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ANTHONY, ITEXRY B., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49;!

Thirty Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140; proposition
to repeal proposed constitutional amendment of 1861, ! BABBITT, ELIJAH, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congrese,

48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
ANTI-SLAVERY AMENDMENT, passage of, 257, 258, 590; votes Backos, Franklin T., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
of State Legislatures on ratifying, 635-600.

Bail, bill for, of persons arrested, 183; bill to allow in cer
APPEAL, for recognitiou to Earl Russell by Rebel Commis tain cases, 562.

sioners, extract from, 27; Russell's letter to Lyons re- BAILEY, GOLDSMITH F., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
specting, 27; President Lincolu's appeal to Border-State Congress, 12"; death, 123.
Representatives, and their replies, 213-220.

BAILY, JOSEPH, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
APPLETOX, NATHIAN, on Disunion Conspiracy, 390.

122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
APPLETON, WILLIAM, Representative iu Thirty-Seventh BAKER, EDWARD D., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congrese, 48;
gress, 122; resigned, 123.

Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; death, 123; colloqny with Set
ABGUELLES CASE, proceedings in Congress respecting, 3

ator Innter, January 11, 1861, 88.
355 ; letter of the Captain General of Cuba, 335,

BAKER, JAMES M, Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401;
ARKANSAS, vote for President in 1860, 1; Menibers of Thirty Second, 102; vote on secession ordinance, 99.

Sixth Congress, 48, 49; Deputies in Rebel Provisional | BAKER, STEPHEN, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Cor
Congress, 11, 400, and Members of First, 401, of Second,

grees, 1:22.
404; recession movement in convention and Legisla BALDWIN, ArGISTUS C., Representative in Thirty-Eighth
ture, 4; seizures and surrenders in), 25; vote on seces Congress, 140.
sion ordinance and proceedings of secession convention, BALDWIX, JOUX B., vote on secession ordinance in Virginia
399; admission into the Confederacy, 100; claimants Convention, note, 7; Representativo in First Rebel Cod
for seats at First Session Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140, gress, 402; Second, 402.
141, and Mr. Trumbull's repbrt in Senate, and action BALDWIN, JOnx D. Representative in Thirty-Eighth COD
thereon, 320, 321 ; Free State government in, 521; vote gres, 140; resolution denouncing Degotiation with the
on abolishing slavery in, 332; President Lincoln's let. rebel leaders, 298, 299.
ters respecting election in, 322; soldiers in the army, BALDWIN, ROGER S., Member of Peace Conference, 67 : prop
399; Congressional action on claimints for seats, Second osition for Constitutional Convention, 69.
Session Thirty-Eighth Congress, and on recognizing the BALTIMORE, special election in 1861, 9; arrest of Police
Free State government, 586–388.

Marshal and Commissioners by General Banks, and
ARMS OF UNITED STATES, trausfor South in 1859-'60, 31; pur proceedings concerning, 152, 179: Emancipation Re

chase by Alabama and Virginia in 1860, 35; purchase lutions of the City Union Convention, 226: Fair, l'ess-
by Governor of Virginia prior to secession, 36; salo to dent Lincoln's remarks at, 280, 281; Minutes of Police
States, 36; Jefferson Davis's bill to anthorize such sale, Commissioners in April, 1861, and Report in Councils
36; discussion and vote in the Seunte, 36, 37; Mobile on the expenditure of $500,000 appropriation. same
Adrertiser's comment on Floyd's transfers, 3.0; Burch's period, 393-396; Union National Convention in, 403;
resolution relative to California's quota of, 41; General Church questions in, 524533.
Heintzelman's order relative to sale, note, 418.

Baltimore American on arrests, 153; on Church Difficulties,
ARMSTRONG, JAMES D., Rev., facts concerning, 512, 513.

ARMY, REBEL, strength of, 117, 121, 392.

Ballimore Erening Transcript, snppression nf, 192.
ARMY VOTE, at Presidential Election of 1864, 623.

Baltimore Erchungc, adjustment proposition of, 75.
ARNOLD, ISAAC N., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- BANNHMENT, proclamation by Jefferson Davis, 121.

gress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110; resolution on forgery BANKING SYSTEM, proceedings on establishing, 302-365.
of official documents, 191; bill for emancipation of BANK NOTES, small, President Lincoln's veto ot bill for, 319;
slaves in the insurrectionary districts, 229, 230; bill to

surroctionary districts, 229, 230; bill to proposed issue of, 303.
prohibit slavery in the Territories, 25t; proposition to Banks, A P., connected with rebel commissioners, 108.
amend the Constitution, 259.

BANK, NATHANILL P., Major General, instructions to Lieut
ARNOLD, SAMUEL G., Member of Peace Conference, 67; Sen Col. Ruger for arrest of Maryland Legislature, 153;
ator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 123.

arrest of Police Commissioners, Marshal Kine, and
ARRESTS OF CITIZENS, 162-164; President Lincoln's and others, in Baltimore, and reasons therefor, 152.

