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While racks and floods refleđ the quiveriog | The meteor fits, and thews the narrow raih 1160 gleam,

That, wincing, leads thro' pits of death, or
The wbole air whitens with a boundless tide

Of filver radiance, trembling round the world, Instructs him low to take the dangerous ford.
But, when half blotted from the sky, her light, The lengthened nigit elaps’d, the mornirig
Fainting, permits the starry fires to burn

With keener luftre thro' the deptli of heaven, Serene, in all her lewy beauty bright,
Or near extinct her deadened orb appears, Untoliling fair the lait Autupnal day
And scarce appears, of fickly beamless white, (105 And now the mounting lon dispete the fingi
Oit, in this feaion, hleut from the North

The rigid boar-fengt melts before his beam ;
A blaze of meteors shoots : enfweeping first Anc!, bung on every spray, on every blade
The low flies, they all at once converge

Of grass, the myriad dew-drops twinkle roun.
High to the crown of beaven, and all at once Ah fce where robb’d, and murder'i, in that
Relapfing quick, as quickly reafcend, 1110 pit
And mix and thwart, extinguish and renew, Lies tlie Rill heaving hive ! at evening Fnatchu
All æther courfing in a maze of light.

Bencath the cloud of guik concealing nigirt,
From Inoks to look, contagious thro the crowd And fix'd o'er fulphur, while, not ureaning in,
The panic runs, and into wondrous shapes The happy people ia tizcir waxen alls
The appearance throws : armies in meet array, Sat tending public cares, and planning schemes
Throng'd with aerial spears and feeds of fire, Of temperance, for Winter poor, rejoic'd 1175
Till the long lines of full-extended war,

To mark, full-flowing round, their copious
Ia bleeding fight commixt, the sanguine food

Rolls a broad naughter o'er the plains of lea- Sulden the dark oppreffive steam ascends,

And, us’dd to milder scents, the texler race,
As thus they scan the visionary scene,

By thousands, tumble from their honey'd dones, Cu all fdes (wells the superstitious din,

Convolv'd, and agonizing in the duit. 1180 Incontinent, and busy Frenzy talks

And was it then for this you roam'd the Spring, Of blood and battle, cities overturn'd,

Intent from flower to flower ? for this you teild, And late at night in swallowing earthquake Ceaseless, the burning Summer-heats away? sunk,

For this in Autumn search'd the blooining wafie,
Or hideous wrapt in fierce ascending Aarne ; 1125 Nor lost one suony gleam? for this fad fate ?
Of fallow famine, inundation, storm;

O Man! tyrannic lord ! how long, how long
Of peftilence, and every great distress :

Shall proftrate Nature groan beneath your rage,
Empires subvers'd, when ruling Fate has ftruck Awaiting renovation? When obligod,
The unalterable hour : e'en Nature's felf Must you destroy? Of their ambrosial food ingo
Is deem'd to totter on the brink of time. 1130 Can you not borrow, and, in just return,
Not so the man of philofopliceye,

Afford thein shelter from the wintry winds;
And inspect lage ; the waving brightness he Or, as the sharp year pinches, with their own
Curious surveys, inquisitive to know

Again regale them on some smiling day? he causes and materials, yet unfix'd,

See where the stony bottom of their town ilgs
this appearanne, beautiful and new.

Looks defolate and wild, with here and there
Now black and deep the night begins to fall, A helpless number, who the ruin'd Itate
A Made immeute, Sunk in the quenching Sarvive, lamenting weak, caft out to death,

Thus a proud city, populous and rich,
Magnificent and vaft, are heaven and earth. Full of the works of peace, and high in joy, 1:00
Order .confounded lies ; all Beauty void ; At theatre or feaft, or funk in Neep,
Distinction loft : and gay Variety 1140 (As late, Palermo ! was 'thy fate,) is feir'd
One universal blot : fuch the fair power

1 fome dread earthquake, and convulive Irurl'a Of Light to kindle and create the whole.

Sheer from the black foundation, ftench-involvd, Drear is the state of the berighted wretch, Into a gulph of blue sulphuremus fame.

