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The stream may Gagnate, yet be clear, THE ARGUMENT.

The fun suspend his Twift career, How the King attended. A prospea of happiness. Yet healthy Nature feel her wonted Force; Industry A fórprising instance of it in old

Ere man, his active {prings rcliga'd, Rome. The mischief of both. What happi; Vet talle of Llifs, of which he choaks the fource.

Can rust in body and in mind, ness is. Sloth its greatest enemy.' Trade natural to Britain; Trade invokel. Defcribed.'

VIII. What the greatest human excellence. The Where, Industry! thy daughter fair? praise of wealth. Its use, abuji, endo The Recal her to her notivc air ; variety of nature. The final mural cause of it. Here, was Trade born, bere bred, here fourth' The benefit of man's neceffities. Britain's naval

long : stores. She makes all Nature serviceable to

And ever thall soe fourish bere : her ends. Of reason. Its excellence. How we

What though he languith'd ? 'twas but fear, Mould form opr "eftimate of things. Reason's She's found of heart; her conftitution roag. difficuk taik. Wby the first glory ners. Her effects in old Britain.

Wake, Ning her up. Trade! lean no more

On thy fixt anchor, puth from thore, OUR Monarch comes! nor comes alone!" Earth lies before thee, every climate court. What shining forms furround his throne,

And see, the 's rous'd, absolvd from fears, O Sun! as planets thoe! To my loud strain

Her brow, in cloudless azure, rears,
See Peace, by Wisdom led, advance;

Spreads all her fail, and opens erery port.
The Grace, the Muse, the Season, dance;
And plenty spreads behind her flowing train! Sce, cherish'd by her Gfter, Peace,

She levies gain on every place, "Our Monarch comes !' nor comes alone;" Religion, habit, custom, tongge, and name! New glories kindle round his throne,

Again, frie travels with the sua, The visions rife! I triumph as I gaze :

Again, lhe draws a goiden zone By Pindar led, I turn'd of late

Round earth and main ; bright zone of wealth The volume dark, tbe folds of Fato;

and fame! And, nouyam present to the future blaze.

Ten thoufand active hands, that hoog By George and love it is decreed,

la thanųeful floth with nerves un runs The mighty months in pomp proceed,

The nation's languid load, defy the storms, Fair danghters of the fun !- thou divine,

The sheets upíuri, and anchors weigh, Bleft Indnftry! a siniling earth

The long-moor'd vessel wing to sea, From thee clone derives its birth :

Worlds, worlds falute, and peopled oceau twarmis. By thee the ploughilhare and its malter Mine. I.

His sons, Po, Ganges, Danube, Nile,
From thee, meili, cable, anchor, ocr,

Their fedgy foreheads lift and (milc;
From thee the cannon and his roar;

Their urns inverted prodigally pour On oaks nur!!, rear'd by thce, wealth, empire Streams, charg'd.with wealth,and vow to buy grows;

Britannia for their great ally, O golden Fruit ! nak well might prove

With climes paid down ; what can the gods do The sacred tree, the tree of Jorc;

more? All Jove can give, the acval oak beltows.

Cold Ruflia cofily fois from far, What cannot Industry compleat?

Hot China iends her painted jar, When Pupick war first flam'd, the great, France gencrops wines to crowo it, Arab Sweet Bold, active, ardent, Roman tathers meet :

With gales of incense swells cur fails, " Fell-all your groves," a Flamen cries;

Nor diftant Ind our merchant fails,
As soon they fall, as soon they rise ; Her richest ore the batle of our fleet.
One moop, a forest, and the next, a ficate

Luxuriani ine! What tide that flows,
Is poth indulgence? 'Tis a toil ;

Or stream that glides, or wiod that blows, Enervates man, and damns the foil; Or genial fun that fines, or lower that pours, Defcates creation, plunges in diefs,

But fows, glides, breathes, fines, pours Cankers our being, all devoors; '.

for thee? A full exertion of our powers !

How every heart dilates to fee Thence, and thence only, glou's our happincis, Each land's each feafon blending on thy fhores!






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xv. All these one British harvest make!

