries very fruitful ; and after a Son of a very wicked Father Course of 2000 Miles discharges and Grandfather. He was a itself into the Persian Ocean. great Reformer of Religion. In sacred Scripture it is callid He destroyed all those Idol- the River, the Great River, by Temples and Groves, as it was way of Eminence. It still reforetold of him by Name 360 taineth the old Name by a Years before he was born, 1 Contraction, Aferat and Frat : Kings 13. 2. 2 Kings 23. 10. The Water of it is very foul ; He began his Reign when he if it stands in a Vessel but two was eight Years of Age, A. M. Hours, the Dirt and Mud will 3363. Before Jesus Christ 637. be two Inches thick on the and reigned thirty-one Years ; · Bottom of it. The Poet calls being kill'd in a Battle at Me- it Old, because it is one of the giddo again t Necho King of E. first Rivers mention'd by Moles, gypt. Jeremy lamented his the first and oldest Hiftorian ini Death in a Divine Poem, 2 the World. So, Old Kison. Chron. 35. 25.

Judges 5. 21. () Euphrates; Lat. Gr. from (z) Baalim, and Baal; IV. the Heb. Phrath or Parah, i.e. Heb. i. e. Lords and Lord. This Fruitful; because it renders was the first Idol in the World, those Countries very fruitful, erected at Babylon in Memory which it overfloweth at a cer- of Belus or Nimrod, whom Nitain Season yearly. The prin- nus his Son and Succeflor deicipal of the four Rivers of Pa- fied after his Death; and was radise, Gen. 2. 14. It is the worshipp'd all the World over, largest in Afia, and the most tho under different Names, viz.


(a) meaning Male and Female; for Spirits when they please can assume either Sex, or both, their pure Elsence is so soft and uncompounded, not confin'd to material Joints and Limbs, nor depending on the frail Strength of Bones, as Flesh is; but in what Shape they choose, extended or contracted, obscure or bright, can perform their spiritual Purposes, and do Works either of Love or Enmity. For those the Jews often forsook the living God, and left his righteous Altar unfrequented, bowing down lowly before Idols, even in the form of Beasts ; for which their Heads were bow'd down as low in Battle, and they fell by the Spears of despicable Enemies.

In the same Troop with these came ASTORETH, whom the PHOENICIANS (6) call ASTARTE, (c) the


Baal-Berith, Baal-Gad, Baal. Lord of Heaven: These were Meon, Baal-Peor, Baal-Semen, the first and principal Deities aBaal-zebub, Baal-zephon, &c. mong all Nations. She is Juno by the Greeks, Zeus ; by the and Venus of the Romans, Ea. Romans, Jupiter ; by the Gauls, fter of the Saxons, &c. Because he was call'd Belenus ; by the her grand Festival was in April, Saxons, Thor : from whence the old Saxons called it Eafter. comes our Thursday. He was Monath : from whence we call the Sun, who is Lord of Hea- our's, Easter, which happens in ven, and most useful to all the March of April, as the Jewish inferior World, worshipp'd with Passover did; according to the magnificent Temples, Altars, Course of the Moon. Baal Invocations, Bowings , Kisses, presides over Men and all Male Sacrifices, &c.

Animals, as being stronger ; and (a) Ashtaroth, or Ashtoreth; Ashtaroth over Women and the V. Heb. Plur. i. e. Flocks and Female Sex, which are more Herds ; because Sheep, Goats, weak and feeble. &c. were offered to her. A (6) Phænicians; Heb. 9. Bee Goddess of the Asyrians, Sy. ne- Anak; i. e. The Sons of Arians, Phænicians, Sidonians, nak, a gigantic Man, who with Carthaginians, Jews, Greeks, his Race inhabited that CounRomans, &c. but under diffe. try. The People of Phænicia, rent Names. The Queen of Palestine, or Canaan, call'd the Heaven, Jer. 7. 18. All meant Philiftines. she Moon, as the Sun was the (c) Aitarte, VI. Heb. i. e.