Secretary Stanton's orders respecting, 15+; of Vallan | BAPTIST ASSOCIATIONS, at Brooklyn, in 1861, 474; West
digham, 162: Mr. Pendleton's resolution in Ilouse de New Jersey, in 1861, 1962, and 1564, 4.5, 476: Xew
nouncing, 182; proceedings respecting sundry, 179 Jersey, in 1861, 476; Philadelphia, in 1862 and 1864
151; resolntions, votes, and legislation respecting, 18: 470, 477; Pennsylvania in 1862 and 1863, 177: Ohio, in
185; General Augur's order respecting military, 187; 1862, 478; New York, in 1862, 478; American Baptist
Mr. Saulsbury's amendment respecting, 236, 237; fur Missionary Union, 478. IX IXSURRECTIONALI STATES:
ther facts and votes, 559-562; reports of Secretary of Alabama, 513; Georgia, 513, 514, 515; Southerd Bip
Stanton and Judge lIolt, 559, 560.

tist Convention, 514; South Carolina, 514, 515; orders of
ARRINGTOX, A. II , Representative in First Rebel Congress, President Lincoln and Secretary Stanton relative to

the occupancy of the churches of, 521, 522.
ARTITUR, BENJAMIN F., Clerk of South Carolina Secession BARKSDALE, ETUELRERT, Representative in First Rebel 000
Convention, 399.

gress, 402; Second, 402; proposition on Peace, 615.
ARTICLE OF WAR, new, 237, 238.

BARKSDALE, WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty Sixth Oos-
ASBOTAI, ALEXANDER, Brigadier General, orders respecting gress, 49; sent telegram South, 37; withdrew, 3.
the election in Kentucky, 313.

BABYWELL, ROBERT W., Commissioner to Washington, %;
ASHE, TUOMAS S., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, correspondence with President Buchanan, 21-3.; Dep
402; elected Senator to Third Rebel Congress, 611.

uty in Rebel l'rovisional Congress, 2, 11, 100; Senator
ASHLEY, JAMES M., Representative in Thirty-Sixto Con in First Congress, 101 ; Second, 402; vote ou seceasjon,

gress, 19; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; 398; resolution on Independence, 014.
reports and propositions relative to reconstruction, 319, BARR, THOMAS J., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
576, 577.

48; adjustment proposition, 74.
ASNxoro, Jors D., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- BARR, MARTIN W., arrest of, 133.
gress, 49; withdrew, 2.

BARRETT, J. R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
ATKINS, Jonx D. C., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 49; adjustment proposition, 73; member of Burder

400; Representative in First Cougress, 40.; Sucond, States Committee, 13.

| BARRINGER, DAVID M., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
Atlanta (Georgia) Itelligencer on reconstruction with the BARROW, WASLINGTON, Cummissioner of leonessee in leago
Northwestern States, note, 303.

ing her with the Confederato" States, 3.
ATTORNEY GENERAL, circular respecting amnenty, 148, 149; BARRY, G., Capt., purchase of Government arms in 1860, 35.

opiniors respecting the President's powers, 51, 52; BARRY, WILLIAM S., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
habeas corpus, 168-161; execution of fugitive blare

1 11, 400.
law, 235; pay of colored chaplains, 270, 280; citizen- Bartow, FRANCIS S., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con
ship, 378-384; pay of colored soldiers, 394, 385.

gress, 11, 400.
AUGUT., C. C., Major General, order respecting military ar- | BATES, DANIEL M., Member of Peace Conference, 67.
rests, 187.

BATES, EDWARD, Attorney General, 108; circular respectin
AVERELL, WILLIAM W., Acting Adjutant General, order to amnesty, 148, 149; opinion on habeas corpus, 156-101;
prohibit slaves leaving the city of Washington, 215.

letter ou execution of fugitive slave law, note, 233; op
AVERY, WILLIAX T., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con ions on pay of colored chaplains, 279, 280; citizenship,
gress, 49.

378-984; pay of colored soldiers, 354, 385; retirement
AVERY, WILLIAM W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, of, 103; letters of Dr. McPheeters to, and reply of

533, 536.
AYEK, LEWIS MALONE, Jr., Representative in First Rebel BATES, JAMES P., Member of bogus legislative council of

Congress, 400; Second, 40%; vote on secession ordi- Kentucky, 8.
Dance, 398,

| BATSON, FEUX I., Representative in First Rebel Congres,

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Wcy of the chi secretary stit: 015; order

401 ; second, 402; votos in Secession Convention of Ar- | BLAIR, MONTGOMERY, Postmaster General, 108; report on the
kansas, 399.

exclusion of newspapers, 188-191; resignation, 109.
BATTELLE, RODBINS, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

BLAIR, SUMCEL S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
BATTLE, JUDGE, North Carolina, view on habeas corpus, 120. 43; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22.
BAXTER, ELISIIA, claimant of scat as Senator from Arkansas, BLAKE, II ARRISON G., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
Thirty-Eighth Congress, 110.

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; resolution on the
BAXTER, II. IIERY, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

prosecution of the war, 232.
BAXTER, PORTUS, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Co - BLANFORD, MARK II., Representative in Second Rebel Con.
gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

gress, 402
BAYARD, JAMES A., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; BLISS, GEORGE, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, and resignation, 140.
1 40; resolution on the arrest of the Baltimoro Po- | BLIZARD, A., one of the Tennessee protesters, 438-141.
lice Coinmissioners, 179; proposition on enrollment, BLOCKADE, President's proclamations of, 149; proclamations

raising, of certain ports, 194; closing others, 605.
BAYLOR, J. R., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, BLOW, IIENRY T., Representative iu Thirty-Eighth Congress,

BEALE, CHARLES L., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, Bocock, Thomas S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

gross, 49; address to people of Virginia, 10; Member
Beall, Joun Y., court-martial and sentence of, for violating of Rebel “Provisional" Congress, 100; Speaker of
the rules of war, 551, 652; action of Senate of Virginia,

First Rebel Congress, 401 ; Second, 402.
note, 552.

BOGAX, WEST, of Arkansas, court-martial and sentence of,
BEASAN, FERNANDO C., Representative in Thirty-Seventh for murder of his master, 550, 551.
Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

BONDS OF THE UNITED STATES, proposed State taxation of,
BEAUFORT, (S. C..) port of, opened to trade, 149.

