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were always to be helped first; why, was sweet sounds : but would you believe it, a mystery to me). I touch not upon the I am considered little less than a Goth, indignities I went through, of being un- for even hinting at the possibility of such ceremoniously thrust out of the room, an occurrence: I am not allowed to be whenever my sisters had any secrets to tired of music; it is insisted I must be chat over with little girls of their own gratified at their persevering practisings: age (how often I have wondered what on were I to hint at the expediency of a earth they could be whispering about!) little cessation, the whole five would be I complain not of the being made to up in arms. You can conceive the situafetch and carry for five whimsical mis- tion in which I am thus placed, when, tresses from morning to night, to the listening of an evening to their doings, utter neglect of all my own little plans some young unmarried man turns round (John, my dear, do this.—John, sir, to me, and exclaims in an insinuating come here.-John, you ill-natured thing, loud whisper, "how very beautiful that come directly). I am willing to forget was! can't we have it again ?”—if I fail the very few glimpses I could get of the to cry bravo as loud as he does, I am fire during the cold days, while five sure to be found out, and get snubbed elaimants stood firmly fixed round the the next day : “ How indifferent you fender, surprised that a boy could be so were with the music last night, John; chilly. I will not call to mind the com- you do chill everybody so." Mais reveplete indifference with which my school nons a nos moutons; I was

of sorrows and triumphs were treated; nor the difficulty of finding a room unoccuthe coolness with which I was received pied. The only place where my troubled on my return home for the holidays; nor spirit can be at peace, under this incesthe provoking carelessness with which sant cultivation of the science of har. my departures were viewed. I scorn to mony, is in a room at the very top of the complain of the superior deference which house; in fact, in one of the (why should my five sisters always paid to other I hesitate ) attics. In this ignoble place, brothers; for I gradually discovered, to I hear little of the fiddlements going on my excessive gratification, that this feel. in the lower part of the building; and ing was not confined to my own relatives. to it I now remove, immediately after

Of none of these do I complain. No, breakfast. But alas ! I fear even this sir, I turn to griefs of a far more im- poor refuge is about to be wrested from portant character: I turn to the days ine! the other day, I came in with a which have gone by, since holidays and hole in my glove; I threw it on the dolls, smiles and short lessons, have all table (my sisters all present), and “supdisappeared : me miserum,—to what a posed nobody would mend it for me” period do I come!

(I am used to neglect, sir): it hardly You spoke, sir, in a previous paper, of reached the table, before three of them a sister (Maria, you call her ; perhaps a

flew at it: and the conqueror began Lady Maria) and a guitar. Happy man, stitching immediately. What's in the to have your miseries reduced within so wind now, said I to myself ;-Hetty small and manageable a compass ! Sir, hoped I was quite well, and Charlotte I have five sisters; and they all play the begged me to explain when she ought to guitar : from ten to two, every day (such castle at chess. I began to be alarmed ; is the superabundance of my happiness) Susan put my hair to rights, and JoI am fairly guitarred up into the re- hanna smoothed my hat. I threw my. motest corner of the house. But the self desperately into a chair : “ My dear matter does not end here : besides the John,” said Hetty, “would you do us a guitar, all my sisters play the piano; all great favour; you need not look so: it sing, and three play the harp. I leave is only to allow Johanna just to practise you to imagine the succession of sounds her guitar in your room of a morning, from morning to night. Being extremely she does put us out so here.”—“Now fond of a moderate quantity of music, I do, John,” chorussed the whole five. I would not complain so much, if any of bounced up, and ran out of the room, them liked duets and trios; for besides putting a determined veto on the matter. the change, the ground would be got I escaped it is true, but the consequence over quicker; but no,-nothing but solos of it is, that three of them have done will do ; so that the day is barely long nothing but pout at me since; and the enough for their multifarious practisings; other two are at open war, and amuse and to avoid putting each other out, they themselves with letting off, every now occupy every room in the house. I need and then, some apparently careless twohardly say, I am tolerably surfeited of edged remark, one side of which I cannot help taking to myself. They have such hot water, that I have not dared to been complaining, I suppose, to the su- interfere since : it was fairly asserted, perior powers; for yesterday evening, and considered as proved, that I wanted my respected mother, who had been to keep them all at home, that I was dozing in the arm chair by the fire, was ashamed of them, that I hated them; pleased all at once to lift up her head, that, in short, I was a sort of a monster and, half awake, to express herself “sur- of a brother! prised I could be so unkind to my sis- When we have a full house here, you ters; why did I not let them practise in will easily conceive the fever I am put my room?” Really, Mr. Editor, I do into. My sisters have each their several not know what to do.