Queen of Heaven, and figure her with a Crescent, to whose bright Image the Virgins of SIDON (d) every Night sung by Moon-light, and paid their Vows; which also was often done in Sion, where her Temple stood, on the offensive Mountain of Olives, built by that uxorious King SOLOMON ; whose Heart, though it was large, beguild by fair Women from among the Heathen, fell to foul Idolatry.

Next came THAMMUZ, (e) whose annual Wound in LEBANON (f) allur'd the Damsels of Syria, to


A Flock; from Aftoreth, ac- Prophets had foretold. Sidon cording to the Phænician Dia- was famous for Purple and other lect ; and one of their Goddef. fine Dyes, as well as Tyre. ses. Aftarte is Sephora, the r e) Thammuz; VÍ. Egypt Wife of Mofes, and the Moon.' from the Heb. i. e. Hidden or

(d) Sidon ; Heb. i. e. A Filh: Death; because of the secret, because of the great Plenty and infamous, and obscene Rites perRiches, which the Inhabitants form'd to this Idol, which was got by the Trade of Fish: or Death to utter. Or from Tha. of Sidon the first Son of Cana. muz, Heb. i. e. June ; because an, who first built it. Gen. 10. these Feafts were kept in June. 15.1.2. A Hunter. A Sea Port This Goddess was I bammuz aTown, the Metropolis of Phe- mong the Egyptians, Carthagi. nicia, older than Tyre, Car. nians and Jews, but Adonis athage or other cities, which the mong the Romans, &c. old Phænicians built upon the (f) Lebanon ; Heb. from La. Mediterranean Sea. It was ta- ban, i. e. white; because the ken by the King of Afcalon, a Top of it appears white with Year before the Destruction of Snow : Or Frankincense ; because Troy, and 240 Years before the it abounds upon it. A very long, Building of Solomon's Temple ; large, and high Mountain in Sya then they that escap'd built ria, about 200 Miles in Length, Tyre, which is 16 Miles from from Damascus to the Mediterra. it to the South, and 36 Miles nean Sea Westward, and the from Jerusalem to the North Boundary of Canaan to the Welt. By their great Trade and North, about 120 Miles from Wealth, the Sidonians became Jerusalem. It is famous for Cevery proud, idolatrous and abo. dar Trees, which grow only minable to God : therefore he there and in someWoods of Amefrequently punished them ; now rica. Some of these Trees are it is very much decayed ; as the 20 Yards round, very tall and


lament his Fate in Love-Songs a whole Summer's Day, while the smooth River ADONIS (g) ran coloured with Purple to the Sea, suppos'd to be with the Blood of THAMMUZ wounded every Year; the LoveTale corrupted the Daughters of JERUSALEM, and warm'd them with like Heat; whose wanton Passions EZEKIEL (b) law in the facred Porch, when being led by a Vision, he saw the dark Idolatries of the alienated Children of JUDAH.


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Spreading. Solomon built his for two Days. See Potter's AnTemple of them chiefly ; but tiq. of Greece, Vol. 1. P. 328. now they are much decay’d. Mr. Adonis is the Sun, for 6 Months Thevenot reckon'd no more than he is in the lower Hemisphere, as 23, great and small, and Mr. in Hell with Proferpina; and for Maundrel only 7. On the Top the other 6 Months in the upof it stood a Temple of Venus, per ; at which they rejoicid wherein lewd Men and Women mightily, as they were forry for debauch'd and prostituted them his declining from them. Here, selves most infamously; for which the Name of a River which runs Conftantine the Great demolish'd down Mount Lebanon, and at it. There is now Canobine, a that Time of the Year his Wa. Convent of the Maronites, about ters are red, which the Heathens the fame Spot of Ground. The afcrib'd to a mysterious SympaHead of it calls himself the Pa. thy in it, for the Death of Adotriarch of Antioch.

