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demanded, in her turn, how she should to dress better, and to give larger parties; be able to see him; and worse still, how besides, single women were not allowed he would be able to see her, if we were not to attend the assemblies at Villa Franca, in the balcony when he passed.

and she was very fond of dancing. 66. Is he not then coming to visit you?': “ All this being extremely satisfactory, I inquired, in my ignorance, as I surveyed I had only one more question to ask her careful coiffure, her clean dress, and how had he ventured to propose for the tale-telling carnation in her bosom. .- her ? That, also, was easily explained ;

She looked at me for a moment in he was settled in life, and his friends were perfect astonishment; and then coolly anxious that he should marry her father informed me that in Portugal, holding having ascertained the fact, and knowing any intercourse with the man whom you that he had plenty of money, had offered were to marry, was a thing unheard of- her to his family; which offer, as she had that she had never spoken to her intended a fortune of four thousand half-crowns, husband in her life-but-that he every they had joyfully accepted! day sent a carnation to her; which she - " It is a singular fact, that when, in wore in her bosom each evening at the Portugal, a lady is reputed to have such, hour when she expected him to pass the or such a fortune; it is perfectly underhouse, as a proof that his attentions were stood that she has not actually that sum agreeable to her. -. And she' assured me in money but, previously to the mar. that nothing would offend her so much, riage, a friend is appointed by each-family, as his allowing the weather, be what it and these two individuals value the bride's might; business, be it never so important; trinkets, clothes, and every article, howor any occupation, be it as agreeable as ever trifling, which belongs to her; and heart could wish; to interfere with his the father, when their value is thus punctuality in the performance of this ascertained and decided on; makes up the duty. The first time she should resent the deficiency of her reputed property in neglect by omitting to wear his carnation specie !" on the morrow; and the second dere. liction from gallantry would infallibly subject him to final and irrevocable

MISCELLANIES. dismission.

“At this period of the conversation the Senhor made his appearance—took off his hat as gravely as if he had been pass played by boys is an erroneous index to

The degree of talent and industry dising a funeral, and—walked on!

their future character as men. The forlady, on her side, bowed and smiled; and then continued calmly to enlighten me

tunate competitors for school and univeron the subject of Portuguese courtship. sity honours are not always--perhaps it She informed me, among other equally may be said not often—eminent in afterinteresting particulars, that I now knew life; whilst the men who have failed in the reason why she did not comb out her attaining these distinctions, not unfrehair, and wash her face when she rose in quently exhibit a degree of ability of a morning—for both which indelicate which their early years afforded no indihabits I had frequently chidden her she cation.— Thornton's India. always put off her ablutions and their concomitant ceremonies until five o'clock, It is better to tread the path of life in order that she might look more beau- cheerfully, skipping lightly over the tiful when she met the passing glance of thorns and briars that obstruct your her namorado! This was, of course, an way, than to sit down under every hedge unanswerable argument;, and having lamenting your hard fate. The thread remarked that the lover (!) was a little of a cheerful man's life, spins out much ill-looking fellow, and decidedly many longer than that of a man who is conyears younger than herself, I asked her tinually sad and desponding. Prudent whether she did not feel unhappy at the conduct in the concerns of life is highly idea of marrying a man of whom she

necessary—but if distress succeed, de knew nothing. The reply to this ques- jection and despair will not afford relief, tion was as sensible, to the full, as her

The best thing to be done when evil previous reasoning had been :-she liked

upon us, is not lamentation but the match extremely, for her intended action ; not to sit and suffer, but to rise husband was much more wealthy than and seek the remedy. the person who had married her sister, and she should consequently be enabled





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MANORIAL ARCHIVES. minion of our forefathers—that their re. BY HORACE GUILFORD,

verend frontispieces look on us as it were

from beyond (For the Parterre).

“The deep, backward abysm of time:" ROMANCE THE THIRD.

that their principal connexion is with a THE SOLITARY GRANGE.

buried world, and that' they hold con

verse with the living from among the The moonshine stealing o'er the scene,

dead, are not considerations to nod and Had blended with the lights of eve; And she was there, my hope, my joy,

sleep upon, if you be instinct with one My own dear Genevieve !

spark of that heavenly fire which aniShe leaned against the armed man,

mates the earthy tenement called The statue of the armed knight; She stood and listened to my harp,

and blood. Amid the lingering light.