359, 360.
BEATTEGARD, G.T., General, corresponderice of, with Major BONHAM, MILLEDGE L., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

Anderson, before bombarding Fort Suinter, 113, 111. gress, 49; withdrew, 2; Commissioner to Mississippi,
Bee, San Francisco, on a Pacific Republic, 42.

11; statement respecting forts in Charleston harbor,
BALL CASPCR W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con

30; Representative in First Rebel Congress, 100; Gov-
400; Representative in First Congress, 402.

ernor of South Carolina, 402.
BELL, M. P., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, 402 Boxca.YO, M. F., reports on credentials as Representative
BCLL, Jons, vote for President in 1860, 1.

from Lonisiana, 581-556; former melter and refiner at
BELL, JOSTUA E., Member of Peace Conference, 68.

U.S. Mint, funds in possession at date of secession
BELMONT, ACGUST, remarks opening Democratic National of Louisiana, 589.
Convention, 417.

BOOTII, JOHN WILKES, assassin of President LINCOLN, 610.
BENJAMIN, JUDAI P., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, BORDER SLAVE STATE REPRESENTATIVES, interviews of Presi-

48; telerrim South, 37; withdrew, 4; Attorney Gene dent Lincoln with, 210, 211, 213-2:20.
ral, and Secretary of War in Rebel Provisional Gor- BORDER STATE EMBASSIES, Charleston Mercury on, 3.
ernment, 12, 400; Secretary of War, and Secretary of BORDER STATES MEETING, and adjustment proposition of, 73.
State in Permanent Government, 401; intercepted des- BOTELEN, ALEXANDER R., Ropresentative in Thirty-Sixth
patch to Lamar, 151, 152; order of arrest of Judge Pat Congress, 19; motion for adjustment committee of
terson and Colonel Pickens, of East Tennessee, 187 ; thirty-three, 52; hopeful despatch of, 39; remarks on
order on bridge burning, 187; to Commissioner Mason reconstruction, 3.9; Deputy in Rebel Provisionid
on Peace, 155.

Congresy, 401; Representative in First Congres, 102.
BERNET, II. P., Delegnte from Colorado Thirty-Eighth BOUDINOT, ELi 48 C., Delegate from the Cherokee Nation at
Congress, declaration of, note, 590.

second session of First Robel Congress, 402; in Second,
BEXXISG, TENRY L., Commissioner from Georgia to V

402; Secretary of Secession Convention in Arkansas,
ginia, 11 ; received by Convention, 6.

BENTON, THOMAS II., on the Disunion Conspiracy, 390. | BOULDIN, WOOD, motion in Virginia Convention, 7; vote on
BERNARD, Goueral of Engineers in the service of the United secession ordinance, note, 7.

States, a citizen of France, allusion of Attorney General BOULIGNY, JOAN E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
Bates, 378.

gress, 49; refusal to withdraw, 4.
BERRETT, JAMES G., arrest and release of, 153.

BOUTWELL, GEORGE S., Member of Peace Conference, 67;
BERRY, N S., Governor of New Llampshire, and signer of Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140; re-
the Altoona Address, 233.

marks on issue of emancipation proclamation, 232; reg.
BIDDLE, CHARLES J., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con olutions on reconstruction, 328.

gress, 122; McClellan's letter to, favoring Geo. W. BOWDEN, LEMUEL J., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
Woodward's election as Governor of Peunsylvania, and deutlı, 140.

BOWEN, JAMES, Brigadier General, reports on the loyal of
BIGLER, WILLIAM, Sepator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Now Orleans Churches, 543-545.

Member of Committee of Thirteen, 70; proposition of BOYCE, WILLIAM W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
adjustinent, 71, 72; temporary Churnal of Democratic gress, 49; withdrew, 2; appointed on Committee of
Natiunal Convention, iulid remarks, 417.

Thirty-thrco and declined, 53; Deputy in Robel Pro-
BILLUPS, Joux, Speaker of Georgia Rebel Ilouse of Repre visional Congress, 2, 11, 400; Representative in First
sentatives, 3:29.

Congress, 402; Second, 402; statement respecting
BUGILAM, JOHX A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con forts in Charleston harbor, 30; vote on secession ordi-

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1:22; proposition nance, 398; letters on Peace, 431-433, 457.
of adjustment, 55; bill to coll ct duties on importe, 78; BOYD, SEX PROXIUS II., Representative in Thirty-Eig
substitute for emancipation bill, 201.

gress, 140.
BINGHAM, KINSLEY S., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, BOYLE, JEREMIAN T, Brigadier General, order on impress

48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; death, 123 ; proposition re ments, 315.
specting amendment of the Constitution, 6t.

BOYLE, LLEWELLEN, request for special session of Legisla-
BIXXEY, HORACE, views on suspension of writ of habeas cor ture of Maryland, 8.
prs, 161.

BRABSON, ROBERT B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
BLACK, JEREMIAJ S., Attorney Gener.l, and Secretary of gress, 49.
State, 28; opinion upon the powers of the President, BRADFORD, ALEXANDER W., Member of Peace Conference,

68; Governor of Maryland, election alairs of, 303–311;
BLAINE, JAMES G., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con correspondence of, with the stewards of Central, Chats-

gress, 140; resolution for an amendment of the Con worth, and Biddle street Methodist Episcopal Churches,
stitution, 259.

BLAIR, AUSTIN, Governor of Michigan, and signer of Al. BRADLEY, BENJAMIN F., Representative in Second Rebel Con-
toona Addres, 233.

gress, 102.
BLAIR, FRANCIS P., Sr., agency in bringing about the Ilamp-BRAGG, BRAXTOX, reported offered, and declined, Rebel Sem
ton Roads Conference on Peace, 566.

cretaryship of War, 402.
BLAIR, FRANCIS P., Jr., Representative in Thirty-Seventh | BRAGG, THOMAS, Senator in Thirty Sixth Congress, 48.

