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And what have earth's mean Sons to do,
But rcap her fruits, and
warm pursue

The world's chief good, not glut on others toil?

High Commerce from the Gods can:e down, Pindar invoked. His praife. Britain Mould dex
With compass, cbart, and starry crown,

cinc war ; bnt boldly affert her trade. EnTheir delegate, to make the natiops smile.

couraged from the throne: Britain's condition

s without trade. Trade's character, and surprizBlush, and behold the Russian bow,

ing deeds. Carthage. Solomon's temple. St. From forty crowns, his mighty brow

Paul's church. The miser's character. The To tradeo.To toil he turns his glorious band;

wonderful effects of trade. Why religion reThat arm, which swept the bloody field,

commended to the mercbant. . What, falfe joy. See! the huge axe, or bommer, wield; What, true. What religion is to the morchiant. While fceptres wait, and ibrones impatient stand. Why trade more glorious in Britons than others.

How warmis, and how longt, to be pursued by us. Olhame to subjects ! first renown,

The Briton's legacy. Columbus. His praise. Matchless example to the crown !

America described. Worlds still unknown. Old Time ię poor : what age boasts such a light? Queen Elizabeth. King George the Second. Ye drones ! adore the man divine

His glory navally represented.
No; Virtue fill as mean decline,
Call Russians barbarous, and yourfulves polite.

HOW Sall I farther roufe the foul?
He too of Judah, great, as wise,

How Noth's lascivious reign control
With Hiram ftrore
in merchandize :

By verse with undistinguish'd ardoor vrought? Monarchs with monarchs Atruggle for an our !

How every breast infiame with mine?,,
That Merchant " linking to

How bid my theme ftill brighter shine,

grave, A Hood of treasure swells the cave; y

With wealth of words, and unexhausted thought The king left much, the merchant burz'd more.

O'thou Dircæan Swan, on high,
Is Merchant an inglorious name?

Round whom familiar thunders fly!
No; fit for Pindar luch a thome,

While Jove attends a language like his own : Too great for me; I pant beneath the weight !

Thy spirit pour, like vernal showers,
If lond as Ocean's were my voice,

My verst shall burft out with the flowers,

While Britain's trade advances with her fun.
If words and thoughts to court my choice
Out-number'd fands, I could not reach its height.

Though Britain was not born to fear,

Grasp not at bloody fame from war;
Merchants o'er, proudest heroes reign;
Those trade in blefing, those in pain,

Nor war decline, if thrones your right invade : At laughter fwell, and thout, while nations groan :

Jove gathers tempest black as night;
With purple Movarchs, Merchants vie;

Jove pours the golden flood of light;

Let Britain thunder, or let Britain trade.
If great io spend, what, to supply?
Prielis pray for blellings; Merchants pour them

Britain a comet, or a fior,

In commerce this,'or that in war,

Let Britons shout! earth, feas, and kies resound!
Kings, Merchants are in league and love;

Commerce to kindle, raise, preserve,
Earth's odours pay foft airs above,
That a'er the teeming field prolific range;

And spirit dart through every nerve,
Planets are Merchants; take, return,

Hear from the throne j a voice through time re

Lustre and heat; by traffick burn;
The whole Creation is one vast Exchange.

So fall from heaven the vernal Mowers,
Is Merchant an inglorious name?

To chear the glebe, and wake the flowers ;

The bloom callid forth fees azure skies display't: What say the sons of letter'd fame,

The bird of voice is proud to fing,
Proud of their volumes, swelling in their eells ?

Industrious bees ply erery wing,
In open life, in change of içene,
Mid various manners, throngs of men,'

Distend their cells, and urge their golden trade. Experience, Arts, and solid Wisdom dwells.

Trade once extinguish'd, Britain's fun
Trade, Art's mechanick, Nature's stores

Is gone-out too; his race is run;

He shines in vain! her isle's an ille indeed,
Well-weighs; to starry Science foars :
Reads warm in life (dcad-colourd by the pen)

A spot too small to be o'ercome;
The fcites, tongues, interests, of the ball!:

Ah, dreadful safety! wretched doom !
Who Iudics Trade, he studies all;

No foc will conquer-what no foe can feed.
Accomplish'd Merchants are accomplish'd Men.

