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80 heaven pardon me as I keep mine oath, Aged and enormous, however, as the that if, in two hours hence, thy stubborn trees were, they did not constitute a purpose melts not, these eyes of mine wood, except in one spot; where either shall look on thee in life no more !” chance or design bad left about three or

With these words Anthony Monkshaw four acres completely buried in antique strode out of the bower. Floralice fol shade. In the centre of this thicket lowed him with her eyes, and long her expanded a little turfy area, swelling gaze was strained upon the doorway by with the grass-grown fragments of a which her sire had so sternly departed, down-fallen' chapel, which, having bealthough nothing but the closed tapestry longed to a fraternity of knighi templars, met her piteous despairing look.

had been involved in their ruin. In Then, blinding tears gushed into her front of these deserted remains, and eyes, and, ere the furious voice of the protected by the burly trunk and overgrim Franklin, rating poor Phyllis, had shadowing branches of a gigantic elm, died along the echoing cloister below, arose a most beautiful altar-tomb, of exFloralice was in her oratory on her knees, traordinary dimensions, and the most numbering her golden beads with crystal elaborate sculpture. The sides were endrops, severing her orisons with sighs riched with some score panels, containlike frankincence, but still not insensible ing, in alternate niches, richly stoled to the consolations which devotion always saints, and armed warriors; a fascia of bestows, whether before the pall-clad armorial shields composed the massive altar of the high cathedral, or in the and projecting cornice; and, at the four inscrutable sanctuary of a humbled and angles, boldly relieved, stood a gigantic suppliant heart.

Heron. The sun-set of this eventful day, was This mighty cenotaph sustained on the succeeded by hoarse and wild gales, that surface of its ponderous slab, the effigy in roamed shrieking over the smooth mea- full panoply of Sir Ottorick of Herons. dows of Heronswood, brushed, with wood, or The Bloody Templar," as he solemn moan, through the court of the was called, either from the dark red cosolitary Grange, and murmured about lour of the freestone, in which his helmet its venerable pines.

and habergeon were sculptured, or from Among the majestic trees that stood the blushing sanguine hue of his charac. about a bowshot from the mansion, testi- ter ; which was in such vile odour in fying the antiquity and grandeur of the that part of Warwickshire, that few withforest of which they were superb relics, in the verge of Dunsmoor, but would the summer night-gusts swelled with im- have encountered the black demon himpressive melancholy.

self, rather than have ventured, after sunThat old and reverend grove was in- set, into the vicinity of the bloody deed a gloomy yet attractive spot; spread- templar's tomb. ing out into wide patches of velvet sward, Nearly two centuries had elapsed since where the trefoil and the moss were the death of Sir Ottorick; but tradition starred with the yellow tormentil; and, told that he spared neither man in his winding its green undulating slopes anger, nor woman in his lust: and he around single trunks of colossal size, it was said to have perished ignobly, at last, lost them occasionally in the deep, still under the massive arın and knotty club bosoms of the oaken and elmine thicket. of some village hind, whose sweetheart

The whole place, thus diversified, re- he had seduced. ceived its last charm from the bushes of The sides of this great sepulchre were golden gorse and purple heather, which a solid foot in thickness, and the veneexhaling their luscious odours amidst beds rable elm which had stood guard by it of woodsage and wild thyme, streamed, for centuries, suspended over its sculpas from a censer, upon the air, fanned by tures that foilage at once full and airy, the heavy wings of the night wind. massed with shadow yet scintillated with

*" Paths there were many, light, so picturesque in woodland fells. Winding through palmy fern and rushes fenny! The monument itself had suffered much And ivy banks, all learling pleasantly

from spoilation as well as time; the To a wide lawn; whence one could only see Stens thronging all around between the swell.

images were greatly mutilated; and, at Of turf and slanting branches : who could tell one end, the panelling had been comEdged round with dark tree tops, through which pletely broken away, so as to present an a dove

easy entrance to the vaulty interior. Wonld often beat its wings, and often too

At this tomb, silently watching the A little cloud would inove across the blue." summer moon as she streamed through * Keat's Endymion.

the narrow vistas of the wood, or, betost

like a gilded galley in an ocean of clouds, of thirst in a desart, and his voice seemed careered above the tall black trees,-lis- to expend its last gasp in saying, thick tening to the night-gusts, that hurled and hoarse, to Sir Baldwin, cloud upon cloud over her car, as if to “ Your life is beset ! the Franklin has shut her up for ever, while the indignant found out your meetings here; but fear trees, with upturned heads and agitated not !-he will come alone, and, kinsman arms appealed to her in vain,—Sir Bald. though I be, it shall go hard but I will win Hercey stood.