plans and views, and ideas; and for two These are only samples of my musical or three days previously, it is “ hinted," miseries: you will readily understand I and “wished,” and “ requested,” and “of endure very many others. Most people coursed,” I will be particular to do this, look forward to the London season with and not to do the other. Attention to great delight; need I say, I dread it ? the confusing wishes of five people is so Engagements of all kinds ensue ; and very difficult, that sometimes a little with only one brother to do walking- error will occur, and then the next day stick, of course no small share of fag I am victimized; I am assured that my must fall on his shoulders. My sisters non-compliance with their wishes was find a large quantity of morning visits to extremely unkind; indeed they are not pay, exhibitions to see, shoppings to go certain it was not intentional.

“ How through; and I, no leave asked, must do could you, John, do so and so? you know propriety whenever I am wanted ; just I wanted you to draw out Mr. A., and as if my own private engagements were not to argue with Mr. B., or to back to be considered as nothing (you know, Miss C.-And you went away from the sir, there are, now and then, little mat. piano just when Mr. D. was going to ters in this line, which it is very distress- sing · Idolo mio;' it was so rude of you. ing to be obliged to put off). You have -And when Mr. E. asked you if we undergone, I suppose, the process of sung, you said you did not know.–And shopping ? What a very pretty bracelet you left that poor Miss G. alone twice this is, John, is it not? The poor be- in the evening, when you know mamma wildered brother, knowing what is com- wants you to be civil to her.— And when ing, calls up a look of calin contempt for aunt asked us for · Perfida Clore,' which the trash; and he is in return fairly is Charlotte's best, you told her you had pounced upon with a “ Now do buy it quite forgotten your part; you might for me, John; it not so very dear; and have stood up, at all events-And you Caroline does so want that chain!" It looked so grave when Mr. H. told that is awful the money spent this way by story over again, about the man and his brothers, in gloves, ribands, jewellery, dog.–And when Caroline wanted to scents, and other the like nicknacks; and dance, you left her with that disagreeable the worst of it is, our ringleted plagues Mr. L., whom you know she abominates. seem to go upon the principle, that it is - And when Johanna got out in the a mere duty we owe them to supply their guitar passage, you did nothing to cover amiable wants as fast as they can fancy it, but stood silent; you might have them; so that we get no thanks for our laughed, or coughed. And when Miss compliance (it is true we are only too M. was playing her tiresome variations, glad to do all they wish us); and if we I could hear you talking to Mrs. O.refuse, oh, mercy, what torrents of elo- And when Hetty wanted you to find quence ensue!

some music, you would not look our way, Talk of the comfort of having sisters but pretended to listen to Miss P.-And indeed! Only imagine the going to when you were sitting next Miss R., you parties with so many female relatives ! did not say a word to her.-And when i Mrs. B., Mr. B., and the Miss B.'s," Mr. S. came over to you, you never inshouts one servant; “ Mrs. B., the Miss troduced him to us. To all these comB.'s, and Mr. B.," shouts another--and plaints I listen patiently, only turning in we walk in a body. I dread to look my head from this side to that, to receive round, for I am sure to see a titter on the shots as they pour in vigorous succesthe faces of the people in the room, at sion from my five offended sisters. Any such a wholesale supply. I once sug- attempt at a defence, I find, only makes gested, as regarded my sisters, the prothe matter worse; so I submit, wonderpriety of some two or three having colds ing what is to be the next accusation. on these occasions, taking it by turns for If I break off here, it is not that I every invite; but bless me, I got into have exhausted the list of my miseries—



rien moins que celabut that Hetty and that the Moors and English were, and Charlotte want to make a few calls this always had been, the greatest friends. morning, and I must go.