Thus has the great Creator's pen The forsant Ocean for thy fake

His law fupreme, to mortal meny
Eoth Gaks and swells: his arms thy bosom wraps in their neceffities distinctly writ:'
And fondly give, in boundlefs dower,

Ev'n appetite fupplies the place
To mighty George's growing power, in Of absent virtue, absent grace,
The wetted world into thy loaded lap.wiin And human want porforms for human wit.

Commerce brings riches; tiches crown

Vaft naval enfigos frow'd around Fair Virtue with the firit renown :

The wond'ring pur cigner coofound ! À large retenue, aod a large expence,

How lands the decp-awid.continent aghalti When hearts for others welfare glow;

As her proud fcepter'a sons survey,
And Spend as free as gods bestow, ...

At every port, on every quay,
Gires the fall bloom to mortal excellence.***.. Huge mountains rife, of cable, anchor, malt!

*XVI. Glow then my breast; abounit my store !

The unwieldy tun! the ponderous bale! This, and this boldly I implore,

Each prince his own clime set to fale Their event and apatby let Stoicks boalt: Sees here, by fubjects of a Britifh king: Paffions and ricles, good or ill,

How earth 's abridg'd! all nations range Asus'd by inabi, demaod our kill;

A narrow spot, our throngd Exchange! All blcklings wound us, when discrétion's lofti And send the streams of plenty from their spring.

XXVII. Wealds, in the vir! wou's and the cvife,

Nor earth alone, all Nature bends 'Tis rice and folly to deipife :

In aid to Britain's glorious ends: Let thofe in praise of poverty refine,

Toils the in trade? or bleeds in honelt

? Whole heads or hearts pervert its use,

Her keel each yielding fea enthrals, The narroquijoulul , or the profile,

Each willing wind her canvas calls, The trwby-great-fiad xorals in the mine;

Her pilot into service lifts the stars. Happy the man! who large ni heart,

In size confin'd, and humbly made, Has learnt the rare illostrious art

What thongh we creep beneath the shade Of being rich : fores flarve us, or they clóg ; And seem as emmets on this point, the ball ? From guld, if more than chemic skill,

Hçaven lighted up the human soul, Extract !ot what is brighter till:

Heaven bid its rays transpierce the whole, 'Tis hard to guiro, much harder to enjoy

And, giving godlike Reafon, gave us Au. Plenty 's a meansy and joy het end:

Tkon golden chain 'twixt God and men, Exalted minds their ja's extend :

Bleft Reason! guide my life and pen; A Chandos fines, when others' joys are done : All ills, like ghosts, Hy trembling at thy light & As lofty turrets, by their height,

Who thee obeys, reigns over all; When humbler fcenes resign their light,

Smiles, though the Kars around him fall; Retain the rays of the declining fun.

A God is nought but Reason Infinite.

XXX Pregnant with bleilings, Britain ! swear

The man of Rcafon is á God No fordid fon of thine ihall dare

Who scorns to strop to Fortune's nod; Ofend the donor of thy wealth and peace; Sole Agent he beneath the shining sphere, Who noro his whole creation drains

Others are pajive, are impelld; To pour into thy tumid veins

Are frighten'd, flatter'd, luok, or fwelled, That blood of nation! commerce and increases As accident is pleas'd to dominceš,

How various Nature ! türgid grain

Our lopes and fears are much to blame;
He're nodding floats the golden plain;

Shall monarchis awe? or crowns inflame? There, worms weave filken webs ; bere, glowing From gross mistake our idle tumult springs ; vines

Those men the Gilly world difarm,
Lay forth their purple to the fun,

Elude the dart, dilsolve the churm,
Beneath the soil, there harrests run, Who know the flender worth of men and thing for
And kings' revenues ripen in the minesa

The present object, present day,
What 's various Nature? Art divine

Are idle planioms, and away :
Man's foul to soften and refine;

What 's lafiing only does exift. Know This, Heaven different growths to different lands Life, fame, friends, freedom, tempire, all, imparts,

Peace, Commerce, Freedom, nobly fall
That all may stand in need of all,

To lavach us on the dood of orkiefe Life
And intereft draw around the ball,
A net to catch and join all human hearts,




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How foreign these, though moft in view !

