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49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; at Bor- | MCALLISTER, ARCHIBALD, Representative in Thirty-Eighth
der State interview with the President, 211; views on Congress, 110.
compensated emancipation, 213-217; amendment ro- McBride, Joun R., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Coa:
lating to colored persons as witnesses, 213; to Colora gress, 141.
do bill, 255; resolution relative to Cole. Jacub and MCCALLUM, JAMES, Representative in Second Rebel Core
Wolford, 560.

gress, +02
MALLORY, STEPHEN R., Senator in 'Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; McCLEARY, DAVID W., Resolutions in Legislature of Mary,

withdrew, 3; intermediary between Col. Hayne and laud, 3:17.
President Buchanan, 32; Secretary of Navy in Rebel MOCHELLAN, GEORGE B., Major General, President Lincoln's
Provisional administration, 12, 400: in permanent ad. allusion in Message to appointment of, as general-in-
ministration, 401; member of committee of secret Dis chief, 135; order to General Banks for the arrest of
union Caucus, 392.

members of the Legislature of Maryland, 153; order
MANIFESTO of Southern Members of Congress, 37.

respecting President's emaucipation proclamation, note,
MANLEY, JUDGE, of North Carolina, opinion on habeas cor 2:27 ; proclamation of, in Western Virginia, 244; order
pus, 130

promulgating and enforcing the President's order re-
Maxx, Á. DUDLEY, Rebel Commissioner to England, letter specting seizure of supplies, 252; order of chief of staff

of to Earl Russell, 27; reported conversation with of, respecting election of 1861 in Maryland, 308, 309;
Earl Russell, 27.

urged a draft in 1861, 274 ; letter on political adminis
Maxx. WA.D., report upon credentials of as representative, tration, 385, 336; letter in favor of election of George

W. Woodward as Governor of Pennsylvania, 386; noini-
MANKING, J. L., Commissioner from South Carolina to Loui. natiou of for President at the Democratic National

Bjana, 11 ; received by convention, 4; vote on seces Convention, 420; letters of notification and acceptance,
sion ordinance, 399.

420, 4:21; accepting membership in the McClellan be
MANSFIELD, JOSEPH K. F., Brigadier General, order of, con gion, 421,
cerning fugitive slaves, 2+5.

McCLERNAND, JOHN A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.
Marcy, DANIEL, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; resignation, 123; ad.

justment proposition, 54; member of Border State
Marcy, WILLIAM L., Opinion on citizenship of colored per Coinmittee, 73; resolution on the war, 291.
sons, note, 382.

McClurg, JOSEPH W., Representative in Thirty-Eighth
MAEQUi, letters of, bill to authorize, 377; rebel legislation, Congress, 140.

McCUBBIN, Mr., arrest of, 153.
MARSHALL, HENRY, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, McCURDY, CHARLES J., Member of Peace Conference, 67.
11, 400; Representative in First Congress, 401.

McDOUGALLJAMES A., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
MARSHALL, HUMPIIBEY, Representative in Second Rebel 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolutions on Genera)
Congress, 402.

Stone's arrest, 179, 180; on monarchical governmenta
MARSTON, GILMAX, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, in Central and South America, 353, and French occu.
48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.

pation in Mexico, 348, 349; amendment to enrollment
MARTIAL LAW, Proclamations of, by Jefferson Davis, 121.

bill to abolish substitution, 264.
MARTIN, CHARLES D., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- MCDOWELL, Irvix, Major General, order to protect property
grese, 49.

I in Virginia, 251.
Martin, ÉGBERT 8., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- MCDOWELL, JAMES F., Representative in Thirty-Eighth
gress, 49; address to the people of Virginia, 40.

Congress, 140; resolution on arrests and habeas con
MARTIX, THOMAS, Member of Peace Conference, 68.

pus, 183.
MARVIN, JAMES M., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- MCDOWELL, J. L., Letter of Attorney General Bates to, re
gress, 140.

specting fugitivo slave law, note, 235.
MARYLAND, vote for President in 1860, 1; in 1864, 623; MCDOWELL, THOMAS D., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con

members of Peace Conference, 67; Thirty-Sixth Cun. gress, 400; Representative in First Congress, 402.
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140; MCINDOE, WALTER D., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
secession movement in, 9; State Conference Conven- | Congress, 123; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
tion, 9; Howard County meeting and resolutions, 9; McKAIG, THOMAS J., Commissioner from Legislature of Ma.
Legislature on secession and recognition, 9, 397; pro ryland to Jefferson Davis, and report, 9, 10; votes in
ceedings of Legislature, 396-398; arrest of meni bers, Senate of Maryland, 396-398.
152, 153; orders for, and report on, 153; emancipation McKEAY, JAMES B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.
in, 200-211, 226, 227; law and military orders respect gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; resolution on compen.
ing elections, 308-311; Goveruor Bradford's proclama Sated emancipation, 209.
tion, 300, 310; soldiers in the rebel army, 390; voto on McKee, R., Secretary of Russellville (Kentucky) Con-
Free Constitution of, 460; provision respecting allegi gress, 8.
ance of the citizen, 460; Yote of Legislature on ratify MCKENNAN, WILLIAM, Member of Peace Congress, 68.
ing the anti-slavery Amendment, 597.

MckenTY, JACOB K., Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Con-
MABOX, CHARLES, Statement relative to the Tennessee pro gress, 18.
test, 410.

