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The editor and publisher of “Cist's Advertiser,” at the instance of his friends and subscribers, nearly a year since issued a volume compiled of various historical and statistical sketches, which made their appearance originally in his columns. Of these but a small edition was sold, the editor's other engagements not permitting him the opportunity of offering it personally to his subscribers and others.

A new volume is now presented, which, like the former, comprehends many valuable records, both of the past and the present, which will derive still higher interst in the lapse of time, and as subjects of reference in future years.

There is no individual in Cincinnati, expecting to make it his permanent residence, whose gratification and interest it will not be to preserve the information thus afforded, as a means of retracing the past, and thus affording him a source of rich enjoyment in the decline of life, when such gratifications have become few and faint.



No postponement on account of the Weather body as a labour of love! This is an indisputa

I observe the following, which forms a regular ble fact.. advertisement in a Hickman (Ky.) newspaper, Of what individuals but Frenchmen could such and put it on record as a trait of the region and traits of sentimentality be, with truth, recorded? the times:

“NOTICE.—The funeral of Mr. Nicholas J. "Doctor,” said a wag to his medical adviser Poindexter, having been postponed on account of one day “isn't there such a disease as the shinthe inclement weather, will take place near Tot- gles?“ Yes, to be sure," replied Galen.ten's Mill, on the 26th April next. The public - Then I've got it, for certain," said the patient, are invited.

• for the roof of my mouth has broken out in a Ear for Music.

dozen places!" The band of an English Ambassador at Con

First born male Child of Ohio. stantinople, once performed a concert for the entertainment of the sultan and his court. At its

The question has been repeatedly asked--who conclusion his Highness was asked which of the is the oldest white male born in Ohio, and still pieces he prefered. He replied, the first, which living? was recommenced, but stopped, as not being the

The Marietta Intelligencer gives Judge Joseph right one. Others were tried with as little suc- | Barker, son of Col. Joseph Barker, who was born cess, until at length the band, almost in despair at Belpre, as having long borne the reputation of of discovering the favourite air, began tuning the oldest native, if not the “oldest inhabitant” their instruments, when his Highness exclaimed,

of the State; and adds, that Lester G. Converse, “ Inshallah, Heaven be praised, that is it!"

of Marietta, has a better title to the distinction in

being born at Waterford, in Washington county, Sentimentality.

on the 14th February, 1790. The French carry sentiment farther than any I cannot find any individual living who was a other people in the world-in fact they carry it native of Cincinnati at an earlier date than May, into every thing. The remains of Bichat, one of 1793, which was the birth day of David R. Kemthe most distinguished physiologists and medical per, who was born on Sycamore street, Cincinwriters of France, after having reposed forty-nati, opposite Christopher Smith's present resithree years in the old Catherine Cemetery at dence. Paris, have been lately removed with great pomp I am able, however, to furnish the names of and ceremony to Pere Lachaise. But on exhu- the first born who survive to this day, both of ming the remains, lo and behold! the skeleton males and females. They are probably also the was found without a head! The grave digger first born male and female in Ohio, among the supposed he had mistaken the grave of the cele- living or the dead. These are Christian F. Sensebrated professor for that of some decapitated man and Mary Heckewelder, the children of Momalefactor, but the circumstance served to iden- ravian Missionaries, who were born in 1781, at tify the skeleton as that of the professor; for Gnadenhutten, on the Tuscarawas, now residing when Bichat died, his loss caused his friend, Prof. both in the same county in Pennsylvania; one at Roux, so much grief, that he procured its ampu- Nazareth, the other at Bethlehem. They were tation to preserve it as a souvenir. The latter born within a day of each other. was now called upon for the head, and it was While on this subject, let me state a singular finally restored and intered with the body, in situ. fact. Although our city is but fifty-seven years

The son of the celebrated Broussais, also, for of age, we have as residents a lady who with her the purpose of preserving a vivid remembrance son and granddaughter are all born within four of his father, had his head cut off, and it now miles of Cincinnati, the last two being born in forms a mantel decoration in his study. Buffon, the city itself. almost inconsolable for the loss of his wife, allay-! The grandaughter is thirteen years of age. ed his grief in the occupation of dissecting her Of course theu as far back as 1833, we had indi

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