The fir of Senir makes her floor,
Go, look your wbole cxistence through ;

And Balhan's oak, transform'd, her dai 1 Tbence, form your rule.; thence fix your estimate, High Lebanon her mast; far Dedan warms For to the Gods ;- but as the gains ;

Her mantled holt ; Arabia feeds;
How great the toil! 'Twill.coft more pains, Her fail of purple Egypt Ipreads;
To vanquish Folly, than reduce a States

Arvad sends masincrs; the Persian, arms,
Hence, 'Reason! - the first palm is thine,

The world's last limit bounds her fame;
Otu Britain learnt from thce to shine.

The golden city was her name ! By thee, Tradt's swarming throng, gay Freedom'.

Those stats on carb, the topaz, onyx, blaze

Beneath her foot : cxlent of coast,
Armies, in 'war of fatal-frown, "."

And rich as Nile's, let others boat;
Of peace the pride, Arts fowing down,

Hers the far nobler barvest of the feas.
Enrich, exalt, défend, infruct our ille.

O merchant land! as Eden fair!

Antient of Empires ! Nature's care !
The strength of Ocean ! bead of Plenty, Springs !

The pride of Illes ! In wars rever'd!

Mother of crafts ! lov'd!, courted ! fcard! STRAIN THE SECOND.

Pilot of kingdoms! and support of kings!


Great mart of nations But Me fell:

Her pamper'd fons revolt! rebel ! Arts from Commerce. Why Britains should pur

Against his favourite įlle loud roars the main ! fue it. What wealth includes: An Hiflorical

The tempell howls ? her fculptur'd dome digreffion, which kind is most frequent in Pind The land, one oltar ! a whole people, fuin! .

Soon, the wolf's refuge ; dragon's home! sar. The wealth and wonderful glory of Tyre, The approach of her ruin., The cause of it

The deftin'd day puts on her frown; Her crimes through all ranks and orders. Her

The fable hour is coming down * miferable fall. The weighbouring kings junt reflektion on it. An awful image of the Divine She's on her march from yon Almighty throne:

The Sword aad storm are in her hand; Power and Vengeances from ubat Tyre fell;

She trumpets in rili her dread command: sind how derp her calamity.


Dark be the light of earth! the boali, unknotlix ! COMMERCE gives aris, as well as gain ; For, oh! her fins are red as blood, By Commerce wasted o'er the main,

As crimson deep, ontcry the flood; They barbarous climes enlighten as they run ; The Queen of Trade is boxgét! once wife and Arts, the rich traffick of the foul

jult, May travel, ibus, from pole to pole,

Now, venal is her council's tongue :
And gild the world with Learning's brighter sun. How riot, violence, and wrong,

Tuin gold to drofs, her blossom into duft !
Commerce gives learning, virtue, gold !!
Ply Commerce, then, ye Britons bola,

To things inglorious, far, beneath
Inard to winds and feas ! left Gods repent :

Thore high-born fouls they proudly breathe The Gods that thron'd you in the wave,

Her fordid noble finks! her mighty, bow ! And, as the trident's emblem, gave.

Is it for this, the groves around A triple realm, that awes the continent :

Return the sabret's sprightly found ?

Is it for this, her great-ones toss the brow? And awes with wealth ; for wealth is power:

What burning fucds 'twixt brothers reign ? When Jove Jescends a golden shower,

• To nuptials cold, how glows the vein, "Tis ravies, armies, empire, all in one

Confounding kindred, and misleading right? Vien', emulate, ontlhinc old Tyre ; In scarlet rob'd, with gems on fire,

'The fpurious lord it o'er the land !

Bold Blasphemy dates make a stand, Her merchants, princes ! every deck, a throne ! Afault the sky, and brandih all her might :

XIII. She fate an empress! aw'd the food!

Tyre's artizan, sweet orator, Her stable column Ocean trod ;

Her mercbant sage, big man of war, She call:d the nations, and she call'd the feus, Her judge, her prophet, nay her boary beads, By Both obey'd : the Syrian sings ;

Whose brows with wisdom fhould be crown'd, The Cyprian's art her viol ftrings;

Her very priests in guilt abound; Togarmagh's steed along her valley neighs. Hence, the world's cadur all her honors fheds.







What death of truth ! what thirst of gold!

Chiefs warm in peace, in battle cold ... What youth unletter'd! base ones listed high!

What public boalts ! what private views !