Who then, bewilder'd, wanders thro' the dark, Hence every hariher fight! for powth day,
Full of pale fancies and chimeras huge ; 1145 O'er heaven and earth diffus'd, grows warm and
Nor visited by one directive ray

From cottage streaming or from airy hall. Tofinite fplendour! wide investing all,
Purbaps in patient as he tumbles on,

How fill the breeze! fave what the film y threads
Struck fron the root of fimy rulhes, blue Of dkw evaporata brushes from the fais.' 1219
The wildfire scatters round, or, gatherd,' trails How clear the cloudlets sky! low deeply tingut
A length of tiame deceitful o'er the moss, 1151 with a peculiar hlue! the etherea) archi
Whither decay'd by the fantastic blaze,

Flow swelld imixenfe! amid whose azure throui,
Now loft and now renew'h, he finks absorpt, The radiunt sun how gay ! low calm belowy
Rider and horse, amid the miry gulph;

The gilded earth! the harve ft-tre:aures all 1215
While Gill, from clay to day, his pining wife Now gather'd in, beyond the rage of storins,
And plaintive children his return await, 1156 Sure to the swain ; the circling fer.ce shut up,
in wild conjecture loft. At other times, And instant Winter's utmoft rage rley':
Sent by the better Genius of the Night,

While loose to felive joy, the country rsuid nnoxious, gleaming on the horse's inane, Lauglis with the loud fincerity of Mirth,

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Shook to the wind their cares. The toil-ilrung Rush into blood, the fack of cities feek, youth,

Unpiered, exulting in the widow's wail, 1 282 By the quick sense of music taught alone, The virgin's Thrick, and infant's trembling cry. Leaps wildly graceful in the lively dance.

Let some, far (liftant from their native soil,
Her every charm abroad, the village toast, Urg'd or by want or bardeu'd avarice,
Young, buxom, warm, in native beauty rich, Find other lands beneath aäother fun.
Darts not unmeaning looks, and where her eye

Let this throʻcities work iis eager way,
Points an approving smile, with double force By legal outrage aad ettablith'd guile,
The cudgel rattles, and the wrettier twines. The social sense extind, and that ferment
Age, ton, shines out, and, garrulous, recounts Mad into tumult the leditious herd,
The feats of youth. Thus they rejoice, nor Or melt them down to Navery ; let thefe

Infnare the wretched in the toils of law, 1298 That, with to-morrow's sun, their annual toil Fomenting difcord, and perplexing right; Begins again the never-ceasing round. 1232 | Aniron race ! and those of fairer front,

Oh knew he but his happiness, of men But equal inhumanity, in courts,
The happieft he! who, far from public rage, Delu ve pomp, and dark cabals, delight,
Deep in the vale, with a choice few retird, 1235 Wreath the deep bow, diffuse the lying smile,
Drinks the pure pleasures of the rural life. And tread the weary labyrinth of state :
What tho the dome be wanting, whost proud While he from all the stormy paffions free

That restless nen involve, hears, and but bears,
Each morning vomits out the sneaking crowd

At diftance fafe, the buman tempeft roar,
Or flatterers false, and in their turn abus'd? Wrapt clofe in conscious peace. The fall of kings,
Vile intercourse! What tho' the glittering robe, The rage of nations, and the cruth of states 1301
Of every hue reflected light can give, 1241 Move not the man who, from the world escap'd,
Or floating loose, or stiff with mazy gold, In still retreats and Howery folitudes,
The pride and gaze of fools ! oppress him not? To Nature's voice attends, from month to month,
What tho', from utmost land and sea purvey'd, And day to day, thro' the revolving year; 1303
For him each rarer tributary life

1245 Admiring sees her in her every shape, Bleeds not, and his insatiate table leaps

Feels all her sweet emotions at his heart,
With luxury and death? what tho' his bowl Takes what me liberal gives, nor thinks of more.
Flames not with costly juice? nor sunk in He, when young Spring protrudes the bursting

Oft' of gay care, he toffes out the night, Marks the first bud, and fucks the healthful gale
Or melts the thoughtless hours in idle state? 1230 Into his freshen'd soul; ber genial hours 1311
What tho' he knows not those fantastic joys He full enjoys, and not a beauty blows,
That still amuse the wanton, ftill deceive; And not an opening blonom breathes in vain.
A face of pleasure, but a heart of pain;

In Summer he, beneath the living made,
Their hollow moments un Jelighted all?