The King's Speech * Vafl treasure taken from Sciomor's tomb 1300|| gears after his deathe




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Trade's the source, sinew, foul of all :

Falle joy's a di.compoling thing, *Trade's all herself; hers, hers, the ball; That jars on nature's trembling string, Wkra molt unseen, the goddess ftill is there ; Tempests the Spirits, and untunes the frame :

Trade leads the dance,, Trade lights the blaze, True joy, the fu shine of the foul,
The courtier's pomp thc ftudent's case!

A bright serene that calms the wbole ; ''Twas trade at Blenheim faught, and clos'd the Which they ne'er knew, wbom other joys infiame, war.

Merchant! Religion is the care What Rome and all her gods defięs?

To grow as ricb--as angels are ; The punic oar. Behold it rise

To know false coin from true; to sweep the main; And battle for the world! Trade gave the call; The migbty stake secure, beyond Rich cordial from his naval art

The strongest ție of field, or funil: Sent the strong spirits to his heart,

Commerce gives gold, Religion makes it gain, That bid the Afric Merchant grasp the ball,


Join, then, Religion to thy store, Where is, on earth, Jehovah's home?

Or India's mines will make thee poor Trade mark'd the foil, and built the dome, Greater than Tyre! O bear a nobler mind In which his Majesty for deigned to dwell;

Sca-sovereign ille ! proud war decline, The walls with silver sheets o'erlaid,

Irade pátioniże! what glory thine, Rich, as the fun, through gold unweigh’d, Ardent to blefi, who couldft fubdue mankind! Bent the moon'd arch, and bid the column (well,

Rich commerce ply with warmth diving Grandeur unknown to Solomon !

By day, by night; the ftars are thine, Methinks the labouring earth ihouki groan, Wear out the stars in trade! eternal run Beweath yon load :: created fure, not made!

From age to age, the noble glow, Servant and rival of the fkies !

A rage to gain, and to testom, Heaven's arch alone can higher rife:«, While ages laft! in trade burn out the fun! What hand immortal raised thee!--Humble Trade.

Trade, Britain's all, our fires fent down Were hadft shou been, if left at large,

With toil, blood, treasure, ages won ;
Those linewy arms that tugg'd the barge, This, Edgar great bequeath'd; this, Edward bold;
Had caught at pleafure on the fow'ry green?

Lei Forbithers, let Raleighs fire !
If they that watch'd the midnight star

Olet Columbus' fhade inspire !
Had swung behind the rolling car,

New worlds disclose, with Drake surround an old. Or fill'dit with disgrace, where hadft thou been?

Columbu's!' scarce inferior fame As by repletion mea consume,

For thee to find, than heaven to frame Abundance is the miler's doon ;

That womb of gold and gem ; her wide domain, Expend it nably; he that lets it rust,

An universe! her rivers, feas ! Which, paling numerous hands, woald bine Her fruits, both men and gods to please! Is not a man, but living mine,

í Heaven's faireft birth! and, but for thee, in vain! Foe to the gads, and rival to the duft

Worlds still unknown deep shadows wrap; Trade barbarous lands can polith fair;

Call wonders forth from nature'slap; Make carth well worth the wise man's care; New glory pour un her Eternal Sire : Call forth her forests, charm them into fleets, Ö'noble fearch! glorious care! Can make one boule of human race ;

Are ye not Britons ? why detpair ? Can bid the distant poles embrace ;

New worlds are due to luch a godlike fire. Hler's, every sun; and India, in dia mées.

Swear by the great Eliza's foul, & Trade Monarchs crowns, and arts imports, That Trade, as long as waters roll

With bounty feeds, with laurel courts : Ah! no; the gods chalise my rash decree': Trade gives fait Virtue fairer ilill to thing;

By great Eliza do not swear;
Enakts those guards of gaiņ, the laws ;.

For thee, O George ! the gods declare : Exults ev'n liteedom's glorious caufc- And thou for them ! late time thall Iwcar by thet. Trade I warn’d by Tyre, o make Religion thine!


Truth, bright as stars, with thee prevails ; 20# lend each orner mutual aid :

Full be thiy jame, as twelling fails,
Why is heaven's (mile, in wealih, convey'd! Constant, as tides, thy mind; as mafls, elate;
Not to place vice, but virtues in our power:

Thy justice, an unerring belm
Pleasure declin'd, is luxury, ..

To ftçer Britannia's fickle realm;
Boundless in time and in degree :

Thy, nunierous race; fure ancbor of her state I Pleafure enjoy'd, the mult of an hour.

