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nor philosophy; for I was without prin- Chastity, poverty, and obedience, are
ciples, without a God. But I had a the three fundamental vows of the order.
kind of undefined ambition; a presenti. I pronounced them in good faith, with
ment of fortune, vague and shadowy, yet the rashness and giddiness of youth. To
omnipotent in its glory, which linked me obedience I thought myself moulded ;
to that earth where I was so unhappy, and besides, at the convent it appeared
so desolate. I visioned forth a future of to be neither servile nor oppressive. To
reparation and of justice. I had splendid poverty I submitted with the less repug-
instincts, bold fore-warnings. My ima- nance, having never known aught else,
gination peopled my solitude; the phan-' and the poverty of the cloister was opu-
toms it called up in the void created for lence to me. As to chastity, I sincerely
me an ideal court, of which I was king; made the sacrifice of my disorderly habits,
and this ideal royalty endowed my soul and no reserved thought then weakened
with an energy, sombre but magnificent, the merit of my abnegation.
that was my salvation.

“ Thus, at the age when the passions The sovereign of an invisible world; begin to reign, I grappled with the I was, however, not the less pitiable to future. I was sustained in this great look at.

Thin, pale, with a long beard, act by the feverish excitation produced ragged and half naked, I might rather by every strong resolution, and the enhave been taken for a wild beast than a thusiasm that prompts youth with every human being. It is a miracle that I did generous idea : for, I must avow it, I not become a brigand; but God threw a blushed at my past life, I desired a remonk in my path, and I am a cardinal ! formation, and the conversation of the

“One day when I was dying with Father Preceptor had touched me. I hunger, a Franciscan passed by, driving glowed with ardent piety. before him a mule laden with provisions. “ Noi being a priest, my duties at the I rushed upon it, and began to devour convent were nearly those of a domestic; the food. Terrified at my voracity and this hurt my pride, and I resolved on a ferocious aspect, the Franciscan offered change. I spoke to the superior, he was no interruption. When I was satisfied, attached to me; he thought he discovered I related to him my desertion from the in me some germs of talent, and underregiment; he pitied me, and invited me took the difficult and radical task of my to follow him to the monastery. I ac. education. quiesced, and this circumstance decided I now had an end, and my detesta

tion of work bent to the yoke of a daily “ The military service awoke in Sicily occupation; at length, after two years of no sympathy, and in the convents still study and assiduity, I was admitted to less than any where else. The brethren holy orders. was now the equal of gave me a cordial reception, holding me the brother priests, the superior of the as one rescued from the claws of Beelze- lay converts. This idea of superiority bub. Their cloister was at Petralia ; a flattered me: I soon officiated at the small town lost amidst the rocks, and of mass. which I took the name, having none of “ My studies were limited to very my own,

little: some Latin, the breviary, the “ For several months I was an object ecclesiastic usages and discipline, formed with the fraternity of the warmest hos. the base of them. The casuist of the pitality, and during this time a revolution convent added a course of moral theo. was effected within me. My incurable logy; that is to say, he made me look idleness adapted itself wonderfully to the over all the cases of conscience that can life of a monk. No ties of affection or be submitted to a confessor at the triinterest bound me to the world. I was bunal. My progress kept pace with his twenty-one years of age, no path was instructions so well, that I was invested open to me; I was without a ducat; I with the power of the confessional before became a Franciscan.

the canonical age. "My life had hitherto been humble, “ From a valet, comedian, and vagarestless, and precarious ; I thought to bond, behold me then metamorphosed give it dignity, repose, and continuity. into a confessor. I who had sinned so I saw the fathers honoured in the country, much, receiving the confessions of sinsure of the future, living without fatigue, ners, and punishing scandals. I soon and, above all, without labour : could i acquired, by my personal austerity, and hesitate ? Such at that time was my tolerance for others, a marked consideradread of toil, that the monastic idleness tion. decided me more than all the rest.

