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for rats, and the poor man was more every embryo thought and feeling, the puzzled than ever. The matter assumed brother who has played with her,—liy rather a serious aspect, and he determined turns the counsellor and the counselled; to write to his wife, forbidding her ar- and the younger children, to whom she rival until she heard farther from him. has hitherto been the mother and the All the day long, his brain was racked playmate, all are to be forsaken at one hy conjectures as to the species of crea- fell stroke ; every former tie is loosened, tures that had disturbed his quiet. Fifty the spring of every hope and action is to tiines did he conclude that it was perhaps be changed; and yet she flies with joy a trick, and as often did he abandon that into the untrodden path before her. notion as improbable; but then he could' Buoyed up by the confidence of requited not account for his not being able to see love, she bids a fond and grateful adieu the authors of the tracks; and forthwith to the life that is past, and turns with he resolved on another project. He had excited hopes and joyous anticipation of given up 'every idea that rats could have the happiness to come. Then woe to the made such a noise or tracks so large, but man who can blight such fair hope--who he determined to try if a few rat traps can treacherously lure such a heart from could solve the mystery. Accordingly, its peaceful enjoyment, and the watchful he procured six, which were all that he protection at home-who can, cowardcould get; and on the fourth night care- like, break the illusions that have won fully set them in a row on one of the her, and destroy ihe confidence which steps of the staircase, so that if the imps love had inspired. Woe to him who has ascended in a column,' he was sure of too early withdrawn the tender plant catching at least one of them. Still he from the props and stays of moral disciwould not abandon his pistols or his pline in which she lias been nurtured, lamp, but determined to be on guard and yet makes no effort to supply their all night. About the mystic hour of place; for on him be the responsibility twelve, he again' heard the hobgoblins of her errors-on him who has first jumping or hopping, as it seemed, up the taught her, by his example, to grow stairs, and while he cocked one of the careless of her duty, and then exposed pistols, he heard a trap go off, then ano- her with a weakened spirit, and unsatisther then another, succeeded by appalling 'fied heart, to the wide storms and the shrieks, and the same clattering noise wily temptations of the world. down stairs again. He proceeded to the

M. N. spot, and there, to his infinite astonishment, he found, not an imp, nor anything Cards ame from Egypt; the colours supernatural, but three fine fat rabbits, are two, red and black, which answer the caught by the legs in the traps. The two equinoxes! the suits are four, simple fact was, that the inhabitants of answering to the four seasons. Their an adjoining rabbit-warren used to make emblems formerly were, and still are, in their way up through the sewers into the Spain- for the heart, a cap, the emblem deserted mansion, and their gambols of winter ; the spade, an acorn, the through the empty rooms, first gave rise emblem of autumn; the club, a trefoil, to the story of Tee Gwynn being the emblem of summer; the diamond, haunted. It is needless to add, that Mr. a rose, the emblem of spring. The Thomas forthwith sent for his family, twelve court cards answer to the twelve and they now enjoy a house, and as many months, and were formerly depicted as rabbits as they can eat, for five pounds a the signs of the Zodiac. The fifty-two year."

cards answer to the number of weeks in

The thirteen cards in each MISCELLANIES.

suit, to the number of weeks in a lunar quarter. The aggregate of the pips,

calculated in the following manner, Marriage is to a woman at once the hap- amount to the number of days in a piest and the saddest event of her life; it year :is the promise of future bliss, raised on The number of each sui:

53 the death of all present enjoyment. She

By four quits her home, her parents, her companions, her occupations, her amusements, The number of all the suits

220 every thing on which she has hitherto The court cards, multiplied by 10 120 depended for comfort, for affection, for Number of court cards

12 kindness, for pleasure. The parents by Number in each suit

13 whose advice she has been guided, the sister to whom she has dared impart



the year.




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THE BRIGANDS OF THE ABRUZZI. breasts, and, in others, blackening the

chin and cheeks with close raven curls.

“ I swear," cried the first, “I heard BY A QUIET OLD GENTLEMAN. bim treading in yonder slope, among the

loose stones, some of which rolled off the A stupendous amphitheatre of rocks rose precipice and went leaping down into to the clouds among the most savage the stream." peaks of the southern Appenines. Their “ Thou art a fool, Leonardo,” cried terrible and sublime altitudes overlooked another, “ I tell thee, no single traboth the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. veller would venture up these steeps; no

human foot, except it be of some AusAwful tremendous nature. What a

trian spy, or some ferocious bandit like voice it hath in its silence! How it us, or some prowling fool like thee, would elevates, yet awes the heart !

break the silence of these wilds.