throw in my odds on your behalf !” Nothing could be more simple, nor at “ Nay ! that shalt thou never, my kind the same time more graceful than his Luke! besides man, there is no need; costume. Fine cloth of white and azure, trust me, my own arm can keep my head!" the Lancastrian colours, composed a “ True!—but will not thy heart unthickly plaited pourpoint, cut off level nerve thy arm, will it not hear the absent with his broad shoulders, and shewing Floralice imploring her lover to spare the bordure of a very fine shirt, above her sire ?" which his stately throat rose bare; a red “ Spare him? I tell thee Tyler, I embossed belt tightened his waist, and would not scath one hair on that gray his hose developed the symmetry of bis head were it to win me even Floralice! well-turned limbs. A bonnet nearly a

hurt the kind old Franklin—the protecquarter of an ell in height, richly purfled tor of my boyhood ? oh no, Luke! testy with the red roses of Lancaster, and a and implacable as he now is, I would as long rapier, with crosletted hilt, together soon strike my own father, if he lived !" with a massive gold chain twisted several “He will kill thee then! Fate is not times around his neck, completed Sir more unrelenting than his fury.” Baldwin's' attire, which imparted 'no.or- “ Fear me not! I shall easily hold him nament it did not tenfold derive from his at bay: and if not,-sooner than fight stately stature, his vigorous form, and with my old white-headed guardian, his noble countenance.

faith, good Luke, I shall hold it no He stood near the broken panel of shame to trust my life to my legs!" the templar's tomb, in the genuine lover's And Baldwin laughed. attitude; his broad back leaning against

“ That shalt thou not, if I can bamper the elm trunk, his nervous arms folded them !" muttered the malignant Luke. pensively across his breast, and his face “ Sayest thou ?" upturned to the maiden moon, that kiss- · Only that, whether thou wilt or no, ed and fled, and Aed and kissed again my fine foolhardy friend !-Luke Tyler those large Hesperean eyes and full red shall stand by to see fair play!" lips, as though she thought herself at Sir Baldwin coloured, and was about Latmos; while, ever and anon, like to reply with resentment; but, at that some envious pantaloon in the panto- instant, Luke hurriedly glanced over his mime, the ugly clouds came tumbling shoulder, and, grasping Sir Baldwin's over and whirling her away.

arm, had only time to breathe the single A stir, not of the night wind, in the sentence, “ Beware! the grim Franklin thicket behind the ruined chapel,awaken. is upon thee !" and to retire behind the ed the young lover from his dreams at templar's tomb,—when, like some Indian

He sprang forwards from the buffalo, rending his way through the chequered shade of the elm, into the thicket, and heralding his approach by moon-light grass, and hurrying towards crashing branches, ominous bellowings, the figure he perceived stirring in the and menaces of hoof and horn,—the opposite shade, had all but clasped to his Franklin of Heronswood came boundbosom- -Master Luke Tyler !

ing over the turf-clad fragments of the Sir Baldwin recoiled, and not without chapel, and stood at the templar's monu

ment, absolutely incapable of articulating Repulsive, Luke's appearance always for passion. was, but now it really was revolting. Whether he was invoking the Thor Like the hideous vestiges of a conflagra- and Woden of his Saxon ancestry, or the tion among the brambles and pitfalls of saints of the Romish calendar,-angels some ill-favoured common, traces of the above, or fiends below,-was not to be most outrageous passions disfigured a distinguished; but there stood Anthony face unprepossessing at best. His eyes Monkshaw, the foaming, stamping, bel. seemed to have burnt out with fury, and lowing personification of rage. glimmered like ashy embers; his cheeks were white and clammy; his lips clung back from his teeth, like a wretch dying




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THE SOLITARY GRANGE. just time to put aside the blow with his BY HORACE GUILFORD.

sheathed rapier; but that was the sole

effort he made at self-defence. The In fact, the Grim Franklin was fresh next moment, he stood with his arms from a second ineffectual assault upon folded, his head erect, and his eyes steathe mild but immoveable resolution of dily rivetted on old Anthony's glaring Floralice; and every step of his approach orbs, and simply said, to the Templar's Sepulchre had been " If the Franklin of Heronswood, can numbered with memories of wrongs, and forget the laws of chivalry, he is no anoaths of vengeance.

tagonist for Baldwin Hercey!” Sir Baldwin's feelings, at encountering It has been said that the lunatic, in the unwelcome substitute for his serene the very pitch of his paroxysms, quails and heavenly Floralice, may be best before a steady eye, and a determined imagined by that school-boy, who, having tone. thrust his hand into the nest, far hid Such undoubtedly was the first effect among ground ivy and moss, under some thus produced upon Anthony Monkdeep old hedge,-feels and draws out, what shaw : he stood transfixed in his career he conceives to be the soft fledgling, and of fury, lowered his weapon, and for a discovers it to be a full grown puffing toad. few moments was silent; but the glare

