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That, while each consecrated hour
We praise and sing His glorious power,
The offerings of this day of rest
May with His choicest gifts be blest.

Paternal Glory, Sire of all,
Thee with o’erflowing hearts we call,
That we this day may serve Thee, freed
From guilty thought and sinful deed :

That no foul passion's lawless flame
May injure this corporeal frame;
Nor the unhallow'd heart's desire

Plunge us in flames of fiercer fire.

Saviour of men, whose blood alone
Can for a ruin'd world atone,
Cleanse Thou our hearts, and upward lift
To share in Thy perennial gift.

To Thee, most Holy Sire; to Thee,
Co-equal only Son, we flee :
With Him, the union to complete,
The Spirit blest, the Paraclete.


Evening Hymn for Sunday

Lucis Creator Optime

O Thou, of light Creator best,
Who didst the days with light invest;
And bid its new-born radiance shine
To glad creation's origin:

Thou, who the morn to evening join'd
For day's formation hast assign'd;
Lo, round us spreads a gloomy shade,
Thy suppliants hear, their sorrows aid!

The soul, in sin's hard bondage held,
Oh, be she not from life expellid;
While yet to things eternal blind,
In bands of wilful guilt confined.

Grant to heaven's portal she may rise,
And claim the everlasting prize;
But first, from sin's oppression free,
Grant her on earth to walk with Thee !

Such favour, Lord, of Thee we pray,
Thy blessing on this closing day;
Sole Sovereign of the heavenly host,
Thee Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Morning Hymn for Monday

Jam lucis orto sidere

Brightly shines the morning-star :

Pray we God His grace to give, That from sin and danger far

We the coming day may live.

That the tongue, by Him withheld,

May from sounds of strife refrain ; That the eye, frorn roving quell’d,

Seek not sights corrupt or vain :

That the heart, with pureness fraught,

May from folly turn aside; And the flesh, by temperance taught,

Calm its lusts, and veil its pride :

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