Congress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140; upscated, 141; BRANCH, A. V., Representative in Second Rebel Congress,
amendment to tho emancipation bill, 199, 200; on se-

lect comunittee on compensated emancipation, 213; | BRAXCH, LAWRENCE O'B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth
letter of General Ilalleck to. note, 248 ; Senatu rogolu Congress, 49; on select committee of investigation, -0;
tion supposed to refer to lais case, 375; report of llouse resolution on keeping troops in the District of Cnm-
Committee of Elections in case of, and proceedings bia, 81; reports on disposition of the nary and resigna.
upon, 375.

tions therein, on militia bill, Buchanan's corresponde
BLAL., JACOD B., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con ence with rebel commissioners, and secession, 87, 83.

gi(89, 1.22; Thirty Eighth, 111; substitute for the en- BRANDEGEE, AUGUSTUS, Representative in Thirty-bi,uth
rollment bill, 267 ; resolt ions on the wa 293.

Congress, 140.


a Carolina

BRIGOSESS, 1922 W., R: 402.®entative in

BRAYMAN, Mason, Brigadier General, orders of, at Natchez, Amendment to the Constitution recommended, 50;

message of January 8, alluded to, 80; public credit
BRAYTON, WILLIAM D., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con during his administration, 365, 366; proposed censure
gress, 48.

of, and proceedings in the Senate, 387.
BEECKINRIDGE, JOHN C., vote for President in 1860, 1; Vice BUCK, JOIN M., letters of, respecting church troubles in

President, Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Senator in Thirty Baltimore, 521530.
Seventh, 122; expulsion, 1:23; escape, 153; proposition BUCKALEW, CHARLES R., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
to withdraw troops from rebellious States, 290; candi 140; amendment to civil bil respecting testimony of
date for Rebel Congress, and views on reconstruction, colored persona, 243; amendment to national cur.
329; Rebel Secretary of War, 619.

rency will, 365; proposition to repeal law authorizing
BRECKINRIDGE, ROBERT J., Sr., temporary chairman of Balti enlistments in insurrectionary States, note, 563.

more Union Convention, and remarks, 403–105; paper BUCKNER, AYLETT H., Member of Pence Conference, 63.
subinitted in and adopted by Presbyterian General As- BUELL, DON CARLOS, Brig. Gen., letter to J. R. Underwood,
sembly of 1862, 462, 463.

I offering to return fugitive slaves, 250.
BRECKINRIDGE, ROBERT, J., Jr., Representative in First Rebel | BUFFINTON, JAMES, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
Congress, 401.

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
BRESI WOOD, CAPTAIN, surrender of his vessel to rebels, 28. BURCH, JOAN C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
BREWER, T. N., arrest of, 153.

49; resolution relative to California's quota of arnas,
BRIDGE-BURNERS IN EAST TENNESSEE, Benjamin's order for 41; Member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report,
hanging, 187.

58 ; proposition for Constitutional Convention, 62; for
BRIDGERS, JOAN L., Commissioner from North Carolina to

a Pacific republic, 41.
Robel Provisional Congress, 12.

BUREAU OF FREEDMEN'S AFFAIRS, bill to establish, vote upon
BRIDGERY, ROBERT R., Representative in First Rebel Con in House, 259, 260; in Senate, amendments of Mr.
gress, 402; Second, 402.

Sanlsbury, 260; Mr. Willey, 260; Mr. Wilson. 260; post
BRIDGES, GEORGE W., Rupresentative in Thirty-Seventh Con ponement of bill to December 20th, 1864, 260; fibal

votes, 594,595.
BRIGOS, GEORGE, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, BURKE, MARTIN, Col., refusal to obey writ of Judge Gar.
48; adjustment proposition, 74.

rison, 152.
BRIGIT, JESNE D., Senator iu Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; BURLINGAME, ANSON, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cour
Thirty-Seventh, anıl expulsion, 143.

gress, 48.
BRISTOW, FRANCIS S., Represuntative in Thirty-Sixth Cop- BURNETT HENRY C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Coo.
gress, 49; Member of Cuinmittee of Thirty-three, 53.

gress, 49; expulsion, 1:23; Chairman of Rusecil ville
BROCK EN BROUGH, John W., Member of Peace Conference, (Kv.) Congress, 8; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con-
68; Deputy in Robel Provisional Congress, 400.

grens, 400 ; Senator iu First Congress, 101 ; Second, 402
Broyson, GREENE C., Member of Peace Conference, 61. | BURNETT, THEODORE L., Deputy iu Rebel Provisional Code
BROOKE, JOHN B., request for special session of Legislature grese, 400; Representative in First Rebel Congress,
of Maryland, 9.

401; Second, 402.
BROOKE, WALTER, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, BURNHAM, ALFRED A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

11, 400; views on reconstruction, 329; BCO MEM., 401. gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:23.
Brooklyn Eagle, presented by grand jury and excluded from BURNS RESCUE CASE, resolution concerning, and Col. T. W.
the mails, 188-192.

Higginson, 214.
BROOKS, JAMES, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, BURNSIDE, AXBROSE E., Brig. Gen., proclamation of, to the
140; letter of George N. Sanders to, 30.

people of North Carolina, 249, 250; order No. 38, 102;
BROOMALL, Joun M, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con designation of Fort Warren for confinement of Mr.

gress, 140; substitute for enrollment bill, 206, and res Vallandigham, 162.
olution concerning, 270; substitute for Mr. Collax's BURNSIDR, I. P., Member of bogus Legislative Council of
resolution to expel Alexander Long, 387.