Soon, however, did Hercey rally his of his eye might be seen in the moonstartled and confounded spirits; and, in- light from under his shaggy brow, like a deed, there was need, for, shouting as far smouldering fire in the cave which the as his hoarse passionate tones would bandit has just quitted. articulate

“Harkye, sir knight of the red rose !" “Rebel ! robber! seducer! defend thy- he at length said, and his voice trembled self! for I am upon thee for the death !” with suppressed passion, "you may think Monkshaw launched from the trees his you have me at a vantage ;-—and, certes a Titan form, and brandished his huge brazen front and oily tongue are great odds steel full in front of the knight, who had against downright honest anger ;- but if I curb my sacred indignation, think not quivering corse as if to scrutinize the it is at thy bidding-but from very shame, departure of the vital principle from a to waste in words, a vengeance which frame so dreaded and so abhorred. should be as the dread calm before the When the homicide raised his face, its thunderbolt !"

horrible ghastliness first recalled Sir “I would to heaven that ill word ven- Baldwin to a sense of his situation. geance, were blotted from thy vocabu- He turned shuddering from Tyler, lary, Franklin ! it shall have no place in with an aversion, which not even the mine.'

conviction that to him he owed his life, “ Peace! thou whom I so loathe, that could entirely restrain : “ Luke, thou thy sword were more welcome to my hast murdered thy kinsman !" heart, than thy name to my tongue! peace, “ At least I have saved him from doing and thank me for one chance of life. murder--and Sir Baldwin Hercey is Wilt swear, by this monument of my alive to--thank me!" dead ancestor, never, by thought or word, “ To curse thee, to abhor thee everfurther to practise on my foolish child's lastingly!” exclaimed the distracted affections?

young man. I am undone, undone! all “ Be satisfied Master Monkshaw! I my prospects are darkened for ever, and will take no such oath ; and, least of all

, by a false, fawning poltroon ! oh wretch, will I resign my pure affection at the hast thou drawled through-life a paltry tomb of Sir Ottorick, the bloody and the trail of coward vices, only to swoop at licentious!”

such gigantic villany at last ?” “ Then is that tomb thine own!” roared And oh, thou of wisdom only second Monkshaw; and again, with uplifted to thy courage! bearest thou so slender glaive, he rushed on Sir Baldwin, who a wit, that, when the brute whose tushes still abstained from drawing his rapier, have gored thee, lies rolling in his blood and now retreated several paces before at thy feet, thou wouldest quarrel with the frantic assault of Anthony.

the slayer because he broke through the Luke Tyler had hitherto watched this rules of the chase ? Nay then, Sir knight! encounter, ensconced behind the Tem- e'en save thyself, when thy next adverplar's monument; it would not be easy, sary has thee at his mercy: though perhaps, to decypher the various feelings i' faith, thou mayst seek far in Arden or which conflicted in his dark spirit. Feldon, ere thou stumble on such another

It was almost a matter of indifference monster as this !” to him which of the two perished.

And, bursting with cowardly malice, The one had, that very day, loaded Luke Tyler ferociously spurned the him with brutal insults, and even in his prostrate bulk of the dead Franklin, now savage mood spurned and struck him ;- weltering in a pool of blood ! but he might yet be won over to his views; This was too much: and Baldwin, while, in the other, from whom he had seizing the miscreant by the throat, shook received many kindnesses, there existed him as if he would scatter his limbs to an insurmountable obstacle.

the four winds. In far less time, however, than we have “ Dare to repeat that beastly outrage!" written this, were the conflicting causes he said, “and I will brain thee against weighed and decided in Luke's mind. this sepulchre, whose bloody inhabitant

Envy of past and fear of future supe- might burst his cerements at thy unpre. riority, sank before the trampled feeling cedented crime !" of raw and recent contumely; and, ere “Hold, Hercey, hold !” exclaimed Hercey with his back against the great Luke, extricating himself with difficulty, elm, parrying, as he might, with his “or thou wilt come off worst! thou art sheathed rapier, the deadly lunges of his stronger than I, but remember, I bear a assailant, had received a second wound, sting. And if I have done a violent deed, Tyler, leaping from his lair, had planted surely thou art not the man to avenge it; his short broad dagger so unerringly in thou who but for me, wouldst have welMonkshaw's naked neck, that the raging tered in his place yonder !". monster, in a moment, rolled heavily “ Oh, would I had! would God I had! over, and could not even groan, before Remorseless man, take my life too, for the blood, spouting in fountains from the thou hast cursed it this night for ever!" lanced artery, hurried life along with its “ Out and alas ! I little thought Luke red cataract.