nis; which is indeed and only (8) Adonis ; VII. Heb. i. e. caus'd by the Rains, that make Lord. An Allyrian Idol, the it to swell and run over the same as Thammuz. The Tale is, Banks, and to wash away some this Adonis was a fine Youth, red Earth; as Mr. Maundrel the Son of Cynra King of Cy- teftifies ; and gave Occafion to prus by his Daughter Myrrha, this Fable and Idolatry. belov'd of Venus and Proferpina, (b) Ezekiel or Jechezekel ; Heb. kill'd by a wild Boar upon Mount i. e. The Strength of God. The Lebanon while he was hunting, third of the four greater Proand much lamented by thelephets, carried a Captive to BaGoddeffus. These Women kept bylon with Jechonia, when he a solemn Feast at that Time, was young : The Son of Buz, weeping, lamenting, and beating a very learned Priest. Some themselves for his Death ; after- mistake him for Pythagoras, wards they rejoic'd at his Return the antient Heathen Philoso10 Life. The Festival of Adonia pher; but he was contemporawas celebrated through Greece, ry with him, and learn'd much in Honour of Venus and Adonis, froin him also. He saw in a Vi.

NEXT him came one, who mourned in Earnest, when the captive Ark dismember'd his brutal Image ; his Head and Hands being lopt off in his own Temple, where he fell fiat by the Side of the Door, and Tham'd his Worshippers; his Name was DAGON, (i) a Sea Monster, like a Man upward, and downward like a Fish; yet he had his Temple rais’d high in ASHDOD, (k) and was dreaded through the Coast of PALESTINE, in GATH, (1) and ASCALON;




fion the corrupted Women of if- fines. This City was so strong, rael worshipping this Devil, in a that it held out a Siege againit Porch of the holy Temple of Psamniticus King of Egypt, in God at Jerusalem, when he was the Time of Manalles, King of a Captive at Babylon. A lamen: Judah, for 29 Years, and so table Sight indeed to him. Ch. did allo the City of Mefina in 8. 14. He wrote very mysti Sicily for 30 Years against the cally, that the Heathens might Lacedemonians : Thete are the not understand his Meaning. But longest Sieges mention'd in Hiseproving the Jews so boldly for story. Judas Maccabeus was their Idolatry, they put him to slain upon M. Azotus, by. Baca a most cruel Death at Babylon, chides the General of Demetrius, about A. M. 3380.

King of Syria, 1 Mac. 9. 18. (i) Dagon. VIII. Heb. i. e. It was a fair and rich City, but A Fish. A God of the Syrians is now a poor ruinous Place; the and Philistines, who got vast Turks call it Alzeté, i. e. The Riches by Filh; which they as- Village. crib'd to this Idol. It was half 11 ) Gath; Heb. i. e. A Wine a Fish and half a Man. It was Press; because much Wine was the Neptune and Saturn of the made there, If. 63. 2. One of Greeks and Romans, whom they the chief Cities of the Philistines worshipp'd in this Form ; be- upon the Sea, very rich and powo cause they got Riches from both erful, diftant from Jerusalem ao Sea and Land.

bout 34 Miles to the Welt, and (k) Azotus or Afnodod ; Heb. i. famous for the Birth-Place of that e. Laying waste ; because it was Giant Goliah, and others of his. a strong and victorious City ; or huge, terrible Family, which of Elb, Heb. i. e. a Fire, and were all cut off by the valiant Dod, i. e. The Fire of Love. A King David, 1 Sam. 16. It Sea-Port Town in Palefiine be, was call'd also Metheg. Ammah, tween Joppa and Afcalon, 22 i. e. The Bridle of Bondage ; beMiles from Jerusalem to the cause it kept the adjacent CounWest, and one of the five chief try in Subjection, 2 Sam. 8. 1. Governments of the old Philic

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