Mckinney, John F., Representativo in Thirty-Eighth Con-
Masox, JAMES M., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; I gress, 1-10.

address of, to people of Virginia, 40; on voting on se- MCKINNEY, ROBERT J., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
cession ordinance in Virginia, 7 ; resolution on suspend. SICKNIGHT, ROBERT, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.
ing certain laws in the insurrectionary States, 86; cor gress, 18; Thirty-Seventh, 122; agency in preventing
respondence respecting surrender of, to Great Britain, the removal of heavy guns from Allegheny Arsenal,
338-342; comment of the Loudon Times on, 312, 313; note, 35.
Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 100; retired, MCLAXE, ROBERT M., Commissioner from Legislature of
401; expected in Baltim re during " reign of terror," Maryland to Jefferson Davis, and report, 9; Senator
393; Benjamin's despatch to, ou Peace, 435.

Mason's desire to see, 393.
Masoy, Mr., arrest of, 153.

MCLEAN, J. B., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
MASSACHUSETTS, vote of, for President in 1860,1; in 1864. 1 402.

6:23; members of Peace Conference, 67 ; Thirty-Sixth McLEAN, JOAN, Justice, President Lincoln's allusion to
Congress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, death of, 131.
140; " personal liberty" lawg of, 44, 45-47; vote of MCMAHON, JOHN V. L., proposed Member of Board of Pub-
legislature ou ratifying the anti-slavery amendment, lic safety in Maryland, 9.
695, 596.

McMillan, JAMES P., Rov., protest of, in Louisville Pres
DIATTHEWS, JOSEPH W., Commissioner from Mississippi to bytery, 5:22.
Alabama, 11.

McMULLEN, FAYETTE, Representative in Second Rebel Con-
MAURY, M. F., recently discovered letters of, 390.

gress, 402; resolution on peace, 615.
MAXWELL. AUGUSTUS E., Senator in First Rebel Congress, | MCPHEETERS, SAMUEL B., Rev. Dr., orders and correspond.
401; Second, 402.

ence respecting, 533-537; proposed action concerning
MAY, HIEXRY, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, in New York Synod, 466, 467.

122, arrest of, 152; resolution respecting arrest of McPHERSON, EDWARD, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.
Baltimore Police Commissioners, 179; respecting re gress, 48 ; Thirty-Seventh, 122; clerk of House, Thirty.
fusing counsel to prisoners in Fort Warren, 181: re Eighth Congress, 140.
@pecting interference of Major General Schenck with MCQUEEN, JOHN, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
freedom of religious worship, 182, 524; peacu resolu. 49; withdrew, 2; statement respecting forts in
tions, 295, : 96.

Charleston harbor, 30; Representative in First Rebel
MAYNARD, HORACE, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con. | Congress, 402.

sereys: 49: Thirty Seventh, 122; substitu e of for con- | McRae, COLIN J., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
fiscation bill, 198, 199; reply to the President's appeal 11, 400; appointed brigadier, and cuttou loan agent at
to th. Border States, 218.

Paris, 100.

.399; men iposident in 1860; riy-sixth Cong Depo-

Peace Copiere in Thirty-Eignon Members

MCRAE, JOAN J. Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 1 MILLER, H. II., Commissioner from Mississippi to Texns, 11.

49; withdrew, 3; Representative in First Rebel Con- MILLER, SAMUEL A., Representative in First Rebel Cop-
gress, 401.

gress, 402; Second, 402.
MEDIATION, 345-348_see " Foreign Mediation."

MILLER, SAMUEL F., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Cop-
MEMMINGER, CHARLES G., vote on secession ordinance, 399; 1 gress. 140.

Becretary of the Treasury of the republic of South MILLER, WILLIAM II., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
Carolina, 2; report in South Carolina Convention, 15, gress, 140.
16; remarks of, 17, 18; Deputy in Rebel Provisional MILLIGAN, SAMUEL, Member of Peace Conference, 68.
Congress, 11, 400; Secretary of the Treasury under the MILLS, BERNARD, arrest of, 153; motions and votes in Marr
Provisional Administration, 400, under the Permanent land Legislature, 396-398.
and resignation, 401; political history of, 401.

MILLS, JOHN T., interview with President Lincoln. 424.
MEERS, THOMAS, Representative in First Rebel Congress, MILLSON, JOHN S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
402; Second, 402.

49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; eso
MENONITES, action of, on the state of the country, 603, 604. tract of letter to James Barbour, 39.
MENZINS, JOnx W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- MILLWARD, WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con

gress, 1:22; at interview of Border-State Representa gress, 48; damages against, for seizing the West Ches
tives and President Lincoln, 211; views on compensa ter Jeffersomian, 411, 412.
ted emancipation, 213-217.

MIXXESOTA, Vote for Presidentin 1860, 1; in 1864, 6:3; mem-
MERCIER, M., Letter of French Minister of Foreign Affairs, bers of Peace Conference, 69; Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48,
to, respecting mediation, 345.

49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; vote of
Mercury, Charleston, on Border State Embassies, 3; on legislature on ratifying the anti-slavery amendment, 599.

Peace Conference, 41: telegram in, respecting the dis- MISSISSIPPI, vote for President in 1860, 1; members of
union conspiracy, 391, 392.

Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49; Deputies in Rebel Provis
Mercury, Mobile, ou the “ do nothing" policy, 112.

onal Congress, 11, 400; members of First Congress,
MEREDITH, S. A., Colonel, General McDowell's order to, 25 401, 102; Second, 402; secession movement in, 3; inter-
MEREDITH, WILLIAM M, Member of Peace Conference, 07. State commissioners, 11; legislature on habeas corpus
MERRYMAX, John, arrest of, 154; proceedings in cuse,

bin, 399; men in the army, 399,
cluding Chief Justice Taney's opinion, 154-158.