Such as o'er frigid Tempe wont to wave,

1315 Sure peace is his; a lolid life, eftrang'd 1255 | Or Hemus cool, reads what ile Muse of these, To disappointment and fallacious hope :

Perhaps, has in immortal numbers sung, Rich in content, in Nature's bounty rich,

Or what the dictates writes; and oft', an eye In herbs and fruits, whatever greens the Spring, Shot round, rejoices in the vigorous year. When heaven descends in showers, or bends the When Autumn's yellow, luiłre gilds the world, bough

Aud tempts the tickled swair into the field, 1321 When Summer reddens, and when Autumn Seiz'd by the general joy, bis heart diftends beams,

With gentle throes, and thro' the tepid gleams
Or in the Wintry glebe whatever lles 1261 Deep musing, then he best exerts his fong.
Conceald, and fattens with the richest fap; E'en Winter wild to him is full of bliss ; 1325
These are not wanting ; nor the milky drove, The migbty tempeft and the hoary waste,
Luxuriant, spread o'er all the lowing vale ; Abrupt and deep, stretch'd o'er the buried earth,
Nor bleating mountains ; nor the chide of Awa':e to folemn thought. At night the skies,

Disclos'l and kindled by refining froit,
And hum of bees, inviting sleep fincere 1266 Pow every lustre on th' exalted eye. 1330
Into the guiltless breast, beneath the shade, A friend, a book, the ftealing hours secure,
Or thrown at large amid the fragrant hay; And mark them down for Wisdom. With swift
Nor aught besides of prosped, grove, or song, wing
Dim grottos, gleaming lakes, and fountains O'er land anul rea Imagination rcams;

1270 Or Truth, divinely breaking on his mind,
Here, too, dwells fimple Truth, plain Innocence, Elates his being, and unfolis his powers; 1335
Uosullied Beauty, found unbroken Youth, Or in his breast heroic Virtue burns.
Patient of labour, with a little pleas'd,

The touch of kindred, too, and love he feels;
Health ever blooming, unambitious Toil,

The modeft eye, whose beams on his alone Calin Contemplation, and poetic Eafe, 1275 Ecstatic fine ; the little strong embrace

Let others brave the fiood in quest of gain, Of prattling children, twin'd around bis nock, And beat, for joyleis ponths, the gloomy wave. And emulous to please him, calling forth Letsuch as dee in it glory to destroy

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The fond parental soul. Nor purpose gay, When nursid, by careless Solitude Ir liv'd,
A pausement, dance, or song, he sternly scorns ; And sung of Nature with unceasing joy,
For happiness and true philosophy

Pleas't have I wander'd throʻyour rough domain, Are of the social itill and miling kind. 1.345 Trod the pure virgin-luows, myself as pure, lo This is the life which those who fret in guilt Heard the winds roar, and the big torrent burst, And guilty cities never knew ; the life

Cr seen the deep-fermenting tempett brew'd L:d by primeval ages, uncorrupt,

In the grim'evening sky. Thus pass}d the time When angels dwelt, and God himself, with Till thro' the lucid chambers of the South 15 Maa!

Look'd out the joyous Spring, lood out and Oh, Nature ! all sufficient! over all ! 1350

smil'd. Earich me with the knowledge of thy works ! To thee, the patron of her first essay, Snatch me to heaven! thy rolling wouder there, The Muse, O Wilmington! renews her Song. World beyond world, in infinite extent,

Since has the rounded the revolving year ; Profusely scatter'd o'er the blue immense, Skimm'd the gay Spring; on eagle pinions borne, Siew me; their motions, periods, and their Attempted thro? the Summer blaze to rise; laws,

Then swept oʻer Autuinn witla the shadowy gale; Give me to scan; thro' the disclosing deep 1356 And now ainong the wintry clouds again, Light my blind way; the mineral Itrata there; Rolld in the doubling storm, the tries to foar, Turut, blooming, thence, the vegetable world; To swell her note with all the ruling winds, 25 O'er thai the rising system, more complex, To suit her founding cadence to the Hoods, Of animals ; and, higher still, the mind, 1360

As is her theme, her numbers wildly great : The varied scene of quick-compounded thought, Thrice happy could the till thy judging ear And where the mixing pamions endless shift: With bold description and with manly thought, These ever-open to my raviau'd eye,

Nor art thou fkill'd in awful fchemes alone, 30 A l'earch the Hight of time can ne'er exhaust! And how to make a mighty people thrive ; But if to that unequal, if the blood, 1365 But equal goodness, found integrity, In Nuggish Itreams about my heart, forbid A firm, unfhaken, uncorrupted soul That best ambition, under closing inades,

Amid a Niding age, and, burning strong. Inglorious, lay me by the lowly brook,

Nor vainly blazing for thy country's weal, 35
And whisper to my dreams. Froin Thee begin, A steady spirit, regularly free :
Dwell all on Thee, with Thee conclude my song; These, each exalting each, the statesman light
And let me nevers never stray from Thee! 1371 Into the patriot; these the public hope

And eye to thee converting, bid the Muse
Record what Envy dares not Hattery call.

