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very tomb.

is to be supposed dead, unless (in the you would think that not to discover the good old Irish acceptation of the word), poor author's little bit of nonsense, as his head has been bona fide and beyond Win Jenkins says, involved a deep perall controversy, cut off.

sonal disgrace. For instance, you shall see him drop Away then with mystery! down, and turn all the colours of the “ Via the cloud that shadows Borgia!" rainbow ;- -poisoned beyond all doubt!' Not one instant will I stoop to concealsay you. No such thing !-it is either ment- for well I know concealment a sleeping potion, intended to last for a would be vain :—not a single word will certain convenient time, or else some I waste to mystify the publie,-for they wandering conjuror administers a re- refuse to be mystified. storative that brings him back from the I will first take breath, and then the

Drown him .full fathom liberty of informing all, who have acfive, and he shall be met with in some companied me thus far, that the horseenchanted island or palace in the wood, man who halted at the entrance of fair with as many restoratives as would set Richmond town-halted only to breathe up a dozen Humane Societies, and sur- his steed, whom he had ridden somewhat rounded by luxuries enough to make one hard, and cool his own brow, that glowed drown oneself for a chance of them. as much from the fire within as the heat When you read—“and with these words without. he passed the rapier twice through Don And they will fully acquiesce in the Jasper's body, exclaiming, die dog.' propriety of my withholding from their or some such humane and affable ac- confidence any soliloquy of his, whether companiment to the thrust,-it is by vocal or mental, when they are told common courtesy allowed that the said what their own sagacity has doubtless Don Jasper is only to welter in his gore long ago discovered, that it was their old for a certain space; long enough to acquaintance Polydore, the page who satisfy you that he is disposed of for had been whipt on the buttery hatch at

this day six months ;'-and then up he Middleham Castle, who had been so busy starts safe and sound, perhaps relieved about the kitchen fire, and so fond of the of an imposthume in his lungs, which sweet-smelling savour of its viands, the medicine had long pronounced incurable. night that the poisoned banquet was As for hanging,-pooh! it is quite a disappointment to the reader if that does Having made this frank avowal, I not prove a bungling job !- And so on would merely hint that at present he with all deaths ad infinitum, save and goes by the title of Sir Angelo Lascelles, except the incontrovertible one above whose prowess against the Soldan and mentioned.

his Paynim host, won him knighthood Vain therefore is it, when an author from the sword of King Edward himself. merely states that his hero is never seen That he had the fortune to save the life more, or never heard of more, vain, of Adrian Lord Scroop, the consequence worse than vain if he should flatter him- of which had been so strict a friendship self that the wily, experienced, veteran with that nobleman, that he became his romance reader will take his word for brother in arms; and now, on his return it

:-a very tyro would feel incredulous. from the Holy Land, was the bearer of

From the first moment that such an missives to the Baron's lady, Aveline assertion is hazarded, young and old are Neville, who having added the castles of on thorns for his reappearance.

Middleham and Raby, to Lord Adrian's Not a solitary stranger is permitted to large hereditary lordship of Bolton put up at an hostel ;- not an unexpect- Castle, acted as chatelaine in the absence ed guest makes his appearance at a of her consort, residing the principal part castle banquet; not a knight with closed of the year in that princely fortress with aventail and deviceless shield, presents her two blooming children, Cicely and himself at a tournament; not an outlaw Maximilian. lurking in his forest cave; nay not a I think it is Dangle in the Critic, serving man of handsome exterior, and who says that “when they do agree on who chances to have done the state the stage, their unanimity is wonderful!" some service,' but forthwith the vora- and thus it will be confessed that when cious reader pounces upon him for The I do explain, it is not by halves. Lost One!

Sir Angelo Lascelles then, as it is exSo catlike is their vigilance, so sleep- pedient to term him, after casting a careless their suspicion, so redolent of Bow less glance over the magnificent landStreet their acuteness and activity, scape before him, proceeded at a moderate

served up

pace down the steep and circling street lance bore the broad red pennon, on conducting to the principal hostel in the which was emblazoned the same device town.

of the sun-flower, with that audacious This place of hospitable resort was motto, which appeared to proclaim that situated in the spacious irregular area ignominy, time, and distance, had not forming the market-place at Richmond. quenched his old fame.

