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warden began to betray symptoms of the They found the whole household melancholy and disorder which had ex- plunged in consternation. hibited themselves among others in the That very morning, had the lady castle.

baroness been discovered by nurse PamOld Pamphila, his mother, was of phila, dead in her bed. course among the first who noticed it; No one bore the exterior tokens of and putting one circumstance to another, grief and dismay, with more consumin her sagacious brain, she never rested mate skill, than Sir Angelo Lascelles;till she had extorted the entire secret of but, as to his actual feelings, it is hard to Lambert's compunctuous visitings of say, whether satisfaction or disappointnature ; in short, his mother so wrought ment predominated. True ;-one main upon his vacillating mind, long agitated impediment to his designs on the lordly by remorse for his negative acquiescence heritage of his brother in arms was thus in the unjust death of the cook at Mid- removed, and nothing seemed to remain dleham,—that he offered, not only to between him and his wicked wishes, but prevent the crime Sir Angelo meditated, the two young children, whom he could but also to bring the arch traitor himself put out of the way, as occasion suited, to detection and punishment.

and by such time as he should have comAs to our hero's notions, they ran pletely riveted the baron's affections and somewhat in this strain.

confidence, which he had already so Bolton Castle, and Middleham, and greatly beguiled. Raby, would make a glorious heritage ! But then,—though his covetousness and why should not his brother in arms was thus advanced, lust and revenge, make him the heir ? but he would not its associate devils, tormented him with take it with incumbrances—not he! passions now never to be gratified : for Lady Scroop was to become the vessel of Polydore could be as grand as he was his lust,—and then her reputation be grovelling in villany; and to have humdashed down at the feet of her returning bled her, who, having caused his ignolord, broken by his not fully-woven miny, had trampled on his love ; to calumnies, into irreparable ruin. And have laid her honour in the dust, and the children,—they were to be spirited then yelled over it, “ I am Polydore! I away, and Lambert Norris had engaged am the Scourged Page !” had been a tranfor this. But surely this was somewhat sport to his evil imagination, the relinungrateful to his absent friend? Pish, quishment of which, maimed and dea mere rush in his way! But it would featured all his other prospects. break his heart! So much the sooner We would not, if we could, adequately would Polydore be his heir ! he owed describe the scene that ensued on Lord him a life too already. Ay, but the Scroop's return to his castle, when Sir beautiful Lady Aveline! had he no Angelo Lascelles having received him in compassion for her-her whom he had the hall, himself as black in visage and once loved ? her! what?

habiliments as the trappings of woe that The Scourged Page ! oh, no! but we muffled its lofty walls, conducted the loathe such devilish lucubrations, and widowed nobleman to the chamber of willingly shake them off our hands. death.

The castle clock in the adjoining bell- There, watched only by the inconturret had tolled so often, during Pam- solable Pamphila-stretched upon that phila's long and interlarded tale of dis- nuptial couch which she had preserved may, that we must now leave the thun- so spotless ; her beautiful form enfolded derstricken Aveline to get what sleep in long white drapery; one hand exshe might, after all these liberal designs tended by her side, holding a rosary; upon her honour, her happiness, and her the other on her breast, grasping a cruestate, had been laid before her ;-and cifix,--a chaplet of white roses around hasten to cut off the web of our story, her marble temples ;-cold, pale, and like a weaver who is either too idle to motionless, as if she had been her own complete his work or too eager to receive effigy, lay poor Aveline Neville.

On one side, stood the bereaved husAbout two days after this important band; on the other, Polydore. conference, missives arrived at Bolton Profound as the misery of Lord Castle, with tidings that Lord Adrian Adrian was, he could not help, for one had landed safely at Whitby, and only moment, forgetting the intensity of his tarried to perform certain vows at St. own anguish, when, on raising his head Hilda's shrine, ere he proceeded to em- from a deep long trance of agony, he brace his wife and children in his own observed the extraordinary state of Sir princely castle.

Angelo Lascelles.

his wages.