" St. I'vu!', buil: by ib: coal-tax YOUNG,











In pride the Lion lifts his mane,

To see his British brothers reigni

As stars below : the Balance, George! from What is the bound of Britain's power. Beyond that

Thine, of the most fumed in history. The sign Lyra.

Which weighs the nations, learns to weigh. What the constellations are. Argo. The whale. More accurate the night and day; The Dolphin.

Eridanus, The lion. Libra. From thy fair daughters Virgo learns to mine. Virga. Berenice. Tie British ladies censured.

VIII. The Moon. Wbat the sea is. Apostrophe to

of Britain's court, ye lefer lights ! The Emperor. The Spunisha armada. How Bria

How could the wife-mau gaze whole nights lain should speak her resentment. What gives On Richmond's eye, on Berenice's hair ! power. What navies do in war, The Tartar. But, oh! ye practise frameful arts ; Mogul, Africa. China. Who masier of the Your own retain, seize others' hearts, world. What the history of the world is.' The Pirates, not merchants, are the British Fair.

IX. genealogy of glory. Mistakes about it. Peace the merchani't harven. Ships of divine origin.

This truth I swear by Cynthia's beam. Merchants ambassadors. The Britor's voyage.

Pale Queen! be flupid at Britain's fame; Praise the food of glory. Britain's record.

And, rolling, tell the national o'er the main

“ To share her empire is thy pride." I.

He, mightý power! who curbs the tide, BRITANNIA'S state what bounds confine ! Uncurbs, extends, throws wide Britannia's reign. (Of rifing thought O golden mine!

X. Mountains, Alps, Areumsgulphs, oceans, set no

What is the main! Ye kings renown'd! brrugd;

Britannia's centrs, and your bound: She fallies till me strikes the star;

Austrian ! where-e'er Leviathan can roll, Expanding wide, and launching far

Is Britain's home! And Britain's mine, As wind can fiy, or rolling wave resound.

Where-e'er the ripening fun can fhine, II.

Parts are for enterors ; for her the whole. Small ise! For Cæfars, for the fon

XI. Of Jove, who burst from Macedon,

Why, Austrian! wilt thou hover ftill For gorgeous Easterns blazing o'er mankind;

On doubtful wing, and want the skill Then, when they call'd the world their own,

To see thy welfare in the worlu's Too late Not equal fame from fable thone:

Another Churchill thou may'st find,
They rose to Gods, in half thy sphere confin'd. Another Churchill, not fo kind,"

And other Blenheims, big with other fute.
Here, no demand for fancy's wing;

XII. Plain truth's illustrious : as I sing,

Ill thou reinemberft, ill doft own,
O hear yon spangled harp repeat my lay!

Who rescued an ungrateful throne ;
Your starry lyre has caught the sound,

ill thou confider'ft, that the kind are brave; And spreads it to the planets round,

Ill doit thou weigh, that in Time's womb Who best can tell where ends Britannia's sway.

A day may seep, a day of doom,

As great to ruin, as was that to save.
The skies (fair-printed page !) unfold

XII. The naval fame of Flerves old ;

How would'At thou smile to hear my ftrain, As in a mirror shew th' adventurous throng:

Whole boasted inspiration's vain? The deeds of Grecian mariners

Yet what if my prediction should prove truc? Are read by Gods, are writ in fars,

Know'st thou the futal pair who shine
And noble verse, that Mall endure as long.

O'er Britain's trading empire Thing

As one rejected, what, if one subdue ?
The skies are records of the main,

XIV. Thence Argo listens to my arain ;

What naval scene adorns the feat Chiron, for foay renown'd, his noble rage

Of awful Britain's high debate *, For raval fame and song renews,

Inspires her councils, and records her power ? As Britain's fame he neur!, and views;

The nations know, in glowing balls
Chiron, the Shovell of a former age.

On sinking thrones, the tempest falls,

When her august assembled fenates lour.
The Whale (for late I sung bis praise)

XV. Pours grateful !uftrcon my lays;

O language ft for thoughts so bold! How smiles Arion's triend * with partial beains !

Would Britain have her anger told; Eridanus would flatter too,

Ah! never let a meaner 1.c.guage found, But jealoufies his finile subdue;

Than that which prostrates human fouls, He fears a British rival in the Thames,

Through Heaven's dark vault impetuous rolls,

And nature rocks, when angry Jove has frown'd. * The Dolphin.