A wide, but disproportionately low That he had a lively recollection at gateway, surmounted with a startling least of the disgrace it drew down upon effigy of the great black bull of the Ne. him, we shall see as we proceed. villes, ushered Sir Angelo into a pleasant The cup of racy canary had been court, along one wing of which extended quaffed, and the silver tankard, its sides at midheight the well known solar, or misty with the coolness of the fresh drawn open latticed gallery, gaily painted, and liquor, had been restored to mine host, so built, as to offer, at once to the guests, who, according to custom, made a leg, the liberty of basking lazily in the sun, and with the old fashioned "hael' or of walking up and down its airy finished its contents; when Sir Angelo arcade, safely sheltered from the rain. abruptly broke silence.

A low balustrade of carved and colour- “ How far, sir host of the Black Bull! ed open-work, wrought in circles and may it be from hence to Bolton castle? ” saltires, and quatrefoils, formed its only "What, Bolton in Wensley ? why you protection from the yard below, from may rest and feed your charger, sir whence Sir Angelo could see the fustian knight of the sun-flower, and feast yourblouze of the citizen, and the long-tailed self

to boot in my poor hostel, and yet cowl of the merchant, enlivened by the reach the towers of Bolton before sungaudy raiment of some young Franklin, set.” or the blazoned livery of the important “ Tarries the lady baroness at Bolton pursuivant, among the chequered groups now ?” that sauntered in the solar, or quaffed the • Marry! doth she: I saw her ladycooling tankard of cyder with sprigs of ship's gentle face myself this Lammasbalm, in some shady corner of its light tide, what time I went with Red Hal colonnade. Sunny, yet shaded, secluded, the furrier, and long Dickon the smith, yet gay, the solar, at the Black Bull, to the castle; in our pageant, when I was enlivened with that mingled hum enacted St. Dunstan. Fegs! had you which ever marks an assembly of detach- seen how my lady laughed when I took ed groups conversing in public, but on th' oud un by th' nose! Oh 'tis a peerseparate subjects; the busy and ubiquitous less dame ! figure of the drawer fitting from knot to “ The lady Scroop is liberal then in her knot, answering all questions and supply- maintenance during the baron's absence?" ing all wants, formed the link that con- “ Liberal ? ay, as the blessed sun and nected the whole.

rain of heaven, to be sure, that gladden Sir Angelo haughtily avoided this everything they touch! popular haunt of the lounger in the “Holds she high state ? " thirteenth century; and, delivering his Ay, by the Holyrood ! royal state, steed to the care of the ready ostler, he sir knight: gallantly doth the baroness made a signal for the chamberlain to Aveline queen it in her castle : yet is she conduct him into a private apartment. merry and gracious ' withal. She holds

Before he disappeared, however, in festivals, whereat barons and dames flock the interior of the hostel, Sir Angelo's like barn-door fowls to the table of dais : presence and attire had attracted the eye yet can she speak a free and kindly word of several who were enjoying their meri- to a poor hosteler like myself. 'T was dian in the pleasant solar.

but at last Lammas pageant, that spying He wore the bascinet, or lighter kind me out, for all my tin mitre and gilt of helmet, of a picturesque globular vest (for I had been pantler at Middle. shape, without a crest, and open in front, ham in th' oud baron's time, him as they and the glancing steel mail of his light said was poisoned by the cook, not as I haubert was brightly revealed beneath a believed it-) but as I was a saying, says surcoat of purple silk, in the centre of my lady which, a large sunflower enwreathed with “ It boots not, mine host-bring me fire, surmounted this motto.

wherewith to mend my draught ;-but

stay-tell me, for I am bound to Bolton The broad belt of knighthood cinctured castle, and a stranger,--tell me, doth the carelessly his loins, and the scimitar, a lady Scroop love I would say doth she weapon recently borrowed from the cherish much the remembrance of her Turks, sustained itself on his thigh. His absent lord ?

