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251, 252; orders of General Tuttle at Natchez, 253; | Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122; me
Mr. Grinnell's resolutions respecting General Tuttle's moranda of interview between the President and Bor
orders, 253.

der-State Representatives, March 10, 1802, 210, 211;
CONVENTION OF SOUTH CAROLINA, conflicting views of fugi views on compensatod emancipation, 213-217.

tive slave law in, 18; vote on secession ordinance, 398, CRITTENDEN, JOHN J., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
399; address of, and papers in, 12-20.

48: member of the Committee of Thirteen, 70; Bor.
CONVENTION OF THE STATES, resolutions in Rebel Congress der State Committee, 73; telegram stating that his

adjustment was lost in the Senate by refusal of South-
CONVENTIONS, POLITICAL, at Baltimore, 403-407; at Cleve ern Senators to vote, 39: bopeful despatch of, 39; va-
land, 410-413; at Chicago, 417-423.

rions votes on his proposition, 6+67, (also see Adjust-
COXWAY, MARTIN F., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con ment;) remarks of Senators Johnson and Latham re-

gress, 49; in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1:22; resolutions specting defent of, 66, 67 ; telegram respecting same, 38;
on prosecution of the war, 230, 292.

allegerl authorship of the measure, 75; vote of thanks
Cook, BURTON C., Member of Peace Conference, 68.

to, of Virginia Conveution, 6; proposition in Senate
COOK, WILLIAM U., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, Committee of Thirteen, 70; amendment respecting fu-
400; Representative in First Congress, 401.

gitive slave law, 70.
COOPER, HENRY, one of the Tennessee protestors, 438-411. CRITTENDEN, JOHN J., Repregentative in Thirty-Seventh
COOPER, S., Rebel Adjutant and Inspector General, 119.

Congress, 122; resolution respecting the cause and the
COOPER, THOMAS B., Representativu in Thirty-Seventh Con objects of the war, 286; at Border-Stato interview with
gress, 122; death, 123.

the President, 211; views on compensated emancipa-
COPELAND, R. MORRIS, report of arrests by, 153.

tion, 213-217.
CORNING, ERASTUS, Member of Peace Conference, 67 ; Rep CROCKETT, JOHN W., Member of bogus Legislative Coun-

resentative in Thirty-Seventb Congress, 122; resolu. cil of Kentucky, 8; Representative in First Rebel Con-
tion relative to taxation, 359; correspondence with the gress, 401; peace proposition, 303.
President on Vallandighan's arrest, 163.

| CROSBY & NICHOLS, President Lincoln's letter to, 336.
CORRESPONDENCE, between Pre-ident Buchanan and Rebel CROWXIXSHIELD, FRANCIS B., Member of Peace Conference,

Commissioners, 29-31; between President Lincoln and 07.
New York Democrats on Vallandighani's case, 163-167; / CRUICKSHANK, MARCUS H., Representative in Second Relel
same with Ohio Democrats, 167-175; of President Lin Congress, 402.
coln and Governor Bradford, 309, 310; President Lin. CRUMP, WILLIAM W., Rebel Assistant Secretary of the
coln and Fernando Wood, 296, 297; the Niagara Falls, Treasury, 619.
301-303; the Ilampton Roads, 506-572; between Press CULLOM, ALVIX, Member of Peace Conference, 68.
ident Lincoln and General Grant, 423.

CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIANS, in East Tennessee, action of,
OF Jeff. Davis and Governor Vance, 306, 307; of Alexan. 546; action of the General Assembly of the Church,
der H. Stephens and Gideon Welles, note, 307.

473, 474.
OF Secretary Seward on Foreign Affairs, 339-355; with CURRIS, DAVID M., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,

Mr. Parker on Peace Petition, 436; with Mr. Adams 400; Representative in First Congress, and death, 402.
on the Whardcliffe offer of money to rebel prisoners, | CURRY, JADEZ L. M., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

grese, 49; telegram South, 37; withdrew, 4; Deputy in
CORWIX, THOMAS, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congrega, Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 400; Representative in

49; chairman of Adjustment Committee of Thirty First Congress, 401.
three, 33; report, 57; votes upon, 58-62; Minister to CURTIN, ANDREW G., Governor of Pennsylvania, signer of
Mexico, granted leave of absence, 350.

Altoona Address, 233.
COSTE, CAPTAIN, surrender of his vessel to rebels, 27. Curtis. SAMUEL R., Major General, orders and letters of in
COTTMAN, THOM18, claimant of seat as Representative from the McPheeters Cilse, 533, 534, 5..), 537.

Louisiana, First Session Thirty-Eighth Congress, 141. CURTIS, SAMUEL R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
COTTON, Rebel regulation of destruction of, 117.

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; resigned, 1:23; Member
COURT-MARTIAL, of Rov. Dr. Anderson for disloyalty, 537, of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; Member of Peace

538; of Robert Taylor of Tennessee, for the murder of Conference, 63.
his slave, 549, 619; of Rev. Fountain Brown of Ar-CUSHING, CALEB, Opinion as Attorney General on news
kansas, for selling his freed slaves, 549, 550; of West paper exclusion from the mails, 189, 190
Bogan of Arkansas, for the murder of his master, 550, CUTLER, R. King, elected Free State Senator from Lonisi.
551: of John J. Glover of Arkansas, for the murder of ana, 430; vote in Louieiana Convention on abolishing
a pluvemaster, 551; of John Y. Beall of Virginia, and slavery, 332; report and actiou upou credentials of
of Robert C. Kennedy, for violating the laws of war,


Cutler, WILLIAM P., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
COVODE, Joax, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,

Congress, 122.
48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
COWAX, EDGAR, Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congresy, 122;

in Thirty-Eighth, 140; amendment on pay of soldiers,

276; proposition relative to military commissions, 563. DAILY, SAMUEL G., Delegate from Nebraska, declaration of,
Cox, SAMUEL S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cougress, note, 590.