6. This mode of existence was so new

my life.


to me, that for a long time the change can I relate what passed within me? was a delight; but I soon familiarized What form can I give to those hidden myself with my new duties, and they emotions whose essence is silence and became matters of routine : I advanced mystery,-supreme ascendant of intelli. towards the future with lofty hopes, in- gence ! sacred empire of thought! when spiring all around me with security and for the first time I vowed allegiance to confidence.

you? One must have felt that stormy “ Petralia was to me the universe; delirium, have throbbed with some great when I passed through the town I com- design, to understand the state of my posed my countenance, and measured my soul. I was ambitious, and I gave mysteps. I tendered my hand to be kissed self up to the dreams of dominion with with a proud humility, and my preten- the impetuosity of the African temperasions were unbounded. The best houses ment. I was ashamed of my life, of my were open to me, and my fame reverted littleness, of my misery; I despised the to the dignity of the convent.

temptations of the world, henceforth sure “ Before I was twenty-five, I spake of myself and my shield. with authority, imposing upon all ages. “ I dare not say that from the recesses I was summoned to Palermo to preach of the cloister of Petralia, I ventured at there during Lent.

This sumptuous

once to raise my eyes to the crown of .city, Asiatic by its luxury, Spanish by Saint Peter. But my dream was of power its customs, appeared to me under a new - I was a priest-one only path was aspect; risen from the degradation of the open to me; and the example of Sixtus .ante-chamber to the pulpit of truth, I the Fifth was the master-spring of my preached penitence and humiliation to actions. My boldness increasing, my those whoin I had formerly served, and rash desires soon knew no bounds. The thundered against the nobles more from veil of Sais was rent, and I looked into revenge than piety. Never had language the face of the idol without trembling! so severe resounded in the ears of the “ Now commenced my life of selfpowerful of the earth. My preaching, collection and concentration. I resolved however, was so popular, that nothing to forget the world, that I might return greater had been known. Lent over, I to it not a slave, but a master. My ig. bid adieu to all these pomps, and quitted norance seemed an obstacle in the way of Palermo.

my advancement. I imprisoned myself " I returned moody and discontented. in my cell; I devoted myself to unremitI had hitherto fancied myself of import- ting study. A fallow soil is rebel to the ance; Palermo had taught me that I plough. Long neglected, and untrained, was only an obscure Franciscan. I had my southern mind accustomed to perbreathed the sweets of the world, had ceive effects without ascending to causes; seen its splendours, and I regretted that to contemplate nature without under. world, which was closed against me for standing, or inquiring into it; was at first

bewildered in the labyrinths of science. “ The remembrance of the archbishop “ Tracing the history of man from his above all, haunted me with its parade and cradle, I saw him naked, weak, surmagnificence. It was when on my knees rounded with enemies; I saw him inbefore him, that I experienced the first crease in size, conquer and reign. I saw sensation of my nothingness. This him in bodily combat with nature, surthought thrilled to my heart; and when prising her secrets, seizing her treasures, he said to me, · My Father, rise,' and I but, nevertheless, always subject to her had replied, with a deep sigh, the haughty laws. title of · My Lord !' burnt my lips in “ At length, enlightened by study and passing.

meditation, I read history and events “ I was in this state of sullen discon- clearly. I comprehended true greatness tent and vague ambition, when the life and true strength. From the tent of the of Sixtus the Fifth fell into my hands. Patriarch, from the hunter Nimrod, who My ignorance at that time was so great began to be powerful upon earth, to the that I was unacquainted even with his Vatican, and that Sixtus the Fifth, who name. It was to me a perfect revelation. had awoke me to new life, I saw man, I wore the garb of a priest, henceforth I king by his thought; imagining, establishclothed myself with the spirit. I had ing, preserving, and destroying by it. seen an obscure shepherd deck his brows Nature, the invisible Sphinx, propounds with the tiara because of an energetic to earth her deep riddles; intelligence is will, and I also, I exclaimed, I will the ingenious (Edipus who penetrates and learn to will it.' But in what language explains them ; her's is the throne and



the empire: in vain, violence, blind and duties of my ministry with the punctubrutal instrument, usurps her place; she ality of long habit. My fame for knowfalls, she perishes, and with her the fra- ledge and holiness increased; and though gile work: it is the rebel son of Izhar, my ambition outgrew my reputation, I plunging in the abyss before Moses the accepted it as an augury of a brilliant triumphant!