What defort temples ! croruded Itews!
What women practis'd but to rowl an eye! :


O! foul of heart, her faireft dames

Decline the fün's intruding beams,
To mad the midnight in their gloomy haunts:

Alas! there is, who sces then there ;

There is, who fatters not the fair, When cymbals tinkle, and the virgin chaunts.

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XXIII. “This, This is the, who meanly foar': ::

Alas! how low, to be ador’d, “ And Nile herself a God!- Through stormy wars

This Eagle-Ife her thunder bore," ;

High-fed her young with buman gore;
" And would have built her nett among the stars.

“ But wh, frail man! how impotent

“ To stand Heaven's.vengeance, or prevent ! To turn aside the great Creator's aim !

“ Shall Wand-kings with Him contend, '

" Who makes the Poles beneath him bend? And Shall drink up the sea herlelf with fame?

«Earll, Ætber, Empyreum bow,

" When from the brazen mountain's brow “ The God of Bariles takes his mighty bow :

Of wrath prepares to pour the food,

**** Puts on his vetture dipt in blood, “ And marches out to scourge the world below.

“ Ah! wretched 'Ille, once call’d the great!

“. Ah! wretched ite, and wise tac late ! “ The vengeance of Jehovah is gone out :

“Thy buxury, corruption, pride,
& And freedom loft, the realms deride,
“ Ador’d thee standing, o'er thy ruins hout:

" To scourge with war, or peace befiow,

Was thine, O fallen ! fallen low “'Twas thine, of jarring thrones to fill debates :

"How art thou fallen, down, down, down!

• Wide rvasie, and night, and borror frown, " Where Empire Aam'd in gold, and balanc'd.

“ states."

He sees, and thunders ! - Now, in vain !

The courser paws, and foams the rein'; And chariots stream along the printed foil :

In vain ! Her high, presumptamus air

In gorgeous vestments rich and rare, O'er her proud Moulder throws the poer man's toil,

xvii. In robes or gems, her conly fain,

Green, scarlet, azúre, shine, in vain ! In vain! their golden heads her turrets rear;

Ii vain! high-fiavour'd foreigo fruits,

Sydonian oits, and Lydian lates,
Olide o'er her tongue, and melt upon her ear.

In vain !' wines Aow in various streams,

With helm and spear each pillar gleams';
Damascus, vain! unfolds the glossy store;

The golden wedge from Ophii's coasts,

From Arabiacenfe vain, The boasts, Vain are her gods, and vainly inen adore.




Bell falls ! the mighty Nebo bends!
The nations hils! her glory ends!

To foips, her confidence.! the flies from foes;

Foes meet her ibere : the wind, the wave,

That once aid, îtrength, and grandeur gave, An inference from this history. Advice to Brisan. Plunge her in Teas, from which her glory role. More proper to her than other Nations. How

far the stroke of tyranny reaches. Wlme lupo Her ivory deck, embroider'd fail,

ports our endeavours. The unconfiderd bene, And mat of cedar nought avail,

fits of liberiy. . Britain's obligation to purfue Os pilot learn'd! She links, nor links alone, tradi. Why above half the globe is seco BriHer Gods link with her! to the sky,

tain's grandcur from her situation. The wires, Which never more Mall meet her eye, the seas, the conflellations, described. Sir Isaac She sends her foul out in one dreadful groan,

Newton's praise, Britain compared with other

States. The Leviathan described. Britain's What though so vat her naval might,

site, and ancient title to the seas. Who rivals

her. In ber first dawn'd the British right?

Of Venice. Holland. Some despide All Aags abas'd her sca-dominion greet:

Irade as mean. Cenfured for it. Trade's glory What though she longer wart'd than Troy?

The late Czar. Solomon, A furprizing inAt length her foes that Ille destroy

stance of magnificence. The merchant's digWhose conquest fail'd, as far as sail'd her fleet. nity. Compared with anen of letters.

The kings cloath'd in purple shake

HENCE learn, as hearts are foul or pare, Their awefal brows : " O fuul mistake!

Our fortunes wither or endure : "O fatal pride ! (they cry) this, this is the, Nations may thrive, or perifh by the wave.

“ Who said--with iny own art and arm, What storms from Jose's unwilling frowai, at in the world's wealth I wrap me warm

A people's crimes solicit down!
And swell’d at heart, vain Impress of the Sea! Dean's the womb of richies, and the grave.