H. F. G. In these shallow waters are caught great

quantities of fish, by forming curved lines NOTES OF A READER. or pallisades some way out to sea, with

palm branches, by which the fish which In Sir Grenville Temple's Excursions in come up with the high water are retained the Mediterranean, we find the following when it recedes. The horrid polypus, amusing anecdotes : they are highly cha- which is, however, greedily eaten,abounds, racteristic of the Tunisians, as well as of and some are of an enormous size; they the other Barbary States :

prove at times highly dangerous to ba


An instance of this occurred two During the reign of Hammooda Ba- vears since; a Sardinian captain bathing sha, the Kaeed, or Governor, of Tunis, of one of these animals : on this, with his

at Jerbeh, felt one of his feet in the grasp who, according to custom, had made his rounds, and had ascertained from differ- other foot he tried to disengage himself

, ent travellers what they had paid for

but this limb was immediately seized by

another of the monster's arms; he then their provisions, found that one of them had purchased a certain quantity of bread, with his hands endeavoured to free himwhich was found deficient in weight

when self, but these also in succession were placed in the Kaeed's scales. The party firmly grasped by the polypus, and the proceeded to the baker's, whose scales gave with all his limbs strongly bound together

poor man was shortly after found drowned, correctly the weight at which he had sold the bread; on this the Kaeed had them by the arms and legs of the fish ; and it

is extraordinary that where this happened broken, when they were found to contain

the water was scarcely four feet in depth. a quantity of quicksilver in a hollow tube, which could thus be made to throw its

MISCELLANIES. balance on either side. The baker's oven happened at the moment to be properly heated, and the Kaeed, without any fur- No doubt the Yankees sometimes laugh ther trial, ordered the culprit to be immediately thrown into it. Hammooda

at the account which our travellers give

of them and their manners; but we having heard of this, remonstrated with the Kaeed on his precipitancy, when he question whether we have not in the answered—" I have done great good; following extract something which


Mr. Grant Thorbakers will in future deem it preferable burn, “ the original Laurie Todd,” as

than cannot parallel. to heat their ovens for bread of a proper weight, than to bake themselves, of what

he is called, has just published a second

work, which he entitles "r Men and ever weight they may chance to be.”

Manners Britain."

Among other

absurd things, he says—“ Nothing can The learned men told me that they looked exceed the good-natured humility of many upon the English nearly in the light of ladies and gentlemen of the British meMussulmen, stating that Muhammed the tropolis; for instead of employing their prophet had sent to acquaint them with coachmen and grooms to drive them, his announcement of the true faith, and they frequently undertake the office of to request them to range themselves in their servants, and mount the coach-box, the number of his disciples. The English or the dicky, while the servants are answered that they felt deeply the truth lounging by their sides, lolling within the of his religion, but that previous to carriage. The coach-box tête-à-tête between openly adopting it, they requested ex- ladies and their grooms, has a most enplanations upon one or two trifling points, gaging effect in the crowded streets of chiefly regarding the abolition of wine; London, particularly if Thomas happens unfortunately, however, before this letter (which is sometimes the case), to have reached Mecca, the prophet had been his arms round the waist of his mistress, to taken up to the seventh heaven. Had prevent her falling-into worse hands. his death been for a short time delayed, The drive in Hyde Park, and that noisy, he would have explained any little diffi- crowded thoroughfare, Bond-street, that culties, and we should have been faithful puppet-show stage of fashion, presents followers of the tenets of Muhammedan.. many scenes of this kind.After this, ism. They also told me that England who will not own that “ travellers see was the nearest country to Tunis, and strange things !”



Dennis lashed Pope with fury; and In the following anecdote, from the the critical attacks upon Byron, Kirke French, will be recognized the original White, and Keats, are familiar to all. of Christopher Sly's adventure in the Seneca and Pliny, say that Virgil had “ Taming of the Shrew.” Philip the no invention ; while many have regarded Good, Duke of Burgundy, travelling one Pliny's history as fabulous. night to Bruges, found on the high road Cicero calls Demosthenes the prince a man stretched on the ground in a pro- of orators; while Eschines declares that found sleep. He caused his attendants his language is impure, and that his proto take him up, and carry him to his ductions smell of oil. palace, where, after stripping him of his Cicero himself has been said by some old clothes which were very ragged, they to possess more art than nature-to be put on him a night robe of the finest affectedly witty, and unaffectedly labourquality, and laid him on the prince's own ed and artificial. bed. When the drunkard awoke next In modern times, Johnson has taken morning, his surprise was extreme, on up the cudgels against Milton and Gray: perceiving himself in a superb chamber, surrounded by attendants richly attired, who respectfully inquired what dress his REMONSTRANCE WITH THE SNAILS. highness would wear that day. This

Ye little snails, completed his confusion; but after a

With slipp tails, thousand protestations that he was no Who noiselessly travel prince, but a poor cobbler, he submitted · Along this gravel ; to the oppressive honours of his supposed

By a silvery path of slime unsightly,

. rank.