Kentucky, 8.
BROWN, ALBERT GALLATIN, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Cop- BURTON, WILLIAM, Governor, of Delaware, reply to Presi-

gres, 48; telegram south, 37; withdrew,5; rosolution for dent's call for troops, 114.
the protection of slavery in the Territories, 90; captain BUTLER, BENJAMIN F., Maj. Gen., letter of Governor Ilicks
in rebel service, 401; Senator in First Rebel Congress, to, reply of, and Governor Ilicks's protest to, 9; to Gen-
401; Second, 402; on repealing substitute law, 121; eru Scott, 214; affair with Brig Gen. Phelps, 252 ; er.
opinion on Independence, 610.

tract from Davis's proclamation of outlawry, note, 23;
BROWN, B.GRATZ, Senator iu Thirty-Sixth Congress, 140; on orders of, respecting churcbes in New Orleans, 542.

Indian enlistments, 204; substitute for reconstruction BUTLER, PIERCE, arrest of, 153.
bill, 318.

BUTLER, WILLIAM O., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
BROWN, FOUNTAIN, Rev., of Arkansas, court-martial and | BUTLER, WILLIAM T., resignation of, as policeman in Balti-
sentence for selling his freed slaves, 519, 550.

more, 394.
BROWN, GEORGE WILLIAX, Police Commissioner and Mayor BUTTERFIELD, MARTIN, Roprosentative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
of Baltimore, arrest of, aud reasous for, 152; Minutes

gress, 48.
of the Board, 393, 394.
BROWN, JAMES S., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

gross, 140; resolutions on reconstruction, 319, 320; on
enrollment, 564.

CABINET, of Mr. Buchanan, 28; Mr. Lincoln, 108, 610;
BROWN, JOHN YOUNG, Representative in T y-Sixth Con Mr. Johnson, 610; Jeff Davis, 400, 401, 619.
gress, 49.

CADWALADER, GEORGE, General, refusal to obey & writ in the
BROWN, JOSEPH E.. Governor of Georgia, 3; proclamation Merryman case, 154; remarks of Chief Justice Taney,
on northern indebtedness, 3; call for negroes, 282.

Brown, WILLIAM G., vote on secession ordinance, note, 7; CADWALADER, JOHN, Judge United States, decision on enroll-

Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122; Thir ment act, 273.
ty-Eighth, 140; resolutions on the War, 293.

CALROUN, A. P., Commissioner from South Carolina to Ala-
BROWNE, GEORGE II., Meinber of Peace Conference, 67; Rep bama, 11; received by Convention, 4.
resentative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122.

CALHOUN, JOHN C., will relative to security of the mails, 191;
BROWNE, WILLIAM M., Rebel Assistant Secretary of State, 12. allusion to, by Ex-Gov. Francis Thomas, 320.
BROWNING, ORVILLE II , Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, CALIFORNIA, voto for President in 1660, 1; in 1861, 623; Dot

122; superseded, 1:23; amendments to bill for military represented in Peace Conference, 69; Members of Thirty-
eniployment of colored persona, 275.

Sixth Congress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122: Thirty-Eighth.
BROWNSVILLE, port opened, 149.

141; eccession attempt in, 41; Union resolutions of the
BRUCE, ELY M., Member of bogus Legislative Council of Assembly, 41.

Kentucky, 8; Representative in First Rebel Congress, CALL for negroes, of Governor Joseph E. Brown, of Georgia,
401; Second, 402.

282; of General Magruder, 233; of Governor Alieu of
BRUCE, H. W., Member of bogus Legislative Council of Louisiana, 428,

Kentucky, 8; Representative in First Rebel Congress, Calls for troope, the President's, 114, 115, 270, 004.
401; Second, 402.

CALLAHAN, B., Delegate from Creck and Seminole ya
BRUCE, JAMES C., Commissioner of Virginia in making m

tion in Second Rebel Congress, 402.
tary league, 8; voto on secession ordinance, note, 7. CALVERT, CHARLES B., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
BRUNE, JOHN C., arrest of, 162.

Congress, 122; views on compensated emancipation,
BRYAN, T. 8., Assistant Secretary of Russellvillo (Ky.) Cop 213-217; peace resolution, 2.5.
gress, 8.

CAXEROX, Sixon, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 45:
BUCHANAN, JAMES, changes in Cabinet of, 28; letter to the Secretary of War, and resignation of, 108: order of ar.

South Carolina Commissioners, 23, 32-34; report of rest of the members of the Maryland L gislature. 153:
special committee on, 85; declines to receive Commis letters to General Butler, 215; instructions to General
pioner from Alabama, 34; last annual message, 49; the Sherman, 247, 248, extract from repart api mudis
power to coerce a State discussed, 49; explanatory tiou by the President, 21); letter to Central al Ciel

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lan on the Marvjand election, 309; President's Mes- | CAITTEXDEX, LUCIOS E., Member of Peace Conference, 67
sage on the House resolution of censure of, 333, 334; | CHRISMAN, JAMES S., Member of bogus Legislative Council
remarks November 13, 1861, on colored troops, 416.

of Kentucky, 8; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con-
CAMPBELL, JAMES, opinion, as Postmaster General, on exclud gress, 400; Representative in First Rebel Congress,
ing newspapers from the mails, 189

401; Second, 402.
CAMPBELL, JAMES H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-CHRISTIAN RELIGION, proposed Constitutional Amendment

grees, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Member of Committee respecting, 259, 693.
of Thirty-three, 53; resolution recommending confis-CHURCHES IN THE INSURRECTIONARY STATES, Action of the,
cation of slaves, &c., of rebels, 287.

