Bradshaw's illustrated hand-book for travellers in Belgium, on the Rhine, and through portions of Rhenish Prussia, Volume 42

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Page 43 - There have been tears and breaking hearts for thee, And mine were nothing, had I such to give; But when I stood beneath the fresh green tree, Which living waves where thou didst cease to live, And saw around me the wide field revive With fruits and fertile promise, and the Spring Come forth her work of gladness to contrive, With all her reckless birds upon the wing, I turn'd from all she brought to those she could not bring.
Page 38 - And Ardennes waves above them her green leaves, Dewy with nature's tear-drops as they pass, Grieving, if aught inanimate e'er grieves, Over the unreturning brave, - alas! Ere evening to be trodden like the grass Which now beneath them, but above shall grow In its next verdure, when this fiery mass Of living valour, rolling on the foe And burning with high hope shall moulder cold and low.
Page xxviii - Rubens stands in the esteem of the world is alone a sufficient reason for some examination of his pretensions. His fame is extended over a great part of the Continent, without a rival: and it may be justly said that he has enriched his...
Page 9 - Situated on the Cliffs to the West of Funchal, on the New Road, overlooking the Sea. grand view of the Mountains. Sea Bathing and Boating. MILES'S С ARMO HOTEL. -In sheltered central position. HORTAS HOTEL.-German spoken. S ANT' ANNA HOTEL.— Good centre for scenery of the interior and north of Island.
Page xxviii - ... left, but by what some would think a more solid advantage, — the wealth arising from the concourse of strangers whom his works continually invite to Antwerp.
Page 83 - As it flows down from the distant ridges of the Alps, through fertile regions into the open sea, so it comes down from remote antiquity, associated in every age with momentous events in the history of the neighbouring nations.
Page 186 - Now surrounded by its own beautiful Park. Open all the Year. Charges Strictly Moderate. Special arrangements for a prolonged stay. PENSION. TABLE D'HOTE AT 1 AND 6 O'CLOCK.
Page 2 - Belgium is the first State in Europe in which a general system of railways has been planned and executed by the government, at the public cost ; and, certainly, it is an honorable distinction to have given the first example of such a national and systematic provision of the means of rapid communication.
Page 43 - Was it a soothing or a mournful thought, Amid this scene of slaughter as we stood, Where armies had with recent fury fought, To mark how gentle Nature still pursued Her quiet course, as if she took no care For what her noblest work had suffer'd there.
Page 187 - Beautiful First Class Establishment is the most important and the best situated, opposite the Central station, it has been entirely refurnished and fitted with the most recent improvements. Vast Terrace.

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