He was splendidly dressed, ap- Felonious your visit, I guess ! peared in public, attended mass in the And I give you this warning, ducal chapel, and, in short, went through

That, every morning, all the accustomed ceremonies, conclud

I'll strictly examine the pods;

And if one I hit on, ing with a grand supper and ball, al- With slaver or spit on, though it must be confessed, that at the

Your next meal will be with the Gods. former he drank more deeply than was I own you're a very apcient race, consistent with good breeding.

And Greece and Babylon were amid;

You have tenanted many a royal dome, The comedy now approached its con- And dwelt in the oldest pyramid ; clusion. Having fallen fast asleep, he The source of the Nile!-Oh, you have been was re-clothed in his rags, and car

there ! ried to the same spot on which he had

In the ark was your floodless bed;

On the moonless night of Marathon been found sleeping, where he remained You crawlid o'er the mighty dead; for the rest of the night. With the morn- But still, though I reverence your ancestries, ing's light he awoke, and returning to his

I don't see why you should uibble my peas. dwelling, recounted to his wife his sin- The meadows are yours,—the hedge-row and

brook, gular dream, as he very naturally con

You may bathe in their dews at morn; cluded his adventure to have been. This By the aged sea you may sound your shells, historiette furnished the subject of a

On the mountains erect your horn; comic drama, entitled “ Arlequin tou

The fruits and the flowers are your rightful

dowers, jours Arlequin.”

Then why-in the name of wonder

Should my six pea-rows be the only cause The evening before a battle, an officer

To excite your midnight plunder? asked Marshal Toiras for permission to

I have never disturbed your slender shells, go and see his father, who was at the

You have hung round my aged walk;

And each might bave sat, till he died in his fat, point of death. “Go," said the Marshal, Beneath his own cabbage-stalk : who saw through his pretext; “ honour But now you must fly from the soil of your sires, thy father and thy mother, that thy days and think of your poor little snails at home,

Then put on your liveliest crawl; may be long in the land.”

Now orphans or emigrants all.

Utensils domestic, and civil, and social, Homer has been accused of purloining But in the moon of this night does not rise on

I up all his beauties from Hesiod, and Plato

your flight, condemns him.

To-morrow I'll hang each man Jack up. Cicero calls Plato the god of philo. You'll think of my peas and your thievish tricks,

With tears of slime when crossing the Styx. sophers ; Aristophanes charges him with impicty, and Porphyry with incon

PostScript. tinence.

If darkness should not let thee read this,

Furtive Snail, Aristotle is accused of ambition, igno

Go ask thy friend, the Glow-worm, rance and vanity, by Cicero and Plutarch.

For his tail.



SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 1835. Price Two-Pence.

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EARLY RECOLLECTIONS. for he had often sought the house of late,

since he had been desperately

smitten by (For the Parterre.)

the attractions of one Mary Willis, the

niece of my landlady of the Three Bells ; At the time when the struggle for for he and Mary had been born and mastery with our American colonies was bred in the neighbouring town of Poulat its height, and the communication ton, and when Mary became an orphan, betwixt the mother country and the and went to reside with her aunt as an different ports of America not in pos- humble companion, even in their humsession of the insurgents, of almost daily ble sphere still did Matthew follow in occurrence; a vessel was one evening her footsteps, striving to make himself observed standing off at some distance, agreeable in many ways; but such is the on the Lancashire coast, near Black waywardness of our feelings, that every Pool. She was evidently by her build, means by which he urged his suit, served a trader, and her destination, from her only to strengthen the dislike Mary bore hovering about the coast beating up for towards him, and which had even been a favourable wind, to cross the Atlantic. increased since her residence with her

At some distance from the village of aunt; but this, however, might be acBlack Pool, a boat had been run in counted for in some degree, by stating shore, and the crew, with the exception that Mrs. Jerrold, the landlady of the of one who remained in charge, were Three Bells, had an only son, Harry gone to have what they called a “jollifi- Jerrold, who was in many respects the cation,” and for this purpose, under the counterpart of Matthew : he was wild pilotage of one Matthew Brain, were in and reckless, yet in outward form nature quest of a neat little road-side inn, called had been favourable to him; and though the “ Three Bells,” standing as Matthew Mary could see the faults of Matthew asserted, somewhere about these parts. Brain, which were but too palpable, still

Now Matthew knew too well the was she blind to those of Harry Jerrold, situation of the Three Bells, to remain which to all other eyes were gross enough. long in doubt as to which way to steer, It has been often said, that the mild,

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