* The Spam' armada in the Home of Lords. Yor. VIII.

3 H


Not realms unbounded, not a food

Hast thou Inok'd round the spacious earth?
Of natives, not expence of blood,

From Commerce, Grandeur's humble birth: Or reach of counsel gives the world a lord: To George from Noah, empires living, dead, Trade calls him forth, and sets him high,

Their pride, their fame, their rife, their As mortal man, o'er men can fly :

fall, Trade leaves poor gleanings to the keenest sword. Time's whole pluin chronicle is all XVII.

One bright encomiuv, undergn'd, on Trade. ,
Nay, her's the sword! For fleets have wings;

Like lightning fly to dijiant kings;

Trade springs from reace, and Wealth from Like Gods descend at orce on trembling states :

Is war proclaim'd? Our wars are hurl'd

And Power from Wealth! of Power is made
To fartheft confines of the world,

The God on Earth : hail, then, the dove of Peace ! Surprize your ports, and thunder at your gates. Whore olive speaks the raging flood XVIIT.

Of war repreis'd : what's loss of blood ? The king of tempetts, Æolus,

War is the death of Commerce and Increase. Sends forth his pinion'd people, thus,

On rapid errands : as they fly, they roar,

Then perill War!Detefted War!
And carry fuble clours, and sweep

Shalt thou make Gods ? ligbt ( tar's ftar?
The land, the desert, and the deep!

What calls :ran fool so loud as this has done, Earth Diakes ! proud cities fall! and thrones adore! From Niinrod's down to Bourbon's line ? XIX,

Why not adore too, as divine,
The Fools of Nature ever strike

Wide-wasuing storms, before the genial sun?
On bare cut fides; and loath, or like,

As glitter bids; in endless error vie ;

Peace is the Merchant's fummer clear!
Adinire the purple and the crown:

His harqest! barvest round the year !
Of huinan welfure and renown,

For Peace with laurel every mast be bound; Trade's the big heart; bright empire, but their eye. Each deck carouse, each flag stream out, XX.

Each cunnon sound, each filer Hout!
Whence Tartar GRAND? or Mogul GREAT!-- For Peace let every sacred pop be crown'd!
Trade gilt their titles, pour'd their state ;

While Afric's black, lascivious, Nothiul breed, Sacred are frips, of birth divine!
To clasp their ruin, Hy from toil;

An angel drew the first design;
That nieanest product on their soil,

With which the Patriarch Nature's ruins bray'd : Their people sell: one half on t'other feed.

Two worlds aboard, an old and new,

He safe o'er foaming billows flew :
Of Nature's Wealth from Commerce rent, The Gods made Human race, a Pilot, suv'd.
Afric 's a glaring Monument:

Mid citron forests and pomegranate groves

How sacred ioo the Merchant's name! (Curit, in a paradise !) the pines;

When Britain blaz'd meridian Fame*;
O'er generous glebe, o'er goden mines Bright thone the sword, but brighter trade gave
Her beggar'd, fumisk'd, tradeleis native roves :

Merchants in diftant courts rever'd,
Not so thine, China, blooming-wide;

Where prouder statesmen ne'er appear'd, Thy numerous feets might bridge the tide ; Merchants Embassadors ! and Thrones in awe. Thy products would exhauft both India's mines ;

Shut be that gate of trade! Or woe

'Tis theirs to know the tides, the times ;
To Britain's ! Europe 'twill o'erflow.-

The march of stars; the births of climes; Ungrateful fong! Her growth * inspires thy lines. Summer and Winter theirs; theirs !and and fea, XXIII.

Theirs are the seasons, months, and years;
Britain! To thefe, and such as these,

And each a different garlanı! wears :-
The river broad, and foaming fers

O that my song could add Eternity!
Which fever lands to mortals lefs renown'd,

Devoid of naval fill or might :

Praise is the facred oil that feeds
Those feverd parts of earth unite:

The burning lamp of god-like deeds; Trade's the full fulfe, that sends their vigour Immortal glory pays illusirious cares : round,

Whither, ye Britons! are ye bound?

O noble voyage! glorious round!
Could, O! could one engrofing hand

Launch from the Thames, and end among the
The various liresins of Trade command,

stars; That, like the fun, would gazing nations awe;

That awful Power the world would brave.