MISSOURI, vote for President in 1860,1; in 1864, 623; mem-
Metropolitan Record, excluded from Department of Mis bers of Peace Conference, 67 : Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48,
Bouri, 192; Archbishop Purcell upon, 503.

49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; Depo-
MESSAGES, last annual, of President Buchanan, 49, 50; Preg. uties in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 400; Members

ident Lincoln's first, 123-129; first annual, 129-136; se of First Congress, 401, 402; Second, 402, 611; secession
cond, 136-140, 220–229; third, 141-147; fourth, 555-558; movement in, 10, 11 ; seizures and surrendery of Uni-
in General Stone's case, 180; on confiscation 197, 198; ted States property, 28; ordinance of convention re
compeusuted emancipation, 209; on District of Colum specting electious, 314; nilitary orders respecting
bia bill, 212, 213; ou enrollment act, note, 263; on early electious in, 314, 315, 445; proposed compensated
proceedings to save the Capital, 333, 334; vetoinx bill emancipation, 224-226; men in the rebel army, 399;
autborizing small notes, 359; relative to national admission into the “Confederacy." 400; vote on abol-
banking system, note, 362; on monarchical intrigues ishing slavery in, 332; vote of legislature on ratifying
in Central and South America, 343; the French Mox the anti-slavery amendment,599; postponement of elec
ican question, 349; the Arguelles case, 354, 355; trans tion for Rebel Congressmen, 611.
mitting Hampton Roads Conference, 506-509; ou Elec- MITCHEL, CHARLES B., Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401;

toral College bill, 579; Jeff, Davis's, 610, 612, 616, 618.1 in Second, and death, 402.
METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, General Conference of 1860, MITCHELL, WALTER, proposed member of board of public

494-496; of 1864, 497-499 : Baltimore Conference of safety in Maryland, 9.
1861, 496: protest of members of, 496; Western Virgi MITCHELL WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty-Seventh
nia Conference of 1861, 496; President Lincoln's re Congress, 1:22.
eponse to resolutions of East Baltimoro Conference of MONARCHICAL intriguos in Central and South America, ac
1862, 496. IN INSURRECTIONARY STATES, facts respecting, tion on, 313
616; orders of President Lincoln and Secretary Stanton MONTAGUE, ROBERT L., report in Virginia convention, 6;
for occupancy of churches, 521-523; Rev. Dr.. P. New vote on secession ordinance, note, 7; Representatire in
man's address at New Orleans, 523, 521; action of Second Rebel Congress, 402
Holston Conference, 646.

MONTANA Territory, Bill to organize, 240, 241 ; proposed De
METHODIST PROTESTANT CHURCA, General Convention of gro suffrage in, 240; prohibition of slavery, 251, 255.

1862, 499, 500; action of Maryland Annual Cunference, MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty-Sixth
West Virginia Couference, and Ninth Street Church in Congress, 48.
Washington city, 499, 500.

MOORE, JAMES W., Member of bogus Legislative Council of
MEXICO, the French occupation of, proceedings of Govern Kentucky, 8; Representative in First Rebel Congress,

ment, 348-354; Mr. McDougall's resolution respecting, 401; Second, 402.
348, 319; resolution of tho llouse, and subsequent pro. MOORE, LABAN T., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
ceedings, 319–354; Mr. Murray's resolution respecting,

1 49.
in Rebel Congress, 617.

MOORE, S. McD., vote on secession ordinance, note, 7; com-
MICHIGAN, vote for President in 1860, 1; in 1864, 623; mem missioner of Virginia in inaking military league, &

bers of Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49; Thirty-Seventh, MOORE, SYDENHAM, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; personal liberty law, 46, 47; gress, 49; telegrani south, 37 : withdrew, 4.
not represented in Peace Conference, 69; voto of legis. MOORHEAD, JAMES K., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
lature on ratifying the anti-slavery amendment, 599.

kresy, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 1.2; Thirty-Eighth, 110;
MIDDLETON, GEORGE, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con. agency in preventing the removal of heavy guns from
gress, 140.

Allegheny Arsenal, note, 35; resolution on ineligibility
MIDDLETON, MR., remarks in South Carolina Convention, 17; 1 to office, 376.
vote on secession ordinance, 399.

MORAVIAN CHURCH, action of, on state of the constry, 453.
MILES, District Attorney, Charleston, on sequestration, MORETIEAD, CHARLES S., Member of Peace Constreace, 68;

arrest of, 153.
MILKS, WILLIAM PORCHER, Representative in Thirty-Sixth MOREHEAD, JOHN M., Member of Peace Conference, 68; de

Congress, 49; withdrew, 2; Deputy in Rebel Provis puty in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.
ional Congress, 11, 400; Represeutative iu First Con- MORFIT, II EXRY M., arrest of, 153; votes in Maryland Legis
gress, 402; Second, 402; vote on secession ordinance, lature, 396-398.
393; statement respecting forts in Charleston harbor, MORGAN, EDWIN D., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140:
32; declaration respecting secession, 53 ; on Beaure amendment to enrollment bill, 205 ; remarks in open-
gard's stat, +01.

ing the Baltimore Union Convention, 403; Professor
MILITARY Arrests, General Angur's order respecting, 87.

Lieber's letter to, on amending the Constitution, notes
MILITARY COURTS, orders respecting, 154, 177 ; proposition to MORGAN, S. H., Representative in Second Rebel Congress,
limit the jurisdiction of, 561, 562, 563.