“ If I am a fool, Antonio, thou art A single form leaned from one of these a fool and a bully to boot,” rejoined Lefantastic cliffs, watching and listening, as onardo, sullenly. “ Since thou buriedst if to ascertain the approach of some one thy dagger in the heart of that Austrian in the chasm below. Presently several stranger last week, and rifled him of his others appeared; forming a group strongly bag of ducats, there is no enduring thee. picturesque. They were all dark, un- I tell thee I heard the fall of a step couth-looking men, with broad hats yonder; an' thou think'st me a fool, get slouched sullenly over their large black thee back to the cave, and get ye ba eyes, their temples and necks covered all, and I promise, when I return, I will with heavy, matted hair, and their upper not be alone.” lips overgrown with shaggy moustaches “ A share of the eggs, Leonardo," and beards, in some descending to their said a third, “when thou hast robbed

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the poor pheasant's nest; but take care back in thy own coin. See ! ha, ha, ha! the angry bird hurt not thine eyes.” he rises and scowls at thee with good em

“ Hush !” whispered Leonardo. phasis; a handsome boy, too.

The robbers crouched down among Another hoarse laugh rolled over the the branches.

cliff, as the way-laid traveller slowly rose, A carbine, which had been slung over and, with sullen glances into the faces of the ruffian's shoulder, clanked against the banditti, rested his piercing black the chain by which it had been sus- eyes, at length, upon those of Leonardo. pended.

The stranger was a youth of nineteen or A deep silence ensued.

twenty, of a graceful and manly figure, Then a step was distinctly heard strid- with luxuriant curls covering his head ing among the stones, and a voice of and shoulders, and a face full of expressome richness, and, with a true feeling sion, though now clouded by fear and for music, arose, in a pretty air,

anger. Oh, I have erred;

« Who art thou?” said Leonardo. I laid my hand upon the nest,

“ A native of these parts,

was the (Tita, I sigh to sing the rest) reply, “who thought poverty, and haOf the wrong bird.”

tred of priests and tyrants, might have A sound like that of cocking a musket saved him from the bullet of such as ye.” from the rock which overhung the young Thy profession ?” vocalist's head, attracted his eyes to that My portfolio shews it.” point, and he could just hear the whis- “ Then let thy lips name it,” cried pered dialogue.

another deep voice, abruptly. Fool, let go my hand.”

“ By the mass,

cried the stranger, Nay, Leonardo, I tell thee

answering the keen frown of the last “ Let go my hand, I say.”

speaker with a goodnatured and winning “ But it is only a single


ye set on a poor painter, as if By the heart of Bacchus, an' thou he were a fat cardinal. I pray ye, genhangest on my arm, I will strike thee tlemen, use me kindly: and I hope ye with my dagger.”

will, for you would get little for the “ And I tell thee, thou cold-blooded trouble of using me ill.” ruffian,” said the other voice, in a more “ Art thou rich or poor?” undisguised tone, “if thou talk'st to me • The Lord love thee, man, I feed on of daggers, I will hurl thee from this berries." rock. Nay, now, good Leonardo

“ And hast thou no one to pay a ranA short struggle ensued.

The report of a carbine, a shout, an “ Thou art a wag,” said the handsome oath from the robbers, and a groan from stranger, laughing, and the rough, fiercethe traveller, who had fallen at full- looking men, with their striking attire, length on the ground, were answered by attitudes, and faces, gathered round, unthe cries of a flock of startled crows, consciously moved to merriment, and that took Aight, screaming at this omi- interested by the kind of kindred hardinous, though not unfrequent interrup- hood and fearlessness, as well as the orition to their repose.

ginal manner and prompt conversation When the brigands had turned the of their prisoner. body over, there was a loud coarse laugh. “ Thou art a wag, my friend,” re

“ He has swallowed thy bullet, Leo- peated the captive. nardo," cried one; “ for I see no mark “ A rough one, though,” rejoined the of it about his body.”

interrogator. “ It was I who winged “ The target-firing has put him to the bullet at thy heart but now; and I sleep,” said another; “ he will awake have another ready, to punish the imperpresently."