505-521, 518; orders respecting the occupancy of, 521-
CAMPBELL. JOHN A., letters to Secretary Soward, 110, 111: 523; reconstruction of, 543-546; condition of the, in New

to Jefferson Davis, 111; reply of Thurlow Weed to, Orleans, 53-544; loyalty of East Tennessee, 545, 546.
111, 112; at Hampton Roads Conference, 567; inter-CHURCH, TAE, AND THE REBELLION, 461-548, 603; the Military
cepted letter. note, 571.

and the Churches, 521-543; Reconstruction of Churches,
CAMPBELL, J. A. P., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 543.

Cincinnati Gazette, upon a Northwestern Confederacy in-
CAMPBELL, J. Masos, Senator's Mason's desire to see, 393.

trigue in 1860, 42
CAMPBELL WILLIAM B., one of the Tennessee protesters, 438 CITIZENS, arrest of, 152-154, 559-562-eee “Arrests."

CITIZENSHIP, Attorney General Bates's opinion on, 378_384;
Canby, E. R. S., General, President's order through, for C. Secretary Marcy's, through J. A. Thomas, Assistant

L. Vallandigham's deportation, 162; order on colored Secretary of State, note, 382.
soldiers, note, 427, 428.

CLAPP, J. W., Representative in First Rebel Congress, 401.
CaxxoY, WILLIAM, Member of Peace Conference, 68; Gop-CLARK, AMBROSE W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
ernor of Delaware, proclamation of, 312.

gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
CAPERTON, ALLEN T., vote on secession ordinance in Vir- CLARK, DANIEL, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Thir.

ginia Convention, note, 7; Senator in First Rebel Con ty-Seventh, 121; Thirty-Eighth, 140; amendment to
gress, 401; Second, 402.

the Crittenden proposition of adjustment, 65; vote
CAREY, Jonx, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49. upon, reconsideration, and final vote, 66; bill to ratify
CARLILE, JOAN S., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con the emancipation proclamation, 229; resolution on

gress, 122; Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 123; prosecuting the war, 291.
Thirty-Eighth, 110; offer of Peace Conference proposi- CLARK, HIORACE F., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
tion in Virginia Convention, and vote, 7; vote on se gress, 48; adjustment proposition, 74.
cession ordinance, note, 7; substitute for indemnity CLARK, Jonx B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
bill, 185; on compensated emancipation, 213-217 ; reg 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; expulsion, 123; Senator in
olution on the prosecution of the war, 290; resolutions First Rebel Congresg. 401, superseded, 402; Represent-
on the relations of the rebellious States to the Gov. ative in Second, 402; remarks in favor of repealing
ernment, 3:26.

the substitute bill, 121.
CARROLL, JAMES, of Maryland, Disunion letter of, 9.

CLARK, WILLIAM W., Representative in First Rebel Con.
CARTER, JAMES T. P., one of the Tennesseo protesters, 438 gress, 401.

CLARKE, FREEMAN, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con.
CARTER, LUTHER C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con gress, 1-10.
gress, 48.

CLAY, BRUTUS J., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
CARUTHERS, ROBERT L., Member of Pence Conference, 68; 140.
Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.

CLAY, CLEMENT C., Jr., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
CASE, CHARLES, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; withdrew, 4; intermediary between Colonel

Hayne and President Bucbanan, 42; correspondence
CASEY, SAMUEL L., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con with President Buchanan, 31; Senator in First Ree

gress, 123; on Select Committee on compensated eman bel Congress, 401; Niagara Falls correspondence, 301,
cipation, and views on, 213, 217, 218.

Cass, GEORGE W., vote for Vice President in Democratic | CLAY, IIENRY, prophecy of, 330.
National Convention, 420.

CLAY, JAMES B., Member of Peace Conference, 68; arrest of,
Case, LEWIS, Secretary of State, and resigned, 28.

CATHOLIC Church, facts respecting, 502, 503; Bishop Wood's, CLAYTON, A. M., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11,
Archbishop Kenrick's, and Archbishop Purcell's papers,

502, 503. IN INSURRECTIONARY States: Position of Bishop CLAYTON, PHILIP, Rehel Assistant Secretary of Treasury, 12.
Lynch, 516; articles from N. 0. Standard, 516, 517; | CLEGGETT, THOMAS, arrest of, 153.

the Pope's reply to the Rebel Commissioners, 517. CLEMENS, JER MIAN, statement respecting the bombard-
CHAMBERLAIN, JACOB P., Representative in Thirty-Seventh ment of Sumter, 112.
Congress, 123.

CLEMENS, SHERRIRD), Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
CHAMBERLAIN, LEVI, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

grens, 48; adjustment proposition of, 63; vote on Se-
CHAMBERS, EZEKIEL F., proposed member of Board of Pub-1 ceasiou Ordinance in Virginia convention, note, 7.

lic Safety in Maryland, 9; vote on emancipation in CLEMENTS, ANDREW J., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
Maryland, 227.

Congress, 1:22; on Select Commi tee on conipensated
CHAMBERS, HENRY C., Representative in First Rebel Con-1 emaucipation, 213; views on, 217, 218; resolution re-
gress, 402.

xpecting the insurrectionary States, 324.
CHAMBLIS8, John R., vote on Secession Ordinance in Vir- CLERKE, JUSTICE, adverse opinion on indemnity act, 186,

ginia Convention, note, 7; Representative in First Re 187.
bel Congress, 401.

CLEVELAND, CAAUNCEY F., Member of Peace Conference, 67.
CHANDLER, LUCIUS II., claimant for geat as Representative | CLINGMAX, Tuomas L., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
in Thirty-Eighth Congress, and refused, 111.

