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This is a wonderful book to have on hand when dealing with an angry spouse or loved one. Very useful advice that helps explain what is happening in the mind of an angry person. Read full review

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I've been fortunate enough never to have to deal with partner abuse in my life or the life of anyone close to me, but this is a fascinating, revealing book anyway. I was continually struck by Bancroft ... Read full review

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Abuse is about entitlement, not anger. It results from misogynistic attitudes, not emotions. As a result, conventional therapy directed at understanding emotions won’t work and may be ... Read full review

re: "ceedav" : man who is now abused

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I suggest that the abused woman who married this man "ceedav" has become an don't be too hard on him, folks. He needs to read the book and explain to the woman that after so many years as ... Read full review

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READ or LISTEN to this book on Audible. I literally broke into tears. THIS. This was EVERYTHING I have been through for 12 years. Hell on earth, why I stayed, why I left, what we're still battling. It's sad that this even exists, but wish I had known sooner. Makes understanding that I'm really not crazy. It's jacked up and worse that my children are going through hell. ALL professionals ever dealing with domestic violence need to read this. 

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There are painful ways of getting drawn in time and time again by a polished manipulator.
For example, if you lose your temper, rage, accuse and get involved in a drama scene, then it's only a
matter of time before you will feel guilty and ashamed of YOUR behavior and then off YOU go to apologize. Soon, you're building up for your next rage attack...and on and on it goes.
This books provides techniques to deal with the abusive personality in such a way that, guilt-free and proud of your own conduct, you can taking strong steps toward Freedom Street.
Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife

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Everyone in the world should read this book. If you are searching for the "why?" this book provides it. This book gives you the knowledge to heal. Healing feels amazing.

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I purchased this book for my (at the time) future girlfriend coming out of a string of abusive relationships, the last of which I was lucky enough to have intervened. Along with "It's My Life Now: Starting Over After Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence" the future object of my affections was able to learn a great deal about what truly happened and how to move forward in life. I recommend both titles as they ultimately helped her healing and allowed us to pursue a functioning and healthy relationship with one another. 

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I sent a copy of the chapter on types of abusers to a neighbor who had just separated from her husband. It looked to me as if both wife abuse and child abuse were likely. One of the types absolutely nailed her husband and when she told me, it was clear that she knew exactly how to handle him. This book puts power into the hands of the most powerless women. It should be owned by every married woman, just in case. 

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I was drawn, as most women probably are, to the descriptions of the different types of abusers. My spouse was described in eye-opening detail, right down to quotations of the things he commonly said to me. The author provided great insight into the root of abusive behavior, how abusive men really view their partners. As an abused partner, this book gave me such clarity, and equipped me with the information I needed to make a truly informed decision about whether or not to stay with my abuser.  

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