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me, and the Fear that I have of Shame among the Spirits beneath, whom I seduc'd with far different Promises and other Vaunts than Submission, boasting, that I could overcome the Omnipotent. Ah me! little do they know how severely I suffer for that vain Boast; under what Torments I groan inwardly, while they adore me, high advanced on the Throne of Hell, and distinguish'd with Sceptre and Diadem : (a) So much the lower still I fall, only supreme in Misery; such Joy does Ambition find! But say that I could repent, and could by an Act of Grace retain my former State ; how soon would Height recall high Thoughts? and how soon unsay what feign’d Submission had sworn! Ease would recant Vows that were made in Pain, as violent and void ; (for never can there grow a true Reconcilement, where Wounds of fo deadly Hate have piercd so deep) which would but lead me on to a worse Relapse, and a Fall still heavier; by which Means I should dearly purchase a short Intermission of my present Torments, bought at the Price of double Smart. My Punisher knows this, and therefore is as far from granting Peace, as I am from begging it. All Hope thus excluded, instead of us, now outcast and exild; behold his new Delight, MANKIND created, and this World for him: So farewell Hope! and with Hope farewell also Fear! farewell Remorse! all Good is loft to me; Evil be thou henceforth my Good! by thee at least I hold a divided Empire with the King of Heaven, and by thy Means perhaps will reign more than half; as MAN, before it is long, and this new World shall know.


(a) Diadem ; Fr. Ital. Sp. Perfia, and the Priests also, tied Lat. from the Gr. i. e. Binding a Crown about their Heads : A about. What the Syrians call King's Crowns, Alexander the Mitra, the Greeks named Diade. Great brought the Ule of it first ma, and the Latins Vitta, fays into Europe, as Juffin reports. Scaliger. A white Fillet or Cæjar and Caligula refused it ; Scarf, like the Turkish Turbant; but Aurelian was the first Roman wherewith the ancient Princes of Emperor that wore a Diadem..

WHILE he was thus speaking, the Paffions that mov'd him dimm'd his Face, and he chang’d Coun-. tenance thrice and grew pale, with Anger, Envy, and Despair, which alter'd his borrow'd Visage and betray'd him to be a Counterfeit, if any Eye beheld him ; (for heavenly Minds are always clear from such Distempers) whereof he being soon aware, with an outward Calm smooth'd each Perturbation, Contriver of Fraud! and was the first that practis'd Falshood under a faintly Outside, to conceal deep Malice with Thoughts of deep Revenge : Yet had he not practis'd enough to deceive URIEL, whose Eye pursu'd him down the Way he went, and saw him on the Mountain NIPHATES, disfigur'd more than could befall Spirits of happy Kind: He mark'd his fierce Gestures and mad Demeanor, supposing himself to be then all alone, unobserv'd and unseen. So on Satan journeys, and comes to the Border of Eden, where delicious PARADISE crowns the champaign Head of a steep Wilderness with her green Inclosure, which makes a rural Fence; whose shrubby Sides overgrown with Thickets, wild and grotesque, deny'd all Manner of Access, and over Head grew an unsurmountable Height of loftieft Cedars, (6) Pines, Firs, and wide-Spreading Palm, (c) and as the Ranks afcend


(6) Cedar ; Fr. Lat. from the was much in esteem of Old, and Gr. A very large, thick, and highly celebrated in Scripture, tall Tree, with small and slender but now is very much de. Leaves. It is always green, ne- creased. ver decays, and is detestable to (c) Palm; Fr. Brit. Teut. Worms; because of its bitter Ital. Sp. Dut. Lat. from the Gr. Sap; the Ancients anointed their i. e. The Hand expanded; beBooks with it, to keep them cause its Leaves resembles the from being Worm-eaten ; MyPalm of a Man's Hand. The Lord Bacon thinks the Wood of Palm or Date Tree. It was used it lasts 1000 Years found. It of old as a sign of Victory and grows chiefly on M. Lebanon, Victory itself. Because the more and in the Woods of America, it is oppressed, the more it riseth


Shade above Shade, made a pleasant Sylvan Scene, a woody Theatre, ftately to the View: Yet higher than their Tops, the green Inclosure and Banks of PAR ADISE fprung up, which gave to ADAM a large Prof pect into his lower Empire, neighbouring round the Mount of PARADISE: And higher than that Wall appear'd a circling Row of beautiful Trees, loaden at once with Blossoms and faireft Fruit of golden Hue, mix'd with gay enameli'd Colours, on which the Sun had left the Beauty of his Beams, more strongly painted than he does on a fair Evening Cloud, or on the Rainbow, when God has fent Rain upon the Earth; fo lovely did that Landscape seem: And now purer Air still meets SATAN's Approach, which to the Heart inspires vernal Delight and Joy, able to chase away all Sadness except Defpair: Now gentle Gales dispense natural Perfumes, Sweets which they fan from Flowers, and betray from whence they stole them: As when to them who fail beyond the CAPE OF