49: Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; adjust- | Daily News, New York, presented by grand jury and ex.
ment proposition, 55; resolution respecting arrests. cluded from the nails, 188; report thereon, 188-192.
181: amendment to bill for recognition of layti and DAKOTAH, bill to organize, 89.
Liberia, 239; annendment to Montana bill, 254, 255; DANEKER, DAVID, refusal to haul down the American flag.
motion to insert the word "white" in the enrollment and resignation of, 394.
bill. 261: amendment to bill relating to unemployed | DARDEN, STEPHEN II., Representative in Second Rebel Con-
generale, 285; resolution defining the worl"assassius," gress, 402.
291, 292, peace resolutions, 293, 574,575; resolution on DARGAN, EDWARD S., Representative in First Rebel Congress.
the Arguelles case, 355; relntive ton colony of blacks, 1 401; remarks on creoles, 282.
note, 212; proviso to Nebraska enabling act, 377; pro- | DARGAN, J. A., in South Carolina Convention. 1° vote
posed increase of the pay of soldiers, 271; at Demo on secession ordinance, 398.
cratic National Convention, 420.

DASHIELL, JOHN II., statements of respecting church orders
Cox, WALTER S., Letter re pecting secession, 9.

in Baltimore, 625, 532; arrest and discharge of, 525.
CRAIG, JAUES, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, DAVIDSON, ANDREW J., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con

I gress, 400: Representative in First Congresy, 402.
CRAIGE, BURTON, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, DAVIDSON, THOMAS G., Representative iu Thirty-Sixth Con

49; telegram sent South, 37; remarks upon Peace I gress, 49; withdrew, 4.
Conference proposition, 70; resolution on recognition, Davis, DAVID, United States Judge, decision on enrollment
89; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.

act, 273.
CBAVENS, JAMES A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- Davis, GARRETT, Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 123;

gress, 122 ; Thirty-Eighth, 110; rosolutions respecting Thirty-Eighth, 140; views on compensated emancipa-
amending the Constitution, 259.

tion, 213–217; motion to amend the new Article of
CBAWFORD, MARTIN J., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con War, 238; resolution respecting Col. T. W. Higginson

gress, 49; telegram South, 37; withdrew, 3; Deputy and the Anthony Burns affair, 244; proposition to
in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 400; resolution re amend the Constitution, 256; proposition to divido
gpecting slavery, 76; rebel commissioner to Washing New England, 259; amendment to bill to employ col.
top, 108; colonel of cavalry, 400.

orod persons in the public service, 275; amendment to
CREOLES, rebel proposed military employment of, 282; rea bill to suppress insurrection, 275; amendment to the
son given for declining, 282.

engineer bill, 276; substitute for and amendments to
CRESWELL, John A., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con joint resolution to equalize pay of soldiers, 277 ; amend-
gress, 140; successor of Senator llicks. 533.

ment to the army appropriation bill, 278; amendment
CRISFIELD, Joux W., Member of Peace Coufurence, 68; 1 to interual revenue bill, that no money raised by it


shall be used to pay negroes, 283; like amendment to DEBTS, payable in "legal tenders," 357, 358; Secretary
army appropriation bill, 284; resolution for a peace Chase's letter respecting payment of United States
convention at Louisville, Kentucky, 296; joint resolu bonds and notes, note. 367.
tion for negotiation for pesce, 297; resolutions respect-DELANO, CHARLES, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congres
ing the relations of the rel ellious States to the Govern 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
ment, 323-326; resolution censuring ex-President Bu | DECLARATION OF INDEPEDENCE, of South Carolina, 15, 16,
chanan, 387; amendment to bill to secure the freedom DECLARATORY resolutions of Committee of Thirty-three,
of the families of colored soldiers, 564; proposition for and vote, 59, 59.
peace and changes in the Constitution, 573, 674.

DE CLOUET, A., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 400.
DAVIS, GEORGE, Member of Peace Conference, 68; Senator DEJARNETTE, DANIEL C., Representative in Thirty-Sixb

in First Rebel Congress, 401; Rebel Attorney General, Congress, 49: address to people of Virginia, 40; Rep

renentative in First Rebel Congress, 402; Second, 402;
DAVIS, HENRY WINTER, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con remarks on Mexican question, 617, 618.

grees, 49; Thirty-Eighth, 140; Member of Committee DELAPLAINE, I AAC C., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
of Thirty-three, 53; Address of, for the Union, 9; Congress, 122.
amendment to the enrollment bill, 270; bill for recon- DELAWARE, voto of for President in 1860, 1 ; in 1861, 623;
struction, 317; resolutions respecting the French in Members of Peace Conference, 67; Thirty-Sixth Cage
Me xico, 319, and report thereon, 350--354; paper of, and gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; act
Benjamin F. Wade, respecting failure of the reconstruc to secure the freedom of electiops in, 312; General
tion bill, 332; proposition relative to courts-martial, Schenck's order concerning election in, 312; Governor
561; proposed amendment of Constitution, so as to William Cannon's proclamation upon, 312; vote of
permit the taxing of exports, 693.