If to my subje&l rose my soul,
Bold War, and Empire proud, his Nave;

Your fame should lait while oceans roll : Miunkind his subjects; and his will, their law.

* In Queen Elizabeth's Reign.

law ;

* Coffee.

Wiren other worldls in depths of time thall rise, The Thore of Profe, where thou hast number'd As we the Greeks of mighty name,

long; May they Britannia's fieet proclaim,

And send thy fag triumphant down
Look up, and read her story in the lies.

The tide of Time, to sure renowil;

o bless my country! and thou pay'st my long. Ye Sirens, fing; ye Tritons, blow; Ye Nercids, dance ; ye billows, How;

Thou art the Briton's noblest theme, Roll to my measures, Oye Starry Throng ;

Why, then, unsung? My fimple aim Ye Winds in coucert breathe around; To dress plain forse, and fire the generous blood; Ye vavies! to the concert bound

Not sport iinaginations vain,
From Pole to Pole! To Exitain all belong.

But lift, with yon ethereal train,
The shining Mufe, to serve the public good.


Of ancient art, and ancient fraise,

The springs are open'd in my lays :
The mol happy Jiculd be the most virouous. Of Olympic heroes ghosts around me throng.

Eternity. What Britain's arts should be. And think their glory sung anew ;
Whence Navery.

Till chiefs of equal fame they view;

Nor grudge to Britons bold their Thelan fong. BRITAIN ! thus bleft, thy blefling know;

Or bliss, in vain! the Gods bestow;

Not Pindar's theme with n.ine compares, Its end fulfil, means cherish, source adore :

As far furpaft, as useful cares
Vain swellings of thy foul repress; Transcend diverson light and glory vain:
They most may lose, who most pollefs;

The wreath fantaftic, Touting throng,
Then let bliss awe, and tremble at thy store,

And panting steed, to him belong

The charioteer's, not empire's golden rein.
Nor be too fond of life, at best,

V. Her chear ful, not enamour'd guest:

Nor, Chandos ! thou the Mufe despise Let thought tly forward; 'twill gay prospects That would to glowing Ætna rise give ;

(Such Pindar's breast) thou Theron of our time ! Prospects immortal; that deride

Seldom to man the Gods impart A Tyrian wealthi, a Perlian pride,

A Pindar's head, or Theron's heart;
And make it perfect fortiiude to live.

In life, or fong, how rare the true Sublime !

for Eternity! a scene!

None, British-bern, will!ure disdain
To fair adventurers ferene?

This new, bold, moral, patriot strain, 0! on that sea to deal in pure renown!

Though not with genius with some virtue crown'd; Traffic with Gods! What transports roll; (How vain the Muse!) the lay may last, What boundless import to the soul!

Thus twin'd around the British Maft, The poor man's empire! and the subjects crown! The British Maft, with nobler laurels bound ! IV.

Adore the Gods, and plough the feas :

Weak ivy curls round naval oak,
These be thy arts, O Britain! these.

And finiles at wind and storm unbroke ;
Let other's pant for an immenfe command;

By strength mot hers fublime ; thus, proud to Let others breathe war's fiery God;

foar, The proudest victor fears thy nod,

To Britain's grandeur cleaves my strain ; Loog as the trident fills thy glorious hand.

Aud lives, and echocs through the plain,

While n'er the billow Britain's thunders roar.

Glorious, while Heaven-born Freedom lasts,
Which Trade's soft fpurious daugheer blafts;

Be dumb, ye grovelirg Sons of Verse

Who fing not actions, but rcheurse,
For what is Tyranny? A monstrous birth
From Luxury, by bribe: caress'd,

And fool the Muse with impotent de fire ;

Ye sacrilegious ! who prefume
By glowing power in mides compress’d,
Which jalks around, and chains the groaning Sing Britain's fame, with all her Hero's fire.

To tarnish Britain's naval bloom,


Ye Sirens, fing; ye Tritons, blow;

“ Ye Nereids, dance ; ye Billows, flow; This subject nocu fir ? fung. How fung. Preferable

« Roll to my measures, Oye Starry Throng ! to Pindar's subjects. How Britain should be fung " Ye Winds! in concert breathe around;

Ye N vies! to the concert bound 1.

« From Pole to Pole ; to Britain all belong; THEE, Trade! I firs, who boast no store, “ Britain to Heaven; from Heaven defeenda my Who owe the nought, thus snatch from shore, i


3 H 2

by All.

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