tinence of thy tongue, as well as the in“ I do think thou hast missed thy trusion of thy steps. Canst thou pay me mark, Leonardo,” said Antonio, as the a ransom, I say ?” savage robber sought plunder in vain “ The devil a carline. I am a friendfrom his victim, finding little else than a less painter, not in love with the world, portfolio of sketches. 6 The heart of no nor favoured by fortune. An' thou kill true brigand beats in thy bosom, for thou me, it will be but a waste of powder ; an’ art bloodthirsty as a savage beast; but, thou keepest me prisoner, a waste of by St. John, as thy soul is fierce, so thine bread. In either case thou wilt do an eye is false, and thy hand unsteady; for, injury to the fine arts, among which thy ha, ha, ha! thy bird is but stunned, and profession ranks high.” has in him the wherewithal to pay thee “ I believe thou sayest a lie, friend,"

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said another, « There is that in thy As these fearful alternatives flew from words and manner, which speaks thee lip to lip, the stranger, whose dashing better than thy calling."

boldness, although founded on a natu“ Indeed, good sir, you flatter." rally fearless heart, had been half put on

“ And such flattery thou lovest not, to meet the occasion, and secure good I dare swear. What wilt thou give to treatment by striking in with the rough save thy neck ?"

bravado of the robbers' character, turned “ I have nothing but thanks, which pale. His broad hat was knocked fiercely you shall have to any amount, and thou from his forehead and lay upon the turf, mayst moreover be sure that the payment and two strong men seized him by the will be prompt, and that the coin will throat, and dragged him toward the not be counterfeit."

dreadful crag, which the wretch had “What has led thy steps here, amidst pointed out as the fitting scene for him the solitudes of the Abruzzi,” said Leo- to finish for ever his mortal career. The nardo, who from some latent association, artist looked around for the only one or the inherent ferocity of a nature among the brigands who had shewn any gloomy, cruel and delighting in acts dark sparks of feeling. He had disappeared. and atrocious, appeared from the first to “ The blessed Virgin protect me,” he conceive hatred against the unfortunate, cried, in a low tone of inexpressible anand to be fatally bent on his destruction. guish; - the blessed Virgin protect me,

“ A truant disposition like thine own,” for I am a lost man !” replied the other.

Say rather the disposition of a spy," She sat in the entrance of the cave, cried Leonardo, approaching him, and upon a broken rock. A magnificent woclenching his brawny fist in his face, man, of a lovely, yet audacious appearance. while his white teeth shone through his Her person commanding and dignified, sneering lips and raven beard.

yet graceful, her face melancholy, yet “ I tell ye what, comrades," continued beautiful and majestic ; her raven hair the ruffian,“ you may like the amuse- was parted with the utmost simplicity ment of every wandering varlet's society, over her forehead, and a pair of eyes and believe the tale of every designing that should have lighted the halls of an traitor, but on my faith, I would keep emperor. You saw in an instant, the no terms with these wretches. Let this splendid character which the waves of prating caitiff die for his pains.”

tumultuous fortune had cast in a robber's “ Leonardo,” cried Antonio, “I have cave, and upon a robber's bosom. In called thee a fool; in troth, thou art a Egypt, she would have been a Cleopatra villain as well. I protest against thy -among the gypsies, a Meg-Merrilies-barbarity. Our Captain, Leopoldo, thou in England, a Mrs. Siddons in the unknow'st, holds different opinions; if he fortunate land of the Neapolitan, conreturns not from Catalina soon enough demned by the iron-hand of fate to be to prevent thy crime, he will return soon what the other only acted—a wild, high, enough to punish it.”

brilliant woman-treading amidst spoils “ Preach to woman, weak boy, thou, and blood in the lovely forests and upon and he with thee; and talk of punish- the midnight cliff-a brigand's wife, but ment when thou hast the means. Com still a woman-without the pale of sorades, this man is no painter, believe me, ciety-yet with the gentlest of human he is but some spy, who for a reward has hearts beating in her bosom. ventured to seek out our abodes in this on fierceness, as a language in which alone lowly character, and who doubtless would her wishes could be understood, and her smile to see all our heads adorning the humanity seconded. front of the Palazzo Reale at Naples. Remember the fate of Campanelli ! be- Antonio rushed in breathless. trayed by such a disguised traitor to “ What now, Antonio ?—thy mastertorture and death – I give my voice for speak quick !" his death! what say you, shall he live or She rose like a tigress, sprang forward, die?”