Legislature on ratifying anti-slavery amendment, 597.
Davis, JEFPERSON, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; DEMING, HENRY C., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

member of Committee of Thirteen, and proposition in, gress, 140.
71; withdrew, 3; intermediary between Col. Hayne and DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION OF 1864, proceedings of,
President Buchanan, 32: opinion concerning the mili 417-721.
tía of the States, 37; on newspaper exclusion from the DEMOCRATS of New York, on foreigu mediation, as stated by
mails, note, 190; bill to authorize sale of United States Lord Lvons, 317 ; on C. L. Vallandigbam's arrest, 163.
arins to the States, 36; discussion thereof in the United DEMOCRATS of Olio, on C. L. Vallandigham's arrest, 167-
States Senate, 36, 37: resolutions on withdrawal of 175.
United States troops, 85, 86; Franklin Pierce's letter DENISON, CHARLES, Representative in Thirty-Eighth CoD-
to, 391; one of the Committee of secret Disunion Cau-

gress, 140.
cus, 392.

DENNIS, Jonx U., arrest of, 152; votes in Legislature of
DAVIS, JEFFERSON, elected Rebel Provisional President, 12: Maryland, 379, 398.

inaugurated, 12; provisional Cabinet, 12, pernianent, DENNISON, MR., arrest of, 152.
400, 401, 619; permanent President, 401; martial law | DENNISON, WILLIAM, President of Baltimore Convention,
in Richmond, 121; proclamation of banishment by. and remarks, 405; Announcement of nominatiou to the
121 ; correspondence with Governor Vance respecting President, 407; Postmaster General, 108.
peace, 306, 307; views on reconstruction, 3:29, 330, 331; DEXT, John F., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
declaration to Gilmore, 307; veto of African blare trade DE WITT, WILLIAX II., Deputy in Rebel Provisional 000-
bill, 151; proclamation on conscription, 118; proclama. gress, 400
tion of ontlawry against General Butler, note, 283; on DICKINXON, DANIEL S., vote for Vice President at Union
peace in his last message, 455, 456; instructions pending National Convention, 407.
the Hampton Roads Conference, 566,569; message re- DICKINSON, ILSXRY, Commissioner from Mississippi to Dela
specting it, 570; speech at Richmond meeting, 571; ware, 11.
message and instructions to General Lee respecting a DICKINSON, J. S., Representative in Second Rebel Congress,
Military convention with General Granit on peace, 672, 402.
573; message of, on employing slaves, 610; veto of vill DIMMICK, WILLIAM H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
on exemptions and details, 612; message transmitting g ress, 18.
statement of accessions to the army from April 16, DIRECT TAXES, proposed constitutional amendment respect
1862, to February 23, 1863, note, 612; letter on State ing, 592.
negotiation for peace, 616, 617; last message, on habeus Dispatch, Richmond, on reconstruction, 330; on amnesty,
corpus, and peace, 618.

Davis, JOHN G., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, bill to reorganize militia of, ;
49; proposition of adjustment, 56.

compensated emancipation in, 212, 213.
Davis, NICHOLAS, Jr., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con- DISUNION, the conspiracy of, 389-39; an early threat of
gress, 400.

disunion, extract from Senator Maclay's journal, 349;
DAVIS, REUDEX, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, General Jackson's letters to Rev. A. J. Crawford, 389,

49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; mani and to Colonel James A. Hamilton, 435; Thomas H.
fi sto sent Sonth, 37; Ntatement to slaveholding caucus, Benton's views, 390; Henry Clay's, 390; Nathan Ap-
37; withdrew, 3; Representative in First Rebel Con pleton's, 390; extract from speech of Ex-Governor
gress, 401; resigned, 402.

Francis Thomas, and extract from the National Intelle
Davis, THOMAS T., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con gencer, concerning, 390; early hopes of the rebels,
gress, 140.

30; extract from the speech of Mr. Lawrence M. Keitt,
Davis, WILLIAM MORRIS, Representative in Thirty-Seventh 390; recently-found letters in Fredericksburg, 330;
Congress, 1:22.

proceedings of a Democratic meeting in Philadelpuia
DAWES, HENRY L., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con in January, 1861, note, 300; letter of ex-President

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; Franklin Pierce to Jeff. Davis, of January 6, 1800,
Member of Select Committee on military and naval af 391; extract from the National Intelligencer or Jano-
fairs, 80, report on disposition of the Uuited States ary 11, 1861, and letter of "Eaton," disclosing tbe pro
vessels, 82; also respecting resignations in the navy, grummo of, 391; despatch to the Charleston Mercury
82-84; report and resolutions respecting reconstruc. of January 7, 1800, disclosing plans of, 331, 392; letter
tion, 319; report on the admission of representatives of Mr. David L. Yulee, and resolutions referred to, and
from Louisiana, 581, 582; from Arkansas, 536, 587.

comments of New York Times on, 392; Mr. James L
DAWKINS, JAMES B., Representative in First Rebel Congress, Pugh's confession, 392; Stephen A. Douglas's farewell

words, 392; the couspiracy in Maryland, 332-400;
Dawson, Joun L., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con Marshal Kane's despatch to Bradley T. Johnson, and

grers, 140; resolutions for amn-sty and peace, 299, 300, reply, note, 392; arrest of Marshal Kane and the Board
573; proposed increase of pay of solliers, 272.

of Police of Baltimore, by General Banks, mentioned,
DAYTON, WILLIAX L., letters of Secretary Seward to, on 393; extracts from the minutes of the Police Commis

mediation, 315, 319, 350; letters of, to Secretary Seward, sioners, and from their Letter Book, found in their
on the French policy in Mexico, 350; Secretary Sew office, 393; proceedings of the Maryland Legislature of
ard's letter to, 350; report of the Committee on Foreign 1861, 396-398-geo "Secession."
Affairs upon, 351-354.