49; re-elected, 5; telegram to the Charlotte Bulletin,
CHANDLER, THEOPHILUS P., Member of Peace Conference, 41; on Peace Conference proposition, 70; resolntion on

slave protection in the Territories, 90; proposition to
CHANDLER, ZACHARIAN, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congregg, withdraw troops from the rebellious States, 290.

48: Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 1.10; amend. Cliper, Baltimore, on loyalty of Baltimore, 8.
ment to enrollment bill, 261.

CLOprox, DAVID, Representative in First Rebel Congress
CHAXLER, John W. Representative in Thirty-Eighth 401; Second, 402.

Congress, 140 ; proposition to repeal all couscription | CLUSKEY, MICHAEL W., Representative in Second Rebel Con-
laws, 564.

gre88, 402.
CHAPLAIN, ALEXANDER, resolutions in the Legislature of COALTER, JOIN D., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
Maryland, 398.

COASTWISE SLAVE TRADE, repeal of laws regulating, 213, 214.
Charlotte Bulletin, Clingman's telegram to, 41.

COBB, AMASA, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
CHASE, SALMON P., Member of Peace Conference, 68; Sec 111.

retary of the Treasury, and resignation, 108; letter on COBB, GEORGE T., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
" Legal Tenders," 358, 359; National Currency bill, gress, 122.
note, 365; redeniption of Treasury loans and notes, COBB, HOWELL, resignation as Secretary of the Treasury, 38;
note, 367; Chief Justice, 610.

Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, and President
CHEROKEE NATION, Delegate from, in First and Second thereof, 12, 400; proponnces secession & "fixed and
Rebel Congress, 402.

irrevocable fact," &c., 12; major general in rebel ser.
CHESNUT, JAMES, Jr., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48 ; vice, 400.

resigned, 2; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 2, COBB, THOMAS R. R., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
11, 400; Aide to Beauregard, 113; votes on Secession 11. 400; on reconstruction, 329; death of, 400.
Ordinance, 398.

COBB, WILLIAMSON R. W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth
CHILTON, WILLIAN P., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con Congress, 49; withdrew, 3; elected to Second Rebel

gress, 11, 100; Representative in First Rebel Congress, Congress, 402; inquiry on his loyalty, 400; expulsion,
401 ; Second, 402.

note, 402; death, 611.


COBURN, STEPHEN, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, COMMERCIAL INTERCOURSE, proclamations forbidding, with
nole, 48; Member of Peace Conference, 67.

insurrectionary States, 149, 150.
CACARANE, CLARK B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- COMMISSIONERS, INTER-STATE, names of, 11; rebel to Eng.
grese, 43.

land, appeal of, to Earl Russell, 27; reply of the Pope
COCHRANE, JOnx, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, to, 517 ; of Confederate States, correspondence with

48; adjustment propositions, 53, 74; views on imposts President Buchanan and Secretary Llolt, 29-31; with
bill, 79; on select investigating committee, 80; reports Secretary Seward, 108-110.
on President Buchanan's correspondence with rebel COMMITTEE OF THIRTEEN, in Senate, votes in, 70-72.
commissionery, and on secession, 85; president of Cleve- COMMITTEE OF THIRTY-THREE, in House, 52; members, 53;
land Convention, 411; candidato for Vice President, propositions submitted, 33-55; report, 57, 59; minority
412; acceptance of, 111; address to his regiment, 41-

reports, 57, 58; votes on propositions, 58-62.
416; withdrawal of, 4:27.

COMMUTATION, OR $300 CLAUSE, votes on, 261; repealed, 263-
COERCION. BIGHT or, Buchanan's opinion, 49; votes upon, 270; report on, nnte, 263,
77, 230.

COMPROMISE, Mr. Lincoln's opinion upon, 67.

to Marshal Millward to seize West Chester Jeffersonian OUT TIE WORLD, 517-521.
newspaper uffice, 41, 442.

COFFEY, TITIAN J., acting Attorney General, circular on | CONFERENCE, 41--see Peace Conference.
amnesty, 148, 119.

CoxfisCATIOx, act of 1861, 195, 196; act of 1862, and for
COFFROTH, ALEXANDER H., Repregentative in Thirty-Eighth other purposes, 196, 197; joint resolution giving con

Cungress, 140; resolution on emancipation proclama struction to last, 197 ; President's message thereon
tion, 290,

197, 198; other proceedings respecting, 198-203: votes
Coix, Rebel tax on, 372, 613, 619.

on repealing the joint resolution, 202, 205, 200, 562, 563;
CULE, CORNELIUS, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, judicial action under. 206, 207; military confiscation

suspended by the President, note, 207; President's
COLFAX, SCHOYLER, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con proclamation under, 20%; proceeedings respecting, 275,

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, and 276.
Speaker of the House, 140; adjustment proposition, CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, action of various Conferences,
73; resolutions for amending the fugitive slave law, 480_482.
236, and to expel Alexander Long, 387; vote for Vice CoxGREGATIONAL WELSH ASSOCIATION OF PENNSYLVANIA, as
President in Union National Couvention, 407.

tion of, 481
COLLAMER, JACOB, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; I CONGRESS, of United States, meeting, and members of Thirty

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 1-10; amendment Sixth, second session, 48, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 121, 12);
to resolution to prohibit slavery in the Territories, 90; Thirty-Eighth, 140, 141, 559, 588; of Rebel Provisional,
resolution to reduce the period of servico of drafted and members of, 11, 400; First Congress, 401, 402; se
men to one year, &c., 263; amendment to enrollment coud, 102.
bill, 264; ameudment to joint resolution to equalize CONKLING, FREDERICK A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
the pay of soldiers, 277; amendments to legal tender Congress, 122.

bill, 358; relative to vote of Electoral College, 578. CONKLING, JAMES C., President Lincoln's letter to, 35,
COLLIER, CHARLES F., Representative in First Rebel Con 236.
gress, 402.