MILITARY Governors, letter of appointment, 179; power to MORRILL, ANsOn P., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con
suspend the writ of habeas corpus, 179.

gress, 122.
MILITARY Interference with elections, bill to prevent, 315, MORRILL, JUSTIN S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cog-
316, 566.

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122: Thirty-Eighth, 140:
Military Legislation, summary of our, 115-117, 563–566. member of the Committee of Thirty-three, 53; suleti
MILITARY Legislation, summary of rebel, 117-121, 611-613, tute for confiscation bill, 199; for emancipativo bill,

200, 201; resolution on the war, 291.
MILITACY Orders respecting elections, 3084316, 415.

MORRILI. LOT M., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congresy, motr,
MILITIA, Bill to reorganize, in District of Columbia, 77 ; Da 48; Thirty-Seventh, 121; Thirtr-Eiguth, 14); member
vis's opinion of militia of the States, 37.

of Peace Conference, 67; amendmeut to Washington


city registry bill, 241; resolution on bailing arrested | New Mexico, proposed admission of. 59.
persons, 183.

NEW ORLEANS, open to trade, 1:9; Joyulty of Episcopal and
MORRIS, DANIEL, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, Presbyterian Churches in, 543-515.
110 ; bill repealing fugitive slave laws :37.

NEWSPAPERS, exclusion and uppression of, 187 ; proceed-
MORRIS, EDWARD Joy, Representativo in Thirty tu Con ings, orders, presentments, reports, letters, arrests,
gress, 48; adjustment proposition, 55.

charges, resolutions, and decision respecting, 188-191,
MORRIS, ISAAC N. Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 441, 442; rebel limitations upon privileges of. 177.

49; adjustment proposition, 73; resolution on the NEW YORK, vote for President in 1860, 1; in 1864, 623;
Union, 75, 76.

members of Peace Conference, 67: Thirty-Sixth Con-
MORRIS, JAMES R., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140: of
gress, 1:2; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

“personal liberty"law, 46; negro suffrage in, note, 241;
MORRISON, Captain, surrender of his vessel to rebels, 28.

vote of legislature on ratifying the anti-slavery amedd-
MORRISON, WILLIAM R., Representativo in Thir

ment, 696, 597.
Congress, 140; resolution on slavery, 259. . . New YORK CITY, Mayor Wood's recommendation that it be
MORSE, FREEMAN II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con como a freo city, 42–44.

grers, 43: member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; NEW YORK CONGRESSMEX, adjustment proposition of, 74.
of Peaco Conference, 67.

NEW YORK DEMOCRATY, Lori Lyons's statement of views of,
MORTOX, JACKSON, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, respecting foreign mediation, 347; correspondence
11, 400: vote ou secession ordinanco 399.

with President Lincoln respecting Vallandigham's re-
MORTOX, OUVER P., Governor of Indiana, signer of Altoona loase, 167-175.
aldresa, 233.

NEW YORK (Grant) Meeting, President Lincoln's letter to,
MOSEBY, Joys, commission of as major of partisan rangers,

New York News, C. L. Vallandigham's letter to, 423.
MILATIOES, drafting in rebel Staten, 282.

New York: Sun, adjustment proposition of, 75.
MUXNERLYN, J. C., Representative in First Rebel Congress, New York Times, on the disunion programme, 392.

New York Tribune, on the prospect of peace, 303.
MUNROE, THOXAS B., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, NIAGARA FALLS PEACE NEGOTIATIONS, 301-303.

NILACK, WILLIAM E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
MURPAY, ISAAC, Governor of Free State of Arkansas, 321 ; gross, 49; adjustment proposition of, 54.
votes and action in secession convention, 399.

NICHOLAS, Judge, of Kentucky, proposition to amend the
MURRAY, JOHN P., Representative in Second Rebel Con Constitution, 255, 256.

gress, 402; resolution on Mexican question, 617. NICHOLSON, A. 0. P., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48.
MURRAY, United States Marshal of southern district of New | NISBET, EUGENIUS A., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,

York, indicted by the Grand Jury for the arrest of Ar 400.
guelles, 355 ; proceodings in court upon, 355.

Nixox, John T., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
MCERETT, ROBEP.T T., arrest of, 153.

48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Border-States Com-
MFEES, Amos, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, niittee, 73.
140; resolution relating to the war, 292.

NOBLE,, WARREN P., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
MYERS, LEONARD, Represon tative in Thirty-Eighth Con gress, 122; Thirty Eighth, 110; resolution of, respect-
gress, 110.

ing the purposes of the war, 286; amendment of, to

the loan bill, 360.

NOELL, Jonx W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
NASI, JAMES H., Secretary of Rebel Sepate, First Congrese, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; adjustment proposition of,

5t; on compensated emancipation in the border States,
NATIONAL BAXKS, proposed State taxation on, 363, 361.

211, 217, 219; bill to promoto emancipation in Mis-
National Intelligencer, aljustnient proposition of, 74; di souri, 224, 225.

gest of “personal liberty" laws, 41; proposition of NORFOLK opened to trade, 149.
writer in, 75, on disclosure, by "Enton," of the dis North American Review, President Lincoln's letter to pub-

union conspiracy, 391; on disunion canicus of 1835, 390. lishers of, 336.
NATIONAL CURRENCY, act of 1863, 362, 363; of 1864, 303- NORTH CAROLINA, vote for President in 1860, 1; members of

Peace Conference, 9; Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49;
Nary, disposition of vessels in, during 1860, report on, 8. Deputies in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400, when
NEBRASKA, enabling act for, 377.

elected, 401; Members of First Congress, 401, 402;
NEGOTIATION, Job D. Baldwin's resolution against, with Second, 402, 611; secession movement in Convention and
rebels, 298, 299; Niagara Falls, 301-303.

