Official report of the ... annual meeting ... (National Association of Railway Surgeons (U.S.)). v.5, 1892

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Railway Age and Northwestern Railroader, 1893

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Page 120 - ... greatly enlarged ; for in every case of a collision on a railroad the passengers, although they may have sustained no bodily harm, will have a cause of action against the company for the " fright " to which they have been subjected.
Page 11 - Yes, give me the land where the battle's red blast Has flashed to the future the fame of the past ; Yes, give me the land that hath legends and lays That tell of the memories of long vanished days ; Yes, give me a land that hath story and song, Enshrine the strife of the right with the wrong ; Yes, give me a land with a grave in each spot And names in the graves that shall not be forgot...
Page 120 - What duty did the company owe this plaintiff? It owed her the duty not to injure her person by force or violence ; in other words, not to do that which, if committed by an individual, would amount to an assault upon her person. But it owed her no duty to protect her from fright, nor had it any reason to anticipate that the result of a collision on its road would so operate on the mind of a person who witnessed it...
Page 121 - What is the proximate cause of an injury in a legal sense is often an embarrassing question, involved in metaphysical distinctions and subtleties difficult of satisfactory application in the varied and practical affairs of life.
Page 121 - ... in the ordinary course of things, would flow from the act, or in cases of contract, if it appears to have been contemplated by both parties.
Page 11 - There is grandeur in graves — there is glory in gloom ; For out of the gloom future brightness is born As after the night comes the sunrise of morn ; And the graves of the dead with the grass overgrown May yet form the footstool of liberty's throne, And each single wreck in the war-path of might, Shall yet be a rock in the temple of right IN MEMORY OF MY BROTHER.
Page 1 - Self-Propelling Invalid Chairs, Patent Rolling Chairs, Reclining Chairs, Invalid Couches, Hospital Wheel Tables, Commodes, Improved Crutches and all kinds of Mechanical Appliances for the Alleviation of the Suffering. 495-503 WELLS STREET, CHICAGO, ILL.
Page 42 - To the very last, no evidence of mental alienation appeared in his lectures or writings. The habit of a lifetime's assiduous labor carried him along in the well-worn grooves, although outside of them his malady was easily discernible. Hard work, no rest, no Sabbath, no vacation; by such means his powerful intellect carried him to the fore-front of his profession, but at last outraged Nature reached the limit of her endurance, and the break-down was complete.
Page 121 - Persons who are ill have a right to enter the cars of a railroad company and travel therein, as a common carrier of passengers the company has no right to prevent them, but the increased risk arising from conditions affecting their fitness to journey, certainly where they are unknown to the carrier, must rest upon their own shoulders.
Page 182 - ... Elastic constriction of a limb for haemostatic purposes should be diffused over an annular space not less than two inches in width, and can be made with least danger of injuring important structures by an elastic band made for this purpose, or an ordinary elastic bandage. 7. Circular constriction of a limb should be made, if possible, at a point where the large...

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