Now when the chearless empire of the sky
To Capricorn the Centaur Archer yields,
And fierce, Aquarius ftains, th' inverted year,
Hung o'er the fartheft verge of heav'n, the fun

Scarce spreads thro'æther the dejected day, 45

Faint are his gleams ; and ineffectual thoot

His struggling rays, in horizontal lines,

Thro' the thick air, as cloth'd in cloudy storm,

Weak, wan, and broad, he skirts the southern' The subject proposed. Address to the Earl of Wil.


And, foon descending, to the long dark night, 50 mington. Tirst approach of Winter, According to the natural course of the season, varicus for 17.5

Wide-1hading all, the proftrate world resigns. described. Rain. Wind. Snow. The driving of the Light, life, and joy, the dubious day forsake.

Nor is the night unwih'd, while vital heat, fnows: A man perishing among them ; cohence refledlions on the evants und mifertes of human life. Deep-ting’d avd dainp, and congregated clouds,

Mean-time in fable-cincture 1:adows vast, The wolves descendirg from the Alps and Appennines. And all the vapoury turbulence of heaven, A wintry-evening described: as spent by thilofo- Involve the face of things. Thus Winter falls, phers; by the country people; in the city. Frot. A view of Winter within the Polar Circle. A

A heavy glooin, oppreslive o'er the world, tharu. The whole concluding with moral reflecli- Avd roufes up the feeds of dark diseale.

Thro' Nature thedding influence malign,

co ons on a future jrate,

The foul of Nan dies io him, loathing life,

And black with more than melancholy views, EĘ, Winter comes to rule the varied year, The cattle droop; and o’or the furrow'd land,

Freth from the plough, the dun-discolourd Vapours, and clouds, and storms. Be these my frog thenie,

Untended spreading, crop the whole fome root. 65. These! that exalt the foul to folemn thought Along the woods, along the moorish tens, And heavenly musing. Welcome, kindred Glooms! Sighs the fad Genius of the coming torin; Congenial Horrors, hail! with frequent foot 6 And up among the loofe disjointed cliffs, Pleas'd have I, in my chearful morn of life,


3 N

And fracturd mountains wild, the brawling Or frequent feem to shoot athwart the gloom, brook

And long behind them trail the whitening blaze. And cave, prefageful, send a hollow inoan, 70 Snatch'I in trort eddies plays the withered leat, Resounding long in listening Fancy's ear. And on the Hood the slanciog feather floats. 131

Then coines the Father of the tempest forth, With broadend noitrils, to the 1:y up turnd, Wrapt in black glooms. First joyless rains, The conscious heiser (musts tios tormy gale. obscure,

E'en as the matron, at her nightly taitis Drive tiro' the mingling kies with vapour foul, With pens ve labour draws the flaxen thread, 135 Dain on the mountain's brow, and shake the The watted taper and the crackling flame woods,

Forctel the blait. But chief the plumy race, That grumbling wave below. The unsightly plain The tenants of the fiy, its changes fpeak. Lies a brown deluge, as the low-bent clouds 77 Retiring from the downs, where all day long Pour tiood on tiood, yet unexliauited ftill

They pick'd their scanty fare, a blackenjag train Conibine, and, deepeniug into night, Mhut up Of clamorous rooks thick urge their weary fights. The day's fair face. The wanderers of heaven 30 And seek the closing frielter of the grove. Each to his home retire, fave those tliat love A Niduous, in his bower, the wailing owl To take their paitime in the troubled air, Plies his sad song. The cormorant on high Or skimming Hutter round the dimply pool. Wheels from the deep, and foreams along the The cattle from the unsalted fields return,

land, And ak, with meaning low, their wonted stalls, Loud shrieks the foaring hern; and with wild Or ruminate in the contiguous shade.