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Mine host stared.

staircase, that led from the solar to the I mean, among all the gay revellings inn yard. and tournaments at which thou sayest The knight hesitated a moment, and she vouchsafes her presence,—is there no then seemed to take some sudden resolugallant, no knight, who boasts of her tion; for, approaching the man, who, bel accoyle,–I say enjoys the favourable struck by the bearing and attire of Sir regard of so absolute a lady?”

Angelo, renewed his advances with a “ Now foy! Sir Knight of the Sun- mixture of surprise and respect, he drew flower! foy! that speech smells foul to him away from the courtyard, and soon come from so fair a face!

engaged him in a deep conference, upon Nay, I meant no disparagement to which we have, at present, neither occathe noble dame. But I have warred in sion nor privilege to intrude. Palestine, and am lord Adrian's brother

( Concluded at p. ). in arms, and having seen him in peril, and sweat and bloodshed, I only doubted

IMPUDENCE! Jest the baroness dealt lightly in these " While the peasant of the south seeks sports and festivals.

only to know where the best ale is brewed, “ Not a whit ! not a whit! she deems and the newspaper most to his mind (and all who know the lady Aveline, taken in; the peasant of the north is approve her judgment), that her warlike looking forward and upward, and aclord's honour is better consulted in quainting himself with poetry and hishaving hospitality and good fellowship tory, till he rivals those “far seen in maintained in his absence, than if she Greek, (!!!) deep men of letters," in were to sit mewed up in a corner of the taste and knowledge;-nay, have we not deep quadrangle, at Bolton, or pining in seen one of them, at least, successfully her closet in Middleham donjon. She assert his right to the very summit of has been heard to say (and I, for one,

the Scottish Parnassus ? !!!!” hold it a gallant saying and a good),- This is the language of a reviewer, that her beads in her oratory, and her the existence of whose journal depends prayers in the chapel, -shall never mar upon the patronage of Englishmen. By the feast in the hall, or the chase in the the “peasant of the north” is meant of forest. There be tears, mayhap shame course the peasant of Scotland. Where for the exile ; but glory and the red cup did the scribe obtain his means of comto the absent crusader!

parison? and what does he mean by this " True, true!” said Sir Angelo, while insult to his readers? We venture to a transient spasm twitched his features, assert that more ardent spirits are drank “and I may well joy at thy speech : for in one parish in his country than in some thou wottest, mine host, that this bounti- whole counties in England. When will ful open cheer of the Lady Scroop bodes Englishmen resent the insolent attacks well for a wandering red-cross warrior of these men, who, while they are deriving like myself.”

subsistence from the patronage of the “ It bodes well to every one who loves English public, serpent-like sting the honour, and whom honour loves,” replied hand that fosters them.

K. mine host of the Black Bull, somewhat snappishly, for he felt piqued at the

HINDU LEGEND. libe the strange knight had taken The following Hindu legend is given with one to him so enskyed, and sainted by Mr. Roberts. as the lady of Bolton.

A woman who was going to bathe, The noonday meal was now set before left her child to play on the banks of the Sir Angelo; and, on its conclusion, he tank, when a female demon who was sauntered forth into the stables; where, passing that way carried it off. They having seen that his steed had been well both appeared before the deity, and each provendered-he loitered listlessly up declared the child was her own: the com. and down the court of the hostel, occa- mand was therefore given, that each sionally pausing, as his notice was at- claimant was to seize the infant by a leg tracted by the various coteries in the and an arm, and pull with all their might solar above.

in opposite directions. No sooner had At length, a stout-made yeoman, they commenced than the child began to somewhat past the meridian of life-his scream, when the real mother, from pity attire bespeaking from its gorgeous bla- left off pulling, and resigned her claim zon, that he appertained to the illustrious to the other. The judge therefore dehouse of Scroop and Raby, was observed cided, that as she only had shewn affecby Sir Angelo, as he descended the open tion, the child must be hers.”


levelled! He now saw all this, and himINDIAN CHIEF AND HIS DOG. self a lone wanderer-a noble spirit

lingering above the bones of those he “Their fountains slake our thirst at noon,

once loved.