CONKLING, Roscoe, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con
COLONIZATION, President Lincoln's views on, 213; interview gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; amendment to Coufis

with colored persons in August, 1862, 374, 375; the Isle cation Lill, 199; to Wr. Eliot's joint resolution, 7:
à Veche experiment, note, 212; votes on, 199-201.

joint reselution on compensated emancipation, 209,
COLOR, bill to remove disqualification of, in carrying United 210.
States mails, 239, 240, 593.

CONNECTICUT, vote for President, in 1860, 1; in 1864, 633;
COLORADO TERRITORY, bill for teniporary government, 89, Members of Peace Conference, 67; Thirty-Sixth car
90; enabling act for, 255.

gross, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110.
COLORED MEN AS CITIZENS, Opinion of Attorney General CONNESS, JOnx, Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 110.

Bates, 378-384; letter of Assistant Secretary of State COXRAD, CHARLES M., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congter,
J. A. Thomas, note, 382.

11. 400; Representativo in First Rebel Congress, 401;
COLORED MEN AS VOTERS, in Montana Territory. 24

Second, 402.
Washington city, 241.

CONROW, A. II., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 200:

Representative in First Congress, 401; Second, 402

CONSCRIPTION-see Enrollment.

CoNscRIPTION, REBEL, acts of, 118, 119; judicial decisions
COLORED PERSONS, disqualitication of, in carrying the mails, upon, 120; proclamations and order upon, 119, 119;

bill to removo, 239, 210, 693; letter of Gideon Granger, order for enrolling persons between 17 and 50, 17; of
note, 239; disqualification to testify, proceedings to re negroes, 4:28.
move, 240, 242, 243, 412, and Judge Underwood's opin- CONSPIRACIES, bill to popish, and protest of nine Senators,
ion upon, 442, 443; all able-bodied males of suitablo 376, 377; Douglas's proposition respecting, 71; Rebel
age to be enrolled, 274; to be liable to the draft, -74; law, 614.
opinion of Attorney General Bates on citizenship of, \ CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, 91-97 ; index to, 100-

103; explanatory amendment proposed by President
COLORED PERSONS, exclusion from the cars, proceedings Buchanan, 50; adoption of proposition to amend, 53,

respecting, 241, 242, 693; Mr. Sumner's resolution on, 60; Mr. Seward's proposition, 71; votes on proposition
212; Mr. Willey's report upon, 212; Mr. Sumner's mo to amend, 59, 60, 62-65; proceedings to amend, 23.
tions to forbid, 242, 593, 591.

259; proposition of Mr. Henderson, 255; Mr. Snuuer,
COLORED PERSONS LEAVING DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, resolution 255; Mr. Powell, :55, 256; Mr. Trumbull, 3:06. Mr.

of House respecting the order requiring passes for, 591. Garrett Davis, 256; Mr. Saulsbury's proposition, 257;
COLORED SCHOOLS, legislation respecting, 24.

final vote on amendment in Senate, 257; Jr. Wheeler'a
COLORED SOLDIERS, to have same pay, &c., except bounty, as proposition, 257 ; final vote in the House, 258: re-

white men-bounty of, not to exceed $100, to be fixed tions of Mr. Isaac N Arnold, 258; Mr. Windon 28:
by the President, 116, 272; the several law concerning, Mr. Stevens, 238; Mr. llenry B. Anthony's join! .esolu-
274; mother, wife, and children of, to be free, 274; pro tion to repeal the joint resolution of March 2, 1861, 35;
ceedings in Congress respecting, 27+276; respecting resolutions of convention at Allegheny City, Pennsyl-
pay of, 276-279; opinions of Attorney General Bates vania, proposing amendment to.253, 259: Mr. Crurens'
respecting pay of, 279, 280, 384, 385; Secretary Stan resolutions respecting amendment of, 259; Mr. Blaine'
ton's order to Governor Andrew respecting enlistment proposition to amend, 259; other propositions, and
of, 279, and his reply respecting compensation to loyal action, 591-393.
masters for enlisted slaves, 565: President Lincoln's CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT for the extinction of slavery,
order for the protection of, 280; rules of war (extract) 257, 258, 590; other propositions, 255-259, 372, 573, 591-
concerning, 280; allusion to, in speech of President Lin 693-seo" Adjustment and Constitution."
coln at the Baltimore fair, 280, 281; proposed prohibi CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIOX, votes on, 62, 64; in Peaco
tion of pay to, 283, 284; rebel facts concerning, 281 Conference, 69, 70; propositions for, 294, 435.
283; correspondence between Generals Grant and Lee CONSTITUTION OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES, 95-100 : index
concerning, 444,445 ; Rebel legislation upon, 611; action to, 100-103; A. H. Stephens's comment upon, 103, 104;
of Virginia legislature, note, 612; General Leo's letter, ratification of, 4, 5.
note, 611.

CONTRABANDS, order of Major General Wool respecting, 243;
COLORED SOLDIERS' FAMILIES, bill for securing freodom of, his order for employment of, and wages, 218; general

661, 566; Major General Palmer's order respecting, instructions concerning, 244, 245, 217, 218 : rder of
note, 564.

President Lincolu on in the District of Columbia, 379;
Colvin, A. J., Letter of Lucins Robinson to, 413.

extract from report of Secretary Cameron, 219: in-
COLYER, A. S., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, 402. structions of Secretary Stanton to General Saxton,

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