The exquisite caprice of their archiI playeri a sad and doleful air,

tecture-the noble disdain of rule which I sang an old and moving story,

they exhibit, absolutely startling you by An old rude song, that fitted well That ruin wild and hoary.

the incessant novelties of their detail, as Coleridge's Dark Ladie.

you peruse them with reverential eye, He is forsworn, if e'er those eyes of yours Behold another day-break in the East.

forms, perhaps, their least charm. But even this night, whose black contagions

Their main attraction, in my opinion, breath

has been always entirely independent of Already smokes about the burning crest

this circumstance. Of The old, feeble, and day-wearied sun,

I could ponder with admiration upon Even this ill night, your breathing shall expire.


the mailed majesty of a great tower. I I chaunt the honours of old mansions; could hang enamoured on the proportions a worthy theme of chronicle; a rich of a scroll-work gable; the mouldings of mine of romance!

a single window would arrest, ay, recall That they were monuments of the my strict investigation; and by a porch opulence, the magnificence, and the do- of foliated arch, or oak balustrade work, I could linger for hours; but these ac- view at this moment; it was one of those cessories, fascinating in themselves, were architectural marvels in which Inigo not altogether, if at all, necessary to rivet Jones contrived to make bulk majestic, my regard for the antique dwelling. and decoration chaste: but, alas! the

I have stood before a sulky, unorna- weeds were flourishing in its iron-palimented, uninviting house, that glowed saded court, its sashes rotting, and its sunthrough a few squinting lattices, under a blistered door starting from its hinges. nightmare of brooding chimneys, upon a An author, among the most powerful, goodfornothing moat half buried in foli- polished, and keen of this romance-writage; and should have wondered why the ing age, has said, "Some houses have an earth cumbered itself with a burden that expression as it were on their outward seemed ready and willing to sink into its aspect, that sinks unaccountably into the bosom-but I knew its annals ; had heard heart, a dim mysterious eloquence, which them by the winter fireside; had mused dispirits and excites. You say some on them under the dark hedge of rose- story must be attached to those walls; wildings in the midsummer meadow, some legendary interest of a darker and, comparing them with the lurking, nature ought to be associated with the equivocal-looking house itself, exclaimed, mute stone and mortar; you feel a Esto perpetua /The deed, once done, mingled awe and curiosity creep over is never forgotten. The ancient abode you as you gaze." thenceforth assumes a mantle, which dis- How frequently indeed in “ Albion's guises, perhaps disfigures, but never dis- elder day,” was the castle or the manorparages the pile. If it ceases to be the house built up, embattled and moated, that obscure home of happiness and health, within its "guilty 'closure,” men might it becomes, at least, the dreadfully fa- act such deeds as would have made the mous cenotaph of guilt !

pavement of the city streets mutiny; or The deed, the deed accursed, is redly the mountains of the desart topple over engraved upon the door. posts, and the their heads ! fatal legend, * “ Avoid it ! Pass not by it! Much of these ancient deeds of evil turn from it; and pass away!" is omin- have come to light; and the appearance ously emblazoned above the gusty win- or the remembrance even of the dwelling dows, darkening the very stones and places they defiled, is terrific. But bricks themselves. The traveller is at where are those,—the undivulged, the once warned and attracted, when at the undiscovered, the unseen, save of Omniclose of his day's journey, pacing over science? They have no monument but the glossy turf of the fragrant common, the Old House. Men have “built them he observes the forlorn mass peering wide houses and large chambers, and among the foliage in all its paraphernalia cut out windows, and they are ceiled of degradation and doom, which not even with cedar, and painted with vermilion"* the golden alchemy of sunset can en. some four or five hundred years ago, and liven. And when, at last, it hath rum. no chronicles appear of them, more rebled away, stone by stone, from men's markable than those appertaining to eyes, the very trees around take up the their bridal or baptismal festivals ; holotale from the ivy that muffles its ruins; causts of oxen, and cisterns of red wine; and the winds of heaven waft it abroad but I tell you, that if the figures of yon to their quarters. Nay, when the last tapestry could articulate, if the dead bastion hath disappeared, how eloquent echoes of those embossed wainscots, and in its irregular modulations is the inno- those emblazoned roof-trees could awaken cent turf of the tale that is never to die. with the words of old, they would furnish I cannot forget the effect which the vast matter enough to adorn many a tragic palladian fabric of old Elmhurst Hall tale, and point many a humiliating moral. produced upon my boyish imagination. In short, making every allowance for my I saw it once, and only once; and, on peculiar prejudices, I cannot conceive a that occasion, the nurse told me a horri- much more profitable study for a conbly circumstantial story of its former templative mind, than a few hours, spent master (a Biddulf, I think), who had alone, in some antique residence like killed his mistress, a woman of exqui- Haddon Hall, or Naworth Castle, where site beauty and rare accomplishments, everything is left so inviolately sacred to by pushing her over the banisters of the the genius of Ancestry, that you might grand staircase upon the chequered black fancy his stately step had only just and white pavement of the Hall below. marched forth at the gateway, with the I have the mansion completely before my feudal train. Nothing so vividly, and so • Proverbs of Solomon.