Yet one companion was by Upon their hills our harvest waves, Our lovers vow beneath their moon,

his side—it was his faithful dog. This And let us spare at least their graves.half spaniel, half cur, had slept in his

Bryant. cabin for hundreds of moons, and had No people venerate the graves of their been taught every art which the sagacity ancestors with such an enthusiastic devo- of a dog could attain.

There was no tion as the Indians. War is the master- trick that he was incapable of performing. passion of their bosoms, and their next His spaniel had caused him to love the most sanguine feeling is to lay them- water, and the mixture of the cur likeselves, after death, beneath the green wise attached him to the land. He was, turf of their fathers. There are no orditherefore, amphibious.

But the most nary changes of nature that can so dis- noble trait of this animal was the affecfigure the tombs of those they love, as to tion he bore his master. He never left cause them to forget where they were his side at any great distance, without laid. Although civilization has hurried being sent, in the daytime; and at night, the most of them from the Atlantic he always nestled himself down, and shores, and the husbandman's grain has watched his master in slumber with the long waved over the gentle slopes of their closest fidelity. burial places, there may occasionally be As the march of improvement increasseen one of this banished race, clad in ed, it was determined Eagle-eye should the wild romance of the wilderness, remove. Plans were put in operation threading our hills and valleys, to view to effect this; when a friend stepped once more the simple sepulchres of his forth to comfort the warrior, and give fathers; and he scarcely ever fails in him a home beyond the sweeping decrees finding the precious earth, though the of the law. There was a rough, rocky eye of a white man sees nothing but the island, of about six acres, in the river level lawn or uninterrupted symmetry of Housatonic, where it crossed the Conthe hills.

necticut line, that appeared to be under Some time in the latter part of the the jurisdiction of neither Massachusetts last century, a decree went forth from Connecticut. The governments of the sovereignty of the state of Massa- both states had often endeavoured to chusetts, removing the Indians from their decide to which it lawfully belonged, but hunting grounds. Some there were

to no effect.

This island was the pro. among this race, who, by presents and perty of one Winfield.

How he came protestations of love and protection, com- by it, I suppose it is not absolutely plied with this mandate; but others necessary to know: at any rate, he had were determined to die on the graves of an “indisputable title.” This he gave their forefathers. Such was the resolu- to Eagle-eye, to be his home; and furtion of the chief of a small tribe, called ther promised him, in case he died first, the Owas. His name was Eagle-eye. he (Winfield] would lay his body among He had watched the handful of warriors the bones of his ancestors, and keep a whom he had led on to battle, one by sacred watch over them afterward. The one pass away into the western world; Indian. in return, vowed eternal gratiand when he pressed the young hand of tude to his benefactor, and promised him Snake-foot, his only son, for the last any service he was capable of performing; time, the silent tear sprang into his eye. at the same time, swearing lasting venHe told him to be brave-to scalp every geance on every other pale face within male white that fell in his way. He his reach. pointed to the blue smoke that was curl- Upon this island was a curious cave, ing over the dwellings of a distant village, formed by the rocks, that rendered it and then turned his face to the green, famous for miles around. It was, in sunny slope where their fathers slept. the interior, like a large garret of a He yet recollected how the roar of a house, the rocks running together like falling tree, in the solitude of the forest, the roof of a building. At one end was started him from his slumbers, and now a pool of clear and sparkling water, that thought how true the suspicion was that was kept fresh by a small orifice in the then crossed his mind. He then ex- rocks that led a stream away. The pected that a few more moons, and the music of the clinking rill was all that forests would be gone, the turf of the broke the silence of the cave. This was hills broken, the graves of his ancestors the charm that lulled the warrior to rest


