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whose customers are scattered throughout the country, will tiud this manual indispensable for his information concerning the lawe of the various States, in regard to the Collection of Debts, the Limit ation of Actions, Homestead, and other laws exempting property from attachinent, Stay Laws, the Laros of Frauds, Rates of Interest, Peddlers' Licenses to Sell Goods, Merchants, Brokers, Auction, and Commercial Traveler's License, Stamp Duties, Post Office and (no tom House Regulations, etc.

THE CITY RETAILER, whose customers are at home, cannot safely give them credit with. out being familiar with the legal details concerning false pretencer of buyers. He will also find the following topics indispensable in his business : Copartnership Agreements and Dissolutions, Assignments of Goods to Creditors and others, Policies of Insurance, Powers ana Instructions for all the successide Legal steps in cases of Bankruptcy Promissory Notes, Due Bills, Receipts, Money Orders, Postal Rey lations, Goods requiring a Stamp, etc., etc.


will find most of the foregoing valuable in his business, but in addition, he will find use for Forms of Bills of Sale, Letters of Credit, Contracts, Notes, Orders, Business Bills and Orders, Agree ments for the sale of all kinds of Personal Property, Bonds, Chatte and other Mortgages, Orders and Due Bills for Goods, factorizing prits, and many other matters.


will here find, ready at his hand, in reliable form, legal instruments of every description, including those for Dreils, Bunils, Mortgages, Indentures, Powers of Attorney, Articles of Copartnership, Letters of License, Credit Agreements, Sulixfactions, Judgments, Leuses, Wills and Codicils, Compositions with Creditors, Forms for Pension Bounty, Back Pay, and Indemnity Claims, Interníıl Revenue Derisions, together with great mass of carefully collected information, which will enable him to state the law-p.jints co nearly all cases which may be brought before him.

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE AND NOTARIES PT BI.IC, will find this work of great value to them. In all cases of civil suits which come before a justice's court, and in all the provisions for Protests, Affidavits, Acknowledgment of Deeds, Wills, Agreements, Contracts, Leases, etc., etc., the work is absolutely perfect

THE FARMER, also, will find use for Deeds of all kinds, Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgages, Bills of Sale for all kinds of property, the Laws in refer. ence to Lost, Strayed or Stolen Cattle, Fences, Roads, Cultivation of Lands, Homestead Laros, and Exemptions ; the Laws, Forms and steps to be taken for recovering or obtaining Public Lands, the modo of making out his returns of Income, and the taxes to be paid on the produce of his farm, etc., etc.


In addition to much other valuable matter, the Lien Laws of the various States and Territories, the Statute of Limitation to Actions, the Liabilities of Contractors, Journeymen and Apprentices, the Lars of the different States and Territories in regard to the Cucims of Workmen for Labor, and instructions for proceedings in collecting the same.

FOR LANDLORDS AND TENANTS, We have provided Forms of Leases and Agreements, and all the necessary instructions and forms for installing and rejecting tenants.

THE DISCHARGED SOLDIER OR SAILOR and his family, will find here all the instructions and forms neces sary to enable them to procure Back Pay, Pensions, Bounties, and War Claims against the Government. This matter has been prepared with extraordinary care, and is pronounced, by those most competent to judge, absolutely perfect. By the aid of this book, any invalid soldier or widow, or children or other heirs of a de ceased soldier, who can read and write, can make out their pen. sion, back pay, or bounty papers, without being under the neces sity of expending a dollar of their pittance on claim agents, who usually take the largest share for themselves. The instructions are No plain as to make the whole matter perfectly clear and simple.


bave here the U. 8. IIomestead Acts, with instrucions for obtaining the Government lands at a merely nominal price; the Homestead Exemption Laws of the different States, provisions for naturaliza tion, and all other matters pertaining to citizenship: a statement of the qualifications for a voter in each State, laws respecting the purchase, mortgage, sale and recording of property ; Horse, Sheup Dog, and general Cattle Laws; taking land on shares, etc., etc.


There are full instructions for reserving property in view of mar. riage; the rights of married women in regard to property and to conducting business on their own separate account; laws concern. ing inheritance, devising of property, wills, joint signature of deeds, mortgages, etc.; complete instructions and forms for proceedings in cases of divorce, and regulations concerning alimony, and the care of children in cases of separation.

EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, GUARDIANS AND MINORS, are also fully provided for, the laws appertaining to their rights and duties being fully and accurately stated.


will find here the whole action of the Government in relation to Reconstruction and the legislation concerning the Freedmen, the Constitution of the United States with all its amendments, thseals of each State, with many other matters of equal importance.

In short, there no class of the community, male or female, who have, or expect to have, any property, or who have any rights or privileges which require protection, who will not be greatly benefited and advantaged by the possession of this book. It will save them money, save them trouble, save then time, save them litigation and lawyers' fees, and givo them information that nobody an afford to be withort.

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