* Jeremiah.

naturally suggests the trite, but most dilapidated Grange of Causton, springing important reflection, “What is man!”. sheer from the middle of a wild green Behold !-the edifice that arose at his field, as though it had been a tent pitched command, the furniture his grandeur at random by the patriarchs of old, with and his taste accumulated, the tapestry that solitary old ash tree, suspending its that sheltered him from the wind, the fire candelabral branches over the moat, in place that enhanced his enjoyments, the whose mossy roots and herby bank I windows that gave him to view either have gathered such fine blue violets. the towered arches of his embattled quad- This fertile, soft and umbrageous county rangle, or the meadows and woods, and abounds more in Old Houses, and what gardens of his domain ; the cedarn bed, is better, in Domestic Traditions, than whose wrought velvet made a sanctuary any of the midland districts I have yet for his repose, nay, the very blazon that visited. beamed above his portal and his mantel- The villages, particularly those in the tree, mere emblems of his far descended Arden or woodland region, are so exquigreatness, all remain, as they have done sitely primitive in their situation, archifor ages past, and may do for generations tecture, and other characteristics, that to come;-while He, the learned, the you cannot help thinking, such as they ambitious, the gallant, or the good — are now, they were when the wonderful hath gone down, with his high issue, to Will. wrote, i. e. about three hundred the tomb. The worm hath fattened upon years ago! You cannot take a spring his flesh, although the moth hath spared afternoon walk, without intruding (you his furniture;-his lofty nobility hath feel it an intrusion) unexpectedly upon said unto corruption, * Thou art my

one or other of these rural cabinets, shut father !" although the trees he planted and locked up in woodland, a perfect have scarcely acquired the midway mag- miniature of picturesque antiquity. A nificence of their stateliness and strength; church, with ivied steeple, and em—the tabernacle of his body hath long blazed glass; a hall, distinguished by its ago mouldered into dust; but the habi. superior decorations and bulk, heading tation of his honour, the pillars, the a jumbled, up and down, particoloured ramparts, the turrets, piled up to his re- retinue of farms, cotes, gardens, and nown, still burnish in the sun, and battle orchards; a little brook, a little bridge, back the tempest. His thoughts have and, leaning against the hollow trunk perished,-so have his works, -or they of a pollard elm, a little blacksmith's have been entrusted to treacherous tradi- forge. tion, or embellished by the false colours There is not in all England, a town of conjecture;-but the sacred retire- more solemnly invested with the purple ment of the oratory, or the illustrious and the pall of dead antiquity than the seclusion of the library, the munificent spiry city of Godiva; and, for a baronial publicity of the baronial hall, or the plea- ruin, you ought to see Kenilworth by sant recreations of the alleys and flower- such a twilight, as I beheld last April ; plots in the garden, survive, uneffaced by those four tall decorated windows of the the transit of centuries, - melancholy great hall, and its majestic oriel, what receptacles of alien footsteps, patient wit- time the gorgeous west painted afresh nesses of the rambler'simpertinent prattle, with peacock colourings, the yawning pensive auxiliaries to the musings of ns, and transomes ;

an the romantic moralist.

cent moon glided over a lucid pavement Certes that master' magician, that of stars, and a low sweet breeze 'plained William Shakspeare, was ushered into through those incredible forests of ivy; the 'very paradise of domestic romance, and you would deem that Master Shakwhen he opened his eyes amidst the speare's panegyrist spake sooth, when Feldon and Arden (the open country, he said that he had woven him by the and the woodland) of Warwickshire. Muses From the towery palace of Earl Guy,

“A curious robe of sable grave, with its wonderful Cedars of Lebanon, Fresh green, and pleasant yellow, red most its musical Avon, and its green court of And constant blue, rich purple, guiltless white, pine-trees; to the elaborate gables, orna. The lowly russet, and the scarlet bright, mented chimney shafts and costly windows Branched and embroidered like the painted of rare workmanship, at Compton Wy; Each lear' matched with a flower, and each niate; from the rook-haunted manor hall string of Bilton, breathing all the luxurious Of golden wire ; each line of silk there run quaintness of old fashioned English homes, Italian works, whose threads the Sisters spun.