at night, and the first thing that saluted cut small trees of various kinds, and his drowsy senses in the morning. Doa, taking them to this cave, erected them (for that was his dog's name), on first in one corner, with all the taste of nature awaking, invariably trotted up to this itself. The branches were filled with spring, and after lapping its pure waters, squirrels, and a few foxes were placed used to proceed to the body of his reclin- round on the earth below. This is a ing master, and putting his paws upon faint sketch of the home of Eagle-eye, his breast, lick his coppered and wrinkled the chief of the Owas. face, to warn him that the sun was break- His hatred to the whites was uning over the hills.

quenchable. When the western horizon Although an enemy to the state, he began to grow dark from the rising yet often crossed the narrow waters storm, and the silent lightnings were between him and the main, for the pur- leaping around the edges of the clouds, pose of hunting. He went forth clad in the warrior used to proceed to a small skins, with his belt of wampum, and rocky, promontory on the south of the otherwise attired in the costume of savage island, and kneeling on its summit with life. He spurned every article of civili- his dark hands thrown up, implore the zation but the rifle and its necessary god of the thunders to shake the cabins ammunition. These were furnished by of the pale faces to the earth! Winfield. He might be seen in the still- His dog, Doa, was the agent whereby ness of a June morning, paddling his he kept up a communication between frail canoe in the cooling shade of the himself and the whites ; and he had only banks, dressed in all the savageness that been taught the path leading to the house characterized the warrior of the “far of Winfield. They corresponded by west.” His face was hideously painted, signs. The dog carried a slender stick and bis head completely shaved, except in his mouth, to one end of which was one long tuft on the crown. The tied a small basket, and in this some toslightest noise would startle him, and kens were placed, the meaning attached resting with his oar clasped in his hands, to which, had previously been agreed his keen eye would pierce every crevice upon. in the creeping vines that ran along the Things were thus conducted, when shores.

suddenly the Indian ceased receiving inIt was not many months before the telligence from Winfield. Day after day interior of his rocky home presented a passed, and the dog returned with the most beautiful sight. Few, save Win- same contents with which he departed, field, saw it while Eagle-eye was living. rubbing round the legs of his master The Indian used to say, that although with a piteous whine. At last, one still, the game was fast leaving the hills, yet bright night, the warrior was aroused his old age should not deprive him from from his dreams by a stern voice. He beholding it. He had, therefore, with partly raised himself from his bed of great ingenuity, stuffed the skins of skins, while Doa by his side, was enwhatever he killed, and hung them on gaged in a muttering growl. In the the bare walls of the cave. Some, were aperture to the grotto, the figure of a placed standing on the earth. A bear pale face was seen, and the broken moonmight be seen in an elevated position, beams were streaming in the cavern on with a rabbit clasped in his fore paws; a each side of him. Eagle-eye grasped deer with his antlers Aung back, as if his tomahawk, and proceeded to the obrushing with full speed through the ject; but the voice of Winfield paralyzed thicket; the gaunt wolf, with his mouth his death-bent arm. Winfield !said brought into a mock growl; and ser- the hunter, his eye surveying him from pents of all species were coiled around head to foot, and then closed his speech on the ledges of the rocks. Birds were by bidding the dog to cease his noise. suspended by small threads from the What further colloquy ensued, it is need. peak of the roof, with their wings spread less to record. At any rate, the chief and their necks stretched out, as if in proceeded to a large bag which hung in the act of Aying; and several large the corner of the cavern, and taking out turtles were crawling on a damp spot of some withered leaves and dry roots, they earth in a corner of the cave. And both left the island, and shaped their finally, the calm pool of water was lite- course for the village of Winfield's resirally alive with the quantity of fish that dence. Let us for a moment change were swimming around in it. But the the scene. Winfield's only daughter was most touching spectacle of all, was a silently drooping away under the witherJittle artificial forest. Eagle-eye had ing influence of the consumption. She

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