He had relinquished the little bands It was that hour when the sun bas of Cicely and Maximilian, whom he had just ascended over the hills, and led to their mother's bedside, and they “ Fires the proixi tops of the Eastern pines" had retired in terror to the very farthest end of the chamber. He stood bending with a sparkling tranquillity, a sober over the bed,—his hands clasped,—his brilliance, peculiar to itself. The sky body convulsed, -his limbs quivering, - has all the freshness of night, without the veins on his forehead like cords, the dazzle of day. The woods retain braided with perspiration, - his eyes their shade without their gloom; the glaring, his lips writhen, and his whole dust lies undisturbed on the dewy highcountenance red, even to blackness, with way; no smoke ascends from the chimpassion. This was no counterfeit ! yet ney; the matin-song of the blackbird, the most elaborate acting would not so and the sonorous calls of the milky effectually have promoted his views with mothers of the herd, resound from afar Lord Scroop, as this natural conflict through the clear, still air; and the of the most hellish passions in his river glides dreamily under its forest heart!

banks, without one awakening sparkle The wretched Baron suspended his on its bosom. own holier and more chastened grief, A mantling flood of morning sunlight that he might assuage these life-dethron- illuminated the eastern front of the ing paroxysms of Sir Angelo Lascelles. castle, darting far into the ribbed vault

And when, at length, his own deep of its deep gateway. The ample platwithering sorrow, eating away his form, that stretched before it, displayed health, devouring his very heart, had a congregation of knights and nobles, bowed the noble Adrian, like some whose steeds rivalled their riders in kingly oak of ages, to the earth,-it was stateliness of form and splendour of the assiduous love of Sir Angelo Las- equipment. And the squires, waving celles—a love he deemed surpassing the the bannered cognizances of their mas love of woman,that suggested, first of ters, and the pages, shouting their warall, a change of scene for the health of cries, and the steeds, jingling their harhis body; and then, by degrees, a pil. ness, and battering the paved platform grimage to St. Thomas at Canterbury, with their hoofs, bore as strange a conor to the Holy Sepulchre itself, for the trast to the melancholy tolling of one health of his soul.

great bell in the campanile, as the In all this Sir Angelo prospered. A haughty forms and blazoned apparel of lingering desire to resume the cross, that gorgeous assembly exhibited to that checked only by reluctance to leave his grief-enfeebled form, which, attired in orphan children, was thus fostered, and pilgrim's weed, and attended only by at last matured into a resolution to join Sir Angelo Lascelles, emerged from the immediately the remnant that was still shadowy arches of the great gateway. warring in Palestine.

Pamphila Norris had stationed herself Sir Angelo Lascelles, for his part, out outside the portal, in front of a group of of pure love for his heart-broken brother vassals, who had thronged to take their in arms, voluntarily offered to abandon last look of their departing lord. his own further prospects of distinction The solemn greeting between the in that realm of renown, and consented mourning, nobleman and his sympato remain in Yorkshire, as chatelain of thising friends had now taken place; Lord Scroope's castles and baronies, and Lord Scroop had delivered his solemn as guardian to the lovely little Cicely and thanks for their courtesy, and was turnthe noble Maximilian.

ing away to mount his sumpter mule, “ Now then !” exclaimed Pamphila which a page held, ready harnessed, at Norris to her son, the castle-warden; hand, when, at the same instant, Pam

now, then, the villain's cup is full, and phila quitted the group at the castle by my Halidome, it shall overflow till portal, moved up to Baron Adrian, laid its last drop is poured out upon the her withered hand on his arm, and adearth, and exhales like a dunghill vapour vanced her lips to his ear. in the sun!”

