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rpreter in Italian, and afterwards in Eng Did you not tell him that the persons sh. It gave the witness “ a most excel- who had given you the Napoleons had nt character for assiduity, zeal, and fide- given you more than you asked to pay ty," and stated that he was only dis- your expenses ?-I cannot say so: I askharged from motives of economy, and fored only for money to pay my journey. ne sake of retaining older servants. It Will you swear that you did not tell as signed “ Caroline P.”

Cavazzi that they had given you more Renewed cross-examination of Theo- than you asked ?-I cannot swear any ore Majocci by MR BROUGHAM.-Do such thing, because I asked only the exou know Julius Cæsar Cavazzi ?-I ne penses of my voyage ; and he could not är heard of that name.

say so. Do you know a person named Cavazzi? Will you swear that you did not tell -Yes; an Italian. I have heard of a him, that whatever you asked for, you erson of the name of Cavazzi at Milan: got more than you asked ?-—I cannot here are two; one is a jeweller, and has swear that I asked for more, nor can he shop in one of the suburbs of Milan ; swear that I asked for more, than my exbelieve he lives there, but I never was penses. I have sworn to this already, n his shop; he is a fat man.

and I cannot say any thing else if I should The Cavazzi I am speaking of is a per- be asked a hundred times. on who lives in Greville-street, Hatton Will you swear that you did not say arden, or who did lately live there ?-I that you had got more than you asked ? emember that this Cavazzi told me that I never said I had got more than my he was a relation of the Cavazzi at Milan; expences. or when I came here I met him, and he Do you know Joseph Bizzetti?-I do cold me that he was so.

not know that name. Well, then, it is this one, and not the I mean a person who lives in Liquorother, who you said before was the only pond-street-Liquorpond-street ? Non one you had ever heard of ?- I have mi ricordo : I do not remember. I came known him only a few days in London. here in a sack, and I went away in a

Did not you and this London Cavazzi trunk, (laughter) and I do not know EngEline with each other last winter, for eight lish. or ten days together?-Not for eight or But when you forgot every thing about ten days, because I was not here eight or Cavazzi, you recollected him as soon as I ten days.

told you the street in which he lived ?But did you not dine once or twice to. I remembered him, because I recollected gether ?-What I can say is, that I dined the name of Cavazzi, but not because I twice with him, and ate rice.

was told of the garden. Did

you not shew Cavazzi another let You must try to recollect Bizzetti, too, ter, which

you told him you had received before we part. Do you remember two from somebody here to carry abroad ? - Italians who dined with you at the same What I remember is, that I was shewing place where Cavazzi also dined with you him the dispatch I was to carry.

—There were many Italians who came Was it not a dispatch which you were

there and dined and ate rice. to carry to Lord Stewart ?- It was. Do you not know an Italian who accom

Did you not also shew him a number panied you up and down London, to shew of Napoleons, which you said you had re you your way, and explain things to you? ceived at the same time with the letter? - I remember a person who served as a -Yes; they were the Napoleons for my guide. journey; I'counted them there.

What was his name? -I never asked How many did you shew him ?-I be. what name he went by.

Do you not know that he was a cabinet. Will you swear that you did not shew maker - I was told that he was such; him 150 ?-I cannot swear how many :

that he was a joiner. what I remember is, I counted eighty; Do you recollect going with him, either

on the day or the day after the late king's

liepe eighty.

but I cannot swear.


as no object, and that you might have Did you account for those Napoleons ? more if you wanted it?- No.

-Yes, I gave an account of the expenWill you swear that? that he did ses of my journey. at say, “money was no object ?”—I will Whom did you see at the great house, rear that Mr Powell never said so. on the occasion you have before spoken Will you also swear that he never, in of?-I saw a footman, and a German, e presence of that laquais de place, said who talked to me in German. ny thing to that purpose or effect?-No; Whom did you see at any other time ř Powell never talked about this pur- (as you say you were there several times) ose, nor held such discourse.

at the great house?-I saw a large big Do you mean to represent that you man, rather a handsome man, who did ever had any conversation with Mr not understand French or Italian, but owell upon the subject of the Queen? who spoke with me by signs.