Having explored the different paths “ I had long announced a pilgrimage to of science, I fell upon the middle ages as Rome for the accomplishment of a vow; the eagle on its prey.

The world kneel. and what more terrible vow ever linked ing before a weak priest, kings bending man to the future? It was at Rome to his laws, humbling themselves before that I determined to begin the conflict. his censures; the imposing triumph of I solicited and obtained permission to mind over matter seemed to me then, and depart. My courage and piety were apstill seems to me, the last degree, the de- plauded, and, deceiving everybody, I finitive point of human progress. quitted the convent of Petralia never to

“Strong in this conviction, I fed upon return to it. I was then thirty years of the history of that Christianity which is age, I am now sixty-five-reckon. the eternal haven of humanity.”

" From a last inspiration of youth, I Anselm here made a gesture of im- determined to bid adieu to Sicily from the patience and incredulity.

top of Etna. I ascended it before sun“ I repeat," said the Cardinal, “this rise, and the dawn overtook me at the is not a discussion, but a narrative. I summit of the cave. Stretched out ben am entitled to your silence; be kind neath me lay the whole of Sicily like a enough not to offer any interruption. map, with the clear outline of its coast

“ Familiarized with the history of the marked as by a pencil. Long absorbed Papacy, I turned to that of the Popes. I in contemplation as I gazed upon that passed them in review before me, and Sicily, which I loved without knowing those pontifs who in this secular gallery why, and which I was going to quit for of glory and holiness awoke my liveliest ever, my eyes filled with tears. "What, sympathies, were all those who, as well then, is the mysterious power of the as myself

, had sprang from the lowest natal soil, that we love for its own sake ranks of the people. It was Hildebrand, and without cause ? What hidden link son of a carpenter, like the Master ; the chains us to it? What magic is it that Englishman, Adrian the Fourth, son of charms us in it ? a valet, and a beggar before he was Pope; “ . But what,' I exclaimed with bitBennet the Eleventh, the Lombard, terness, “have I to regret in the past?' whose father was a shepherd; Bennet and I compared myself to Etna : solitary the Twelfth, the Frenchman, whose fa- alike in Sicily, I lost neither father ther was a miller; John the Twenty- nor mother. I left behind me neither Second, Urban the Fourth, Adrian the love nor regret. And it was from the Sixth, all three children of common me- depth of this oblivion, of this abasement, chanics; Sixtus the Fourth, son of the that the bastard of a valet dared to cast fisherman of Savonia ; Nicholas the a covetous glance on the supreme digFourth, herdsman in a remote mountain nity—that, blighted by ignominious serhamlet; finally, Sixtus the Fifth! These vitude, he aspired to empire! But is not were the men whose illustrious fortunes empire a compensation for happiness? captivated and dazzled me: I inquired Does not the soul, shut out from all the of them their secret; I vowed to follow voices of nature, draw its strength from in their steps.

its isolation ? My solitude, I thus rea“ The joys of ambition are immense, soned, was providential, and from that I and surpass all other delights. In com

still drew presages. munion with my own thoughts, I spent “ Stilling the last regrets of an unatwhole days of ecstasy in my cell. My tached heart, I steeled it, I barbed it monastic robe was dear to me. Did it with iron, and, regretless, irrevocably not open to me a road to glory and domi- broke with a world I had found so harsh. nion? If I sought the forest shade, the “ Greeting with one last look my mountain solitude, it was no longer to gloomy birth-place, I descended through indulge in useless regrets, but to strengthen the lava and forests, and the next day my soul by the contemplation of great embarked at Messina. things, to raise it above enervating plea- “ Seated on the deck during the passures, to temper it for the battle.