Dix, JOHN A., Secretary of the Treasury, 28; bids for public
DEBATE on adoption of the papers of the South Carolina loans, 366; major general, seizure of newspaper offices

Convention, 16-18; in Virginia Rebel Legislaturo in in New York, arrest, and subsequent proceedings, 192-
enrolling free negroes, 281, 282; and on peace resolu 194; proclamation in Virginia, 248; orders and letlens
tions, 30+; in Rebel Congress, on peace propositions, concerning elections, 303, 309; orders of, in Beall and
306, 456; on sequestration, 205; on repealing substitu Kennedy cases, 551-553.
tion, 121; in Senate on peace resolutions, 616; in Vir Dixon, EMMET, Clerk of Rebel House, First Congress, 402.
ginia IIouse of Delegates on peace, 620, 621.

Dixox, JAMES, Senator in the Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
DEBT, of United States, statements of amount of, 366, 367, Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; proposed

601 ; of Rebel, 368; repudiation of Rebel debt as an Constitutiopal amendment so as to authorize the las
agency of the rebellion, 575, 576.

ing of exports, 592; explanation of, note, 593.


Disex, NATEAN, Reprosentative in Thirty-Eighta congress, | ELDER, Wx. HEYRY, Bishop of Natchez, Protest of, against

certain military orders, 538-541.
DOCK-YABDs of United States, employment of slaves in, 238. | ELDRIDGE, CHARLES A.. Representative in Thirty-Eighth
DODGE, AUGUSTUS C, vote for Vice President in Democratic Congress, 141; resolution on political arrests, 183; on
National Convention, 120.

enrollment, 271; on commutation, 271.
DODGE, GEORGE P., Provost marshal, arrests by, 152; Gene- ELECTION, of President, in 1860,1; in 1861, 623; propositions
ral Dix's order to, 308, 309.

concerning the, 54, 55, 57, 73. 87, 255, 256, 573, 574.
DODGE, WILLIAM E., Member of Peace Conference, 67. ELECTIONS, military orders respecting, 308-316, 415; bill to
DONIPHAN, ALEXANDER W., Member of Peace Conference, 68. prevent oficers of army and navy frona interiering in,
DONNELLY, IGNATIUS, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con 315, 316, 506.
gress, 141.

ELECTORAL vote of Rebel States, action respecting, 319,577,
DOOLITTLE, JAMES R., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; 578; President Lincoln's message respocting, 579—500

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140: Member of “Reconstruction."
Peace Conference, 68; of Committee of Thirteen, 70; | ELIOT, THOMAS D., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
proposition respecting secession, 63; amendment to 48; Thirty-Seventh, 12:2; Thirty-Eighth, 110; bill to
fugitive slase law, 70; explanation of votes, note, 243; repeul fugitive slave law in Thirty-Third Congress, 235;
amendment to enrollment bill, respecting Indians, 264; joint resolution on the objects of the war, 287; bill to
amendment to "legal tender bill, 358.

establish bureau of Freedmen's affairs, 260; confisca-
DORTCH, GEORGE T., Senator in First Rebel Congress ; 401; tion and emancipation bills, 198-202; proposition on
Second, 402; election of successor, 611.

reconstruction, 577; relative to Louisiana Case, vol.
DOUBLEDAY, ABNER, General, order forbidding the rendition ELKINS, JOSEPH, arrest of, 153.
of fugitive slaves, 250.

ELLET, HENRY J., declined as Rebel Postmaster General, 400.
DOUGLAS, STEPHEN A., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, ELLIOT, Joux M., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,

48; vote of, for President, in 1860, 1; member of Com 400; Representative in First Congress, 101 ; Second, 302.
mittee of Thirteen, 70; hopeful despatch of, to James ELLIOT, ROUERT, Secretary Seward's letter on arrest of, 151.
Barbour, 39; propositions in Senate Committee of Thir ELLIS, E. W. H., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
teen, 72; amendment respecting conspiracies, 71; his ELLIS, Jous W., Governor of North Carolina, reply to
farewell words, 392.

President Lincoln's call, 114.
DOUGLASS, FREDERICK, Letter to Cleveland Convention, 413. ELMORE, J. A., Commissioner from Alabama to South Caro-
DRAFT, the several, ordered, 115, 270, 604; orders of lina, 11.

Secretary of War to enforco, 272; President's proclama- ELY, ALFRED, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
tion concerning, 272; judicial decisions respecting con Thirty Seventh, 122.
stitutionality, 272-274; instructions to United States EMANCIPATIOx, to follow secession, prophecy of, by Alex-
Marshals, 272; Governor Seymour and, 274; General ander II. Stephens, 25.
McClellan on, 274; R. B. Marcy's despatch on, 274 ; EMANCIPATION BILL, reported, 199; amendment of Mr. F. P.
Generals Grant and Sherman on draft of 1864, 4

Blair, Jr., 199, 200; substitute of Mr. Sedgwick, 200;
Secretary Stanton's order suspending, note, 601.

substitute of Mr. Walton, 200; substitute of Mr. J. S.
DEIGGS, JOHN F., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con Morrill, 200, 201; Voto on original, 201; vote reconsil-
gress, 140.

ered and will recommitted with instructions offered by
DBOUYX DE L'HIUYS, M., Letter of, to M. Mercier, on media. Mr. Albert G. Porter, 201; another will reported, 231;

tion, (extract,) 345; Secretary Seward's reply, 345, 316; substitute of Mr. J. A. Bingham, 201, substitute of
circular letter respecting the relation of France to the

Mr. Walton, 202.
American Government, 354.