wing Thither the household feathery people crowd, The circling sea-fowl cleave the flaky clouds. The crested cock, with all his female train, Ocean, unequal prefs'd, with broken tide Pensive, and dripping; while the cottage-hind And bliad commotion licayes; while from the Hangs o'er th’ enlivening blaze, and taleful there fore, Recounts his simple frolic : much he talks, 91 Ate into caverns, by the restless wave,

150 And much he laughs, nor recks the storm that And forest-ruftling mountains, comes a voice blows

That, folomn founding, bids the world prepare. Without, and rattles on his humble roof,

Then issues forth the Atorm wiib fudden burst, Wide O'er the brim, with inauy a torrent And hurls the whole precipitated air swell'a,

Down in a torrent. On the passive main 155
And the mix'd ruia of its banks o'erspread, 95 | Descends th' ethereal force, and with tiroog guft
At last the rous'd-up river pours along :

Turns from its bottom the discolour'd deep.
Refiltless, roaring, drcadful, down it comes, Thirn' the black night, that fits immense around,
From the rude mountain and the mossy wild, Lah'd into foain, the fierce consticting brine
Tumbling tliro' rocks abrupt, and founding far, Seems der a thousand raging waves to burn : 160
Then o'er the fanded valley Hoating spreads, 100 Mean-time the mountain-billows, to the clouds
Calm, slugginn, filent; till, again contrain'd Ia dreadful tumolt fwell’d, furge above furge,
Between two inecting hills, it burits away, Burit into chaos with tremendous roar,
Where rocks and woods oferhang the turbid And anchored navie's from their ftations drive,

Wild as the winds, across the howling waste 165
There gathering triple force, rapid and deep, Of mighty waters: now th' inflated wave
It boils, and wheels, and foams, and thunders Straining they scale, and now impetuous shoot

Into the secret chambers of the deep,
Nature! great parent! whose unceang hand The wintry Baltic thundering o'er their head:
Rolls round the featons of the changeful year, Energing iherce agains, betore the breath 177
How mighty, how majestic, are thy works ! Of full exerted heaven they wing their course,
With what a pleasing dread they fwell the foul! And dart on diftant coafts, if fome Tharp rock,
That fecs astonish'd, and astonish'd lings,

Or thoal in dious, break not their career,
Ye too, ye Winds ! that now begin to blow And in locfe fragments tling them floating
With boitlerous sweep, I raise my voice to you.

Where are your stores, ye powerful Beings! say, Nor less at land the loosened tempeft reigns:
Where your aërial magazines reserv'd,

The mountain thunders, and its sturdy sons To swell the broodling terrors of the form ? 115 Stoop to the Lottom of the rocks they shade. In what fır-diftant region of the sky,

Lone on the midnight steep, and all aghaft,
Hund in deep Silence, seep ye when 'tis calm? The dark way- faring ftranger breathless toils,

When from the pallid fk y the fun desvends, And, often filling, climbs against the blast. 190
With many a spot, that o'er his glaring orb Low waves the rooted foreft, vex'd, and sheds
Uncertain wanders, itain'd, red fery fireaks What of its tarnish'd honours yet remain,
Begin to flush around. The reeling clouds Daih'd down and scatter'd, by the tearing
Stagger with dizzy poise, as doubting yet

wind's Which matter to obey: while rifing low,

ANicuous fury, its gigantic limbs.
Black, in the leaden-colour'd Eait, the moon Thus struggling thro' the diffipated grove
Wears a wan circle round her blunted horns. 125 The whirling.tempeft raves along the plain,
Scen thro'the turbid Huctuating air,

And on tlic cottage, thatch'd, or lordły roof,
I'ne stars obiuse emit a shivered ray,

Kecu-fastening Thakes them to the folid bafe.

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2 10

Step frighted fies, and round the rocking done, Which Providence affigns them. Che alone, 245 For entrince eager, how is the favage fait. 190 The red-breatt, facred to the housel:old gods, Then ton, they say, thrn all the burthen'd air

Wifely regardful of th' embroiling sky, Long arvans are beard, ftrill soundi, and disiant In joyless fields and thorny thickets leaves Fighs,

His shivering mates, and pays to trusted Man That, uttered by the demon of the night, Pii amual visit. Half-afraid, he first 250 Warn the devoted wretch of woe and death. Agained the window beats, then, brisk, alights Huge Uproar lords it wide. The clouds, com- On the warın hearth; then, hopping o'er the nix'd

floor, With ttars (wilt gliding, sweep alorg the 1:y. 196 Eyes all the smiling family askance, All Nature reels : till Nature's King, who oft' And pecks, and starts, and wonders where he is! Amid tempestuous darkncís dwell alone, Till more familiar grown, the table-crumbs 255 And on the wings of the careering wind