(The witness) How, what do you For what purpose did you go to that nean? I don't understand what you say? house ?-- The first time I went to carry

The interpreter.-My Lords, if I am to a packet; and then I said I must have a se the word “conversation," I shall ne- receipt for the packet, for I could not give er make myself understood.

it without taking a receipt. Mr Brougham. Then pray use ano Did you bring that packet with you her word, sir ;“ discourse," if you please. when you came over to England with Mr 'ut the question again in this way: Hyatt?- I did. Do you mean to say that Mr Powell has I ask the witness to say, as well as he ever spoken to you on the subject of the recollects, how many times he has called Queen-Mr Powell spoke to me upon at that house?What I can remember is, his business at Milan, when I made my that I have been there three times. leposition ; but after that, we have never As he has told us for what he went poken together any more upon the sub- there the first time, ask him whether he

recollects for what purpose he went the Re-examined. For what purpose were second time?—The second time I went hose Napoleons given you before you to see whether there was any answer to went to Vienna ?—To pay the expenses the packet for which I had asked a reof my journey.

ceipt; and a third time, because they told Were you to account for those Napo- me to call again for an answer. leons? -Si, Signor.


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In what situation was he then, does thrlehip he enjoyed an estate in Hanover under house at Civita Vecchia. She had then


N our 1 HOUSE OF LORDS, Oct. 5.-24.

det at the JAMES LEMANN,

EARL OF GUILDFORD, [Clerk to Mr Vizard, the Queen's Soli Does your lordship recollect having skrát on th citor, was sent to Baden to solicit the at seen her Majesty the Queen at Naples ? fer le tendance of Baron Dente, Chambcrlain -I recollect coming to Naples after the to the Grand Duke, as a witness. The Queen had arrived there.

RETET the Baron at first consulted his minutes and At what time was that, does your lorde ve I di gave his deposition.]

ship recollect ?- I think it was in the bc. Do you know whether the Grand Duke ginning of March, 1815. was then at Baden ?-Yes, he was. When your lordship arrived at Na

Was the Baron willing to come to this ples, who formed the suite of her Majescountry at the time when you took his ty?- I think there were Lady Charlotte a risit deposition on the 20th ?-Yes, he was. Forbes, Sir William Gell, the Hon. Keps his longer

Did he, when you saw him afterwards, pell Craven, and Dr Holland. These state any

reason to you why he could not were all, to the best of come?-Yes, he said he could not come Does your lordship recollect a person of without the consent of the Grand Duke of the name of Bergami being there?

After he returned from the Grand Yes, I recollect seeing that person. Duke, at Carlsruhe, did he make any statement to you?-Yes, he did; he told your lordship recollect ?--As far as I un orar me on the 23d, that he had seen the derstood, I think he was called a courier, Grand Duke on that morning, and that [Lord Guildford dined with the

Queen en he had refused him permission to come. at Naples, with a large party of English ek dide

Did the Chamberlain state any other and foreigners. He saw her again at reason ?- No. I remember him saying Rome, and spent several days in her his Majesty, but that should not prevent living with her Madame Falconet, wife his coming over, because he was satisfied

to an opulent banker at Naples, with her his Majesty would not think ill of him two daughters.] for coming.

Where did your lordship and Lady Did you make any other application to C. Lindsay disembark?- At Leghom. him? -Yes; I wrote to him requesting When did your lordship see her Mahe would make a deposition before the jesty after that period ?-A long interval local authorities on the spot.

elapsed before I saw the Queen again. What answer did he return ?-He said The next time I met her was, I think, he could not do so without the consent of in November, 1815, at the Villa d'Este, the Grand Duke.

her house near the Lake of Coino.