DUELL, R. HOLLAND, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con tion in hirty-Sixth Congress, 209; President's Mes-
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22.

sage, March 6, 1862, 201; votes in House and Senate on
Dulce Domingo, Captain General of Cuba, letter respecting resolution proposing, to Border Slave States, :03, 210;
the Arguelles case, 355.

interview between the Presideut and some Border
DUMONT, EBENEZER, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con slave States Congressmen, 210, 211; in District of Co-
gress, 140.

Inmbia, 211, 213; colonization clanse of said bill re-
DUNCAN, ALEXANDER, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

pealed, with report on, note, 212; President's Messige,
DUNLAP, GEORGE W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con. and amendatory bill, 213; Select Committee on com-
gress, 122; on compensated emancipation, 213-217.

pensited emancipation, 213; President's appeal to the
Duxx, WILLIAM MCKEE, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Border slave States Congressmen, with their replies,

Congress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Com 213-220; extracts from the President's second annual

inittee of Thirty-Three, 63; adjustment proposition, 54. Message, 220-224; the Missouri bill, 2:21-226; the dla-
DUPRE, LUCIUS, J., Representative in First Rebel Congress, ryland bill, and subsequent action by the people of
401; Second, 402.

Maryland, 226, 227; resolutions of Mr. Rollins of Mis-
DURANT, C. J., arrest of, 153.

souri, 591.
DURKLE, CHARLES, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATIONS, of the President, September
member of Peace Conference, 68.

22, 1862, 227; January 1, 1863, 228; votes thereon in
House, 229; in Sennte, 318; Mr. Clark's, Mr. Wilson's,
and Mr. Arnold's bills respecting, 2:29; resolutions re-

specting, 230, 231; visit of the Chicago deputation to
EARL RUSSELL, to Lord Lyons on Rebel appeal for recogni the President respecting its issue, 231, 232; Mr. Bont-

tion, 27 ; on Trent affair, 338-342; Lord Lyons, to, re well's statement in House, 232; address of loyal Gov.
specting New York democrats or conservatives on ernors, 232; letters from Mr. Sumner and Mr. Lore-
foreign mediation in American affairs, 347, 348.

jov. 233; the President's modification of General Free
EAST TENNESSEE, Col. W. M. Churchwell's order to people mont's proclamation, and correspondence respecting,
of, 121: bridge-burning order of Judah P. Benjami

245-247 : rescinding of General Ilunter's, 230; Alexan-
and arrests in, 187.

der H. Stephens'y prediction of, 25; Unitarian Conven-
BAST TENNESSEE CHURCHES, Reconstruction of, 545, 546.

tion of 1863 upon, 548; military cases under, 518, 551.
EATON, J. D., vote for Vice President at Democratic Na- ENGLISH, JAMES E., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
tional Convention, 4:20.

gress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110.
* EATON," Coninunication of, revealing proceedings of dis| ENGLISH, T. R., Remarks in South Carolina Convention, 17;
union caucus, 391; understood to be, note, 391.

vote on secession, 398,
ECHOLS, J. H., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, ENGLISH, WILLIAM II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.

gress, 49; adjustment proposition of, 54.
ECKERT, THOMAS T., Major, connection with Hampton ENLISTMENTS, alleged, foreign, 313.
Roads Conference, 567, 568.

Enquirer, Cincinnati, excluded from Kentucky, 192.
ECKLEY, Ephraim R., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con Enquirer, Richmond, denunciation of Convention will, 5; on
gress, 140.

* fall of Sumter, 114; on terms of peace, 305 ; on negro
EDEN, JOHN R., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, soldiors, 428, 429.

ENROLLMENT Act of March 3, 1863, 115; of February 24, and
EDGERTON, JOSEPH K., Representative in Thirty-Eighth July 4, 1864, 116, 117; colored persons liable to, 110;

Congress, 110; resolutions denouncing coercion, &c., certain aliens liable to, 116; all votes upon passage of,
230; on emancipation proclamation, &c., 231; on con 261-270 ; proposition to enroll persons between forty-
stitutional powers, 573.

five and fifty, 268; reports of Secretary of War and
EDGERTON, SIDNEY, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con Provost Marshal General respecting operation of, nnte,

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; substitute for resolu. 263; judicial decisions upon, 272-274; punishment of
tion of thanks to Captain Wilkes, 343

an editor for publishing articles against, 562; act of
EDMUNDSON, HENRY A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con March 3, 1865, and votes upon, and on resolutions con-
gress, 49; address to the people of Virginia, 40.

cerning, 563, 564.
EDWARDS, THOMAS M., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con ENROLLMENT of free negroes and slaves in rebeldonn 281,
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1.2.

282, 427, 428, 611, 612.

400; rebre W., Deputy inon, caucus, 391. Fevealing the

ENROLLMENT, REBEL, 118, 119, 619_sec "Conscription."

structions to Major Anderson, 31; removal of rab Mc
ESCAPE of fugitive slaves, 1850 to 1860), 237.

arms, 34, 35; authorized to raise rebel troops, 1:0.
ETHER IDGE, EMERSON, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- ! Foot, SOLOMUX, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;

gress, 49; adjustment proposition of, 55; Clerk of the Thirty-Seventh, 1:12; Thirty-Eighth, 110.
Ilouse Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122; one of the Ten Foote, UEYRY S., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
nessee protestors, +38-441.

402; Second, 102; peace pr positions, 303, 304; views
EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION, General Conference of 1863, 501, on retaliation, 301; expelled, 611; resolutions tor a

Convention of the States, 6:7.
EVANS, LEMUEL D., understood to be “Eaton" in the Na FORLES, JONI M., Member of Peace Conference. 67.

tional Intelligencer of January, 1861, revealing the FORD, S. II., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.
proceedings of the dtsunion caucus, 391.