sage, I saw the brow of Etna slowly sink “ Years thus rolled away in these silent beneath the waves; like a gigantic paand secret preparations. I fulfilled the norama, I saw fit by, the mountainous

way side,

shores of Calabria, the lovely gulfs of self and his fraternity as one of them. It Policastro, Salerno, Naples, and Gaëta; is but a Franciscan the more at Rome, but nothing could divert me from the thought they; but I said to myself, . It one fixed thought. It was like a band is a Pope !" of iron round my temples, and each un- Overcome by the violence of these dulation of the vessel, impelling me to. abruptly-awakened remembrances, the wards my end, but tightened the inflexible Cardinal was silent. Anselm surveyed circle.

him with astonishment; so unmeasured “ We at length hailed Ostia; I was an ambition surpassed his expectation, put ashore at the mouth of the Tiber. and surprise at what he had just heard The vessel pursued its course towards held him mute. Civita-Vecchia, whilst I alone, and on At length the Cardinal resumed, in a foot, took the route to Rome through trembling and uncertain voice," The the Campagna.

first thing I perceived in Rome was that “ All was silence around; the noise of my order was the least esteemed of any; my monastic robe brushing the worn tbanks to the poverty and obscurity of pavement of the antique way, the only its members, the greater number of whom sound in these Saturnian solitudes. were, like myself, from the dregs of so

“ I walked on, sometimes across naked ciety. But I made my very obscurity meadows, sometimes beneath the shade available to my advancement. A learned of myrtles and green oaks, with glimpses Benedictine would have astonished no of the yellow and voiceless Tiber shewing one; he would have been lost in the here and there. Suddenly the horizon crowd; a learned Franciscan, on the opened. Encircled by the graceful bend contrary, was a prominent individual ; of the Sabine hills, the floating plain the ignorance of his fraternity was a perolled out before me like a waving sea. destal that heightened him personally,

“ At length the cupola of the Vatican and drew him into notice. was discernible. My breath failed me, My reputation for learning rapidly my knees trembled, and I sat down on advanced, and soon was as undisputed at an antique pedestal left standing by the Rome as it had formerly been at Pe

tralia. - The Vatican !--behold the electric “ I can see hence the church in which spark that had first roused me into being! I commenced my warfare, and which is It was there before my eyes! That still dear to me, Saint Charles of BorroRome, the Queen of ancient times as of mea. I preached there in Lent, as I the middle ages-Rome, that disposed of had preached at Palermo five years besceptres and bound the diadems on the fore. Palermo had revealed my nothingbrows of the kings of the earth, was ness to me; Saint Charles drew me forth there before me ! A ray of the setting from it. This was the first step towards sun lighted the cross of Saint Peter, the my fortune. Pharos of the world, which still glittered My preaching was successful, and I after the extent of the desert slept in sha- became popular. My order stirred heaven dow. I resumed my route, and reached and earth in my behalf, and I was prethe gate of Saint Paul before it was closed sented to the Pope as one of the firmest for the night.

champions of the church. “ How would the Cardinals in their “ I was received by his Holiness with purple, and the supreme Pontif under marked distinction, for the church at that his tiara, have smiled with pity, could time, enfeebled and threatened, required they have read the heart of the obscure support and defence. The Pope promonk who then crossed the threshold of longed the audience more than he would the Holy City!

have done for a Prince. The humility But they might also have smiled at with which I received his notice surthe thoughts of the shepherd of Montal- prised all. I knelt down a simple Franto; and the shepherd of Montalto be- ciscan; I rose up a Bishop. At this came Sixtus the Fifth !

stroke of fortune, I thought I should have I entered Rome as a future con- fainted. I returned thanks to God in a queror; the fever of ambition maddened torrent of tears ; this was again taken for my brain and fired my soul.

humility-it was the suffocating fever of The convent in which I was to be ambition; I had made one step towards lodged occupied the most deserted part the tiara! of the Ganiculus. You see it hence be- It was a part of my plan to remain hind Saint Onaphrus. I had letters for at Rome. The Holy Father anticipated the Superior, and was received by him my views by giving me a diocese in partibus; and attaching me to his person, as flight! How swift is this, how slow the preacher in his chapel. My episcopal other ! And look, the dove even outtitle and office henceforth assured me an strips the eagle ; it reaches first the peak important part in the Pontifical family. of the cypress ! But it rests there ex