Was your lordship then accompanied COLONEL ANTHONY Buller St LEGER, by Lady Charlotte Lindsay ?--No, I was [Had been the Queen's Chamberlain not. for eleven years, from 1809 downwards,

Where was Lady Charlotte then ?but on her Majesty going abroad in 1814, She was in England. his state of health did not allow him to

Your lordship has said that you then go farther than Brunswick. On her re saw the Queen at the Villa d'Esteturn, he waited on her and resigned his Yes, I first saw ber Majesty on the office, still on account of health.] lake.

my recollection.


have not.

Did you dine at the Villa then ? What were the considerations which 'es, I did.

induced you to give that advice ? Was Bergami then at her Majesty's Mr BROUGHAM here desired to remind ible ?-He was.

their Lordships, that this was a question Did your lordship ever before see bim addressed to points on which he had been t at table with her Majesty ?-Never, restrained from entering. think.

The LORD CHANCELLOR agreed with Did your lordship stay longer than the Learned Counsel, that the examinalat day at the Villa d'Este ?--No, I tion was taking an irregular course, and rent away the same evening.

it might indeed be advisable to expunge Where did your lordship go? --I slept the preceding question and answer. wat night in the little town of Como, [The Attorney-General here put a od went on the next day to Milan. number of questions relative to his lord

Did your lordship see the Queen af- ship's servant, evidently pointing to some erwards ? - Yes, I saw the Queen on the supposed familiarity between him and Saturday or the Sunday following at Mi- the Queen ; but Lord G. disowned all an, where I dined with her by an invi- recollection on the subject.] ation which I received when I was at By Lord Ross.—Did you ever see her he Villa d'Este.

Royal Highness in company with any Was it your lordship’s intention when other person in a boat on the Lake of rou went to the Villa d'Este to have paid Como?-I have certainly seen her in a 1 longer visit?— I had no intention of boat accompanied by another person. staying longer ; I had made no particu Who was that person ?--I have seen ar arrangement.

her in a boat with Bergami alone. From that time have you had any op By Earl Grey.- Did your lordship portunity of seeing the Queen ?-No, I notice any particular familiarity passing

between them, when you thus saw her Cross-examined.–Did it happen to Royal Highness and Bergami in a boat your lordship to see, while at Naples, at together ? –Certainly, I never observed Rome, or at Civita Vecchia, whether any conduct on that occasion which apBergami waited upon the company at ta- peared to me to be indecorous. ble?-I cannot recollect at Naples whe Your lordship has already stated that ther he did or not, but I think he did at the Countess Oldi had a little of the Civita Vecchia.

Lombard accent in her pronounciation ; When you visited at the Villa d'Este, was any impression made on your mind what ladies were in attendance ?--There with regard to her manners, as well as was an Italian lady, whose name I under- with regard to her language ?—My chief stood to be the Countess Oldi.

impression was, that her manners were Had your lordship any opportunity quite inoffensive. of conversing with that lady? --Yes, I Were they the manners of an appaconversed with her.

rently respectable and modest woman From your lordship's knowledge of I saw nothing vulgar or immodest in her the Italian, did she speak what is termed deportment.

or pure Italian ?-I thought Did you ever remark whether her conshe spoke very good Italian, with rather versation and department were such as the accent of Lombardy.

indicated a well-bred woman, or a woHad you ever any conversation with man of inferior station of society ?-I your sister Lady Charlotte Lindsay on never observed any particular vulgathe subject of her remaining in atten- rity. dance on her Royal Highness ?-Yes, I

remark any difference between recollect to have had some correspondence her manners and the manners of other with her on the subject.

Italian ladies ?-I cannot say that I did; Did you recommend to Lady Charlotte there was no observable or material difLindsay the propriety of resigning the ference ; I should not perhaps call her a situation which she held about the person person of great refinement, but there was of her Royal Highness I did advise no part of her conduct that was singular to resign it.

or easy to be distinguished from the

the Patois,

Did you


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