FOREIGN ENLISTMENTs, allegedl, 313-315.
EWING, GEORGE W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, FOREIGN MEDIATION, suggested, offered and declined, 315-

400; representative in First Rebel Congress, 401; 313; resolutions of Congress upon, 317; letter of Lod
Second, 402.

Lyons to Earl Russell stating views of New York demo
Ewing. THOMAS, Member of Peace Conference, 68.

crats or conservatives upon, 317, 31S.
Examiner, Richmond, on fall of Suniter, 114; on Wright's FOREIGN RELATIONS, United States, 335–355.
perce proposition, 305; on the North, 330.

FORNEY, JOHN W., Secretary of the Senate, 121.
EXPORTS, proposed constitutional amendment to authorize FORSYTI, JOHx, rebel commissioner to Washington, tos.
the taxing of, 259, 592, 693.

FORT SUHTER, surrendered, 27; surrender dom: led by

Guvernor Pickens, and correspondence, 32; Mobile
Mrcury on bombardment of, 112, Pryor's declaratia,

112; Jeremiah Clemens's, 112; corrispondence preie
FALL, GEORGE R., Commissioner from Mississippi to Ar ding bonbardment between Anderson and Cesure
kansas, 11.

gard, 113, 111; Anderson's report, 114; rebel press oa
FARNSWORTI, JOHN F., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con jall, 111.

gress, 49; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolution concerning FORTRESS MONROE, Governor Letcher's designs upon, 28
unemployed generals, 285.

FORTS AND ARSENALS, Hunter's propos u to retrocede, so;
FARRAR, BERNARD G., Colonel, order of, at Natchez, and President Lincoln's purpose to repossess, 114.
protest of the Bishop, 538-541.

FOSTER, LAFAYETTE S., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
FARROW, JAMES, Representative in First Rebel Congress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
402; Second, 402.

FOSTER, STEPEN C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con
FARWELL, NATHAN A., Senator in Second Session Thirty gress, 18; memberof Peace Conference, 67.
Eighth Congress, 559.

Fost R, THOMAS J., Representative in First Rebel Congress
Fearn, THOMAS, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 401; Second, 402.
400; retired, 400.

| FOUKE, PIILIP B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
FEATHERSTON, William S., Commissioner from Mississippi 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
to Kentucky, 11.

FOWLER, Asi, Member of Peace Conference, 67.
FENTOX, REUBEN E., Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Con. FRANCHIOT, RICHARD, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110; gress, 18; Thirty-Seventh, 1-2.
proposition of adjustment, 56; substitute for tax seo- FRAXCIS, JOIN T., Receiver under rebel sequestration, 20L
tion of national currency bill, 361.

FRANK, ArGUSTUS, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress
FERNANDIYA, opened to trade, 149.

48; Thirty-Seventh, 1222; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
FERRY, ORRIS S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, FRANKLIX, J. R., Request for special session of Maryland

49: Member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report, Legislature in 1861, S.

FRANKLIN, THOMAS E., Member of Peace Conferens, 68;
FESSESDEN, SAMUEL C., Representative in Thirty-Suventh proposition in, on secession, G9.

Congress, 12); resolution approving the emancipation FRAZIER, Captain, allusion to, 311.
proclamation, 229.

FREEDMEN'S AFFAIRS, Bureau of, 259, 260, 594, 595.
FESSENDEN, THOMAS A. D., Representativo in Thirty-Seventh FREEMAX, Tuomas W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional 000-
Congress, 123.

gress, 100; Representative in First Congress, 102
FESSENDEN, WILLIAM PITT, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Con. Freeman's Journal, presented by grand jury and excluded

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 121 ; Thirty-Eighth, 140; from the mails, 138; report upon, 185-191; Archbishop
Thirty-Ninth, 559; Meinber of Peace Conference, 67; Purcoll upon, 503.
amendment to bill to authorize the sile of arms to FREE METHODIST CHURCH, New York Conference of, 500,
States, 36; Secretary of the Treasury, 10S.

FIELD, A. P., claimant of me:it in Thirty-Eiglith Congress, FREE NEGROES, Mr. Rives's desire to enslave, 282; legisla-
and reports upon, 1+1, 686.

tion upon), in rebullom, 282.
FIELD, DAVID DUDLEY, Member of Peace Conference, | FRELINGITUYSEX. FREDERICK T., member of Peace Confer
proposition on secession, 69.

ence, 67
FIELD, RICHARD S., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, FREMOYT, Johx C., Major General, emancipation proclams
123; superseded, 1:23.

tion and special military order of, and correspondence
FINANCES, Rebel, 368-373, 619.

concerning, 215-217; nominated for President, 412;
FINANCES, United States, 356-368, 600, 601.

acceptance 4:3; letters of withdrawal. 425 42.
FIXCK, WILLIAN E., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- FRENCH, EZRA B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
gress, 140; resolution on the war, 259.

49; member of Praco Conference, 67
FIXEGAN, 'JOSEPA, Letter of Mr. D. L. Yulee to, 392; vote FRENCH IX Mexico, action of Congress and the Administra-
on secession ordinance, 39).

tion, 318-354; Mr. DeJarnette's resolution upon, ol7,
FISHBACK, WILLIAM M., claimant of a seat in Senate, Thirty 618.

Eighth Congress, 111; action of Senato, 320, 321 ; yote FREN I MEDIATIOX, proffered and declined, 315, 346,
in Arkansas convention ou secession, 399; President's / FRIEND, OR QUAKER CHURCII, declarations of, 503, 604.
letter to, 3.2.