Legislature, 4; seizures and surrenders, 29; Supremo
NEGRO SUFFRAGE, Bills to authorize, in Montana Territory, Court refuso writs of habeas corpus to persons who had

and Washington city, amendments to and votes upon, furnished substitutes, 120; peace propositions in legis
240, 241; vote on proposed, in New York and Ilinois, lature, 304, 305,619; resulations on peace, 330; adjust.
nute, 241; former in Tennessee, 383; proposed in re ment proposition of "distinguished citizen," 75; nel
constructed States, 577.

in the army, 393.
EGROES, enrollment of in “rebeldon," 282, 283, 427, 4:28; NORTHWESTERN CONFEDERACY, Cincinnati Gazette upon the

draft of for military service, 282; to work on fortifica intrigue for, 42.
tions, 282; impressment of, in Georgia, 282; changing Nortox, ELIJAI II., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
sentiment in the Rebel Congress respecting tho em gross, 122.
ployment of, in military service, 282; in the army, 282, NORTO., JESSE O., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
283; nct of Rebel Congress respecting, 283; General gress, 140.
Magruder calls for, 283; legislation concerning negro Norto.x, N. L., Representativo in Second Rebel Congress,
prisuners, 283; Richmond Inquirer on, 428, 129; the 402

Negro Soldier will, and General Lee's letter, 611. 612. Noyes, WILLIAM CURTIS, Member of Peace Conference, 6T.
Nelsox. HOMER A., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Cour Nuges, ROBERT II., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
gress, 140.

gress, 1:12.
NELSON, THOMAS A. R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- NYE, JAMES W., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, second

gross, 49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; session, 559.

report of, 59; one of the Tennessee protesters, +38-41.
NESMITU, JAMES W., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress,

122; ThirtyEighth, 140.
NEVADA TERRITORY, bill to organizo, 89, 90: adniission of, OATH OP ALLEGIANCE, bill requiring from lawyers, 602 ;

as a Siale, 460; Senators and Representatives from, from Senators, note, 603.
639; vote of legislature on ratifying the anti-slavery OCHILTREE, WILLIAM B., Deputy in Rebel Provisionul Cou-
amendment, 600; voto at Presidential election of 1864, gress, 11, 400.

O'CoxOR, CHARLES, Letter of George N. Sunders to, 330.
NEW ENGLAND, proposition of Garrett Davis to divide, 259. ODELL, Moses F., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con.
NEW HAMPSHIRE, voto for President in 1860, 1; in 1861, 623; | gress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110.

members of Peaco Conference, 67; Thirty-Sixth Con- OFFICE, certain persons ineligible to, act declaring, 376.
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:21; Thirty-Eighth, 110; OFFICE, civil and military, incompatibility of, 375.
“personal liberty" law of, 4+; Denocrats of, Rich- Onio, vote for President in 1860, 1; in 1864, 6:3; members
mond Sentinel's response to resolution of, 331.

of Pencu Conference, 68; Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
NEW JERSEY, vote for President in 1860, 1; in 1864. 623 : Thirty-Seventh., 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140; no "personal

members of Peace Conference, 67; Thirty-Sixth Con liberty" inw, 47 : vote of legislature on ratifying the
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; anti-slavery amendment, 598.
“ persoual liberty" law, bas po, 46; vote of legislature Ojo DEMOCRATS, correspondence with President Lincoln
on ratifying the anti-slavery amendment, 597.

relative to Mr. Vallandigham's return, 167-175.
NEWMAN, J. P., Rev. Dr., address of, at New Orleans, 523, I OLDUAM, WILLIAM S., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,

11, 400; Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401; Second,

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402; views on sequestration, 205; resolutions respect- | PARKE, JOAN G., Major General, despatches at Hampton
ing peaco, 616.

Roads Conierence, 567.
OLDEX, CHARLES S., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

PARKER, JOSEPH, bearer of Peace address from Great Brit-
OLIN, ABRAHAM B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con L ain, correspondence with Secretary Seward, 456.

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; opinion in habeas PATTERSON, JAMES W., Representative in Thirty Eighth Con-
pus case, 562.

gress, 140.
O'NEILL, CHARLES, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con PATTERSON, Judge, East Tennessee, Benjamin's order of ar.
gress, 140.

rest, note, 187.
O'NEILL, John, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, PATTERSON, ROBERT, Major General, proclamation, 244.

PATTON, JOHN, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
OPINIONS of the Attorneys General-J. S. Black, upon the

powers of the President, 50-52; Edward Bates, on the Pay of colored soldiers, Opinions of Attorney General apon,
power of the President to make arrests and enspend 279, 280, 384, 385; proposed prohibition of pay to,
the writ of habeas corpus, 158-161; Caleb Cusbiug, on 283.
inviolability of United States mails, 189, 190; Edward | PAY of soldiers increased, 116, 272.
Bates, on pay of colored chaplains, 279, 280; on pay of | PEACE, Alexander H. Stephens's letters on, 430, 431, 459, 459;
colored soldiers, 384, 385; on citizenship of colored Wm. W. Boyce's, 491-433, 457; Herschel V. Johnson's,
persons, 378-384.