and pierced with her great awakened “Let him die,” cried another wretch; eyes into the soul of the robber. “ tie him to a tree, and let us plant a “ No, nothing of him, except thatbrace of bullets in his heart. Dash out his laws are broken-Leonardohis brains with the breech of thy carbine. The messenger panted again for breath. Bind him hand and foot, and hurl him 66 Leonardo! that villain's heart I from yonder cliff: a leap of three thou- read with ease-he is a rebel, and would sand feet, will give him an appetite for bring revolution and civil war even here his supper in"

among our peaceful band. He aims at

She put sole empire; what of him ? Now thou est of the party to assist him, the two hast breathed again.'

seized him by the feet and shoulders, the “ He has snared a single traveller, and former of which, as well as his hands, by this time, I fear, has hurled him were closely bound, and lifted him over headlong from Monte Gargano.” the brink. He closed his eyes with a

“ His wanton cruelty will rouse the convulsive shudder-one or two entreaties whole country,” cried the angry woman, were choked in his throat, striding rapidly toward the cliff, as if to “ Farewell, painter,” cried the feroprevent, if possible, the consummation of cious Leonardo, “ a pleasant journey to the deed. " Yet is he powerful among thee; it is a long one, but thou wilt not the men-who warm in the absence of be long on the way.” Leopoldo, and follow him as a chief-ha! Another moment, and the world had by the holy Virgin, look! They are lost the best paintings which ever graced grouped up yonder against the sky, on the walls of its galleries and palaces, when the very edge of the beetling precipice. the shout of Madalena, from below, arThey have not yet sealed the poor rested the brutal arm of Leonardo. wretch's fate; see, the victim is bound, “ Per dio !” he said, “Madalena! there and the circle opens ; Leonardo and will be breakers a-head.” Pisani have grasped the victim ; now “ Diavolo," cried the rest ; “if the they stoop to gather their strength— old beldame had staid away a minute God-death-what-ho! Leonardo— more." villains—rebel—I will have thee flayed But they could not decently finish their Leonardo, ho !”

atrocious deed, without paying her the

respect of waiting for her first to come The ruffians roughly dragged the poor up, although the temptation of flinging painter to the fearful scene. He who a man three thousand feet off a precipice has looked from the pinnacle of an Italian was almost too powerful to be resisted. mountain, has beheld a sight perhaps Madalena mounted the acclivity; she magnificent beyond parallel. The clear- knew their natures well, and, though ness of the atmosphere, the depth of the her horror and impatience had, the mosky, the blueness of the placid Mediterra- ment before, found vent in threats and nean, the levels of gorgeous and luxuriant revilings, she had calmed herself now to vegetation which rise in the hills, the a steadier mood. beds of fresh and verdant loveliness which “ Knaves," she said, “ do ye these lie embosomed in the vales, vast tracts of things alone ? Should ye not, in the ablemons and oranges sparkling and waving sence of your chieftain, do me the poor in the sun, and a river, not of water, but honour of inviting me to your amuseof sand, winding in many broad and ments ?” graceful bends by wood and hill, by rock “ You are welcome,” growled Leo and garden, beneath impending towns nardo, fiercely, with the air of a hungry and ruined castles, and under the arches dog, whose bone has been just wrenched of bridges broadly built of many stones. from between his teeth by superior force ; Never was a scene more wonderfully “although uninvited, you are welcome.” splendid, than that on which the affrighted “ But who is this wretch, the doomed painter cast his eyes in that awful mo- victim of your displeasure-what!"

They drew him within a few She placed her finger on his forehead, feet of the edge, where he was bound, to steady his palsied and ghastly features, amid fierce jeers and eager impatience, while his languid limbs hung nerveless for the wretches loved the excitement of in their tight bands. such a scene.

Why, by the Virgin, this is a boy“ Hast thou said thy pater-noster, young- unarmed — helpless — bound;" painter ?” said one.

and she took between her thumb and “ Hast thou confessed thy sins?” asked finger a fold of his worn garment; “ poor, another.

too—and, perhaps, an outcast and a vicHast thou told thy beads?" demanded tim like yourselves." a third.

Ay, and the first word he spoke,” “ In the love of Madonna, friends, do exclaimed one of the band, “ was a hatred not put me to this cruel death.”

and defiance to priests and tyrants." “ Thou art late in thy application," Why, Leonardo, this is low game> said Leonardo; “ when the brigand's this is an insignificant prey—this is a thirst for blood is up, he must have the victim rather for a woman's arm, or, draught, cost what it may."

rather, her eyes.” They drew him to the edge, and Leo. “I understand no jest, fair lady. nardo deliberately motioning the strong. This slave is, in all our belief, a spy


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