FRY, JAMES B., Provost Marshal General, order respecting
FISHER, GEORGE P., Ropresentative in Thirty Seventh Con. elections, 30.); report on commutatiou clause, note, 2003;

gress, 122; on Select Committee on compensated oman. on furloughing drafted clergymeu, 561.
cipation, 213; views on, 217, 218.

FUGITIVE SLIVE Livs, conflicting views in South Carolina
Fiening BOUNTIES, discussed, 21; votes on abolishing, 376, Convention, 18; aineudment reported by Ilonne Cons
376, 602; prohibited in “Confederate" Constitution, 98, mittee of Thirty-three, 61 ; propositions respectingia

Senate Committee of Thirteen, 70; votes on acts of
FITCR, GRAHAM N, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 43.

1793 and 1830, 231; the several bills to ameod or re-
FITZPATRICK, BENJAMIY, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, peal, and resolutions rclating thereto, 23 20: PTO

48; withdrew, 4; intermediary between Col. Hype ceedings and votes, in Senato and Ilouse, on the repal
and President Buchanan, 32.

ing bill, 236, 237; Attorney General Bates's opinion
FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES, ordered to be suppressed in respecting enforcement of, note, 235.
Baltimore, 394.

FUGITIVE SLAVE, orders concerning, in District of Colum
FLANDERS, BENJAMIN F., Representative in Thirty-seventh Lia, 215; Goneral Ilalleck's order No.3, explanation of
Congress, 123.

and vote in Congress concerning, 249, and R , 233,
FLORENCE, THOMAS B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cou 234; Ilallock's proclamation excluding them from
gress, 48; adjustment proposition of, 56.

comps, 230; General Buell's letter, offerinx to return,
FLORIDA, voto for President in 1860, 1; members of Thirty 250; General Hooker's order directing return and re

Sixth Congress, 48, 49; Deputies in Rebel Provisional port of ficts respecting, 250; General Doubleday's or
Congress, 11, 400; Members of First Congress, 401; der forbidding return, 250; General Williams order
Second, 402; secession movement in, 3; seizures and to turu ont all, and arrest of Col. E. P. Paine for rut
surrenders, 27 ; vote on Recession ordinance, 333; con in: to obey, 231; Licut. Colonel D. R. Anthony's orier
tribution of men to the war, 399.

concerning, and arrest, 231; I'r silent Lincoln's onder
FLO7D, JOHN B., Secretary of War und resignation, 33; in-1 to General Schotield, respecting, 232, 23; General


Grant's orders, 443, 444; escapes of, betwoon 1850 and GOODRICH, JOAN Z., Member of Peace Conference, 67.
100, 231.

GOODWIN, Joax N., Representative in Thirty-seventh Come
FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICE, bill respecting, 61.

gress, 1:22.
FULLER, E. X., fine of for publishing articles against the on- GORDON, J. H., arrest of, 152, 163.
rollment law, 562

GOVERNORS, of the northern States, responses of, to the
FULLER, THOMAS C., Representative in Second Rebel Con President's call for troops, 114; of southeru States,
gress, 402.

defiant responses of, to same, 114, 115; address of loyal
FUNDING ACT, Rebel, 368-370.

Governors, 232, 233; address of rebel, 40.
FUSSTEY, DAVID, Representative in First Rebel Congress, GRAHAM, JAMES H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cor-
402; Second, 40%.

gress, 18.
GRAHAM, ÁL ALCOLM D., Representative in First Rebel Con-

gress, 402.
GA:TAER, BURGESS S., Representative in First Rebel Con- GRAHAM, WILLIAM A., Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401;
gress, 102; Second, 102.

Second, 402.
GAXBox, jonn, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, GRANGER, BRADLEY F., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
140; resolution relative to arrests of citizens, 500.

Congress, 122.
GARDEXFIRE, E. L., Representative in First Rebel Congress, GBANGEX, GIDEOx, Letter of, respecting colored mail carriers,

note, 2:9.
GARFIELD, JAMES A , Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- GRANT, ULYSSES S., appointed Lientenant General, 116; Lu-

grens, 1+0; amendment to the enrollment bill, 209; cius Robinson suggested his nomination at Cleveland,
proposition on recoustruction, 319.

413; letter to President Lincoln on his campaign of
GARLAND, AUGUSTUS II., Deputy in Rebel Provisionul Con 1801, 425; his Meniphis letter accepting a reception,

gress, 100; Representative in First Congress, 401; 431; letters to Mr. E. B. Washburne on slavery and re-
Secoud, 402; Senator in same, 402; votes in secession construction, 434; on the draft, 43+; on protecting
convention of Arkansas, 30.

colored sol.liers, 443; orders 'respecting fugitive slaves,
GARLAND, RUFCS K., Represeptitive in Second Rebel Con. 413, 441; despatches respecting Hampton Roads Con-

gress, 102; votes in secession convention of Arkansus, ference, 507, 508; letter of August 30, 1862, on recon-

struction, note, 571; correspondenco with General Lee
GarLINGTON, ALBERT G., Secretary of Interior of the Re respecting military convention, 572, 573.
public of South Carolina, 2.

GRAY, PETER W., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
GARNETT, MUSCOE R. II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth 402.

Congress, 49; address to the people of Virginia, 40; GREELEY, IIORACE, Correspondence of, and a Virginia post-
remarks upon Peace Conference proposition, 70; Rep. miast-r, respecting suppression of the Tribune, 192;
resentative in First Rebel Congress, 402; death, 402.