Just then, Sir Angelo Lascelles, appaVying with each other to shew their rently overpowered by his feelings, was parting demonstrations of respect and hurrying to hide himself in the seclusion sympathy, the feudal aristocracy of the of the castle; when lo ! a voice issued North Riding flocked to Bolton Castle from the quadrangle, sounding like an at an early hour on the morning ap- angel's trumpet through the hollow pointed for the Baron's departure. gateway :


“ Back! traitor, poisoner, seducer, unmask himself, the Baroness was withback! or these high battlements will drawn from his peril. crash and crumble above thine execrable Lambert, the castlewarden's evidence head! Back to the death thou hast completely established Polydore's medideserved ! never more shall perfidy and tated guilt, at Bolton; and, as to the dishonour in thy shape pollute this darkly horrible deaths at Middleham, court!"

though Norris could only speak to the Sir Angelo, or Polydore, as we shall mysterious appearance, and sudden destyle him now, recoiled ; and well he parture of Polydore, on that direful might; for, sweeping from the inner night, and lament his own criminal suparch of the great gateway, with hasty pression of that important fact; yet the but stately step, like some beauteous conviction that the Scourged Page had empress of romance bursting from the been the atrocious poisoner, was univerdungeons of the enchanter, the Lady Aveline passed forth upon the platform. Nay, if there had remained any doubt,

But it was no longer the cold, ghastly, it was removed by Polydore himself; grave-clad form, which had so shaken who, after his first blank dismay had Polydore when he beheld it last.

subsided, relapsing into his old natural Arrayed in her gorgeous habit of high fierceness, confessed himself the author ceremony, radiant with the excitement of those multiplied murders ; glorying of the moment, leading in each hand the in the deed, and only lamenting that he young Maximilian and his sister in their was to die without more eminently sigholiday dress, Lady Scroop sped through nalizing his revenge. the portal,-saw the smiling old Pam- This false knight, nevertheless, obphila supporting, rather than leading, tained what he scarcely deserved, a full towards her the bewildered Baron, and and patient trial ; and, being convicted just articulating,

of the horrible crimes laid to his charge, "Forgive, forgive! I durst not trust was sentenced to a death fearfully chathee till that arch villain was unmasked!" racterising the barbarism of the age ; fell in breathless transports on Lord and which, together with the punishAdrian's bosom.

ments for heresy, high treason, and And here I would fain, as my brethren standing mute, so long stigmatized the of the goosequill say, “ drop my pen”- pages of the English statute book with but we have not yet quite done with severities from which Draco would have Polydore, and something also ought to turned in disgust. be said about that imposture in the corpse It was adjudged that an immense scene, - which we hope for the time, cauldron should be set, filled with boiling proved successful.

water, on a mound near Middleham, and Know all men ! therefore, by these that the poisoner should be plunged into presents, that Pamphila Norris had em- it,-bound, naked, and alive. ployed the same means with lady Aveline, Amidst a prodigious multitude, from as Friar Lawrence with Juliet.

the neighbouring villages, and towns,

on the day, appointed for Polydore's exe“ Take thou this phial, being then in bed ; cution, a gigantic vessel of iron was seen

And this distilled liqnor drink thou off,
When presently through all thy veins shall curling up its white vapours into the

clear air, while the darting flames that A wild and drowsy humour, which shall licked the glowing metal, looked sickly seize

in the noontide sun. Each vital spirit, for no pulse shall keep His natural progress, but surcease to beat;

At the sudden tolling of the great No warmth, no breath shall testify thou castle bell, all eyes were turned towards liv'st;

the gateway, from whence a procession The roses in thy lips and cheeks, shall fade To pale ashes; thine eyes' windows fall

was now seen emerging in the direction Like death, when he shuts up the day of of the fatal spot. life.

It was the sheriff of Richmond, and Each parl, deprived of supple government, Shall stift, and stark, and cold appear, like

his men at arms, escorting the criminal death :

to his excruciating death. And, in this borrowed likeness of shrunk Polydore walked in the centre, stript death,

to his bare skin, and having only his Thou shalt remain, full two and forty hours, And then awake as from a pleasant sleep."*

shirt fastened about his loins : his hands

were tied behind his back, the thick Thus, while Polydore was left fully to

curls of his hair cut off, and his beard

close shaved in token of ignominy. He . Romeo and Juliet.

looked round him however with effront



ery, and even fierceness; and the spec. SKETCHES OF TURKEY. tators were compelled to think of his

No. III. horrid enormities, in order to counteract the compassion he so little deserved.