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This Truth, O Britain ! ponder well;

Hyad, for her, leans o'er her üřn ;
Virtues should rise, as Fortunes fwell :

For her, Orion's glory burn,
What is targe property? --The sign of good, The Pleiads gleam. For Britons set and rise
Of worth superior : if 'tis less,

The fair-fac'd foris of Mazaroth,
Anorber's treafure we poffefs,

Near the deep chambers of the South, And charge the Gods with 'favours misbeflow'd. The raging Dog that fires the midnight Riese i11.

XU. This council fuits Britannia's Me,

These nations Newton made his own High-fuh'd with wealth, and Freedoin's All intimate with him alone. smile :

His mighty foul did, like a giant, run To raffals prison'd in the Continent,

To the vast volüme's closing itar;
Who ftarúc, at bowie, 'on meagre toil,

Decypher'd every character :
Ard fuck to death their mother soil, His reason pour'd new light upon the faa..
Twere useless caution, and a truth mis-spent.


:. Let the proud brothers of the land Fell Tyrants strike beyond the bone,

Smile at our rock, and Varren itrand, And wound the soul ; how Genius down, Not such the fea: let Fohe's ancient line Lay Virtue waste! for worth or arts, who ítrain ; Vast tracts and ample brings vaunt ; To throw them at a monster's foot ?

The camel low, fmall elephant "Tis property supports pursuit.

O Britain the Leviathan is thine. Freedom gives cloquence; and Freedom, gain.


Leviathan! whom Nature's Mirife
She pours the thought, and forms the style; Brought forth, her largelt piece of life;

She makes the blood and fpirits boil; He fleeps an ille! his sports the billows warm!
I feel her now! and rule, and rise, and rave Dreadful Leviathan! thy spout
In Theban fong: O Muse, not tbina,

Invades the kies, the stars are oirt :
--Verfe is gay Freedom's gift divine : He drinks a river, and cjects a fora.
The man that can think greatly, is no fave.

Th' Atlantic surge around our store
Others may traffick if they please

German and Caledonian roar;. Britain, fair daughter of the seas,

Their righty Genii hold us in their lap. Is born for trade; to plough her field, the wave : Hear Egbert; Edgar, Ethelred; And reap the growth of every coast :

“ The seas are ours." -The monarch Said A fpeck of land! but let her boast,

The floods their hands, their hands the nations, Gods gave the world, when they the waters gave,

clap. VII

XVI. Britain ! behold the world's wide face;

Whence is a rival, then, to rise ? Nor cover'd half with folid Grace,

Can hé ve found beneath the skies? Three parts are fluid; empire of the lea! No, there, they dwell, that can give Britain fear :

And why? for Commerce. · Ocean (treams The powers of earth, by rival aim

For that, through all his various names : Her grandeur but the more proclaim; And, if for Commerce, Ocean flows for 'Thee. And prove their visance moft, as they draw

near. Britain, like some great potentáte

XVII. Of Easlern clime, retires in state,

Proud Venice sits amid the waves; Shuts out the nations! Would a Prince draw hier foot ambitious Ocean laves : nigh?

Art's noblest boast! but o what wondrous odds He passes her strong guards, the waves,

"Twixt Venice and Britannia's ille! of servant winds admission craves,

"Twixt mortal and immortal toil! Her empire has no neighbour but the sky. Britannia is a Venice built by Gods.

There are her friends ; loft Zephyr there, Let Holland triumph o'er her foes;
Keen Eurus, Notus never fair,

But not o'er friends by whom the role;
Rongh Boreas bursting from the pole : all urge; The child of Britain ! And fhall she contend?
And urge for her, their various toil;

It were no less than parricide :The Caspian, the broad Faltick hoil,

What wonders rise from out the tide! And into life the dead Pacifick scourge.

Her High and Mighty to the rudder benu.

There are ber friends, a marshal'd train :

And are there, then, of lofty brow,
A golden hol! and azure plain!

Who think trade mean, and scorn to bow
By turns do duty, and by turns retreat :

So far beneath the state of noble birth?:
They may retreat, but not from her;.

Alas! these chiefs but little know
The star that quits this hemisphere

Commerce how high, tbemfelves how low;
Maft quit the kics.tq want a Britik Reet. The fous of Nobles are the fons of costb.




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