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LIST OF BOOKS, ETC. on the front ; Eng

WERNER. A Visit to Stanley's Rear-Guard at Major Bartte

lot's Camp on the Aruhwimi. With an Account of River-Life on the Congo. By J. R. WERNER, F.R.G.S., Engineer, late in the Service of the Etat Inde.

pendant du Congo. With Maps, Portraits, and other Illustrations. 8vo. 168. WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY. Minutes of the Westminster As

sembly, while engaged in preparing their Directory for Church Government, Confession of Faith, and Catechisms (November 1644 to March 1649). Edited by the Rev. Professor ALEX. T. MITCHELL, of St Andrews, and the Rev. JOHN STRUTHERS, LL.D. With a Historical and Critical Introduction by Professor

Mitchell. 8vo, 158.
WHITE. The Eighteen Christian Centuries. By the Rev. JAMES

WAITE. Seventh Edition, post 8vo, with Index, 6s.
- History of France, from the Earliest Times. Sixth Thou.

sand, post gvo, with Index, 68. WHITE. Archæological Sketches in Scotland-Kintyre and Knap.

dale. By Colonel T. P. WHITE, R.E., of the Ordnance Survey. With numerous Illustrations, 2 vols. folio, 64, 48. Vol. I., Kintyre, sold separately, £2, 2s.

The Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom. A Popular

Account. Crown 8vo, 58. WICKS. Golden Lives. The Story of a Woman's Courage. By

FREDERICK WICKS. Cheap Edition, with 120 Illustrations. Ilustrated

Boards. 8vo, 28. 6d. WILLIAMSON. Poems of Nature and Life. By DAVID R.

WILLIAMSON, Minister of Kirkmaiden. Fcap. 8vo, 38. WILLS AND GREENE. Drawing-room Dramas for Children. By

W. G. Wills and the Hon. Mrs GREENE. Crown 8vo, 68. WILSON. Works of Professor Wilson. Edited by his Son-in-Law

Professor FERRIER. 12 vols. crown 8vo, £2, 88.

Christopher in his Sporting-Jacket, 2 vols., 88.
- Isle of Palms, City of the Plague, and other Poems. 48.

Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, and other Tales. 48.
Essays, Critical and Imaginative. 4 vols., 168.
The Noctes Ambrosianæ. 4 vols., 16s.

Homer and his Translators, and the Greek Drama. Crown

8vo, 48. WINGATE. Lily Neil. A Poem. By David WINGATE. Crown

Svo, 48. 6d. WORDSWORTH. The Historical Plays of Shakspeare. With

Introductions and Notes. By CHARLES WORDSWORTH, D.O.L., Bishop of S.

Andrews. 3 vols. post 8vo, each price 78. 6d. WORSLEY. Poems and Translations. By PHILIP STANHOPE

WORSLEY, M.A. Edited by EDWARD WORSLEY. Second Edition, enlarged.

Fcap. 8vo, 6s. YATE. England and Russia Face to Face in Asia. A Record of

Travel with the Afghan Boundary Comunission. By Captain A. C. YATE,

Bombay Staff Corps. 8vo, with Maps and Illustrations, 215. YATE. Northern Afghanistan ; or, Letters from the Afghan

Boundary Commission. By Major C. E. YATE, C.S.I., C.M.G. Bombay Staff

Corps, F.R.G.S. 8vo, with Maps. 188. YOUNG. A Story of Active Service in Foreign Lands. Compiled

from letters sent home from South Africa, India, and China, 1856-1882. By Surgeon-General A. GRAHAM YOUNG, Author of 'Crimean Cracks.' Crown

8vo, Illustrated, 78. 60. YULE. Fortification : for the Use of Officers in the Army, and

Readers of Military History. By Col. YULE, Bengal Engineers, 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, ios6d.


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