Tyler's love for Baldwin Hercey was so Sir Baldwin stood utterly thunder- slightly estimated, that thou wouldst struck-motionless, speechless, breathless: spurn me when, transported by my zeal, and the murderer stooped low over the I had rescued thy life, at the expense of my kinsman's! This is hard to bear !"- Loud were the exclamations, and deep And Luke, turning away, pretended to the murmurs, not only in the neighbourbe overcome with emotion.

Hercey's hood, but even in King Edward's court, guileless heart smote him for the harsh when day upon day, and week upon week, return he was making to one who, at accumulating on the Grim Franklin's any rate, had interposed between him sudden and mysterious absence, without and destruction; and approaching the tidings of him in any quarter, darkened bloody hypocrite, he said, with tone and at length into the confirmed belief that manner greatly softened, “ True, true, he had met with foul play. Vigorous Luke, I am wrong, I am ungrateful to measures of investigation were set on upbraid thee for this terrible act; surely foot, and only cut short by the insurrecthou didst intend my preservation, and, tion which shook the kingdom and unhaply, but for thee, I had not lived to throned the king. Breaking out almost chide thee: forgive my sharp speech ; simultaneously with Anthony's strange But oh, man! 'tis a deed earth will not disappearance, this public convulsion cover :—and then, Floralice-oh Luke soon swallowed up all minor occurences; Luke! his idolizing Floralice !"

and, for the time, the Grim Franklin and “ Need never know it!-he hath treat his fate vanished from men's minds and ed her like the brute he ever was : she is tongues, as completely as though he had shut up in the old Solitary Grange; and never existed. he left her with threats of a nunnery.

But who shall dare to draw aside the But see! the lightning hath supplanted veil from the hallowed affliction of the the pale lady moon; and this rain will devoted Floralice? who shall portray help, to swell away the filthy puddle what that affectionate spirit underwent, yonder. Rouse ! rouse thee, Baldwin whose sorrows at this mysterious beHercey, we must stow him away in the reavement, were empoisoned by the templar's tomb; were he five fathom in recollection of that violent displeasure the sea, he would not be so secure : and under which she had parted from her to-morrow we will return to arrange this passionate but doating parent, never to matter finally.”

behold him more? Baldwin felt that he would rather Amidst the early desolation of her meet again old Anthony's uplifted glaive grief, Floralice awaited with some impa-or, more dreadful still, his angry ghost, tience, the aid and consolation of the than touch his murdered body. But only person who could render them there was no remedy. Luke's arguments availing. But Sir Baldwin Hercey had were as resistless as sophistry could ren- never been seen at the Grange since the der them. He had killed Monkshaw, at night on which Monkshaw disappeared. the critical moment, to save Hercey's She expressed her astonishment to life, and right or wrong, it was now too Master Luke, (who, by his officious late to calculate: so that the unfortunate bustle, on the occasion, had much ingraBaldwin saw himself plunged into a sea tiated himself with the mourning heiress); of difficulties, not only without having but that discreet kinsman ventured to the sorry privilege of reproaching the differ from her; and, for his part, thought author of his misfortune, but also, un- it was not at all extraordinary, considerder the hateful conviction, that to him he ing the unhappy rupture existing so was indebted for his very life.

openly between the late Franklin and The summer tempest, which had long Sir Baldwin : and Luke even added, that been brooding in the heavens, now burst he considered it a great proof of Sir forth ; and under floods of rain, lanced Baldwin's delicacy, that he forbore inthrough and through by lightning shafts, truding upon the sorrows of Floralice, and resounding with the dread requiem knowing how unhappily the late events of the thunder,—that fatal wood beheld must connect him in her mind with her the miserable corpse inurned within father's misadventure. another's sepulchre : and there it lay, as There was something in this ambigugrimly tranquil as the red effigy of the ous panegyric upon his friend, that, flowtemplar above, amidst an elemental up- ing from Luke's lips, jarred strangely on roar which lasted the live-long night. the heart of Floralice.

Sir Baldwin Hercey, who, innocent as Not that she implicated Hercey in he was, felt himself enveloped in the disappearance of her father, for sociate's mantle of guilt, followed Luke single moment: she would as soon have Tyler to his lodging at Rookby; and swathed a smiling infant in the cerements there, this ill-matched pair concerted the of a corpse, as have associated Baldwin best measures to be pursued in this Hercey's name with treachery or violence. emergence.

No! she knew him better.


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