433, 434; General Grant on, 434; Benjamin to Mason,
ORD, EDWARD 0. C., Major General, despatches at Hamp 455 ; Davis in his last massages, 455, 456, 611; Alalaina
ton Roads Conference, 567.

legislature on, 450; Rebel House of Representatives on,
ORDERS, military, respecting elections, 308-316, 445.

456 : Address from Great Britain, 456; Hampton Roads
ORDERS of Abraham Lincoln--see “Lincoln, Abraham."

Conference, 666-572; correspondence of Generals Grant
ORDERS RESPECTING A DRAFT, of Secretary Stanton in 1862, and Lee on niilitary convention, 672, 573; Garrett Da-
272; in 1864, note, 604.

vis's proposition for, 573, 574; resolutious of Messrs.
ORDERS RESPECTING ARREST8, of Secretary Cameron in Mary. Cox, Fernando Wood, Ingersoll, Townsend, Dawson,

land Legislature, 153; General McClellan, 308, 309; and Williains, 574, 575; Niagara Falls Peace Negotia-
Secretary Stanton, 164; General Augur, 187; Generals tions, 301-303, and Horace Greeley's letter upon, 603;
Butler and Wild respecting Rev. 8. H. Wingfield, 653, propositions in Rebel Congress, 614-616; movements

in legislatures of North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama
ORDERS RESPECTING CHURCHES, of War Department con and Georgia, 619-622.

cerning churches in the insurrectionary States, 521, PRACE CONFERENCE, Propositions of, rejected in Virginia
522; of Gen. Veatch in Memphis, 622; Gen. Schenck in Convention, 7; Washington telegram of Charleston
Baltimore, 524, 625; Generals Curtis and Schofield in Mercury respecting, 41, delegates to, officers of, pro
St. Louis, 533, 534, 535, 537; Generals Rosecrans and ceedings, and propositions, and votes in, 67-69; Coor
Pope in St. Louis, 538, 564; Col. B. G. Farrar and Gen. gressional votes on proposition of, 69, 70.
Brayman in Natchez, 638, 541; Generals Butler and PEACE PROPOSITIONS IN CONGRESS, 294-200,574, 575; cortes
Bowen in New Orleans, 542, 543; Gov. Andrew John pondence between President Lincoln und Fernando
son in Nashville, 542; Gen. Wild in Norfolk, 542.

Wood, 296, 297; Niagara Falls Conference, and Nero
ORDERS RESPECTING COLORED TROOPS, Secretary Stanton to York Tribune on prospects of peace, 301-303; Rich

Gov. Audrew, 279; of Major General Palmer respect mond Eraminer on, 393.
ing freedom of families cf, note, 564.

PEACE PROPOSITIONS, REBEL, in their Congress, and debate,
ORDERS RESPECTING ELECTION8, of General McClellan at 303-307, 611-616; in Senate of Virginia, 304; Legisla-

Maryland election of 1831, 308, 309; Generals Dix, tures of North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia,
Schenck, Fry, and Tyler and Lieut. Col. Tevis, 309, 311, 304, 330, 619-622; Richmond press upon, 305.
312; Generals Burnside, Asboth, and Shackloford, and PEARCE, JAMES ALFRED, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress
Lieut. Col. Johnson, and Colonels Foster and Mundy 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; death, 123.
in Kentucky, 313, 314; Generals Hall, Schofield, and PEARSON, Judge, of North Carolina, opinion on habeas cor
Rosecrans in Missouri, 314, 315, 445.

pus, 120.
ORDERS RESPECTING FUGITIVE SLAVES, of Gen. Mansfield, 245; PENDLETON, GEORGE H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth

Washington City Provost Marshal, (Brig. Gen. Andrew Congress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140;
Porter,) 245; Gen. Fremont, 246; Gen. Wool, 248; resolutions relative to Baltimore Police Commissioners
Gen. Halleck, 248, and proposed censure of, 253, 254 ; 180, alleged proposition of release to prisoners, 182,
Gen. Hooker, 250; Gen. Doubleday, 250; Gen. T. arrest of Mr. Vallandigham, 182, and the objects of the
Williams. 251; Lieut. Col. Anthony, 261; Secretary war, 286; remarks on newspaper exclusion from the
Stanton to Gen. Saxton, 252; Gen. J. M. Tuttle, 253; mails, 191, 192; nomination of, for Vice President at
Gen. Roberts, 253; Gen. Grant, 443, 444.

Democratic National Convention, and remarks on ao
ORDERS KESPECTING IMPRESSMENT AND PROTECTION OF PROP cepting, 420; speech at Dayton, +21; in New York,

ERTY, of Gen. McDowell in Virginia, 251; Generals 4:22; letters, 423.
Hartsuff and Boyloin Kentucky, 315.

PENNINGTON, WILLIAM, Representative in, and Speaker of
ORDERS RESPECTING SALE OF FIRE-ARMS, of Gen. Heintzelman House, Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48.
in Columbus, note, 418.

PENNSYLVANIA, vote for President in 1860, 1: in 1864, 623;
ORDERS, REBEL, of Col. W. M. Church well, 121; Judah P. members of Peace Conference, 67 ; Thirty Sixth Con-

Bonjamin on bridge burning and arrests, 187; respect gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; per
ing emancipation, 118; for enrollment of persons be sonal liberty law, 46, 47; decisions of Supreme Court
tween 17 and 50, 427; for enrollment of negroes in ou enrollment act, 273, 274; of Judges on "legal ten
Louisiana, 429; for revocation of details, 428.

der,” 455; vote of legisiature on ratifying the anti-
OREGON, vote for President in 1860,1; in 1864, 623; not slavery amendment, 597.

represented in Peace Conference, 19; members of Thirty PENROSE, SAMUEL, arrest of, 153.
Sixth Congress, 48, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122, 123; Thirty- | PEXSACOLA, port of, opened to trade, 149.
Eighth, 141.

PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE, address of, 410.
ORR, JAMES L., commissioner to Washington, 2; correspond-PEREA, FRANCISCO, Delegate froin New Mexico, declaration

ence with President Buchanan, 29-32; coinmissioner of, nole, 590.
from South Carolina to Georgia, 11; received by Con. PERHAM, SIDSET, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
vention, 3: Senator in First Rebel Congress, 101; Sec-

ond 402; objections to bill repealing substitute la, PERKINS, Johx, JR., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
121: voto on secession ordinance. 399.

11, 400; Representativo in First Congress, 401; Second,
ORR, JOAX A., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, 402. 40.; reported offered and declined Secretaryship of the
ORTI, GODLOVE S., Member of Peace Conference, 68; Repre Navy, 400.

sentative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140; amendment PERRY, JOSEPH J., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress
to the enrollment bill, 269.

48; Member of Peace Conference, 67.
OWENS, JAMES B., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, PERRY, M.S., Governor of Florida, mossage of, 2.
400; vote on secession ordinance, 399.

PERRY, NEHEMIAH, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Code

gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

PERKYMAN, JOHN D., ono of the Tennessee protesters, 43%
PACIFIC Republic, intrigues for, 41; Shasta Aerald upon, PERSONAL liberty laws of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
41; San Francisco Bee, 42.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey.
PAINE, E. T., Colonel, arrested for declining to return fugi Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin, with
tivo slaves, 251.

movements to modify or repeal, 447; complained of
PALMER, JOHN M., Member of Peace Conference, 68; Major in Sonth Carolina Convention, 16; Alexander H. Ste

General, order announcing freedom of families of col phens upon, 24, 25; propositions in Senate Committee
ored soldiers, note, 564.

of Thirteen, 70; resolution in House, 58, 76; remarks
PALMER, GEORGE W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con of Senator Simmons upon, 47.
gress, 48.

| PETIGRU, JAMES L., argument on sequestration, 205, 206.


PETTIT, JOHN 0., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,, POTTLE, EMORY B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congroes,
49; member of Border-State Committee, 73.

PETTUS, E W., Commissioner from Alabama to Mississippi, | POWELL, LAZARUS W., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congregs,
117; received by Convention, 3.

48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; chair-
Peytox, BAILIE, National Intelligencer's statement respect man of Committee of Thirteen, 70; amendment to

ing in 1835, 390; one of the Tennessee protesters, 438– Crittenden propositiou, 65, 66; resolution on arrest of

Baltimore Police Commissioners, 179; arrests in Ken-
PEYTON, ROBERT L. Y., Senator in First Rebel Congress, tucky, 180; dispersion of convention, 181; amendment
402; withdrawal, 402.

to indemnity bill, 185; propositions to abolish fishing
Peyton, SAMUEL O., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con bounties, 375, 376; to amend the Constitution, 255, 256;
gress, 49.

amendment to enrollment bill, 265; amendments to
PHELAN. JAMES, Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401.

bill to increase the pay of soldiers, 272; to bill to sup
PHELPS, JOAN S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, press insurrection, 276; to engineer bill, 276; to bill

19; Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Committee of for emancipation in Missouri, 225; to national cur.
Thirty-three, 53; report, 58; views on compensated rency bill, 364; bill to prevent interference in elections,
emancipation, 213-217; vote for Vice President in 315, 316, 566; protest against the bill to punish con-
Deinocratic National Convention, 420.

spiracies, 377, 378; declined as candidate for nomina-
PHELPS, TIMOTHY G., Representative in Thirty-Seventh tion for Vice President at Democratic National Code
Congress, 122

vention, and vote for Vice President, 420; proposed
PHILADELPHIA FAIR, President Lincoln's remarks at, 337. resolution and bill respecting churches, 543; resolu-
PAILLIP8 county, (Arkansas,) purchase of United States tions relative to release of prisoners, 539, to arrests in
arms by, in 1860, 35.

Kentucky, 500, to compensation of loyal slave-owners,
Phillips, WENDELL, Letter to Judge Stallo, 411 ; to Cleve 665; amendment to bill to allow bail in certain cases,
land Convention, 412.

562; to bill to secure freedom of colored soldiers
Picayune, New Orleans, on fall of Sumter, 114.

families, 565.
PICKENS, Colonel, of East Tennessee, Benjamin's order of Powers of the President, opinion of Attorney General
arrest, 187.

Black, 50-52; Chief Justice Taney, 155-158; Attorney
PICKENS, FRANCIS W., Governor of South Carolina, 2; cabi General Bates, 158-161.

Det, 2; proclamation announcing independence, 2; PRATT, JAMES T., Member of Peace Conference, 67.
deputation of, and instructions to Isaac W. Hayne, PRATT, THOMAS G., request for special session of Maryland
commissioner to Washington, 32; course in caucus of Legislature of 1861, 8; proposed member of board of
1835, 390.

public safety, 9; Senator Mason's desired interview
PICKETT, J. T., secretary to rebel commissioners, 109, with, 393.

PIERCE, FRANKLIN, Letter to Jeff. Davis, January 6, 1860, 473, 474.

391; named in Chicago Convention for nomination and PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, (NEW SCHOOL,) deliverances of 1861,
withdrawn, 420.