Arrived at the place of punishment, Sultan Mahmoud at his devotions-comparative Polydore was suffered to wait some time,

splendour of Papal, Austrian, and Turkish

equipages-the sultan's barge or caiqne-deto afford space for observing what im- scription of the sultan-visit to a Turkish pression the appalling preparations pro

Lancasterian school-lhe dancing dervishes

-visit from the sultan's cabinet-the seras. duced upon him. But he viewed them

kier and the capitan pasha-hunble origin of with a steady gaze, and appeared quite Turkish dignitaries. indifferent to his fate; sometimes glanc- I had slept on shore, and it was rather ing haughtily on the spectators, who late before I remembered that it was stood breathless with anticipation of Friday (the moslem Sunday), and that the tortures he so little regarded,-and Sultan Mahmoud was to go in state to sometimes, looking carelessly at his own mosque at twelve. I hurried down the sinewy limbs, and well-proportioned precipitous street of Pera, and, as usual; trunk, -as if to see that every nerve was escaping barely with my life from the in its place, to sustain manfully the agony christian-bating dogs of Tophana, em. that awaited him.

barked in a caique, and made all speed At length the sheriff advanced to the up the Bosphorus. There is no word prisoner, and announced to him, that, at in Turkish for faster, but I was urging the merciful intercession of those whom on my caikjees by a wave of the hand he had most bitterly wronged, the mortal and the sight of a bishlik (about the part of his punishment was remitted to value of a quarter of dollar), when sudhim, on the sole condition, however, of his denly, a broadside was fired from the banishing himself forth of the realm, for three decker, Mahmoudier, the largest the remainder of his life.

ship in the world, and to the rigging of That officer then ordered the criminal's every man-of-war in the fleet through hands to be unbound, and his apparel to which I was passing mounted, simultabe restored to him.

neously, hundreds of blood-red flags, The wretched Polydore stood for filling the air about us like a shower of awhile in senseless bewildered gaze,- tulips and roses. Imagine twenty ships and then burst forth with a vehemence, of war, with yards manned, and scarce that proclaimed insanity.-

a line in their rigging to be seen for the “ Hence to Acheron with your whin- flaunting of colours ! The jar of the ing cant of mercy! twice have they bared guns, thundering in every direction close this wretched body of mine for torture. over us, almost lifted our light boat out Once have their cruel rods inscribed their of the water, and the smoke rendered red characters on my skin !

our pilotage between the ships and they have got up this barbarous mum- among their extending cables rather mery, they dare not act it,—lest they doubtful. The white cloud lifted after should send their writhing victim to his a few minutes, and with the last gun, repose too soon!

But thus I spit at down went the flags all together, anyou ! thus I defy you ! and thus I erase nouncing that the “ Brother of the Sun" for ever the records of my shame!” had left his palace.

Polydore shook aloft his unfettered He had hut crossed to the mosque of arm, threw a glance of triumphant frenzy the small village on the opposite side of around; and in the next moment, had the Bosphorus, and was already at his plunged himself headlong into the boil

prayers when I arrived.

His bodying flaming cauldron.

guard was drawn up before the door, in HORACE GUILFORD.

their villanous European dress, and as April 10th, 1835.

their arms were stacked, I presumed it would be some time before the sultan re-appeared, and improved the interval in examining the handja-bashes, or state

caiques, lying at the landing. I have The heaviest fetter that ever weighed arrived at my present notions of equipage down the limbs of a captive, is as the by three degrees. The pope's carriages, web of the gossamer, compared with the at Rome, rather astonished me. The pledge of a man of honour. The wall

emperor of Austria's sleighs diminished of stone and the bar of iron inay be the pope in my admiration, and the sulbroken, but the plighted word never! tan's caiques, in their turn, “pale the