Attract his slender feet. The foodlef3 wilds Walks creadfully ferene, commands a calm ; 200 Pour forth their brown inliabitants. The hare, Then itraight air, fea, and earth, are huth'd at Tho'timorous of heart, and hard beset

By death in various forms, dark suares, and As yet 'tis niidnight deep. The weary clouds, dogs Slow-peeting, mingle iisto solid gloom. And more unpitying nen, the garden fceks, 260 Now, while the drowsy world lies loft in feep, Urg'd on by fearless Want. The bleating kind Let me affociate with the ferious Night, 205 Eye the bleak heaven, and next the gliftening Ard (ontemplation, her ledate compeer;

earth, let me take ott th' intrutive cares of day, With looks of dumb despair ; then, fad dif} And lay the 1a-cfeling feases all aí de.

pers'u, Where now, ye lying Vanities of life! Dig for the wither'd herb thro' heaps of snow. Yeeverytempting, cv.:r-cheating Train!

Now, Shepherds ! to your helpless charge be Where are you now? and what is your amount? kind; Vexation, dilappointment, and remorse.

Baffle the raging year, and fill their penns, 266 Sad, fckening thought ! and yət deluded Man, With food at will ; lodge them below the form, A scene of crude disjointed vious paft,

And warch them ftrid; for from the bellowing And broken fumbers, riles still resolv'l, 215 Eaft, With new-luth'd hopes, to run the giddy round. To this dire season, oft the whirlwind's wing Father of Light and Lite! thou Good Su- Swceps up the Lurthen of whole wintry plains preme !

At one wide waft, and o’er the hapless flocks, 271 teach me what is good! teach ine Thyself! Hid in the hollow of two neighbouring bills, Save me from tolly, vanity, and vice,

The billowy tempeft 'whelms, till, upward urg'd, From every low pursuit ! and feed my foul 220 The valley to a shining mountain swells, With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue Tipt with a wreath high-curling in the sky. pure ;

As thus the firows arise, and foul, and fierce, Sacredl, substantial, never-fading bliss!

All Winter drives along the darkened air, The leener tempesti rise ; and, fuming dụn In his owo loofe revolving ficlds the fwain From all the livid Eait, or piercing Nortli,

Disaster'd stands, fees other bills ascend Thick clouds aicend, in whole capacious womb Of unknown joyless brow, and other scenes 280 A vapoury deluge lies, to snow coir geal'l. 226 Of borrid prospect, shag the trackless plain; Heavy they roll their ileecy world along,

Nor finds the river, nor the foreft, hid And the sky saddens with ihe gathered storin. Beneath the forunless wild; but wanders, on Thro' the hun’d air the whitening shower def- From hill to dale, ftill more and more attray, cends.

Impatient Houncing tlıro' the drifted heaps, 289 At first thin wavering, till at laft the flakes 230 Stung with the thoughts of bome; the thoughts of Fall hroad, and wide, and fait, dimming the day

home With a continual low. The cherith'd rields Rush on his nerves, and call their vigour forth Put on their wister-robe ni pureit white : In many a vain attempt. "How sinks his soul ! *Tis brightness all, lave where the new. faow What black despair, what horror, fills his heart ! melts

When for the dusky spot, which fascy feigid Along the mazy-current. Low the woods 235 His tufted cottage rising thro' the snow, Zy1 Bow their hoar had : and ere the languid suu He roeets the roughneis of the middle watte, Faint from the Weft enits his evening ray,

Far from the track and blest abode of Man; Earth's univerfalfacs, deep hid, and chill, While round him night refiftlefs closes fait, Is one wild dazzling waste, that buries wide And every tempeft, bowling o'er his head, 295 The works of Man. Drooping, the labourer- Renders the savage wilderness more wild.

240 | Then throng the busy shapes into his mind, Stands cover'd o’er with {now, and then de. Of covered pits, unfathomably deep, manda

A'dire descent ! beyond the power

of frost, The fruit of all his toil. The fowls of bea of faithless bogs; of precipices huge, 300 ven,

Smootid up with now ; and, what is lind, unTam'd by the cruel season, crowd around

krowa, The winnowing store, and claim the little boon What water of the füill unfrozen spring,


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