1862, 1863 and 1864, 468-472; remarks of President
PIERPOINT, FRANCIS II., Governor of Virginia and signer of Lincoln to Committee of, in 1863, 471; Secretary Stan-
Altoona address, 233.

ton's order for occupation of churches in insurreo
PixE, FREDERICK A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con tionary States, 522.

gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; amendment to extend PRESBYTERIAX CHURCH, (OLD SCHOOL,) deliverances of 1861,

enrollment to include persons of fifty years of age, 268. 1862, 1863, and 1864, 461-406; reaffirming the testi-
PIKCKNEY, J., request for special session of Maryland legis mony of 1818 on slavery, 465; dissent of the Presby.
lature of 1861, 8.

tery of Lonisville, 522. IN INSUERECTIONARY STATES,
PITTS, CHARLES H., arrest of, 152, offer of negroes to Bal 508-513; action of General Assembly in 1861, 508-512;

timore Police Commissioners, 393; motions and votes of 1862 and 1864, 512, 613; Union of old and new
in Maryland Legislature, 396-39S.

schools, 613; on religious instruction of slives. 5:3,
PITTSBURG, excitement in, on attempted removal of guns 518: an East Tennessee church, 513; Secretary Stan-
from Allegheny Arsenal, 35.

ton's order for the occupation of churches iu insurrec-
PLATFORMS, of Baltimore Convention, 406; of Cleveland tionary Statos, 622.

Convention, 413; of Union League, 410; of Democratic PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, REFORMED, resolutions of General
National Convention, 419, 420; Vallandigham's letter Synod in 1863 and 1864, 473.

upon, 423; Conservative National Union men, 423. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, REFORMED, (OLD SCHOOL.) Address to
POLICE Commissioners, Baltimore, arrest of, and reasons, President Lincoln in 1862, 472; resolutions of Synod

152; application to Congress, 179, 180; minutes of, in 1964, 472, 473.
393, 394.

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, UNITED, deliverances of 1861 and
POLICEMAN DAVID DANEKER, of Baltimore, refusal to "conde 1862, 474. of 1863 and 1864, 507, 508; orders of Secre

scend" to pull down the American flag, and resigna tary Stanton relative to churches of, in insurrectionary
tion, 394 ; William T. Butler resigned, 394.

States, 521, 522.
POLLOCK, JAMES, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHES, in New Orleans, loyalty of, 544,
POLK, LEONIDAS, Bishop, pastoral letters of, 515; commis. 615; in East Tennessee, 546; Cumberland Presby.

sioned Major General Confederate" Army, with Bish terian, 546.
op, Meade's advice to, and Bishop Burgess's opinion of, PRESBYTERY, TRANSYLVANIA, of 1861, action respecting mar.
note, 615; allusion to in pastoral letter, 486; and death riago of slaves, 458.
of, note, 515.

PRESIDENT, ELECTION OP, Propositions to change the modo
POLK, TRCSTEX, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; / and term, 54, 55, 57, 73, 87, 255, 256, 573.

Thirty-Seventh, 122; telegrain to Missouri, 39; amend. | PRESIDENT, powers of the, Attorney General Black, 50-52;
ment to resolution on the cause of the war, 286; ex Chief Justice Taney, 155-158; Attorney General Bates,
pulsion of, 123,

POLYGAMY, tu prohibit in Utah, 376.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, of 1860, 1; of 1864, 623; Mr. Lin
POMEROY, SAMUEL O., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, coln's estimate of actual result, 558, 6:23.

122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; proposition relative to repre PRESS, freedom of the, Justice Story upon, 188; other pro-
sentation in the Electoral College, 578; relative to the ceedings respecting, 117, 188-194, 141, 142, 562.
returu ot Arkansals to the Union, 586.

PRESTON, JOHN S., Commissioner from South Carolina to
POXEROY, THEODORE M., Representativo in Thirty-Seventh Virginia, 11; received by Legislature, 6; his denuncia.

Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; substitute for Joan tion of the Union, 6; telegram to Judge Hopkins, 40.

bill, 360; amendment to national currency bill, 361. PRESTON, WALTER, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
POOL, John, resolutions on Peace in North Carolina legis. 400 ; Representative in First Congress, 102; Second, 402.
lature, 619.

PRESTON, WILLIAM BALLARD, vote on secession ordinance,
POPE, JOHN, Major General, modification of General Rose 7; Commissioner of Virginia in making military league,
crans's Church Order, 554.

8; delegate from Virginia Convention to President Lia.
POPE, Tho, reply of to the Rebel Commissioners, 517.

coln, 112; Depnty in Rebol Provisional Congress, 400;
PORTER, ALBERT G., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con Senator in First Congress, 401 ; retired, 401.

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; motion and proposi. PRICE, HIRAM, Representative in Thirty-Eighth ('ongress,
tion on emancipation bill, 200, 201.

140; resolution relative to furloughing drafted clergy-
PORT ROYAL opened to trade, 149.

men, 564.
PosTMASTERS GENERAL, Opinions of, 188-191.

PRICE, RODMAX M., Member of Peace Conference, 67: leto
Postun, CHARLES D., Delegato from Arizona, declaration of, ters of, in 1860, found in Fredericksburg. Va., 390.

PRICE, THOMAS L., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Coa-
POTTER, JOAN F., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, gress, 123; views on compensated emancipation, 213-

49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Member of Peace Confer. 217 ; proposed resolution of, at Democratic National
ence, 68.

Convention, 418.
POTTER, R. B., General, President of the Vallandigham mili- | | PROCEEDINGS of the Government in relation to the wecresion
tary court, 162

movement, 48-90.

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