“Often in my wanderings in the pre- hausted; it will ascend no higher. Seek cincts of Rome have I interrogated my. the eagle now ... He is lost in the self as to my enterprise. Was it not all clouds ! illusion and madness? But the same « One by one I attained to all the spiinstincts and presentiments that had for- ritual dignities of the church, constantly merly saved me amongst the abysses of rejecting the temporal. The magistracy the Madonia, served as my ægide, and of consciences conciliates men and imsaved me then likewise from despair. poses upon them; the magistracy of

“ But I will not fatigue you with the worldly interests alienates and repulses long recital of the forty years of combat, them; therefore, confining myself to the doubt, and hope. The revolution of narrow circle of ecclesiastical functions, France, then of Italy, at length broke in I constantly held aloof from the world, upon the monotony of my long expecta- refusing nunciatures, legations, and all tions. Shaken in the sixteenth century political charges that were offered to me, by the Reformation, fought in the breach and which, besides, would have removed in the eighteenth_by Philosophy, that me from that Rome that it behoved me church to which I had linked my des- not to quit again. The hat, at length, retiny was threatened with total ruin, and warded my diligence and patience; the with it my fortune and existence. last Pope made me a Cardinal. I am the

" I followed the Pore into exile. I forty-sixth of my order ; my order has lived ten years in bondage; but, like given five Popes to the church; I shall Israel beneath the willows of Babylon, I be the sixth. despaired not of Jerusalem, and never “ Once a member of the Sacred Colceased lifting to Heaven, from the depths lege, it was my aim to keep to the lowest of adversity, a hymn of confidence and rank, that I might with the more cerresignation. I learned, like the poet, tainty aspire to the first. Although a how bitter is the salt of the stranger, and prince of the church, I have never quithow steep the staircase of another. Forted the obscure Trastenerin monastery, ten years I was witness to the splendour where, since my return from exile, I had of the superb conqueror; but I abstained fixed my residence. from all festivities, and preserved un- “I live, you know, the life of a simple touched my treasure of grief and hope. monk. I ascend the pulpit as a misKneeling day by day at the foot of the sionary, and if my mouth open to preach forsaken altars, í deinanded of God the charity, my hand is not slack to practise accomplishment of his word– the triumph it. There is not in Rome a hospital or of truth over error, of the church over a dungeon of which I do not know the incredulity. But I will not detain you names of the sick and the captive; not a with my reflections; my soul was in poor man whose bread I have not multiheaviness, but faith sustained me, and I plied by my alms; and if the political waited.

world are in profound ignorance of my “ I did not wait in vain. You know name, there is not in the Holy City a name the history of the memorable triumph, for more popular or more revered. This is it is of your age.

my object : a political name would, in “ With what throbbing of the heart I the present juncture, alarm European saw once more the eternal cupola of susceptibilities: it is an invincible obSaint Peter! How august appeared thy stacle to the tiara ; the tiara binds only pomps! how imposing thy solemnities! neutral brows. The marbles, the pictures, the statues of My pride has often blushed at the the saints and martyrs, all spoke to my impostor's part which I have condemned heart with an energy they had never done myself to play. It humiliates me; but before. It was thus that my path, long what can I do? I am of my age, of my hedged up, again opened before me. My country too, above all, and on this theastep was slow, for my aim was distant; tre of hypocrisy and servitude, I have and I without hastening my course, been compelled, like the rest, to wear a the vulgar rolling in honours. Remark mask, and belie myself for a time. those two birds,” continued the Cardinal, “ Honours and dignities have pursued pointing with his finger to an eagle and me unsparingly to the obscurity of my a dove, that both sprang from the side of Trastenerin retreat; but I have rejected the mountain, “how different is their them all, for the reasons I have given you.



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