And now,


fires" of the emperor of Austria. The brow like a thunder-eloud. · He looks handja-bash is built something like the the monarch. The child of a seraglio, ancient galley, very high at the prow (where mothers are chosen for beauty and stern, carries some fifty oars, and alone) can scarce escape being handsome. has a roof over her poop, supported by The blood of Circassian upon Circassian four columns, and loaded with the most is in his veins, and the wonder is, not sumptuous ornaments, the whole gilt that he is the handsomest man in his brilliantly. The prow is curved over, empire, but that he is not the greatest and wreathed into every possible device slave. Our “mother's humour,” they that would not affect the necessary lines say, predominates in our mixtures. Sulof the model ; her crew are dressed in tan Mahmoud, however, was marked by the beautiful costume of the country, nature for a throne. rich and flowing; and, with the costly I accompanied Mr. Goodell and Mr. and bright-coloured carpets hanging over Dwight, American missionaries at Conher side, and the flashing of the sun on stantinople, to visit a Lancasterian school her ornaments of gold, she is really the established with their assistance in the most splendid object of state equipage Turkish barracks. The building stands (if I may be allowed the misnomer) in on the ascent of one of the lovely valleys the world.

that open into the Bosphorus, some three I was still examining the principal miles from the city, on the European barge, when the troops stood to their side. We were received by the colonel arms, and preparation was made for the of the regiment, a young man of fine appassing out of the sultan. Thirty or pearance with the diamond crescent and forty of his highest military officers star glittering on the breast of his military formed themselves into two lines, from frock, and after the inevitable compliment the door of the mosque to the landing, of pipes and coffee, the drum was beat and behind them were drawn up single and the soldiers called to school. files of soldiers. I took advantage of the The sultan has an army of boys. Ninerespect paid to the rank of Commodore tenths of those I have seen are under Patterson, and obtained an excellent twenty. They marched in, in single position, with him, at the side the caique. file, and facing about, held up their hands First issued from the door two Georgian at the word of command, while a subalslaves, bearing censers, from which they tern looked that each had performed the waved the smoke on either side, and the morning ablution. They were healthysultan immediately followed, supported looking lads, mostly from the interior by the capitan-pasha, the seraskier, and provinces, whence they are driven down Haleil Pasha (who is to marry the Sul- like cattle to fill the ranks of their sovetana Esmeh). He walked slowly down reign. Duller looking subjects for an to the landing, smiling and talking gaily idea, it has not been my fortune to see. with the seraskier, and, bowing to the The Turkish alphabet hung over the commodore in passing, stepped into his teacher's desk (the colonel is the schoolbarge, seated himself on a raised sofa, master, and takes the greatest interest in while his attendants coiled their legs on his occupation), and the front seats are the carpet below, and turned his prow faced with a long box covered with sand, across the Bosphorus.

in which the beginners write with their I have, perhaps, never set my eyes on fingers. It is fitted with a slide that a handsomer man than Sultan Mahmoud. erases the clumsy imitation when comHis figure is tall, straight, and manly, pleted, and seemed to me an ingenious his air unembarrassed and dignified, and economy of ink and paper. (I would his step indicative of the well-known suggest to the minds of the benevolent, a firmness of his character. A superb school on the same principle for beginbeard of jetty blackness, with a curling ners in poetry. It would save the critics moustache, conceal all the lower part of much murder, and tend to the suphis face; the decided and bold lines of pression of suicide.) The classes having his mouth just marking themselves when filed into their seats, the school opened he speaks. It is said he both paints and with a prayer by the colonel. The higher dyes his beard, but a manlier brown upon benches then commenced writing, on a cheek, or a richer gloss upon a beard, I slates and paper, sentences dictated from

His eye is described by the desk, and I was somewhat surprised writers as having a doomed darkness of at the neatness and beauty of the chaexpression, and it is certainly one that racters. would well become a chief of bandits- We passed afterward into another large, steady, and overhung with an eye- room, where arithmetic and geography

never saw.

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