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The interpreter said that he could not into Bergam's room except through the put this question, as there was no word small cabinet ?-I never saw any one. for gentlewoman in the French language. Was there any other way to the beda (This observation occasioned much laugh- room of Bergami, when the door that ter.)

opened on the dark ante-room was closed, Did you make any observations on the except through the little cabinet?- Deter manners of the Countess Oldi?-No.

saw any other way. Do you remember a gentleman of the Who used to go with the Princess to name of William Burrell being with her her bed-room? - When I was with a Royal Highness at Milan ?-I do. in the sleeping-room, only Bergani e

How long did he remain with her ?- companied her to it. Not very long; I do not remember pre When Bergami had, as you say, cisely.

companied the Princess to her bed-more, Can you tell about the time?-A month, did he remain there; or, when he rest more or less.

away, which way did he go?-He did not When Mr W. Burrell went away, did stop long; sometimes he passed thrundi any other English gentleman come into the rooms I have already described, and the service of her Royal Highness ? -No. sometimes went out by the door on the

When did Dr Holland quit: at what little cabinet. place?-At Venice.

Did the Princess accompany you when After Mr W. Burrell left the house of


withdrew ?-Often. the Princess, did any alteration take place When you say she accompanied you, did you observe any change in the how far do you mean she went?--As far house? There was more freedom, more as to the last door. liberty in the house.

Was any thing done by her Royal
Tell us in particular what you allude Highness with that door when you se
to-what you observed ?-They played in tired?The Princess locked it with
the saloon, her Royal Highness and the key.
servants, every evening.

Do you remember the little Victorine
Can you tell us what game, and how? during your first residence at Villa de
-Different games-different plays-dif- Este? Yes.
ferent frolics.

How did she address the Princess i-
Mention any

?-Blind-man's Buff. She called her mamma. Did the Princess play? --She played Do you recollect whether it ever hapsometimes.

pened that she addressed the Princess in [At the Villa Villani the bed-room of that manner before you went to the l'illa the Princess opened into a large and dark d'Este?-I do not recollect. ante-room.]

[At Messina, the bed-rooms of Berganti Describe the situation of Bergami's and the Princess were separated by that room?—The sleeping-room of Bergami of the Countess Oldi.] communicated with the same ante-room. What room was next to Bergami's?

With the first room you have mention- My own room.
ed ?-Yes.


assist the Princess to her bel?
Besides this, was there any other com -Yes, I did sometimes.
munication with Bergami's room and any To do so, had you to pass through her-
other place ?-Yes.

gami's room ? --- Yes, I had. With what place ?-With the sleeping Did

you ever see him in bed ?-Sonia room of her Royal Highness.

times I did. What was there between her Royal Did the Princess ever call you up Highness's bed-room and that of Ber- the morning? - Yes, sometimes, and gami?-A small very narrow cabinet. sometimes Bergami did.*

Did any body sleep in that cabinet ? How did she come to call you?I never saw any body.

Through Bergami's door. When the door that opened on the dark Did she open that door?-Yes. ante-room was closed, could any body In what state was she as to dress who


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Death of George III.

General View of his Age. His Public and Private Character.
Асс ion of George IV. Death of the Duke of Kent,

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Plot by Thistlewood and others to Assassinate Ministers - The Détection. Disturbances

in Yorkshire. Rising at Glasgow. Action at Bonnymair: Traaquillity Restored,


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Meeting of Parliament. The Speaker. The Addresses. Droits of Admiralty. Settle-

ment of the Civil List. The Estimates. The Budget. Scots Barón of Exchequer,

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Remonstrances against the Mode of Proceeding. Report of the Lords Committe

of Penalties. Discussions respecting it. Preliminary Questions. Operas
Trial. Evidence against the Queen. Pleadings. Evidence in Defence of the
Pleadingz. Debates in the House of Lords. The Bill carried. Withdrata,

Meeting of the Chambers. State of Parties. Assassination of the Duke of Barn

Restraining Individual Liberty. Law on the Press. Law of Elections
Disturbances.. Modification of the Law. It passes. Finances. Military Co
Minor Objects,

State of Naples. The Carbonari. Insurrection at Nola. Rapidly spreads. Ki

the Spanish Constitution. Troubles in Sicily. Expedition of Pepe. Con
Palermo. Parliament meets. Its measures with regard to Sicily. Viess
sures of Austria. Of Russia. Congress at Trappau. Invitation to the Ki
ples. His Departure for Laybach,

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Trial of Soldiers for Murder, by firing from a window at Greenock, :

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Sa to Be Pleas of Insurance Offices, relative to Chemical Apparatus employed by Severn, King,

and Co.-Severn, King, and Co., v. Drew, or the Imperial Insurance Company, 265 fruit? Severn, King, and Co. v. the Phænix Insurance Company, James Mackoull, against the Paisley Union Company,



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An Account of the Revenut and Expenditure of the United Kingdom for the year

end. ing 5th Januały, 2820, Report of the Select Corhmittee of the House of Commons on Agricultural Distresses

, 384 Report from the Select Committee appointed to consider of the Means of Maintaining and Improving the Foreign Trade of the Country,

392 Second Report of the Commissioners on the Education of the Poor,

404 Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to consider of so much of the Criminal Laws as relates to Capital Punishment,

407 Abstract of the Report of the Select Committee appointed to inquire into the State of Mendicity in the Metropolis,

415 Memorial to the American Senate and House of Representatives on African Coloniza

tion, Report on the Constitution of the Royal Burghs of Scotland, :


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Agricultural Report,
Commercial Report,
Prices of Shares in Canals, Docks, Bridges, Roads, Water-Works, Fire and Life Insu.

rance Companies, Gas Light Companies, Institutions, &c. November 2,
Religious Intelligence,
Literary ditto,
Local Improvements and Establishments,

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VI.--LISTS, &c.


New Publications, for 1820,
Births, Marriages and Deaths,


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