And there did sing, or seem to sing, the choice to the dreary, ghastly, half-turreted, half

Birds of a foreign note, and various voice;

a cres

Here hangs a mossy rock, there plays a fair upon us, just on the eve of the restora,
But chiding fountain parled ; not the air, tion of letters, and when the art of print-
Nor clouds, nor thunder, bnt were living drawn, ing was already known in Europe. All
Not out of common tiffany, or lawn;
But fine materials which the Muses know, we can distinguish with certainty, through
And only boast the countries which they show."

the deep cloud which covers that period, Many an hour, that sickness of body is a scene of horror, and bloodshed; and disease of mind would have rendered savage manners, arbitrary executions, insupportable, hath been soothed by ram- and treacherous, dishonourable conduct bles (with one dearest associate) through in all parties.” the baronial and ecclesiastical relics, the Anthony Monkshaw, as far as stature manorial and rural ornaments of this and sinew went, was a magnificent spepeaceful, smiling province; and I trust cimen of the Franklin, or esquire of the that in the following narrative, assigned middle ages. His height was that of a to its sequestered scenery, I may com

Titan; and he combined such breadth, municate to others a portion of the en- of mould, with such activity of limb, as tertainment it has afforded myself. we rarely find united in these giantless

It was at that epoch of mystery and days. Though he was now pacing the marvel, when the war-cries of the White declivity of years, few men far his younger and Red Roses began to wax faint; would have cared to meet the Franklin when England saw with perturbation of Heronswood on equal terms of comand doubt, the high-blooded and hum- bat. Anthony was, moreover, a clear. ble-badged house of Plantagenet, divided headed man, and successful in his enteragainst itself; of its two crowned and prises, because he was wary in his anointed sovereigns, the one on the calculations. He was highly opulent, throne, and the other in the Tower; for that period, and had not only amassed the buxom widow of a Lancashire knight estate upon estate, but had also maniadvanced to be

fested such solid proofs of his devotion

to the White Rose in the shape of sun“The imperial jointress of our warlike realm."* and a highreaching subject, powerful coffers of golden rosenobles, that King

dry bags of imprisoned angels, and enough to make or unmake kings, Edward, always an idolater of beauty, awarding and withdrawing diadems at had commanded to be presented at court, his will; while faction (like a shifting and had treated with gracious distincquicksand, converting a pleasant beach tion, Monkshawe’s only child Floralice, into a treacherous gulf) vacillated so

and had even honoured the Grange of much, that you knew not whether he Heronswood with his presence more who carved at your board to day, might than once. Anthony was not much not be firing your house to-morrow, elevated either in manners, habits, or that our story commences.

costume, by these tokens of royal favour; King Edward had been apparently his pride it was, to be esteemed neither firm upon the throne for about eight more nor less than the Franklin, the years, when the overpowering, party, wealthy Franklin of Heronswood; and that the noble demagogue Warwick had while he punctiliously exacted from won to his interest, disturbed his security; those around him the exact measure of and a circumstance which, in these times, respect that his age, wealth, and station would only have led to the downfall of

demanded, wo to the parasite who ministers, was, at that day, sufficiently thought to ingratiate himself with Monkinfluential to menace, and indeed, partly shaw, by tendering more than he conaccomplish the utter overthrow of the ceived to be his due;—they never a second House of York. On this state of affairs, time ventured to encounter his Hume has a striking passage, which I tumelious reproach, or sarcastic concannot refuse myself the gratification


tempt. transcribing. * There is no part of He was equally rigid in the plainness English history since the conquest, so of his costume; and although, not only obscure, so uncertain, so little authentic his fortune nearly centupled the sum, or consistent as that of the wars between which, in those days of sumptuary rethe two Roses. Historians differ about traint, privileged the use of velvet, many material circumstances: some events damask, and figured satin, but also the of the utmost consequence, in which they distinguished favour of King Edward, almost all agree, are incredible, and con- would have accorded to him any immutradicted by records; and it is remark- nity of that description-still, Anthony able, that this profound darkness falls Monkshaw persisted in one unvarying # Hamlet.

hue and fashion of habiliment, the


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