and spreadeth. The Palm was ry in all the Grecian Games. used in the Service of God. The Antients honoured victori" And ye shall take you on the ous Princes with spreading of “ first Day the Boughs of good. Palms and Flowers before them “ ly Trees, Branches of Palm- in their Triumphs. The Fows “ Trees, and the Boughs of thick received Alexander the Great, " Trees, and Willows of the and our Redeemer, and they of “ Brook; and ye shall rejoyce Cremona, Vitellius, in this Fa“ before the Lord your God fhion. “ seven Days." And is said to (d) Mozambic, Mezambica, be worn in Paradise itself. Rev. and the French call iç Mozam7. 9. “ After this I beheld, bique. Ethiop. A little Island “ and lo, a great Multitude, with a chief City built upon a “ which no Man could number, River of the same Name, upon “ of all Nations, and Kindreds, the East Coast of Africa, be" and People, and Tongues, longing to Zanguebar, 270 Miles “ ftoed before the Throne, and from Madagascar to the Weft. “ before the Lamb, clothed It is barren and unhealthful, but ". with white Robes, and Palms populous: because of the great “ in their Hands." It was also Trade with the Portuguese, whe the Sign and Reward of Victo. pofless it now.

Good Hope, and are got past MOZAMBIC, (d) North East Winds blow SABEAN (C) Odours off at Sea, from the spicy Shore of ARABIA Felix, well pleas'd with fuch Delay they slacken their Course, and the Ocean feems to smile, chear'd with the grateful Smell; so Satan entertain'd thefe rich' Perfumes, who came to be their Bane, though better pleas'd with them than Asmodeu$ (f) was with the Smoak of the burnt Fish, that drove him (though he was so much enamour'd that he destroy'd seven of her Husbands) from the Wife of TOBIAS, and sent him from MeDIA (8) into the outmost parts of EGYPT; where the Angel RAPHAEL bound him faft.

(e) Sabean, of Saba ; from Seba or Saba, the Son of Chus, the 6th Son of Cham, Gen. 10. 7. Saba is the chief City of to rabia the Happy, now Zibit, where there is a great Store of Cinnamon, Cassia, Frankincense, Myrrh and other sweet Spices.

(f) Asmodeus ; Heb. i. e. Å Deffroyer or Fire. A Prince of Devils among the Rabbies. An evil Spirit, who is said to have haunted the House of Raguel; to be in Love with his Daughter Sarah, and to have destroyed fee ven Husbands in the first Night

of their Marriage, Tob. 3. 8. 17.

(8) Media ; Heb, from Madai the Son of Japhet, Gen. to. 2: i. e. A Measure: because he was of a large Stature. A large Country and antient Kingdom in Afia, on the North of Persia, near Georgia, and upon the caspian Sea, having Armenia and Asyria on the West. It was once Mistress of the Eastern Monarchy of the Medes, for 317 Years, bat soon fell into the Perfians; then became subject to the Turks. Now Servan or Shirvan.

с НА Р.

CH A P. II. Paradise describ'd; Satan's first sight of Adam and

Eve, at which he is greatly surpriz'd; over· hears their Discourse, and from thence meditates

their Destruction.

TOW SATAN had journied óripensive and

Now, to the Ascent of that steep and inaccef

sible Hill, but found no further Way; the Undergrowth of Shrubs and tangling Bushes had twisted themselves so into one Cluster, that they deny'd a Path to whatever might assay to pass that Way: There was only one Gate, and that look'd East on the other side, which when SATAN saw, he disdain'd to enter properly, and in Contempt at once leap'd over all Bounds, of Hill or highest Wall, and quite within lights on his Feet: As when a prowling Wolf, driven by Hunger to seek new Haunts for his Prey, watching where the Shepherds pen their Flocks in the Sheep-Cotes at Evening, leaps over the Fence amidst the Field, and gets securely and with Ease into the Fold; or as a Thief with an Intention to rob some rich Merchant (whose substantial Doors, cross-barr'd and bolted fast, cannot be broke open) climbs in at the Window, or at the Top of the House : So did this first great Thief climb into God's Fold; (so do since lewd Hirelings climb into his Church) from thence he flew up, and upon the Middle Tree in PARADISE (which was the Tree of Life, and the highest that grew there) sar like a Cormorant; yet did not thereby regain true Life, but instead of that fat devising Death to them who liv'd; nor did he think of the Virtue of that Life-giving Plant, but only us'd to take a View of PARADISE, what well us'd had been the Pledge of Immortality. (So little does any but


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