President's letter to, 31; the Niagara Conference, 301-
GARRETT, JEAN W., Commissioner froni Alabama to North 303; letter to President Lincoln preceding it, 603.
Carolina, 11; received by Convention, 5.

| GREEN, JAMES S., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
GARRIBOX, Judge, of Brooklyn, Proceedings of, 152.

telegram to Missouri on first vote on Mr. Crittenden's
GABTRELL, LUCIUS J., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con adjustment proposition, 39.

gross, 49; sent telegram South, 37; withdrew, 3; GREEX, N. H., request for special session of the Legislature
Representative in First Rebel Congress, 401; Second, of Maryland, 8.

GREGO, Joan, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11,
GATCHELL, WILLIAM H., Police Commissioner, arrest of, and 400.
reason for, 152; minutes of Bourd, 393, 394.

Greod, MAXcy, remarks in South Carolina Convention, 17;
GEXER ALS UNEMPLOYED, proceedings in Congress concern vote on secession ordinance, 399.

ing, :85; joint resolntion proposed, to drop from the GRIDER, ITENRY, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
rolls of the army certain, : 85, 565, 566; reply of Sec 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; on componsated emancipa-
retary of War to resolution of inquiry concerning, tion, 213-217; resolutions relative to compensation of

loyal slave-owners, 566.
GENTRY, MEREDITH P., Representative in First Rebel Con- CRIER, ROBERT C., Judge, charge, respecting the suppression
gress, 42.

of the West Chester (Pa.) Jeffersonian, 431-42; opinion
GEORGIA, vote of, for President, in 1860,1; members of on "legal tender" act, 454, 455.

Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49; Deputies in Rebel Provi.GRIMES, JAMES W., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
sional Congress, 11, 400; Members of First Rebel Con Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 1-10; member of
grey, 401; Second, 102; 8ocession movenient in Con Peace Conference, 68; of Committee of Thirteen, 70;
vention and Legislature of, 3; ratitied Confederate proposition for constitutional convention, 64; bill for
Constitution, 3; Inter-State Commissioners, 11; Su relief of Robert Small, 239; amendments to enrollment
preme Court confirm the constitutionality of the anti bill, 264, 265; resolution relating to the wir, 291.
substitute law, 120; peace mesures and discussion GRINXELL, JOSIAN B., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
in Legislature, 304, 621, 622; action of Legislature on gress, 140; resolutions approving the enlistment of
reconstruction, 329; habeas corpus, 399; men in the colored persous, 271, touching General J. M. Tuttle's
army, 399.

Natchez order, 253, on newspaper suppression, 194,

on confiscating deserters' property, 504.
Ggolson, Thomas S., Reprosontative in Second Rebel Con. | GRISWOLD, JOHN A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cog-
gress, 102

grees, 140.
GILBERT, Colouel, resolution respecting his dispersion of GROESBECK, WILLIAM S., Member of Peaco Conference, 68.
a convention in Kentucky, 181.

GROW, GALUSHA A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
GILER, THOMAS T., Receiver under rebel sequestration, 204. gress, 48; Representative in, and Speaker of House,
GILMER, FRANK, Commissioner from Alabama to Virginia, Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122.

GUERRILLAS, legislation upon, 271; bill reported in the
OILMER, JOHN A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, Honse to punish, 271; proceedings upon in Senate, 271.

49; member of Boruer-States Committee, 73; Repro GUERRILLAS, Rebel legislation upon, 119; commission under,
sentative in Second Rebel Congrers, 402.

119; Virginia resolutions respecting, 119.
GILMORE, JAMES R., Jeff. Davis's declara ion to, 307.

GURLEY, JOON A., Represeu tative in Thirty-Sixth Con.
GioT, WILLIAM II., Governor of South Carolina, message of, gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
2; voto on secession ordinance, 399.

GUTHRIE, JAMES, Member of Peace Conference, 68 : votes
GLASS, R H., Postmaster at Lynchburg, Va., and New York for Vice President in the Deniocratic National Con-
Tribune, 192.

vention, 420.
GLENN. LUTHER J., Commissioner from Georgia to Missouri, Gwix, WILLIAM M., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48.
11; received by Missouri Couvention, 9.

GWINN, C. J.M., telegram respecting interview with Gen-
GLOVER, JOHN J., of Arkansas, court-martial procredings for eral Kenton Harper, 393.

murder of a slave muster, 550, 551.
Goggin, William L., Speech of in Virginia Convention, 6;

vote on secession ordinance, note, 7.
GOLD, motion to pay soldiers in, or equivalent, 272: propo- | HABEAS CORPUS, writ of, Opinions of Chief Justice Thney.

sition to pay officers, soldiers, contractors for supplies 155-158; Attorney General Bates, 158-161; Horaco
in, 358; Mr. Charo's letter, respecting redemprion of Binney, 161, 162; Theophilus Parsons, 162; suspension
public loads, in, note, 367

of, in certain cases, 177; general suspension, 177, 178;
GOLDSBOROUGH, WILLIAM T., Member of Peace Conference, in Hogan's case, 562; in Kentucky, 178; General Mc-

Clellan's order to General Banks to suspend, if neces.
Gooch, DANIEL W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con sary, 179; power given to Military Governors, 179; re-
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

solutions concerning, 182, 183; act for suspension, and
GODE, JONN, JR., resolution of, in Virginia Convention, 6; proceedings and votes upon, 183-185; reply of Reverdy

vote on ordinance of secession, r :7; Represeutative Johnson to Chief Justice Taney, note, 155.
in First Rebel Congress, 402; Second, 402.

| HABEAS CORPUS, Rebel suspensions of, 121; resolutions

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